Girl asks you out on a date

>girl asks you out on a date
>it's at 10am
>arrive 5pm

this is so shit im actually really mad.

come on Cred Forums, where are the gook readers

It's stupid drama. Shit's boring.

I've definitely done this before.

I don't read shitty gook comic

Is this Girls of the Wilds? Man that turned to shit after the first tournament.

>wait for 10 years at train station for master
>he never comes



yeah then it got good again for kidnapping and otaku rape now it seems to be between arcs again. taekwondo goes for money over mc, currently mc is object of affection of all of 1st year since he's the only cool male sunbei (remove shirt = instant harem) and they keep dragging ice queen back into the series.

This thread is for anime and manga. Koreanshit goes to Cred Forums

>girl asks you out on a date
>it's at 10am
>arrive 10pm

Moon Young is best girl.

The only good gookshit is Sweet Guy
And sometimes a world that I rule

Gook garbage is the worst to be honest.

The only interesting girl is the redhead tomboy but she doesn't get much screentime so this is shit.

It went to shit after he beat his bully.

>a world that I rule

Man fuck that webcomic, one of the worst MC I have ever seen. Still a good fap though.

>and otaku rape
What? I haven't read it for awhile, whats happened.
hardly want to read this shit anymore

He dead, nigga.


Nigga, It's one of the few gookshit I haven't dropped and I still wouldn't call it good.

I'm glad I dropped this shit.

>10 am

Bitch please i'm either working or sleeping at that time

>girl asks you out on a date
>"I'm sorry I'm married to a 2d japanese girl, I'm flattered but I must decline"

The only fucking movie to ever make me cry , fuck you

wrong , the only good one is Brawling Go

>scheduling a date for 10am

fuck that hoe to be honest family

who the fuck goes on a date at 10 in the fucking morning? ideal time for dates are 2 - 3 in the afternoon.

Dal Dal's out of the bowl. She's fucking some college guy now and good for her because MC is dog shit.

I don't understand why people claim harem girls "win" if they end up with the MC. MCs are almost always utterly unremarkable and completely below their league. If anything, the poor girls that end up with those sorry bastard lose.

>the only good one is Brawling Go

Nah shit got boring real fast
>muh new girl new fuck each chapter with misunderstandings

SStudy much better since MC is just normal and knows what he wants

Will this ever end? Girls of the Wild's was decent at first but this shit just drags on. It's already obvious who the end games are. That Webtoon money must be really good.

>Cred Forumsrean thread derailed into Cred Forumslogshit thread
Fuck off, all of you.

Oh yeah and otaku rape was involved in getting her out.


Only good gookshit is the stuff that isn't essentially porn, or read on a phone, such as Ares or the first Breaker.

Both are not Cred Forums related so it fine

Why would anyone want to read something horrible like gooktrash? We're here for fun posting time

Neither is Cred Forums related, so they should all get out, like I fucking said.

My mistake, of course gook shit should get out of Cred Forums

>She's fucking some college guy now

Did they fuck on screen or are you just saying that she's got someone else now?

You have some of top of the line shit taste there user. Not only for liking trashy Korean smut, mind you, but also for not even going for the trashy Korean smut that's actually readable.

If you care so much about this gook crap, why not just read it instead of asking stupid question?

>I don't understand why people claim harem girls "win" if they end up with the MC.
Because it's what the girls are aiming for you retarded autistic dipshit.

Fuck this nigga, Dal Dal a besto

But Sweet Guy is fun.
How could people not like it?

>reading corean shit at all

She's starting to have feelings for a college guy but she keeps trying to fight it because she thinks she loves the MC.

>Dal Dal's out of the bowl

and dropped.

he's so pathetic why do you even read this? do you really want that blonde to end up with him?


dogs don't even have feeling like that you dumdums

>start to like random manhwa
>MC and GF interaction is good

>start reading random manhwa
>MC and GF interaction is good, qt tomboy
>3 chapters in she gets raped and hates men
>MC doesn't speak to her anymore

Wrong. The only good one is Redemption Camp because the girl is the protagonist and she keeps getting fucked.

Reminder that the prologue has him with the shit main girl

Was it autism?

>Literally never found a single interesting gookshit that wasn't fantasy world survival or gepetto
And holy fuck SoL has to be their worst fucking genre to pick up why would you guys even do that to yourselves?

I only like sekaimo.

check wind breaker, just bro's street biking

I read Que Sera Sera, but other than the cute daughter this drama is pissing me off.

>Girls the Wild
>"I hate women because mom left me"
>Girls only school turns mixed
>"Welp now I am the only guy at school"
>"I dont hate girls anymore"
>Taekwondo girl lusts after me
>Boxing girl lusts after me but drops out quickly after seeing I am a useless shit
>Rich emotionless girl lusts after me
>My dick is sterile because hurr durr we from different back grounds
>hurr durr don't pay for me, I am da man here
>hurr durr my brother and sister are really important. Better let them live in poverty than accepting hand-outs
>hurr durr I have to much trouble taking care of my family and study and work, I can't have a rich girlfriend or a girl that loves cooking in my life.
>hurr durr I am a spineless Korean faggot that cannot into honesty and emotions
>What is a phone? Why do I need to call people who I made an appointment with?

What drama? The drama in that thing is so tame it might as well not be there. Hell, the glasses dude got kicked to the curb, the Chinese chick is irrelevant, MC confessed and FeMC didn't turn him down. By this point the only sources of drama left are MC's past and wounded dick and telling the family members they knew the daddy all along.

I'm glad that everything's getting resolved. Shoulda said it was pissing me off.

Still no excuse to introduce an old love interest by SHEER COINCIDENCE for the sole sake of shaking everything up, going so far as to having her intend to string him along "out of respect of her fist love." The fuck is that even

It's annoying as fuck, he could've just texted, called, fucking anything. The entire scenario was just unnecessary forced drama that everyone has seen through. Pretty sure the author got a lot of shit for it.

I was rooting for the MC since he was the underdog and all, but now I just want him to die alone of cancer or whatever disease he has. The Queen will probably hook up with some foreigner while she's away.

That went to shit lately. Just more misunderstands and NTRbait.

>What is a phone? Why do I need to call people who I made an appointment with?

this is the worst part of the date arc, he didnt even use his phone much and it got drained?? fucking gook phone

I sincerely hope he gets Drug Candy'd. Too bad this isn't an adult series other wise I'm sure that would happen. One of the worst MCs I've seen, even by gook standards.

I only read Yumi's Cells. Dunno why but I keep coming back for more.

There's plenty of scanlated manga out there. I don't have to settle for gook shit.

Is this shit more predictable than manga?

That just shows how little he cares about her, no, girls in general. At this point, I'm pretty sure he's gay

Then why isn't he interested in best boy(girl)?

Because he has a vagina, duh.


Maybe he doesn't like surprises, pleasant and unpleasant ones.

>>girl asks you out on a date


This. Its been the same ever since the tournament stopped. Its obvious he will just end up going overseas by the help of her brother anyways.

Manhua is almost always martial arts.

Fuck off with your gook shit. This is the anime and manga board.

? but it's manga

You either never had a dog or never had to leave it with someone while you were away. Or maybe you had a cat instead.

>girl asks you out on a date
>Wake Up
That was fast

And you want to coop yourself up in your room and/or basement shitposting on Cred Forums all day. Doesn't mean you "win" when you succeed.

She confirmed she doesn't love the MC anymore in the latest chapters. She's officially out.

Fucking puritans.

>Oh no. My pwecious sekret cartoon club

Meanwhile Koreans and Chinks are hired to draw and make anime in Japan.

Korean society is way too toxic for them to write romance or SoL well.

The Japanese are at least somewhat idealistic about their situation. Koreans embrace their shitty society and pressure everyone else around them to embrace it as well. Which is why you're literally the shame of the country if you don't want to proudly serve 2 years of mandatory military service.

Ultimate outcast?