Kekkon Yubiwa Monogatari ch 21 (Tales of Wedding Rings)

Just fuck her already.

In other News: We are at 4 grils.

Picture semi-related.
Release at Crunchy.

Ending: he doesn't fuck any of the girls and is sent back to his world after saving their world. The method of traveling between worlds is lost forever and they never see each other again. The end.

Jeez these girls wanting to fuck me all the time are so annoying!

I'd add that he find each of them a fitting husband that loves them.

Then when he gets home he is teleported onto a normal street and meets Truck-chan.


Out of all the manga on Cred Forums, this is the most criminally underrated

>inb4 anime release and the cancer that comes with it

This manga is terrible.
It's all the cocktease of Dusk Maiden with none of the good romantic bits or eleven by fifteen glory.

Dusk Maiden was shit.

Except the softness and her doting ways.

Each of the wives behaviour around MC in a non-war setting could be tremendous fun.

Too bad he split his attention.

UQ Holder when?

Next chapter?


I'm mad granny pancaketits didn't join the team. God damn if the MC is going to be a faggot at least toss every bitch possible at him.

But trucks are a gateway to isekai stories, where'd he be teleported now?

Sometimes people just die.

Like that male Love interest in Bambino that was in MC's way.

Thankfully her Baby with male love interest got forcefully aborted by throwing her down a staircase.

What can you do? A guy and girl having sex is taboo in the minds of mangakas.

The problem isn't really that sex is taboo, the problem is that despite sex being taboo they keep introducing situations where there's no good reason not to have sex and often many very good reasons to, which makes everyone involved look retarded and gay.

Dere dragon when?

Its not on other sites

Dump the chapter OP

His latest wife is a real beauty.

who's that girl on the bottom? new wife? man I am really behind



ring king harem btfo. how will they ever recover?

Dragon-chan just wants his power

Its just this series really.

Even in some of the most shittiest isekai nowadays the MC almost always gets the pussy at some point , but here the author seems to be going for an old school style in regards to harem, and this isn't based on any WN/LN.

Any dumps?

You can read it for free at Crunchy it seems

People actually follow the plot? I found it so garbage I just look at it like a picture book and ignore the text.

>people actually read the manga?
>how preposterous

>despite what year it is

There' a reason nips are gonna be extinct in 50 years.

Sex is not a taboo government wise.

Showing the genitals during the act is.

>Dump the chapter OP
OP here.

You can currently read it for free at crunchyroll.

I am too lazy to look into ripping it.

so this leaves the final ring. wat else after that? any LN fag here?

Actually defeating the Abyssal king.

Defeating the Empire.

Making babies. Bonding with wifes.

>any LN fag
Its not a LN idiot

At least the out of being loyal to the childhood friend princess makes sense.
If you were carrying a torch you'd be annoyed by aggressive girls too.

Except he could fuck her any time but he won't because he wants the time to be right or some bullshit.

I agree with the other user.
It's all the titillation of Dusk Maiden with none of the heart, and the comedy hasn't been ramped up fun enough to compensate.
The lack of comedy really shining through is the problem. It doesn't have to be serious, but it does need to have more going on than just titties.

It can be implied just like Marss and the other bitch was. But since it is the goal, the audience would lose quickly interest in it.

It can even be shown as long as you don't show genitals.