Why didn't she just find herself a boyfriend after Madoka turned into Goddess?

Why didn't she just find herself a boyfriend after Madoka turned into Goddess?

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She did.

This is also canon btw.

When you lose someone you love it can be very difficult. You cannot just move on so easily.

Why do people hate you again? You're the most level headed tripfag.

>someone you love
>female x female

Doesn't work this way, faggot.

>perpetual failure
>hateful bitch
>abuses Madoka
>has a loveless obsession with owning Madoka
>ruined everything constantly
>psychopathic murderer
>literally evil itself having destroyed Madoka's heaven
>torments and brainwashes everyone for her own amusement
>Madoka never cared about her
>fucked a wraith out of lust and selfish spite
>is the most selfish whore ever
>original wish was made solely to keep Madoka to herself
>most hated character by far globally

Madoka never loved her.

It was only Lawnchair.

Girls can love girls. But what I am saying is true for non-romantic love too.

I thought only a few people hated me. I get along with most everyone else I think.

Don't call friendship "love" please.

>girls can love girls
your fucking lucky I don't have the webm of that episode on this laptop you yurist

This seems awful. Are the Madoka spinoff mangas as bad as this one or are they worth reading?

But you do love your friends, don't you? It is a platonic love.

What is wrong with girls loving girls?

Did you not watch the episode? When girls think they can love girls, they assault pure straight girls and corrupt them into carpetmunchers. Girls loving girls will cause the end of the species.

Well this one is canon and explains the purposes of Wraiths for the next project.

The Different Story and Tart are the best based on quality. Everything else is dependent on how much a fan you are.

>But you do love your friends, don't you? It is a platonic love.

It's not.

Can guys love guys?

What is it then?




Madoka despises Homura.
Sayaka doesn't love Kyoko.
Hibiki doesn't love Miku.
Yuuna doesn't love Togo thank god.
Nanoha doesn't love Fate.
Sakura has long abandoned Tomoyo.
Kumiko and Reina both want a dick and are adolescent, not gay.
All the girls in shows like Yuru Yuri, Sakura Trick, Yuyushiki and such are just in a phase and will all marry men.

Yuri is never real outside of shitty hentai for degenerates and that is never love, just lust. Lesbians are not loved by anyone they know.

Please do not consider lesbianism a thing in anime. Girls do not love other girls.

What about Cross Ange?

Japan doesn't give a shit about faggots and lesbians.

All sluts, all secretly crave dick or get it.

Where's the boyfriend?

Because she prefers clams over hot dogs.

>people still haven't post "THAT" doujin

Because "lesbianism leads to a path of misery and destruction" is one of the primary themes of Madoka.

Wraiths are men. Right after that Homura slept with him.

Homura is an unloved psycho who eould fuck anything and deserves to fucking die.

Homura is not lesbian.

Japan doesn't care about American homo-shit.

>very important posts
>no single madoka thread

Why would Homura get a boyfriend when Mami is right there?

>Right after that Homura slept with him.
That didn't happen. Also that "wraith" is probably a witch.

You do not really love your friends? I feel bad for you.

There is nothing wrong with it. Especially for girls their age.

Your too fucking obvious, Lawnchair.

>You do not really love your friends? I feel bad for you.

There's no love between friends.

If friends love each other, they are lovers, not friends.

What would being each of the their boyfriends be like?

I do not think you know what love is. It does not just need to be a romantic feeling. I love my friends, my sister, my grandparents, and a lot of other people that are not my spouse. I try my best to love everyone, really.

Love is a chemical reaction.

You're describing platonic love.


There is a spiritual aspect to it as well.

Yes, that is my point. Not all love is romantic, but it is still love.

>spiritual aspect

I'm not into poor mysticism and stone age superstitions

Well, I know that God is real and that he loves us. I have witnessed undeniable proof of that. I understand how it could be hard to believe without seeing it though. I would rather not get into a religious debate now though.

I guess that's why Sayaka is happy now that she's with her hobo instead of violenboi.

>Homura is not a lesbian

Anyone else feel sad and confused after watching madoka magica? Or was I the only one?

Also would watching rebellion fix this?

no. not at all.

Wraiths are bois.

I am Homura.

Homura is one of my 2 wives.

So i'm stuck with this heart ache until I get over it?


yes. Watch Rebellion to make it worse.

I don't feel sad and confused, it just corresponded well with my own anxiety.

But if you want to see the dead girls alive again, watch Rebellion. It won't help but at least you get to see them.

She would have, but she had to wait for him to grow up first.

Imagine Homura's tiny tongue on your erection.

I'm not a pedophile.


I get upset when I realize that this will never happen.

Wait is that the kid in the back

Well, humans are shit anyway, so girls loving girls are fine in my book.

If you felt sad because of the original ending then Rebellion's own resolution will definitely do something to alleviate that.

>14 years old on top of that, and close to double of that if one is liberal enough to count in the years spent in timeline looping

True, you're a retard.

Tatsuya? yeah

The kid in the back will get his turn

However, least I'm not a pathetic waste of oxygen like you.

There's nothing wrong with wanting Homura to lick your dick. We all want it. And Homu will probably enjoy it too.

Please post more

they're not really sfw