Dominant office lady

>Dominant office lady
You guys don't actually like this, do you?

Pantyhose are usually a given for office ladies so yes I do.

No, I don't.

I fucking love it.

No, I like demure OLs that keep little stuffed animals at their desks or whatever it is cute japanese girls do

>old hag
>panty hose

loli passive ZR is better.

and i think most of Cred Forums agrees.

Same here. Kinda makes you want to find out more about her; about her hobbies, about her "hidden" side.

>that keep little stuffed animals at their desks

>Dominant office lady
I like them
mah nigga

That's a hentai, isn't it? What's the source?

shikatte ingo

I wouldn't mind one using me as a chair

I wouldn't mind being used by one as a toilet.

Office Lady that's a hard-ass while working but melts into a pile of cuteness and softness while at home best.

No one can "like" dominant office lady, you just love it.

yes. yes I do.

Speaking of OLs, which may or may not include cakes, I have a certain, underrated fetish.

I'm ESL, so sorry for not being very descriptive.

Cake teachers with smaller than average breasts, who have lazily slung their jackets/blazers on and haven't put their arms though the sleeves. Something about this gets me horny as hell.

degenerate just like you user.

That's up there, next is them using and abusing you to relieve stress

Then again, one of my teachers actually did wear her blazers like that. She might've given me this fetish.

>Cake teachers with smaller than average breasts
Absolutely disgusting

why are american OL so degenerate. at least wear some pantyhose like a proper lady.

Only when they are 2D. 3D dominant office ladies are all ugly and old.

What do the american OLs wear? Why are they "degenerate"?

They wear pajamas to work and are 300lbs overweight.

>to work

How? Don't you guys have dress codes?

man fuck yall

>liberal city
>muh feminism
the perfect storm for degenerate ham beasts.

>he hasn't started a cake only start-up

You're a fucking mad genius. You could sell it as a progressive female oriented start up but selectively hire career driven women just about to or currently in the throws of their biological clock.

It would be like a terrible harem anime and that one copy pasta about how a female driven business burned to the ground, only fun because you're not a woman.

How does one get involved in a start-up? I don't want to do something innocently (yet a bit sexually) lewd like wearing pajamas to my job, but those sound like fun, provided you can manage and market the shit out of whatever you're making.

1. Move to San Francisco.
2. Learn how to CSS, HTML, or PHP.
3. Become trans.

easy as that.

>javascript up the ass

Fucking hell, modern sites are an abomination.

I love both.

Especially demure ones that are dominating in bed/or outside of work.