How do you feel about this?

How do you feel about this?

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>The "Eiga 'Koe no Katachi' Special Book," which contains a new chapter of the manga for filmgoer

Fuck maybe it has kiss.


Anime is dying they said.

Koe no Katachi just had bad timing, releasing so soon after Keitai

Why havent't they pushed KnK release for 1-2 months? I guess that they haven't expected kimi no nawa to be that successful, but it was obivious when knk has launched.

>literally 10 times more successful
Better luck next time Yamada.

i feel good. im excited to watch. i hope the bitter retards on Cred Forums die without offspring.

Are you implying KnK is doing bad? With 100 screenings and 1.3 billion yen after only 16 days? It's doing better than K-On movie did, at this rate it will gross more than movies like Naruto the Last and with half the screens.

Shinka is a hack.

That's already old news, OP.

I'm not implying it's doing bad, I'm saying that it'll lose a chunk of its revenue because Japanese audiences who have seen Kimi no Na wa will look at Koe no Katachi and think "well I just saw an anime youth romance not too long ago, so I guess I'll go watch Suicide Squad."

I'm happy 2 animation movies are doing great.

We need more successful works.


Happy that two anime films I'm interested in are being well received.

>so I guess I'll go watch Suicide Squad.
Time to drop bomb number 3.

That's just baseless speculation.

It actually had a really good timing, coming out right after Kimi no Na wa made anime movies cool again.

Everyone finds a way

That's why your name, which came out first, sold 10 times as much huh

Wow 1/10 of the revenue, Kyoanus truly is amazing!

At this point I'm just hoping it goes even higher. Someone needs to topple Miyazaki with something more modern.

>only thing that matters is which came first

Kizu pt2 came out the week before KnNw

where's it at?

>comparing Monogatari to a far more accesible romance movie that isn't a part of any already existing franchise

They also probably spent 1/10

B-but it had such good timing it came out before both Shinkai and Yamada

Yeah man. That 9 million people that watched Your name didn't watch Silent Voice is meaningless

Kimi no na Wa aside, Kizu is doing pretty bad on its own, this is a movie(s) from one of the most successful late night anime franchises in the past 10 years.

That's because Kizu is a shit flick they dragged out over 3 parts.


Japs are just mad that Shaft splited Kizu in 3 parts.

They are both shit so whatever