Technical question because i am curious

Technical question because i am curious.

What makes anime ''anime''?

Most cases are clear but in some cases the border between anime and cartoon kind of vanish and i would like to know what you think about it.

Let's say: Do you consider something like The Last Unicorn anime? It got animated by Topcraft - a japanese studio which later rebranded itself to Ghibli - but with western producers and writers?

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>And where were you twenty years ago? Ten years ago? Where were you when I was new? When I was one of those innocent young maidens you always come to? How dare you! How dare you come to me now, when I am this!
Dat fucking scene, dat fucking scene, man.

It's a pretty fucking great movie altogether, even though the animation is woobly as fuck.

Also a bunch of western cartoons were animated by Japanese studios, that doesn't make them anime.

You have to delineate between countries. Thundercats was made by a Japanese studio but you wouldn't call that anime because it was produced, written, and broadcast in the United States. The tricky part is when an American production with a Japanese studio dubs the cartoon for the Japanese audience.

Batman: The Animated Series is canonically anime

Does that make Harley Quinn a nip?

I knew you were the last.

Outsourced animation doesn't make stuff anime, or it would mean most anime are actually Korean.

What's the point of categorizing?

I don't know if it's anime, but it's my favorite movie, and I can practically quote it from beginning to end.

All he wanted was to be happy.

Yeah, best waifu.

Koreans are too expensive these days, anime would be vietnamese.
In the future, half of the credits could be done by just one "Nguyen"

What if its Marvel shit that gets made by nips for nips - Especially for their market?

Like the last Marvel show that had a TMR Opening

In the distance hear her laughter
It's the Last Unicorn

We had some "good" threads about that Avengers disk wars anime when it came out.

>Christoper Lee died before he can reprise the role of King Haggard in the live-action adaptation
It hurts to fucking live.

That soundtrack though.

I would consider that anime. It's a fuzzy line, though.

I just find it awesome that he voiced both the English and the German versions of Haggard.

>Live action adaptation
I'm sorry, what?

I want to ____ that unicorn.

Produced and animated in Japan probably. RWBY has the distinct anime style but it's shit on here for good reason of course and it is not allowed to be discussed because it is American. Same with Avatar, although that one looks more American than Japanese.
>ywn be as cool as Sir Christopher Lee
>ywn correct a director on the sound a man makes when stabbed


Haggard pls.

Don't do that to okaa-sama.

Smilar case, most RBA stuff ("Around the World with Willy Fog", "The World of David the Gnome"). Spanish writters and producers, Japanese animators.
Before that, we had Vickye the Viking (German case), Ulysses 31 (French case) and many, many more.
Hey, even pre-Ghibli Miyazaki's Sherlock Holmes (English speakers might knowk it as "Sherlock Hound") was done by Italian RAI.
Personally, I consider them all to be BOTH things. Both European cartoons AND anime. Because they actually are.

>Be unhappy king
>nothing makes me happy
>hear that Unicorns make people happy
>imprison some to look at them all day
>still not happy
>decide to imprison them all just to make sure
>only one is missing and that one ends up setting them all free again
>die because the Unicorns escape creates an earthquake that destroys my castle and burries me under it

Poor Haggard
He will never know if having all Unicorns truly makes you happy.

>he still grasps to cultural or national distinctions in a globalized world

pathetic! You are no match for my powers.

Sounds like even just one unicorn can make you dead. Unicorns originally were dangerous creatures you wouldn't want to meet in the forest anyway.

But watching them trying to escape all the time did make him happy.
The more were trapped and tried to escape, the more happy he was.

He was kind of a dick wasn't he?

Things that were just animated in Japan aren't anime. If that were the case, things like the Hobbit series, Inspector Gadget, or other things animated by Tokyo Movie Shinsha would count as anime.

I'll admit the definition has become squishy (Japanese source? No, tons of western shit are made into anime. Animated in Japan? No, a lot of anime are often mostly animated by Koreans), but anime is still more or less cartoons that were originally made by Japanese for Japanese.

>I forgive you
Bitch, she was obligated to you to do shit.
Great scene though

So we meet again.

Gotta catch'em all.

for this board and related jp market, whatever has japan as its first and main target for judgment of sales

Behold, the greatest musical scene Japan has ever animated:

A lot of those European/Japanese co-prod had Japanese staff at important creative positions.
That's not the same as subcontracted animation (which isn't only a US --> Japan thing, since it happened between Western and Eastern Europe, and Japan and Korea/South Asia).

It's great how the movie gets full of pathos in points which aren't really related to the main plot (or only left implied). I also like the scene with the harpy and the witch.

>will not keep anything near him that doesn't make him happy
>keeps his the son the prince near him anyway
He was blind. He couldn't appreciate the things that were already there, the things that made him happy were always there. Even if he captured all the unicorns he will become restless with them and become unhappy again.

>magic beasts that would impale men and impure women to trees
>become fluffy icons for little girls
Oh well, Kelpie are obviously the superior horse monsters anyway.
>captcha: lakes

I'd say the most important factor is the target audience. That they don't think their audience is made of children that need to be sheltered from violence and "reality". Even if western stuff tries to initiate anime, they still have that mentality. For example even if Avatar tries to have cool fights, tries to have attractive character designs for women, and tries to have "edgy" characters, they still do that. Noone ever gets hurt, because "think of the children". After the kid sees his first anime, and where people die when they are killed, the sheltering western cartoons try to do just seem insulting.
Besides what they're not allowed to show, there are many things they're not allowed to say. Political correctness everywhere.

And then there's the spirit of anime. I can't really put this into words. The Chinese are trying to get into animation lately with the zombie girl, and now Bloodivores. These are much closer to anime than western cartoons. But you can feel it's not the same. The spirit is missing.

If you want to compare anime with something else, you should look at the series, not the movies. Movies are very similar everywhere (except India). Many anime movies could easily pass as western, and many western stuff, especially the European ones could pass as anime if you ignored their artstyle.

FLCL is the most anime anime out there.

If the jokes are not funny and the ending is unsatisfying, its most likely anime.

Anime (Japanese: アニメ?, [anime])[a] is Japanese hand-drawn or computer animation. The word is the abbreviated pronunciation of "animation" in Japanese, where this term references all animation.

>die because the Unicorns escape creates an earthquake that destroys my castle and burries me under it
Could that happen to the /mlp/ contaiment board?

It needs to have Japanese writers and voice actors to be considered an anime.
If Frozen had Japanese producers and writers and voice actors it would be anime.

>Noone ever gets hurt
Sure there isn't any blood, but Combustion Man literally blew himself up, Admiral Zhou was pulled into the ocean and drowned, the one librarian who accompanied the group to the library in the desert was buried alive in sand, there are skeletons of Aang's family in his old temple, and Aang literally died on screen for a few minutes.

Could that be because Avatar is targeted at children and teenagers and murrican tv channels have pretty rigid standards for that?
Its not like they don't produce gory cartoons in the west, think of Superjail! (which btw is better animated than 99% of anime)


I will let this slide, because I really enjoyed Thunderbolt Fantasy.

If the Writing, Prodecers, and Animators were all done in Japan, by Japs then it's Anime. Then if the thing was done for Jap Audiences.

Every definition is nebulous

>Lot of Unicorns
>Can't team up and fight ONE red bull
No wonder prey animals like deers,horses and bisons are so fucking stupid.

At the end a single Unicorn beat the bull.

Turns out bulls are the biggest betas

the deepest lore

>If that were the case, things like the Hobbit series, Inspector Gadget, or other things animated by Tokyo Movie Shinsha would count as anime.
But that's true. Anything animated by TMS, Mook Animation, or any other Japanese studio for a western production is, by definition, also an anime.

do you believe thundercats, silverhawks and transformers g1 are animu too, user?

they are technically

Transformers G1 is somewhat close isn't it? It was originally Japanese toys, made into an American franchise, and when they aired the cartoon (that was mostly animated in Japan) they changed a lot of the script in localization.

Back in school I took some psychology classes and we talked about upbringing and parenting and whatnot.
Some faggot started talking about how bad those anime are for children and that they shouldn't even be on television.
Then he went on how awesome Last Unicorn was and that every child should watch it.
I didn't say anything to hide my powerlevel.

>not revealing your powerlevel

>freedombots fighting the evil fascistbots that destroyed their home planet and saving the American race

Whats the difference to 90% of mecha again?

We don't have a working definition of "anime" that everyone agrees on.

>What can you post on Cred Forums without any qualms?
Cartoons made in Japan for the Japanese audience in Japanese.
>What do Japanese people call anime
Literally everything that falls under animation
>What will normies recognize as anime
Big eyes, blue hair, and shitty dubs, and probably even stuff like Airbender, Totally spies, etc...

1. Is anime a style?
2. Is anime the country of origin?
3. Is anime a country of origin AND target country/language?
4. Don't think, feel

why can't i post cartoons animated by the japanese though

And yet Megatron is shown to be an extremely tolerant leader that is pulled back by retarded subordinates, and Optimus Prime is more or less stupid who just solves problems by brute force.

I said without qualms.
You can try, but people will bitch at you if you try an Avatar thread.

>animated by the japanese

And during the Reagan years even.

Japanese studios have animated scenes in multiple episodes, you turd.

That was for Korra.
Avatar was entirely animated by that one Korean studio.

Actually it was mostly made by Nickelodeons own animation studio.

japan makes listings of anime per season and their sales
stuff like france(?)'s oban don't appear on there


well she got what she wanted. the harpy will forever remember her his entire immortal life, and thus she has become immortal.

It's too early in the morning to be this drunk.

I don't know if it was intentional or not but it was a pretty "different" way of seeing the cold war. The population of Earth in transformers G1 are essentially brought into a mess that is simply a struggle between foreign invaders. And while autobots generally aim to protect humans, many of them show lack of understanding for humans or even look down on humans.

Not to mention G1 also has a pretty consistent theme of pro-science/engineering and occasional anti-religion throughout.

Of course story deaths happen. They even happen in cartoons that are not wannabe anime. That doesn't really count. You should see the problem too if you have to list story deaths.

The problem is that the evil fire people attack the south pole, and they always come to capture people and put them into prison. Seriously, that's their evil plan. To capture the entire population and drag them away in nets.
The problem is that the earthbender's magic is flying hands so they can capture enemies. Someone getting hurt was never even an option.
The problem is when they attack the north pole and the ground splits, the enemies who were "fighting a war" moments ago suddenly start saving each other.
The problem is that whenever there is a fight that's not a bossfight, you already know there are no stakes. That this is not serious at all and that nothing will happen.

No it's not.

Yes it is.

No it's not.

>Christopher Lee was so in love with the story that he wanted to one day make his own live action version
>he's dead now

It's a pointless definition game that's even more frustrating as animation becomes more international.

Honestly, the divide annoys me and makes it more difficult to find the good stuff between countries.

Sir Christopher Lee will forever live in our hearts. As long as there will be at least one awesome dude fighting nazis and climbing active volcanoes, love isn't over.

>She will kill you."
>"No doubt. But she will always remember me, remember that she was once caged up, and that it was I who caged her. There's my bit of immortality for you."

>that part where the unicorn boasts FOR the harpy

Cartoons are dumb products for little kids and weird manchildren-manbabies.

Not all western animation is a cartoon, MLP is a cartoon, TLU is an Animated feature.

Still Moomin is considered anime? It's a finnish cartoon animated in japan. If you want to call that anime, the jap made spiderman series is also anime.


the designs and plot are not Japanese though, Anime has cler and defined standards, you dont see anyone at Cred Forums talking about that lazy 3d CGI "anime" they have trying to push in the last few yers right?

Now that one is literally 100% anime.
Under a thin cover of children-friendly adventures, 100% weird fetishes and degeneracy

>Under a thin cover of children-friendly adventures, 100% weird fetishes and degeneracy

More like thats a typical french cartoon thing.
But frogs are also the biggest weeaboos in Europe.

FUCK the mandela effect I could swear he died early THIS year!!! OMG MANDELAAAAAA!!!!

The French make the better anime anyways

That's a toilet paper commercial kemosabee

Then what was I thinking of?
There was a bear and a mouse that wanted to become a dentist, I am sure it was a french animated movie

It's all semantics.

There is no hard and fast line, mostly because "anime" is just an abstract western concept. In Japanese, the Japanese word "anime" is just a shortening of the word "animation," which is a loan word from English, and they just use it to refer to all animated media Japanese or otherwise.

The western concept of "anime," a loan word borrowed back from Japanese, originally referred to just "Japanese animation," which was pretty easy to define because the West had very few examples available to classify at the time. If it had to be imported through some non-mainstream channel, if it was subtitled, it was anime. The point being, that it's more about the place it holds in our culture than anything in particular about the medium itself.

I could make a fair argument for calling any animated media which was mostly worked on by Japanese people and that you'd be embarrassed to show your friends anime.

>totally spies
>miraculous ladybug
>the illusionist
>the rabbi's cat

how can nippon even compete?

In Japan, they call everything animated 'anime'. From 3D Pixar stuff to French cartoons to Japanese series. Anime is just a shortened term for animation, like how Drakue is a shortened term for Dragon Quest.

Its people in the west who took it and used it to single out Japanese animation. Which is funny since the term was inspired by France.

Since 95% of all animated things produced in America have some tie to Korea or Japan, we might as well just come up with a new term. Global animation.

By making better shows that influenced half the stuff on your list? Next you're gonna claim Atlantis is better than Laputa.

>By making better shows that influenced half the stuff on your list?

what, like naruto?

They still distinguish between their anime and foreign anime.

Totally Spies was clearly trying to jump on the Sailor Moon craze (following another Sailor Moon clone which bombed). Wakfu is the French trying to make a Shounen.

>what, like naruto?
The only really shitty part about naruto was naruto himself during the later parts of the series, and even then he was still stupid enough to be amusing anyway. Madara, and so many other characters made the series pretty good in many different ways.

And that's just from the point of view that good series=good plot. The fight animation, character design, and OST alone more than make up for what it lacks in story. The worst thing about naruto is really just the western fanbase.

>Last Unicorn writer remembers Christopher Lee
>"On the last occasion, when I had called to wish him a happy 90th birthday, I remember him assuring me that “if, by the time you come to make your live-action version of your movie, I have passed on, do not let it concern you. I have risen from the dead several times. I know how it’s done.”
He will be back.

>The only really shitty part about naruto was naruto himself during the later parts of the series,
It wasn't even him. It was how 90% of the story focused only on the three main characters. When all the secondary characters were more interesting. Same problem Harry Potter had.

You cant deny that character design, animation, plot wise and basically everything is of much better quality in Anime.

Compare any run out of the mill anime, to any cartoon made in USA or Canada, even france (thoughthe gap is not as big)

As much as I like this movie I have a hard time imagining it being any good in live action. Maybe if you make it like Pan's labyrinth, but even then it's hard to recreate the surreal tone of the animation.

Being objective to the term in question. Animation that is created to appeal by a western or easrtern demographic make them cartoons or anime. Not their origin of creation. Cultural standards and practices are different in the west and vise versa. Like how British humor differs from American humor.

>liked it so much that he voiced the king in other languages as well just so he can keep doing it

Almost no animated movie would be improved by going live action. As all the shitty Anime to live action movies have already proven. When it comes to western animation, its even worse.

TLU is based on a novel though

Is Totally Spies an anime?

A wanna be anime, yeah. Same as Avatar or Steven Universe.

For 99% of the stuff Cred Forums watches, it's "Japanese animation that airs on late night TV in timeslots no one else wants to buy".