New estimated delivery date:

>New estimated delivery date:
>Not yet available. We'll e-mail you as soon as we have a delivery date.

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What do I even do? What the fuck Yen Press. I might need to send them a passive aggressive angry tweet.


Did you order off of Amazon too? I ordered mine as soon as the preorder went up and it looks like I got shafted. They basically have no idea what's going on. I can only assume they took a bunch of preorders and only got 5 in or something.

Yeah, I ordered August 29.

Can I jew amazon for some Prime time or something, this is stupid.

Why so expensive?

Also is manga worth buying?

I like the art style of the manga so I picked it up, it's down to how you feel

>We're trying to find more. We really are. Add this item to your list to keep track of its status.

Spice & Wolf sucks dick.

Why are vendors allowed to take so many orders that they can't fill? Or is Yen Press stiffing retailers?

It's limited and all 17 volumes in one, seems pretty reasonable.

>new estimated delivery date: Not yet Available
>rightstuf has attached a tracking number to their order

Looks like I might not have made a mistake in ordering from both after all

Why not bring out an omnibus release of S&W? I'd like something like that, having two or three volumes in one book.

Still waiting for updates from - I hope that they will get enough copies for every order yeah sure ;_;.

>wake up this morning hoping to see a despatch email
>we regret to inform you...

Ordered through rightstuf and its expected here thursday. They likely got the most books from any retailer as they are a specialty store and got two entire pallets.

Why am I just finding out about this? Fuck. I hope they do a reprint eventually.

Wish I would have paid the extra bit for fast shipping now.

They're suppose to. I remember seeing some people upset about it. Who knows when though.

Reprint was already announced and is supposed to be coming in a month or two. Everyone that already ordered that isnt getting a numbered one is already preordered for the reprint.


>all 17 volumes in one
Jesus just how big and thick is it?

Aren't you suppose to be dead, DFW? That may work with you, yet think of the other fans too.

I bought a copy, but I'm really doubting how practical this thing is going to be. Are you really meant to even go back and re-read anything in it, if it's as big as it is, and with about 4-5+ pages of LN text per actual page? Or is it just supposed to be something you keep in addition to what you already bought, just as a something to look at?

Seems like orderers got fucked. Ordered in early August 30th morning, confirmed unnumbered after contacting Amazon support

Compared to volume 1

My Jew habit helped me dodge the bullet.

The status on RightStuf's order page right now:
>We're trying to find more. We really are. Add this item to your list to keep track of its status.

For decoration purposes and add unto the shelf.

I am so fucking pissed. Last night I checked and it was scheduled to be delivered today, and then today I get this email with absolutely no information.
How did they not know that there was no stock? I ordered within hours of the announcement. Fuck.

>small fonts
>glossy fucking paper
>150 USD
Wow great

Thanks to staying active in buyfag threads, I was able to purchase it on 8/30.

>not even fake leather
That was the deal breaker for me. They can't through around terms like "tome" and not even bind it in pleather.

I don't have any of the books and would line to own them. This seems most cost efficient to get them all in one.

The yen press twitter is full on radio silence regarding this. This sucks

Tfw I know a guy who does bookbinding, and I could probably make a mint by selling leather-bound knock-offs of this shit to you NEETs.
Tfw this sounds like the plot of a S&W volume.

I'd rather you cast counterfeit Trenni coins.

That I would buy.

But would they be numbered???

I hope it comes through


The cover suck. It was waaay to simplistic.

I was hoping for something like pic related.

My order on Barnes and Nobles is "Processing", I am impatiently awaiting a shipping confirm. My hopes is few people bothered to order from there, I haven't heard anybody on here who has.

Yeah, even the most pleb fantasy outings have bindings more lavish than what's literally just cardboard hardback.
At 150 bucks I could get real dead animal.

Did they show both sides of the coin in reasonable detail in the show? I think they did, but I don't remember which episode that would be in to check.

Honestly it seems really uncomfortable to read like this. You probably can find the regular volumes for cheap used on the internets.

Vertical manage to product awesome looking cover, they even manage to ask the original artist to draw something new.

Why can't YP with its more powerful backer do something better?

Has anyone actually got it?

There is one guy the buyfag thread that's getting his tomorrow.

Cospa actually made licensed ones that were 60% silver. They sold for 40 bucks.
They haven't made anymore so the existing one's sell for like 600 bucks to true autists.

>60% silver.
That's what they want you to think!


>Vertical manage to product awesome looking cover, they even manage to ask the original artist to draw something new.
Really? For what? Just curious since i love vertical for not fucking up origins.

Thank god i dodged a bullet when i thought the spicy wolf was leatherbound

>tfw the page for the book is literally gone on .ca

I fucked up.

Target says Oct 19-Nov 6 here now

Mine is in transit.
Ordered hour 1 off of rightstuf

I had no idea this existed.

I am now purchasing this.

Thank you, Cred Forums. I fucking love you.

>tfw cancelled my order after they announced the shitty cover with no fancy art
Yeaa I don't regret it.

What does the inside look like?

Literally like a bible.
Two columns of Times New Roman 9 side by side.

>like a bible
I don't believe you've ever held a 150ish buck bible.
Enjoy your cardboard.

He asked about the inside, genius.

I bought mine from Book Deposit, yesterday.

Should I risk calling out of work last minute to train to NYC to attend a signing session and get a signed numbered copy, Cred Forums?

What's so special about it being numbered?

Wait, Book Depository had it?
Damn I could've saved some shipping.

>1st or 1999 (they said it would be 2k copies)