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Manga scans when?


sweet baby

This anime is really good.

For (you).



What would you do for head pats from ainz sama?

Solution > Lupus > Yuri = CZ > Retard > Entoma

>Ainz improves the life for lizardmen
>still has to reiterate he isn't a "nuke all living" kind of undead to people who bleeding worship him

Mare & Aura best guardians, Solution best meido, Lakyus best inferior creature.

I hope lakyus & heavy explosion will get somme screentime when the empire/kingdom vassalisation will come back on task.

1 hour and 9 minutes!

To me it feels like they are trying to force PPP style so they won't spend much money if they ever make a season 2. Production costs must be low for PPP as opposed to what we got for season 1

I'd be perfectly fine if they did all the SoL bits in PPP style.

Nothing. His hands are hard and bony and I bet he gives literally the worst head pats.

Based on the latest chapter, I'm pretty sure in the near future if there will be a chance for the lizardudes to break free from Papa Bones they will do it since the lizardudes still talk back to Papa Bones and Bluechair even though they know how strong they are.

He is someone that appeared out of nowhere and basically said "obey or die". Even if he is nice it's reasonable to expect almost everyone to prefer the old ways. Ainz will take decades until everyone is truly loyal.

>mfw I will never see Ainz in all his glory again
I don't mind it but if the entire season would be like this it'd be teen titans go all over again for me.

Shalltear is a female Valkyrie

>female Valkyrie
consdiering valkyrie's have female in definition i don't see why this was pointed out


can a fellow user hint to me wear I can read the latest chapter. I read the prologue and looked thru the comments but no luck.

scroll down are you all mobile users or something?

>hands are hard and boney

but user that is the best part. his pointy and smooth round fingerbones give the best scraches and scalp massages.

Kill yourself.

who /cz/ here


When is the new ppp out?

Mare look like he's about to blow a load.

In about an hour. I'm risk's kawaii imouo.

Nice.What colour are your panties by the way?

search for the link in the past threads in the archives.


10 minutes?

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As long as evolved love couple formerly known as humiefag and nazarickfag don't begin their mating ritual again it should be a smooth thread.

You arent the boss of me I'll post whatever links I want!

But do summon mods to nuke threads when needed.

I just want a comfy thread where we bask in Ainz Ooal Gown 's glory. Is it too hard to ask for?

The previous few I know of is due to valkyrie having dicks. Guess you were lucky enough to miss them.

>The whole "Cocytus wants to be a chair" scene

I thought I would be fine with this but I'm not. Cocytus's bone lust is creeping me out.



Ainz vs Momon when?

>yfw Momon(PA) asks Ainz to sit on him



It's just Ainz being dense.
Cocytus has the same problem as Shalltear where he thinks he's completely useless. He's incredibly fixated on improving and being useful any way he can.

So not only is he jealous Chair got to be the Chair, he also wants to prepare himself for what he think can be his function in this world without constant fights: training Ainz's heir.

To that end, he must be prepared to let the Overlad sit on his shoulders.



I hope PDL approaches Momon with his plans to fuck up Nazarick.

Oh man, is there any better feeling than finding the spider-hole, seeing it empty, checking the time, reloading the page, and seeing glorious fan fiction appear as if by magic?


Who else feels disappointed by Cocytus right now? Loyalty is one thing, but now he's just being silly and makes himself look like an idiot infront of the Lizardmen.

>Ainz imagined a scene of human, Lizardman and Goblin children playing together. Then he added Aura and Mare, the Dark Elf children. And then he decided to throw in Shalltear as well.
>playing with childs
Now we know what is going to happen to those poor orphanage kids. The girls are going to get raped by Shalltear, the boys by Yuri.

>Most of the group’s members did not require rest, but Zenberu -- the most important person of all -- was among the few exceptions to that
Didnt he just get the ring that lets him go on without food and rest?

Mental fatigue is still a thing even with the ring.

Ainz create a fortress out of nowhere in a second. You can bet it will become a legend in the region : the tower that can't be opened.

It feels too short. 10 pages don't even suppress my hunger for sasugas let along feeling full.


Yeah well, the chinks decided to dial back their release amounts. Don't ask me why.

The thread is so day today, i almost regret stopping lovecraftfagging

Ainz is a nice guy like that.

clem butt

>“Well now, you should also remember that I can do it too. I could use a magic item like the Green Secret House instead, but that might be a bit too cramped for our numbers. Now, watch this.”

>"He found one almost immediately, and then Ainz cast his spell. It was a 10th-tier spell.

>“[Create Fortress]!”

>As the spell took effect, a mighty fortress appeared where there had been nothing before. >It was a tower which stood over 30 meters tall, standing erect and proud like it was going to swallow up the starry sky."

>The massive double doors looked strong enough to shrug off battering rams. The walls were studded with countless spikes to keep anyone from climbing them. Four demonic statues adorned the corners of the uppermost level of the tower. They felt weighty and oppressive even at a look.

Fucker can spawn forts wherever he wants!


yeah, it's pretty N0ice


Me. It really doesn't suit him. Plus only chair can be chair.

Cocytus is the biggest disappointment in all of Nazarick.
He is unworthy.

Is anyone keeping a list of all spells Momonga has cast from the start?

This spell seems completely useless. Why waste a 10th tier slot learning it? Just go for the weaker version that creates a fancy house. Benefits of Dark Wisdom

Good taste.

My man.

>Why waste a 10th tier slot learning it?
It is all part of Ainz-sama's keikaku

then why he make aura build one since he can hola hola a fucking fortress out of nowhere

>Why waste a 10th tier slot learning it?
Well, it isn't like Ainz's build was ever focused on efficiency.

Might've been fairly useless in Ygg, but you have to admit being able to make forts at will has its uses. He can make military outposts whenever he feels like, drop a few undead in them, and then prance along in a matter of minutes.

Whether or not the author actually substantiates the use of the skill in that manner is something to be seen.

Maybe it was useful for PvP in Yggdrasil, like if you get attacked in an open area or surrounded.

>Slime Slut is n°1 meido

>You and your bros are getting chased by a larger group of people
>Build magical fortress only you and your bros can go inside
>Group attacking you can't get inside without seige equipment
>Buy time to summon other guildies/teleport out of the area

Plus with his Dark Wisdom he was probably just looking for spells to fill up slots.

>Dark Wisdom
this spell just like goblin Rou's skill, the more skill he learn the more OP he is

Have you read the rest of the content? This has problems.

I didn't think anyone could be a bigger disappointment than Narberel, but I was wrong.

The skill is probably limited to only one kind of building. Most likely Aura's is more specific. Originally it was supposed to be Fake-Nazarick, after all.

>Ainz just want a place for kids of all races to get together.
>Outsiders view Ainz wanted children of various races as hostages.
>Nazarick Orphanage becomes a petting zoo.

he can try in first place

>Comparing Overlord to Re;Monster

Get out.

>ask Demiurge if the children pet the mountain goats

So far this is the worst part in volume 11. This really didn't suit Cocytus's character.

Well Solution is a pro when it comes to making ppl disappear without a trace.

point out what i wrong in that or you get out your self

English good am at

>tell Demiurge that having the children help taking care of the sheep will make a good experience and increase friendlyness between them

>Ainz-sama! Ainz-sama can you show us some cute animals from Ygg?

>Sure children of course. DEMI! Bring in some baby 2 legged sheep.

>As you command Ainz-sama.

Fun fact about Solution:
You could have the wildest sex possible while inside her, and nobody would be able notice because she's just THAT good

Dark Wisdom only lets you have more spells but he has a finite number.

Re:Monster guys has infinite abilities with his bullshit and said abilities can get more and more OP with no real rhyme or reason.

Comparing those two abilities as if they're the same is retarded.


>I have an RP build
>To help with my RP I have a bunch of non combat spells
>But I still wanted to do stuff with my guildies
>Dark Wisdom let me have my RP spells and raiding/PvP spells


>I eat some rocks
>I am now a rock god
>I eat water
>I can now breath underwater

She could be working while fucking 3 men inside her and noone would notice.

>You are concered, Momonga
>Not so fast, fuckboy. I CAST FORTRESS
>I have the high groud now

Well, most of the stuff that was made by spell can be dispelled.

>pssh...nuthing personel...kid

you did just read the new part from chapter 2 right?

>the space here was expanded, so this place was larger on the inside than the outside.

basically the fortress looks small on the outside
the one Aura was building was huge, why do you think it took awhile to build
do you think you can convince player into believing that the a small fortress just created is Nazarick

Oh boy.

>They could be considered the weakest beings in the group, given that they were only level 40 or so

Does this confirm vampire brides level 40+ or was Ainz only talking about the beasts?

i can't wait for Ainz-sama to sail around the world

[ripping intensifies]

I thought it was an SD Gundam from the thumbnail.

he was talking about the beasts bought with in-game currency

Yeah!! RiskyAnon got his stuff!

That is Risky Business. FBI-KUN is around.

Vampire were simply considered maids, not part of escort team.


Awye, boi.

Are there any Vampire Brides (male)?

i love u

Nice cover

Does that mean you're up to date with the Chink release?

well done


So wait brain was level 40+?

I thought Gazef was just nearly level 30?

His name was Edward Cullen. Now fuck off.

Wait till you read the fanfictions

>Tier 10 Magic, Goat Tower

Who's gunna translate this video fanfic?

Nice shitposting

>brain was level 40+
He like what? Slashed the VB once. i don't think that is enough to get his level from.

I wonder if a paper version of this map will ever be made (as bonus material).

No, I just interpreted "the group" to mean all those from Nazarick. But as other anons have pointed out, this probably didn't include the vampire brides who were there as servants. I just read it wrong.

He played with a level 40 vamp bride without getting stomped to the ground.

That's quite an achievement.

If he used his godlike slash on that VB like he did for Shalltear he would have BFTO that mosquito.

What? He just slashed her and VB insta healed.
Do you not recall that even Shalltear got pierced by arrows, bolts and blades when bandits tried to fight back? She just laughed it off and continued butchering.

Ainz and the gang go on school trip

>you will never go to school with Nazaricks
>you will never have papa bones bring you to the dwarves forgeries or demiurge's happy farm

Gear > Levels

proven once again by Vampire brides vs Brain, 10 level difference overcome by MA and a superior weapon

Shit I've unintentionally awakened humiefag.

So how about them rare nazaricks

If level 40 is the weakest in the group that means Vampire brides are at least ~45.

Brain was able to dodge her skills easily and she couldn't hurt him at all.

Shalltear realized Brain was going to kill the Bride and had to step in.

Gears > Levels, just more evidence to support this. ST has so many Divine and WCI items that they can easily fight Nazarick at this point.

Vampire brides are not part of the group, they are simply maids this time.

Just stop replying to the humiefag.

>they can easily fight Nazarick at this point.
they can try and force the use of acual armies i guess

Did janyman 404'ed the last thread?


>Nazarick already making excuses for why Brain beat someone 15 levels higher than him

You know I'm right this time

It's canon that all of NW working together can defeat Nazarick

because you idiots post off topic shit

Get your updated humiefag meme here!
Thankfully yes.

Rude as fuck

Pls, i dont want more deleted threads.

>Brain beat someone 15 levels higher than him
He didn't.
Chair just got annoyed and stepped in.

Remember that a level 45 Vampire Bride can fall for basic traps

If you can't fight a higher level directly you can fight them indirectly.


Brain was easily fighting some way higher level than him.

"Brain drew his katana into a stance. Seeing this, the girl wore a bored expression and
glanced towards the ceiling and spoke. “You can start now.” The girl gestured with her chin,
prompting the woman next to her to dash forward. Her movement was truly like the wind,
but for Brain, even the speed of the wind was not fast enough. “Haah!” With a roar, Brain
launched himself with all the strength in his body and struck like a storm. The slash held
enough power to easily cleave an armored man in two."

Brain is was stronger than the vampire Bride despite being lower level. This difference is made up by the use of MA and better Gear.

>It's canon that all of NW working together can defeat Nazarick
Citation needed

Pretty ladies. Post'em more.

someone here said it was on the Maruyama's twitter and I trust him since he was arguing with me

It is from twitter but that user got it wrong.
All of NW was needed to keep Nazarick locked in their home(not defeat) and only at the very start(before Ainz massproduced undeads). Now it is too late.

That was me, and twitter didn't say that all of NW, do note the ALL part, would be needed to force Ainz not to leave Nazarick.
Not to defeat him, but to keep him inside.

>All of NW was needed to keep Nazarick locked in their home(not defeat) and only at the very start(before Ainz massproduced undeads). Now it is too late
Keeping the enemy locked inside their house is pretty much a win, Nazarick will deplete its recources.

Of course no one can actually take Nazarick by normal means because of Floor 8.

How does that part impy Brain is stronger than VB?

totally agree

>faster than her
>Dodges her spells
>she can't dmg him at all
Brain was easily fighting someone much higher level

That was me, and twitter didn't say they would defeat Ainz or nazarick, simply that that all of NW, do note the ALL part, would be needed to keep Ainz contained and not to leave Nazarick.
Basically Status Quo.
Not to defeat him, but to keep him inside.

>Nazarick will deplete its recources
>NW will not
nice headcanon

Isn't Nazarick basically self sustaining though?
They only need more resources because they keep going out and doing shit.

>a place with limited Gold vs a place that can mine shit ton WCI

His attacks did no damage to the Vampire Bride

A single attack from the vampire bride would kill him

If the fight had continued the Vampire Bride would've killed him eventually.

Shalltears boredom saved Brain.

That part was quite uncomfortable, really wish it wasn't there, I like a bit of misunderstanding, but it felt too much, it happening in front of the lizardmen made it worse too, I like thinking that Cocytus is a very well respect general to them, not some silly chair.

>>Dodges her spells
Never done that, he simply resisted VB's mindcontrol/charm because he had enough willpower
>Nazarick will deplete its recources.
See Nazarick can simply farm in 6th floor if they need gold or scroll materials, only reason Ainz isn't doing it now is because he's sentimental about skinning AOG's NPCs for resources.

>monster that don't have to eat and can spawn more monsters every day vs humies that take years to train

I would rather have no threads than one where an user is too retarded to ignore the humie.

>His attacks did no damage to the Vampire Bride
It did little damage, comparable to what Go-Gin did to Ainz, it did damage, but it was laughable.
>A single attack from the vampire bride would kill him
Are you that high? Brain is weak compared to VB, but not THAT weak, he can put up a fight to decently annoy a VB in single combat
>If the fight had continued the Vampire Bride would've killed him eventually.
>Shalltears boredom saved Brain.
Sure it wasn't Chair being Chair? but yes, she did save his ass

Muh katana is the greatest sword ever forged. Outside of his shitty sword what gear did brain have? And his shitty MA were inferior to Gazef's, and and Gazef struggled with trash tier angels.

>Brain can fight Vampire Bride
I wonder how would he fare against Vampire Fighter or Vampire Warrior.
Or even male Vampire Bride.

>His attacks did no damage to the Vampire Bride
He did do dmg she just regen, he would have launched stronger attacks and aimed for the head. Brain would never get hit anyways he's to fast for her and that's his fighting style.

He dodged the shockwave easily as well. Also Nazarick has to spend money to revive any losses and to summon mercenaries. They are only self sustaining when not at war.

Entire planet's resources vs One Guild, ill take the planet. Humans aren't the only ones in NW.

So with shitty Gear he was able to beat someone 15 levels higher? Even better thanks!

I want humiefag to kill himself.

I can understand throwing Mare and Aura intoo the kids group,but putting in Shalltear is just madness.
And mama white lizard is very rude. She should just let Ainz hold it for awhile.A bright future ahead if Ainz like the small lizard.

>he's to fast for her
No, he's not. He just slashed her when she charged.

why are you guys even discussing this. It's already said that those vampire brides are automatic spawn monster below 30 (vol2)and Brian is above 30 if he is on par with Gazef

>but putting in Shalltear is just madness.
Right after that he says he did it just because she was standing with Aura.

Gazef didn't have his god-tier equipment and if he did then that fight would have been a walk in the park.

Gazef's best MA+wild magic sword combo was about to BFTO in one strike Ainz in volume 9, the only reason Ainz is even alive was because of time stop.

Katana isn't the best weapon is just a fucking katana crafted near the 8GK's guild base.

"“Try celebrating after actually hitting your target. Your movements are too easy to read.”
He was untouched. Having easily dodged the invisible attack, Brain said with a smirk. The
vampire wore a look of surprise and panic and jumped backwards with a large leap."

also this Brain is way stronger than the Bride and would beat her. He wasn't even fighting seriously yet.

>Nazarick has to spend money to revive any losses and to summon mercenaries. They are only self sustaining when not at war.
Only counts for actual NPCs, POP are autospawned and many NPCs can summon infinitely due to only cost being mana.

>Brain would never get hit anyways he's to fast for her and that's his fighting style.
Only his sword arm and attacks would be troublesome for the VB, his attack he used vs Shalltear was specially made to be a counter attack to defeat Gazef, it's not a direct attack.
>So with shitty Gear he was able to beat someone 15 levels higher? Even better thanks!
Brain at that point in the story couldn't easily defeat a VB I'd give him 8-2 chances with 8 in VB's favour.
Currently with kingdom's treasures as his gear he could with 7 to 4 chances be able to defeat a single VB in 1v1 combat.
If you'd deck Brain out in SPECIFIC anti Vampire gear during their fights then he'd have a 50/50 chances of winning.

Nazrarick fags in full damage control mode.
Remember that entoma having a 20 lv and gear advantage didn't instantly kill gagaran and the ninja.
MA is just that good.

>Gazef's best MA+wild magic sword combo was about to BFTO in one strike Ainz in volume 9, the only reason Ainz is even alive was because of time stop.
Wow. Just... wow.

He intercepted her first attack with his katana and then dodged low tier spell.
Nowhere does it state he's faster/stronger.

gazef is 29 or 30 and brain is below him

>MA is just that good.
Not Go Gin's MA.

It's just the usual humifags vs nazarickfags ruining another Overlord thread.

>MA is just that good.
Exactly, every time Ainz sees it he is baffled by how strong it is and desperately is hoping he can learn it.

Using scrolls and shit is all costing resources, losing fighters, activating extra traps, it all costs money that Nazarick has a limited supply of. They either lock themselves away and rot while everyone outside grows stronger or keep fighting the siege and deplete all resources.

Ainz dream build is freaking well suited for war.
Creates free armies.
-require no training time nor expenses
-no food supply for the soldiers
-no sleep or camping materials
-build freaking fort in seconds
-replenish his fallen soldiers from corpses of the battlefield.
If they nw people truly understand the horror of Ainz power, they should know this world will soon belong to him and waging war is unavoidable.

Yep,people like these you should just ignore him. Clearly he doesn't know how to understand and read a book.

The fact is he was easily dodging all of VB's attacks and managed to fight her off despite being way lower level. Your headcannon on how much VB was holding back should be kept out of this.

Yes. Using a magic to make a very specific model of fortress that any player would instantly recognize as being a spell instead of a real guild base to act as a fake guild base would totally work when trying to trick them.

>he was easily dodging all of VB's attacks
He literally dodged 1 attack - shockwave spell.

>Resisted charm
>Dodged invis spell
>mentions how slow she is in comparison to him twice

Aura base is at least more than 10 times larger than what Ainz created. Ainz fort is more like a tower and you are not even sure if it is permanent.

>Using scrolls and shit is all costing resources, losing fighters, activating extra traps, it all costs money that Nazarick has a limited supply of. They either lock themselves away and rot while everyone outside grows stronger or keep fighting the siege and deplete all resources.

They don't have to use scrolls as the mages can cast the spells, scrolls simply remove the need to have a mage accompany you.
Only fighters they would be losing be summons and POPs, therefore no money lost.
There's no need to activate extra traps as nobody would actually be able to clear 1st floor or present any danger even if a full scale NW invasion was in progress.
They can keep themselves under siege forever until NW rots away, Nazarick benefits from it's occupants being immortals.

You should read it again, gazef was about to unleash a super MA that he learned.

Like the nail clipper?

And do a whole lot of 1 damage with it

>Now, watch this.
Ainz is all business-like but can't resist showing off.

>we'll just sit in our base while all the dragons cast Wild Magic on us
>sitting in our tomb is fine we'll wait 200 years will more players show up
You seem to think it's only Humans that are a part of NW, there are shit tons of beastmen who are really strong and other nasty things. Hell NW can use it's own endless army of undead to fight Nazarick with Zuranon.

>Resisted charm
That counts as speed now?
>Dodged invis spell
Brain can sense things around him, it doesn't mean he can dodge VB melee attack.
>mentions how slow she is in comparison to him twice
No, he doesn't.

I guess you missed this when i posted it before so here you go

" Her movement was truly like the wind,
but for Brain, even the speed of the wind was not fast enough"

Her speed is not fast enough to overcome Brain's, you are free to provide a quote showing VB being faster than Brain

>Nazarick has to spend resources to summon shit
>NW can summon endless armies

Human's are a major player in the new world, and they are shit scared of Ainz's army of 500 death knights, believing that they alone could wipe out humanity.
These aren't even that big a deal for Ainz, realistically, even if the NW united they wouldn't be able to win agaisnt Nazarack.

Do not feed humiefag.

It only shows that his reaction time is short enough to strike charging VB.
Still it doesn't say anything about his speed.

>You seem to think it's only Humans that are a part of NW, there are shit tons of beastmen who are really strong and other nasty things.
I've counted EVERYBODY, including all other races and what-not
>Hell NW can use it's own endless army of undead to fight Nazarick with Zuranon.
NW undead are cannon fodder for Nazarick's cannon fodder, remember that strongest natural undead so far to occur is an unbuffed Death Knight, and that all sentient undead insta-surrender to Ainz, Zuranon only counts under this scenario, as it will probably end up in the LN that they accept Ainz as their lord and savior.
>Human's are a major player in the new world
ST is literally only 'major' human player in the NW, with Empire slowly crawling waay behind it, hell 600 years before humans were literally less than cattle.

>Major player
Wat? They're still constantly under threat of becoming extinct and the only reason they continue to survive is that players have a tendency to want humans to still exist.

NW can afford the cost since they have access to more resources, Nazaricks are limited.

People like the Pleiades are already shown to be killable, what do you think happens when all the Adamantites gather along with BS and all those beastmen who are 10x stronger than humans? You think Ainz will let his precious maids stay dead? Literally a planet of resources and armies to use.

Stop talking to humiefag, let him die alone like the faggot/lower life form he is.

Either way you want to spin it, the fact remains VB can't hurt Brain at all and he can hurt her. You think Brain will just stop blocking her attacks for some reason?

>all Adamantites
All 3 of them?

>Nazaricks are limited
Whole operation Gehenna was done using summoned demons and didn't cost Nazarick even 1 coin.
Meanwhile NW needs years to replenish every dead soldier.


People always think Ainz is gonna be weak if he doesn't have time stop. The thing is Ainz like fighting that require the least effort and without showing to much of his moves.Back in the game he always fought players and all of them learn anti-time stop and Ainz still top them. The guy just lack a lot of self confident.
-1 of the best abilities user in the server
-veteran fighter of pk
-can adept very quickly to the opponent and during fights
-possess enough spells of all diversion to counter any kind of opponent
-possess a private own pocket space arsenal that can survive even if whole Nazarick is against him.
-have the reaction and reflex of a level33 warrior
-and his body probably has many defense items or spells to defend him against warriors along with many more OP abilities of his Overlord race.
I would be very surprise if anyone can even injure him if he goes all out without fooling around and be 100% on guard.


Fact remains that Brain with his MA can't kill VB and he would run out of stamina eventually.

Are, are you implying that Ainz would let Pleiades fight the invasion? Do you have any idea whatsoever how utterly retarded that thought is?

Do not feed humiefaggots.Let him die alone like the faggot/lower life form he is.
Do not answer that Narbetard.

Operation Gehenna also successfully ruined the Kingdom and their adventurers by A) stealing all the shit in the trade depots B) essentially razing the district with no survivors C) depleting their stocks of gold and magical resources to resurrect a dozen jobbers
Simply pulling off that sort of raid everyday, which Nazarick can easily do, will bring any country to its knees in less than a month.

>Zuranon only counts under this scenario, as it will probably end up in the LN that they accept Ainz as their lord and savior.
falling back on headcanon I see

It only took half of Blue Rose to kill Entoma, and Lakyus has a sword that can kill a country, Nazarick will be forced to only send people level 70 and above to fight. And when Wild Magic exists and other unknowns like Runes and MA Ainz will be hesitant since he risks losing them to some weird spells.

Except that operation Gehenna was not a open battle but a terrorism mission inside the capital. Kingdom had to mobilize on short notice to deal with it.

He wouldn't, he realized he was fighting a vampire and would have aimed for taking her out at once by chopping off her head like he tried vs Chair.

Well they would die since they aren't very strong.

Fact remain that his nail clipper can slaughter the vampire brides which are lower that level 30 and like all adamantite who can handle level 30 monsters Brian might be pathetic but he isn't that weak. The vampire brides were never combat monster anyway.The were maids that serve Shalltear(satisfied her lesbian fetish-a part of her owner fault) on her floor and not use for defended the floor.

>Lakyus has a sword that can kill a country
Sure she does

>Sword that can kill a country

I think this Maruyama's tweet was either a joke or mistranslation.
Chair could just teleport the strongest monster behind enemy lines so they would summon their minions/launch 10th tier AOE spells every day.
In 3 days there would be nothing left of any army.

Brain has higher Alpha DPS, but VB wins in long run via exertion, and just wait until Brain gets tired.

>Lakyus has a sword that can kill a country
>Ainz can endlessly summon DK that can kill a country each.

Another thing, if stronger beastmen show up, that just provides stronger corpses for Ainz to summon stronger undead.

All of this is meaningless anyway, the Author has said that neither side would 'win' only stalemate each other.

>and Lakyus has a sword that can kill a country
Not this shit again.

I think he was imagining some apocalyptic battle with every elite being and army in the NW surrounding Nazarick, at that point teleporting behind enemy lines would be fairly dangerous, especially if the ST had that World Item.

“Ah, I heard from Gagaran, if you
released the full power of the Demonic Sword Kilineyram, it could be powerful enough to
destroy the entire country.”

He would just use all MA at once and take her out, he's not going to drag out the fight against an opponent he knows is a Vampire.

Or stronger corpses for Zuranon

>Arg! My hand! This power is going out of control,it will consume me. World,be prepare.Here come the dark demon lord.

Ah,such fond memories.Remind me when i was just a kid and wanting to conquer the earth. There is still some chuuni left in me.And Overlord is bringing it out of me.

>Demi says [Kill yourself] and only Dragon Lords and few others like EE, Rigrit, KC and CD remain

Then they die to Heart Grasp / Black Hole

They could just teleport Alfredo.
She can tank everything NW throws at her and wipe the whole city at once.

Shit__ taste

If all of NW can contain Nazarick then clearly they have some ways to deal with all the level 100s. The only reason NW wouldn't be able to finish it is implied to be because of Floor 8 bullshit.

The question is can Nazarick sustain a siege and outlast the rest of NW.

i wonder if pdl could resist shub niggurath

probably not because he's level 51-54

>Or stronger corpses for Zuranon
They're shit tier necromancers though.

Actually i think it is with dragons using their wild magic to sacrifice a shitton of people to seal Nazarick , kinda like a twenty.
It is a no win situation for both.

why would you belive a chuuni user?

His Wild Magic can resist a WCI, super tier is child's play

>implying the real dragonlords or any other strong monsters that can handle 10th spells.
>implying there is no counter measure against teleport and detection spells or any other divine spells

i thought you were saying gazef had a wild magic sword, i guess tier 9 true death is just too broken

>implying there is no counter measure against teleport and detection spells or any other divine spells
>implying there is
Not in NW, Fluder said nobody deals with that shit.
You won't spend decades learning spells that won't help you in direct fight.

“Ah, according to her, once it goes wild, it’ll lead to grave consequences. A city, no, a
nation, was it? Apparently it’ll be completely wiped out. She did say something about having
to use use part of her strength to suppress it...”

>falling back on headcanon I see
That was literally what I gave in NW's favor and you're just gonna throw it away?
Wait is it just my ESL getting in the way? I meant that in the scenario where entire NW unites to attack AOG the moment they pop from YGGDRASIL into NW that Zuranon will be part of the attacking force.
Now Zuranon attacking AOG in the actual storyline is shady as probably outcome is
>that they accept Ainz as their lord and savior.
mostly through Ainz bullshiting which if it does happen it's going to be hilarious and both you and me are gonna giggle at it like idiots.
>[Pleiades]Well they would die since they aren't very strong.
But you're implying that they would be on the front lines, which they would not be doing, and in turn not have to waste money on respawns.
They would probably be sitting pretty in Floor 9 probably doing communication duties.

Clancy-kun do say what you'd do with power ranger maids in case of NW invasion into Nazarick, you're the expert.
>His Wild Magic can resist a WCI, super tier is child's play
Never confirmed, just like Lakyus's sword.

>Literally Okabe Rintarou level of grabbing arm and resisting urge to kill

OOoh I got JUST the thing, wait up a bit.
Alright, here we go, pic 1 and then to 4.



Fluder live in his own world.The only nation he knows is the few human nations surrounding his empire.He doesn't know shit. And humans are weak anyway.There are plenty other monster from other continent,sea,sky and ground that wipe the floor with him.

>Never confirmed, just like Lakyus's sword.
“The power of the gods, ‘Downfall of Castle and Country’, will probably not work on
that fellow who can use wild magic, unlike with the Catastrophe Dragon Lord. How about
using it on the Sorcerer King?”

headcanon vs real canon

Aaand done.
NW-chan, while I do like your unyielding affection towards NW being able to pose a challenge at least try to remain logical and realistic in [NW invades Nazarick] scenario.

>Never confirmed, just like Lakyus's sword.
ST doesn't even know what WCI is.
They just think it's an item with powerful magic left by Six Gods.
They have probably tried to use some 7th tier spell against PDL and it failed.

Yes. I doubt the NW would be able to activlely siege Nazerick and ignore any other threat in the world for a extended time period.

So they would essentially "seal" them in, Nazerick would just wait it out until forgotten. They are afterall immortal.

I kind of want PA and Lakyus to meet, and for their to be a massive epic battle which ends when Yuri stumbles across the two of them, revealing that the whole battle was just made up chuuni shit.

Thank you for reinforcing my claim, in case you didn't notice, and I don't blame you for missing such a small word amidst names such as ‘Downfall of Castle and Country’ and Catastrophe Dragon Lord i'll provide in quaint shade of light green:
>will probably not work

I wonder if Blue rose get destroyed,how many fags would whine and complain about it. I still get the feeling it would Renner who would accomplish it. Lakyus would scream:why!?

>NW-chan, while I do like your unyielding affection towards NW being able to pose a challenge at least try to remain logical and realistic in [NW invades Nazarick] scenario.
I don't have to, author said it so it must be so.

NW can deal with Nazarick and force them to go on the defensive inside the tomb hiding behind floor 8 to protect them.

what other threats? NW is united

Still means they doubt a WCI power vs Wild Magic, showing how strong it is.

>NW can deal with Nazarick and force them to go on the defensive inside the tomb hiding behind floor 8 to protect them.
Thing is they can't -deal- with Nazarick, they can just keep AOG inside it and hope that their constant vigil over the entrance makes sure they don't come out, NW has no way to pass even the 1st floor even if they were to try to drown it in a river of dead bodies ala WH40k style.
>what other threats? NW is united
Players spawning about every 100 years, it would lead to problems sooner or later.

Are you trying to say that more Players showing up benefits Nazarick? That is an unknown, they might help or kill them.

If Nazarick can be contained in the Tomb then they will eventually run out of resources preventing people from invading them. There is nothing in the intial floors that could prevent even weak Worker like in Vol 7 from reaching Ainz on Floor 6.

>lower levels full of DKs and elder liches
>workers being able to go there

6th floor was reached because the workers were specifically guided there? Did you miss that part?

>A poorly designed dungeon that allowed weaklings to reach the final boss
So Ainz will get cocky and get himself killed I see

In case anyone is wondering how NW will unite against Ainz

>Hype up Momon as savior
>Retard Ainz uses Clem weapons in Arena
>Clem comes back and exposes Momon as Ainz
>Everyone gets mad at Ainz and revolts, uniting NW against him
>Nazarick gets forced to sit on their asses till Human Players show up and kill his Guild

Aaaaaaaaaand now you've gone back to the full stupid version of your argument and are just baiting and shitposting, well goodnight dear NW-chan, it was fun whilst you were in logic mode.
It was fun, until next time!

>have teleport traps set up that you forgot about
>people bypass multiple floors

Reminder that Enri is what Gazef wish he was.

>thinking anyone will believe the words of an insane, wanted, and extremely dead serial killer

Why did Janny delete the last thread? Valkyrie cock?

Her brother in BS will

Ainz just stood in the middle of a popular arena and used her weapons and fighting style while ST was still there. It won't be hard to put the pieces together.

That was 2 threads ago, but yes.

>implying showing off clems weapons wasn't part of his keikaku
>implying anyone would believe Clem that Momon is Ainz when they have been seen together and nobody can prove PA is disguised as Momon

Last one as well, and this one about, idk I'd give it an hour at best.

Well, mods never cared about humiefag spewing bullshit, so I guess we're safe for now.

It's just speculation that Lakyus is a chuuni right? I don't recall anyone ever claiming her as such in the novels.

I actually kind of like humiefag, there's a sense of camaraderie when everyone unites against him and his bullshit.

ST is already suspicious of the two being on the same side, suggesting they are the same won't be hard for them to believe

“Ara, isn’t that further proof of Momon and the Sorcerer King being in cahoots? They did
show up at practically the same time, right?”

She acts like one, she's like Leinas, except without any history to actually have her ramblings be legit.

The hero Overlord threads need?

Well, ainz said he got these weapons from momon. Besides they were shown together

Yeah but they can't even prove that Ainz and Momon are even on the same side. Proving to the rest if the world that they're the same person would be almost impossible.

Even if Clem said they were the same, why would they believe a traitor? ST has literally no evidence on either account.

no one will answer you with proper proof because Nazarickfags just make shit up to suit their power fantasies

Lakyus sword had been stated multiple times to be able to destroy countries

Just like it's been stated that PDL can destroy countries

So even more suspicious, you think everyone is gong to trust and believe what a skeleton says?

>implying there's only one Humiefag

>no evidence
>except Ainz fighting the same way and using the same weapons out in the open
>When Clem's brother is on BS and everyone propbably knows about how she fought
>When everyone is respective of ST in the political world and PDL is in cahoots with them and governs the Republic
>when they are already suspicious of the two showing up at the same time
>when they know Ainz can use high tier magic

Surely no one will believe Clementine

If I was leading the NW, I would spawn secret undead zones and have zuranon fill it with negative energy and have all available creatures learn necromancy or divine magic.
As stronger ones spawn I have them separate them into groups for stronger undead. until I get a group of overlords which I then put together to get an even more powerful undead and so on and so on.
They are smart so we convince them that only letting ainz rule the world is foolish and they agree to fight or we control them with necromancy stuff.
Meanwhile the godkins and other players unite their armies.

That sure worked wonders when he tried using his power against JUST right?
Demiurge abilities are nullified easily.


You can all use them as an easy source of sacrifices for Wild Magic and manual labor and such, Nazarick aren't the only ones with access to infinite stamina.

They don't understand that eventually in a siege the Treasury will run out of gold and then it's bye-bye.

>Want to activate global weather dmg, too bad got to pay gold or let everyone keep invading
>want to summon extra monsters above level 30, too bad got to pay gold

Remember the 500 DK can be handled by KC and CD easily, Nazarick would have to use only level 70 ad above or start suffering heavy losses.

You're assuming he used it on JUST.

>be king of united NW
>most intelligent people on earth thinking of ways to beat papa bones
>a disgusting peasant covered in his own feces suggests making an undead pit to breed powerful undead
>eventually create powerful overlords
>convince them that Ainz ruling is bad and they should totally kill him
>somehow they succeed and the day is saved
>same undead decide to take over earth instead
>mfw created a more powerful threat all because of a retarded peasant


Who will translate it?

Do we know if Overlords can naturally spawn in the NW though?
Also, what's stopping these Overlords from turning on the NW'ers afterwards?

How many sequences PPP has?

>Asking humiefag to think 2 steps ahead
Silly user

Just rip it with makemkv to a raw and be done with it instead of transcoding the shit out of it. Unless you're delivering the whole damn thing as finished product that is.

>The most likely outcome was that they would deem the Sorcerous Kingdom an evil empire, and use that as a rallying cry to declare a jihad on them.

Did Maruyama truly use that word in his raw work?

>Also, what's stopping these Overlords from turning on the NW'ers right after they spawn?

>That sure worked wonders when he tried using his power against JUST right?
Didn't he have an item on him?
>Do we know if Overlords can naturally spawn in the NW though?
Based on the fact that no one in NW seems to be aware of what an "Overlord" is, I would say no.

>source of sacrifices for Wild Magic
>using soulless undead as soul source

if it gives exp it can be used

[citation needed]

What does everyone think of male Valkyries?

Sasuga. Did you like it?

After giving it some thought, Cocytus is truly the most useless among the Floor Guardians. Fuck, even the Pleiades are more useful than him.
Like, what does he have to offer to Nazarick? His superior warrior skills? That's only useful in battle and even then there are other FG who are strong warriors too, like Shalltear who is a stronger warrior than Coctyus. Not to mention that, as far as we have seen, any magic-oriented FG is more deadly in an open battle than Cocytus.
Outside of battle, he has nothing. Mare can terraform shit, Albedo has superb management skills, Demiurge is a keikaku master, Shalltear has her teleportation services and so on, meanwhile Cocytus lacks any sort of usefull non-battle oriented skills aside from being a living refrigerator.
Not to mention that the poor fuck is even useless as an ambassador or for doing undercover tasks like everyone else because he is huge scary blue bug.
Even Retardberal is more useful than Cocytus.

Nice angel! Don't know why you call if a Valkyrie though!

That's an angel.
Nice try malevalkyriefag.

Well I guess once it is up, Anons here will jump on it. We used to have 2 to 3 different transcripts.


I prefer to call ValkyrieDickAnon.

Nice, but i prefer succubus(attack helicopter)

That's exactly the point. There's very little difference between a Valkyrie and Angel. There's nothing wrong with there being male Valkyries.

Although Cocytus bullying is justified, Ainz is trying to fix this by making him a capable commander.
That said, it seems he isn't fit even for that.

Zaryusu called ainz an overlord when he first saw him, really vague but it's something.

>Also, what's stopping these Overlords from turning on the NW'ers afterwards?

High lv control spells and their numbers will be low once the war ends so the NW can deal with them.

Sealing nazarick and having them go bankrupt is also an option if there's another player, he tells them the guilds weakness and
they base their plans on that.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that.
The best thing Ainz could have done was putting him in charge of some shitty lizards so that he would feel useful and not bother everyone else, and even then the faggot failed at teaching them discipline.

Well he is created to be Warrior first, everything else fuck off.

He have his uses. Like air-conditioning.

>little difference between a Valkyrie and Angel
You can have male and female Angel but there are no male Valkyries.
That's like saying there are male Vampire Princesses.

He will be the trainer and general for the allied Nazarick armies. That's an important contribution.

Why are you lore autists so similar to SJWs? You both get triggered by the most trivial shit.

You are the SJW trying to push your gender bullshit though, mate. Don't be an SJW and accept reality.

do it faster

>male Valkyries can't exist because I say so!

Come up with a better argument.

Whoa, nobody is triggered, user. Calm down. He was merely stating his preferences.

>male females exist because I say so!

>has cock

You're an SJW.

is a vampire princess a princess turned into a vampire or a vampire that got bit by a princess to become royalty?

>I don't understand what video games are!
>I can't accept that game devs aren't as autistic about lore as I am!

C'mon, user. You can do better than that.

I thought the Valkyrie bait would get a couple of laughs and that would be it, but you guys really went for it huh

Alright folks rest well until tomorrow, I'ma go get a mod to go ham again on us.

Valkyries can be male too! Gender doesn't matter! We're all equal! Gender is not an essential, defining aspect!
You are so far up your own ass it's amusing.

Fellow Anons. We need to call in the mods to nuke this thread.

ValkyrieDickAnon have invaded. We have no choice but to call in Exterminatus.

Nigel protects.

>I can't accept that game devs aren't as autistic about lore as I am!
But they are.
Show us a game that has male Valkyries.

Been there done that, blessed be Nigel-sama.

God tier taste, user.

I've been looking for that. Didn't remember its name. I'll use it now.

>Unless you're delivering the whole damn thing as finished product that is.
Nah, I'm just too retarded. Used another ripper and that gave me cancer, which I planned to transcode into oblivion.
Don't hate me.


You're a child.

Actually there's an entire mythology that decides what is and what isn't a valkyrie, but it doesn't matter since you're not using that for reference.

>came back just in time for another ruined thread

>Zaryusu called ainz an overlord when he first saw him, really vague but it's something.
That's it though, he didn't refer to Ainz being an Overlord as in Overlord being a distinct class/race, he was talking more about Ainz being an Overlord (absolute) of death.

>High lv control spells and their numbers will be low once the war ends so the NW can deal with them.
If these Overlords are weak enough to be Controlled by NW'ers, what's the point of the risk of using them vs Nazarick.

God bless you user, let the others continue from your work. AnyDVD is another if you want to retain more control over the end product.

The level of stupidity in these threads is incredible.
And I'm not talking about the assholes shitposting, I'm talking about the retards that keep replying to the same bait over and over and over instead of just ignoring them like any non-retarded person should.

Nigel Protects.

>tfw humie shitposting and then valkyrie shitposting back to back
Just let it end

Nuke is coming, we just wait for the detonation.

>if the mythology is altered even slightly, that means it isn't a Valkyrie even though it fulfills every other requirement
>I expect everyone to be as autistic about lore as I am!

A male Valkyrie is still a Valkyrie.

If you don't like the direction a thread took, make your own thread and give it a different direction with a specific, non-general OP

sasuga nigel!

In anticipation for ripping user, post Pleaides

Everyone is triggered, user. The past 3 threads are filled with anons triggered over the idea of male Valkyries.

You got btfo the last 3 threads. Go to the archive and pick any reply you like.

I don't get it. Why would a mod nuke this thread?
I mean, it's filled with shitposting, bait and cancer but no one is breaking any rules. If you are going to nuke a thread for being shit then you might as well nuke 99% of Cred Forums.

Males can be mothers too.

stupid dog

>everyone got triggered and butthurt by Valkyrie cock
>that means I got BTFO

Are you still triggered, user? There's nothing wrong with male Valkyries.

Ok guys, time to accept the valkyrie(whatever fucking triggers you all autists holy shit) and post some builds

>Be a holy inquisitor, specializing in purging undead and demons
>*We isekai now. You are in NW*
>Become an actual zealot
>Can't sleep, can't calm down. All what you thinking is about purging evil
>Can't even cry about it, must purge evil
>At least those teocracy guys like you

We told you what is wrong with it for the last 3 threads. People weren't getting triggered over Valkyrie cock, they are triggered over how you retarded you are.

>males can't have wings and wield spears

You serious?

Mods are people too, and Overlord has a dedicated thread killer mod that I currently like very much.
Calm down Goblin Slayer 2.0v

>posting pic from a game that only has female valkyries
Are you triggered by Valkyrie cock?

he's definitely breaking rule 3, and I would make a case for rule 6 also

>Farspawn Alienist with some other weird shit for a Lovecraftian build
>Transported to the NW
>enjoy myself spooking people and tentacle raping maidens

>male Valkyries can't be a thing because muh mythology

No one cares about your autism. Stop assuming everyone is as autistic as you. There is no problem with male Valkyries.

Broken as fuck build abusing race change items and death level losing to build the ultimate tank.

"Being people" isn't an excuse to abuse your authority and delete shit just because you don't like it.

Then ban the faggot. He has no reason to nuke the thread.

>I've been arguing with people who just call each other autistic ad infinitum
no wonder Nazarickfags behave like children when presented with evidence

Why is everyone so triggered over the idea of Valkyrie cock. Is everyone here a lore autist?

What do you think of male Valkyries?

Who cares? It's obvious the guy just wants to stirr up shit and he is being succesful at it because this retards fail to realize that no matter what they say he will just keep baiting.

It's ok, we're gonna get a new one tomorrow in about 16 hours so it's fine.

Honestly, just go back to the last thread, I told you like 5 times now.

>let the others continue from your work
That was my plan. Currently uploading, thanks to your suggested ripper.
Upload takes its time again and I can't even work on the scans right now.

Gonna look that up too. I tried a shit ton of rippers, but they either put watermarks on it, only ripped 5 minutes, or gave me >8GB files.

Shalltear a level 100 Valkyrie was defeated by the BS (average level of ~40)

GEAR was better than Levels

as proven again by the Brain vs VB debate

Why can't there be male Valkyries?

>no game, book, TV show, movie has male Valkyrie
>everyone except one user is a lore autist

>wanting to respect a established lore over some tumblr tier shit is being triggered

>Calm down
Can't! There's evil lurking! So much crazy beastmen, cruel demons and corrupt nobles to purge!
Futa Valkyrie is actually my fetish, but there is no time for that! EVIL IS LURKING, REEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
Somebody kill me please, i can't take this life in NW anymore ;_;

>male Valkyries can't exist because they haven't been used in any medium before

Nice argument. You lore autists have no imagination.

>yfw a new overlord spawns from the plains where ainz killed everyone

>Zombie Bard/Dancer


I'm sorry you're the only one not-autist in the whole world.

>deviating slightly from the established lore is absolutely unacceptable because I say so!
>no one can ever create new things!
>creativity is stupid!
>everyone should be as autistic about lore as I am!

You lore autists are pathetic. There is no problem with there being male Valkyries.

>Just so happens to be a really nice cute girl

What do you think is wrong with male Valkyries other than your trivial muh mythology?