I'm already sold on the new cast. Main girl is cute.

It's all right, I like it better than Servant x Service, but aside from MC, whose dickishness towards family is righteous, I haven't found boys that fun.

Glad my wife Yoko Hikasa got herself a bigger role that suits her voice perfectly. Best sister, best waitress.

Also, seriously, doormat managers who get dom'ed by women is getting old.

The main girl is like popplar, but with more height

She is nothing like Poplar.

She is a healthy mix between Poplar and Inami.

so could you say that this series is happening in another wagnaria restaurant?

The exact same restaurant but on alternate dimension

I just cant shake the fact that this is a spinoff web series. Just feels wierd to me.

oh, so it's not a franchise restaurant. I read somewhere that this one is the "original" one while the other animes are their own story. Is that true?

They both started as web mangas.

Except this is actually original cast, Takanashi and friends came later.

Ghost girl is best girl. This is not up for debate.

>on alternate dimension
I never knew that Yamada can cross dimensions.

Oh wow didn't know that. Maybe I should read the manga

The cast is glorious. Still a bit sad for Taneda, though.

>Tomato's snark SOU ARU
>Hikasa's creepy calmness
>Nana Mizuki as a jerk

Tomatsu is probably my favorite female seiyuu

This is based off the original webmanga, but both the Working!! anime and the 4-koma it's based off of are more popular than the webmanga.
The only reason this is even getting adapted is because Working is a successful anime, but there's nothing else for them to adapt.

I keep expecting her to do that. It's perfect casting.

She is better than pooplar


The ultimate fusion of the best parts of Inami and Poplar. Recipe for success


Fuck off

Izumi is a waitress in this one, does she continue being a cute and best girl?

This clearly.

Yamada is shit

It's just not the same without midget senpai. Why bother?

What's wrong with her eyes?

Are poplarfags going to ruin every working thread?

It's a show without poplar, just like any other show that has come into existence that is not titled Working! Get the fuck over it.

>Are poplarfags going to ruin every working thread?

No. Yamadafags are gonna ruin it

give girl that says "i'm not short" or riot

it wont be the same without poplar bullying.

So far "second Inami" and "eugh, new cast even though cast we are familiar with has a good ending that doesn't need a continuation" shitters were ruining threads.

It has a different cast to not repeat same plotlines and same jokes, goddamit.

>It has a different cast to not repeat same plotlines and same jokes, goddamit.
I know that, but damn it I miss poplar bullying all the same.

Just rewatch the series dude but i'm feed already with all of this
>Muh Poplar
>Muh Yamada
Jesus christ people just let it go

Why the fuck does this shit have no Poplar?

Why would it have Poplar?

I like fakeInami. She has the cute tomboyish look but actually has boobs and a sort of acceptable reasoning for hitting people, better than muh androphobia anyways.

It's a chain restaurant and this series just takes place in a different location.

The scene with Takanashi walking before he first met Poplar was in the first five seconds of the show ffs. Poplar was in the background of a different shot as well.

if you check the latest scanlation of working poplar is temporarily being transferred to web-wagnaria to help fill in staffing void

I don't see it. She's not like either. She has short hair like Inami but different short cut style and their personality is different. She's more a normal genki gal type character than Poplar who is more cute/naive mascot type

>on alternate dimension
Apparently everyone in this series can cross dimensions.

dropped this shit before watching episode 1.
girls looks so fucking bad. and the guys are shit too.

>title is "WWW.Working"
>it's not an online store where everyone is a mindless office drone

>title is "Working!!!"
>nobody works

You're talking about this?

I was skeptical at first but I watched it and thought the first ep was great. Shindou was hilarious, Miyakoshi is adorable, and Higashida isn't a perv.
I still love Katanshi-kun tho

I'm sure they'll shoehorn her into this current season just to satisfy poplarfags.

I can't complain I love kana asumi

Poplar is a good girl.


But that's not from the webseries.

>they'll shoehorn her
They already did.

May just be that I'm coming from 3 seasons and 5 years of the previous cast, but chemistry doesn't seem as strong.

It's the lads, at least so far. I'm curious what the kitchen boys' quirks are; and the MC is Normal-chan this time.

>Poplar's VA is Yuno's VA
>Nazuna's VA isn't Nazuna's VA
Nazuna ruins everything yet again.

It's only the first episode. Give it time to develop.

>even though cast we are familiar with has a good ending that doesn't need a continuation"
You know this is actually the original manga right?

>Souta didn't chase the cute small cat

I think that's the case. Gonna be a slow burn kind of thing. Or not. We'll see.

They're gay.


your retarded. all the girls introduced so far are based. tomato as the lead is fucking delicious just by virtue of being voiced by tomato, and there's mizuki nana playing the senpai type chara as well. the male lead is fucking clannad man too. this is a top tier production