Called Dog Days

>called Dog Days
>best character is a cat

That's wrong

That's lion btw

>best girl
You're looking a bit different there, Millhiore
All the girls are great but there can be only one best

user please, princess is barely a character in the show.
was right.
Yuki is bestest.

She's a big cat

You need to understand what Cred Forums is really made of. The people who want to talk about anime and or manga have made the generals. For example, there is 24/7 a JoJo thread on Cred Forums, a general so to speak.
The main issue with Cred Forums, from my point of view, is how they simply do not like mainstream things. It happens here every season. let us take one of the latest examples, one punch man, it wasn't known to the ''outside world'' yet, it wasn't mainstream, nobody posted anything on facebook or social media about OPM, at all. The manga is amazing and Cred Forums had some pretty amazing threads back then when it was fresh and again, very important, not well known. Needless to say, once the anime hit, every discussion about OPM got shunned and you were dismissed as a normie.
Now, the average user of Cred Forums has seen every ''essential'' anime so to speak, like the ones you mentioned, cowboy bebop and other ''got me into anime''-anime like death note. Of course, other non mainstream masterpieces. Now, why doesn't Cred Forums want to talk about the lattest hits in anime of every season? Because the 150.591 anime groups on facebook already do. So what does Cred Forums get reduced to? Lewd, non-normie/scares away the normies-anime. Imagine a normie finding Cred Forums and the first thing he sees are feet and traps? Yes, he won't return, that is what Cred Forums wants.
fromt ime to time this place is still pretty good, like, when berserk got out of its hiatus.
tl;dr Cred Forums is in an existential crisis because anime has become very VERY mainstream. And the more mainstream it gets, the sadder Cred Forums becomes.


She lost, right?

So is she.


Yuki is a miracle brought into this world

Still waiting for a figure.

Well,most of the characters in this show are lolis,so it makes sense.

Why didn't we like horse-girl?


Hoarse a cute, but the problem is that she's another character in a season full with character bloat.

>realese date: never

Good, S3 was shit.

But was it cute?

Nothing overtly wrong, it's just that we didn't need so many new characters taking up development and screen time.

Fuck you

Yes. But unfortunately, it really was the weakest of the three series despite actually having a start that seemed so promising.

I'd literally a Little Pony before that characterless piece of shit horse girl.

I will fight you in a wargame for this insult.

>many cute lolis in the series
>hardly any fanservice of them throughout 3 seasons
>last series has two shota popping up, one is a trap
>already more lewd of them than the lolis
Oh no, no more Dog Days please.

S3 was really really bad. I had to drop it a couple episodes before the end because that little nigger inside the sky whale was so annoying. I wanted to finish it because I was so close but I just couldn't go on.

>Season 1 starts mediocre but picks up and ends strong.
>Season 2 remains mediocre throughout.
>Season 3 starts strong, turns mediocre, and ends poorly.

Sound about right?

Be careful because that insult gave me the strongest magic, that is friendship.

God I want to kill myself now.

Yeah. Season 4 will do it completely right.

Unfortunately, yes.

>Season 3 starts strong
Despite the new characters?

New girl is cute, but S3 only starts crashing down with that fucking rabbit.

They only introduced a couple at the beginning which is pretty typical. We didn't know they were going to introduce new characters throughout the season yet.

And the summoning fucking up, giant demon, and dragons thing was interesting and the kind of world building and story that a lot of people were missing in S2.

Is Season 2 worth the watch? I finished the first season a while ago, and from what I remembered it was pretty fun

It's not bad per se, it's just lacking an overarching story arc to drive it forward and they mostly stick to the safe kingdoms and wargames while introducing a new kingdom and some lore in little self contained arc.

It's basically "Sink and friends daily adventures".

Everytime I see Dog Days I'm reminded there will never be a good Nanoha anime again

Kinda yes, kinda no.

It doesn't have the dramatic stakes and plot of season 1. On the other hand, it does introduce some new best characters, continues world-building, is cute as fuck, and shows a really nice comfortable fantasy world that Flognard is, and what it's worth fighting for.

Season 2 is the SOL-season. That's not necessarily a bad thing. But for an action fantasy series, it takes out the energy somewhat.

>It doesn't have the dramatic stakes and plot of season 1.
Didn't a lot of people hate the drama? I remember a lot of criticism about it at the time.

I want to marry Brioche.

Best body

Best girl

I don't know about that. I binge-watched S1 and then S2 in preparation for S3.

I could imagine that weekly viewers four years ago didn't like the dramatic turn of events of S1 when the demon appeared. But for people who watched it in one piece, it should be less of a problem.

People were worried during it that it would ruin the fun and do something stupid like end with a death but they pulled it off well enough that it was one of the best parts of the series.

Which is probably why season 2 turned out as it did. Despite it being objectively inferior.

Yukikaze's Yukikaze's are best

Absolute best.

Everytime I see Dog Days I'm reminded there will never be a good DD season again.

>called Dog Days
>best character is a dog
Sounds right to me.

Not even the best cat, let alone girl.

I watched S3 and who is that?



post delicious shota

I can not unsee the dick

I hate S3.

Divine taste