Soushin Shoujo Matoi

First episode airs soon, get in here

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50 min

Will it be dark?

PreferabIy gay and dark.

I hope it will be lighthearted.

Will there be a subs?

If there is a god, no.
(The pun is that MC is a goddess from the start)

Is it the better mahou shoujo of the season without retarded edge?

Isn't that flip floppers?

Damedesuyo and The Anime Network

No stream? Neet and Elite are dead.

Neither is mahou shoujo.

Flip Flappers is mahou shoujo for sure, don't be retarded

I remember someone saying neet would stream it but he's still offline

Is this yuri?
Should be Tokyo MX I think, so here in 10 minutes.

3 min

>Mob Psycho 100 Bejeweled clone

Welp, no one is awake

Those Nanoha-esque devices
I love it already


As long as it doesn't become full fledged shounen/m/ shit like Nanoha had, I'm fine.

One of girls' fathers are dorks






So fucking BAD.

Dorky blue haired shrine maiden is the cutest



>White Fox
Yeah, nah they should stick to adaptations.

So big tit shounen show.
Better this way, I'm already watching more shows than intended.

Both this and FlipFlappers are mahou shoujo. Their genre says "mahou shoujo" in Japanese listings, the girls transform and use magic. How are they not mahou shoujo?

>2sec of big tit
>people crying over it

Average i guess, can be good, can be bad.
And father x daughter OTP could be something, i mean look at the ED.


Tumblr like big tits, as fat whales have them, but nice try.
In fact, this is tumblr level shit mixed with shounen crap with those ridiculous breasts, so obviously not for me, when I expected cute magical girl

She just looks like her mom when she's transformed so of course the logical first course of action is for him to fondle her, it's all perfectly wholesome.

But what if, she is the mother after all?

It's one character you idiot.

And all the closeup fanservice. More than enough to know how things will go. No, please, I need cute, not shitty big boob ecchi.

So we got a father-daughter as one of the focal points

I don't mind that

Subs ETA?

> [seiya] Soushin Shoujo Matoi - 01 [720p].mp4
English hardsub

I say a few minutes,max 30 mins since I just told Decimoe to rip it from The Anime Network.

Oh boy, the production line is spent after doing Re:Zero and now this.

They have another big production in Zero this winter too, they just keep on shoveling them out.

Spring 2017, not winter.

Oh that was Spring? My mistake

Tough luck kid, this is the studio that chose to pander to casualfags.
For fanservice, you will get big tits. Swallow it or spit it out.

I just searched for information on the project committee and thank god it seems that this is mostly Infinite and Lantis' thing and WF (most likely) is just hired with no strings attached to the job. They should be fine even if this one bombed.

>yellow subs

Oh well

Suck it up

waiting for HS to rip it...

They rip that site?

it says so in their About Us on their site

Watched 10 minutes. Dropped.

I'm really digging the QUALITY in this show

They needed to put their budget into , , because OMG BIG TITS HAWT but who cares about smaller ugly girls huh.

Fuck off with your melodrama, LRD

Why is the quality so shit, is there another WhiteFox anime this season?
And what the hell is Anime Network? I seriously never heard that before.

Gotta give credit where it belongs.

Anime Network is a streaming service provider like Crunchyroll and Funimation, just smaller and thus more unimportant.

It seems this is also on Hulu.

They probably ran out of money making Reddit:Zero

The wait for DameDesuYo shouldn't be long since they use the the streaming site translation

It's on their schedule.

hulu hardsubbed too

is The Anime Network softsubbed?

It's hardsubbed.

Yellow hardsubs and watermark

I can't believe we're stuck with these horrible yellow hardsubbed watermarked simulcasts for this, Flip Flappers, and Girlish Number. Fuck.

At least they have subs at all. I was going to watch Idol Memories and Stella no Mahou but they don't have any subs, even a day after airing. Fansubbing really is dead.

Just wait 1-2 days more for fansub groups

>but they don't have any subs, even a day after airing. Fansubbing really is dead
Is this ironic?

>Flip Flappers too


Calm down, GJM are doing it


Is anyone subbing those 2 shows? If so, then I'm wrong, but to my knowledge no one is.

Daisuki has stella on a one week delay for the first episode only.

Eh, show was pretty mediocre and full of QUALITY. Dad molesting his daughter was hot though but somewhat nullified by the fact this show will get no fanart.

>3-gatsu no lion will be delayed too.

Lurk more

Welp. But it's the only series that airs today or at least the only one that isn't total crap so I guess I'll watch it afterall.

Meant to

Crunchyroll is simulcasting too.

>She just looks like her mom when she's transformed so of course the logical first course of action is for him to fondle her
That was pretty weird tbqh, famiglia

Sub where?

lurk moar

Not the yellowish hardsub nigga.

Then wait for DDY, you impatient retard

The Hulu rips should be better, still shitty, but better.

That's not QUALITY you fucking retard.

jesus Engurish christ

>Characters speaking English at the beginning of the episode
>Subs write something different than what they literally said

When that happens, it's because what they said makes no fucking sense, and the subbers are subbing the nip subs

>Why those taboos are dispatching to England?
Subs were needed.

Still retarded. I don't need broken English translated.

I do. Engrish is shit, come at me.

>She just looks like her mom when she's transformed so of course the logical first course of action is for him to fondle her, it's all perfectly wholesome.

I...umm...I have no words

Are you autistic?. Blame the nips for using engrish that doesn't match what they actually want the characters to say as indicated by the nip subs

Why the fuck there are so many crossboarders and newfags? Is it because of the studio?

Kill yourserlf, cancer

>mahou shojo
>it's not an all girls show
what's the point?

Why is Nene so shit? She ruined the whole thread.

Piss off /u/.


Piss off shitposting fag, get a girIfriend instead of assuming everyone is taIking about Iesbians, sad fuck.

>All this rampant homosexuality

>those man-shoulders
Moeshit is truly the salvation of anime.

Well, I'll give them that this show is in no danger of being too generic and bland to set itself apart from other Mahou Shoujos, but it definitely has a bunch of other issues that need sorting out.

I'll give it 3 episodes.

She was shrugging, but reaIIy are we discussing 40 year oId anime art?

I didn't expect this. Dropped.

>tfw 1991 was 40 years ago

This thread already infested by shitposter and going to die in next 3 episodes, I bet.

I guess it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise in retrospect. White Fox threw a bunch of literal whos at this project, and the overall size of staff is tiny compared to the amount of people who worked on Re:Zero and their other big stuff.

It's comedy. They are expecting you to laugh at this.

Don't worry, the studio yet to produce crap


Gen'ei was fun, fuck you

At least the op was cool.

If you'd written this ironically I would have let this go, but seeing how mad you are it's quite unlikely you have the intelligence to watch something this way

I miss them

This I agree with

It was. It doesn't mean it wasn't shit though.

I'm still gonna watch a few more episodes on the off chance it might get better, but I think it's pretty obvious White Fox already splurged their entire budget on Re:Zero and this was just an afterthought.

Ever since they got big enough to do multiple projects a year, it's pretty much become a pattern with them to put all their eggs in one basket.

That's not how budgeting works

>[HorribleSubs] Soushin Shoujo Matoi - 01 [720p].mkv

It's same shit

>It's Echizen

Why is there so much mahou shoujo this season.

Why aren't any of them any fucking good.

Yes it is? What the fuck are you talking about?

Studios set aside a certain amount of money their willing to sink in to ongoing projects during a window of time until they see the returns and can re-evaluate their new budget at the end of the year.

>Why is there so much mahou shoujo this season.
>Why aren't any of them any fucking good.

Because it's mahou shoujo for 30+ pedophile anime nerds, and not magical girls for actual little girls.

Is the father not blood related? Looks like she wants the D.

I thought it was good. Premise is one we've seen 500 times before, but the characters were charming enough, and that's all that really matters.

the keikaku one seems to be AOTY

For the same reason why this new season of (mahou tsukai) precure is so odd with its choices.

Magical Girl is turning 50 years old this December 5, but of course, Cred Forums can't be bothered to know such a simple fact.

and of course we will have an announcement of another mahou shoujo remake that day, probably scc

Is Mahou Tsukai any good? I kinda got tired of Precure after HaCha

Deleted before it even finished downloading.

It wasn't abysmal, but it was all over the place in terms of story, and the production quality was not great.

It kept switching between some grimdark detective drama and CGDCT and then just rammed the two together messily at the end.

My best hope is this is like a reverse Madoka that starts out super edge, and then turns in to a cute girl SoL.

Do you think they make Matoi and Re:Zero with a pool of money they're free to allocate as they like?

>calling her father Shingo-kun

If you're a small studio like White Fox, there's definitely only a certain amount of money you're willing to have currently allocated in ongoing projects until you have some kind of idea of how much money you're gonna get back.

The production quality between Re:Zero and Matoi is night and day.

Take off every 'zig'!!
You know what you doing.
Move 'zig'!!

You are being pretty dumb to be honest. Most anime studios don't pay a great deal towards making the shows they make. In the majority of cases they are rather being paid to make them by investors in the franchise who are hoping to sell things like books, manga and merchandise. As such the budget that places like White Fox would have for things like this would more than likely be segregated as I doubt investors in a show would be happy with money they have provided for the funding of an advertisement for their novel (re: zero) being used to fund something entirely different for example. Now obviously if studios manage to spend less on production than they were paid to make the anime and the anime is successful they may also get profit from the budget for one show and reinvest this into other projects such as originals. This is how GAINAX for example seems to have worked. If you look they used to follow a pattern of doing a couple of adaptations to raise funds and then invest it in a new original. I am not even sure that is the case with this show for Whitefox though, if you look at the companies involved the production company is Infinite and Whitefox are not listed in that regard at all meaning they have probably invested very little in it if nothing at all and are merely being paid to work on it and make the anime.

So this is an incest show?



The father grabs his daughters books because he "mistook" her for his dead wife. Girl's 14, by the way.

May pick up.