Pokemon is dead

Pokemon is dead.

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Holy shit it's in the game? HAHAHAHA

>wanting a shitty mega that loses to a fucking charizard

Eww, still

>jobber Ash canon
My sides never even existed.


Why couldnt they call it bond greninja or something

Maybe the upcoming episode where Greninja leaves Ash actually ties into the demo? Like he leaves Ash in the anime and then joins the trainer from the demo after that, which is why it's still "Ash Greninja" rather just Bond Greninja or something.

Nice repeating numerals

But the game and anime universe were separate and this fucks everything up lore wise.
Also no one ever liked ash greninja, its unpopular, it was a bad idea, why would you do this gamefreak

If it had won the league, I'd be hyped.

It didn't so it's shit.

Brilliant marketing.

This. What the fuck is the point?

Although it's pretty safe to say it was originally meant to win the league, then later they vetoed the idea and the anime staff was left with having to advertise a piece of shit that couldn't achieve anything relevant.

>its unpopular


And that's thanks to the anime. Only angry manchildren watching the anime will be mad.

I dont see ash greninja in that list

I dont watch the anime and Im mad because I dont want any anime shit in the games

>But the game and anime universe were separate and this fucks everything up lore wise.
They already had Steven mentioning Alain and one of the episodes from the Mega Evolution Specials in ORAS.

Maybe one day it'll be Red himself stopping Ash from winning a league in the anime.

>its unpopular
Yeah is this what you dumb spergs tell yourselves at night
>m-muh league!
>s-stupid greninja I-I hate it now! How could they do this?

Yeah none of the kids watching give a shit about that the league loss that wasn't very important at all isn't going to undo all the hype and pushing down your throat that Ash-greninja got all season.

>Maybe one day it'll be Red himself stopping Ash from winning a league in the anime.
That would redeem 20+ years of shit and occasional frustrated promise.

Sorry not all of us are kids watching the anime like you clearly are.
Is greninja popular in the playground then Jimmy? Thats nice

>Ash is now canon in the game series
How does it feel?


What a fantastic anime thread.

Is it weak to Fire?

Make a better team.


Weak to league championships

I saw an ad for a Pokemon Go porn parody the other day.
That is how fucking normie Pokemon has become. A fucking porno. And it's not even JAV.


I wonder why would any kid see Ash and his frog choking HARD and think "wow I want to be just like him!"

Does ash drop greninja in the next season? You would think they bonded so hard that Ash keeps it but I bet they will find a reason for him to discard it.

First time i won't pick water in first playthrough

Also, Pokemon has ALWAYS been normalfag-tier.

He's dropping it in three episodes:
XY&Z46: Farewell, Ash Greninja! Xerosic Strikes Back (Oct 20th)
>In order to part ways with Goodra, Ash and the others head for the wetlands. On their way back, they run into the plants that were raging wildly during the Team Flare incident, but manage to drive them back with help from Ash Greninja. But then Team Flare scientist Xerosic appears.

Bonus: he's releasing Goodra again in the same episode. :^)

How can anyone here still watch the anime after they pull bullshit like that everytime? Pokemon may be the most unsatisfying anime I ever heard of. Just watching a full season to get fucked up at the end so Ash can restart his new game in the next season.

top cuck

Believe it or not, Pokemon is a children's cartoon. So what autistic manchildren like yourself feel is meaningless, the target demographic is 10 year old boys.

All anime is for manchildren m8.

Alain's fight with Groudon and Kyogre in the Mega Evolution special was already canon to the games, making Alain canon. Just saying.


Owl it is.

Literal children are not the same as manchildren, retard. No wonder you keep sperging about Pokemon when you are too stupid to understand such a simple difference.

Manchildren are manchildren, which is all of Cred Forums

So you are admitting to being a literal child?


If only


>Pokemon is dead

I'm going to have a Brionne (__male) on my team and no one can stop me!