One of the characters in the main cast is filthy rich

>One of the characters in the main cast is filthy rich

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Doesny this happen a lot in japan?

>everyone thinks one of the main characters is [attribute]
>little do they know, she's ACTUALLY [opposite attribute]

It's a good excuse to have sudden private beach episode or something else commoners wouldn't usually do.

>they're either classy gentle ladies or loudly laughing brats

>Rich person have never heard of ramen

So which is which in pick? I don't watch moeshit.


Yeah, go back to shounenshit or watch your "mature" anime.

>"Stop hating what I like!!!"
I read all kinds of manga and watch a lot of anime just not slice of life shit and cute girls doing cute things. That sort of nonsense doesn't appeal to me.

The poor aren't even real people.

Mugi is cute.

>Rich person has never tried -some low class garbage- and thinks it's the best thing ever


No, you only watch intelligent shows about teenagers getting superpowers and levelling them up

>One of the characters in the main cast is my cute wife Chino.

>one of the characters is so shit that it ruined the entire episode


Rich girls are the best girls.

You need the filthy rich girl, or else there would not be a house for vacations and what not.

I want to stab you and every other Chino fag

>One of the characters in the main cast is a prostitute

she would look so much better without that gross hair on her shoulders.

>implying Aoyama Blue Mountain isn't also filthy rich from movie royalties

Why are they always blonde?


Rize has purple hair
Yuzu has purple hair
Wakaba has purple hair

Tachibana has Blue hair

>Implying her publisher isn't hogging all the money by telling her that the movie isn't profitable.
And that's why her employer keep forcing her to write new books for them.