What is your order, mister?

What is your order, mister?

I want a rabbit.

I'd like some more cowfee


I curse the gochiusa fandom into becoming a circlejerk that makes constant daily general threads, or turns other gochiusa threads into generals

Can I order Chino please? I want to sniff her panties.

I'd like some gween tee


One cute wife Chino, please.

Sharo's socks soaked in cunny sweat served on Rize's pantsu

Too late son

My wife Chino is so cute.

I'd like some more kafuu chino.

I order you to suck this dick.

One cute Rabbit Author please

Is gochiusa Japan's national treasure?

Bring me one chimame combo platter.

Hey buddy, that's my wife you're talking about.

pne anime pussy please

Paizuri from my wife Rize, ignore the other sluts.

I'd like a hoto Cocoa.

>You'll never cure Rize's loneliness

I'd settle for a Chiya though, second best girl.

I would like 2007 back

2007 wasn't that long ago, was it?

alright so just to confirm, your order is a rabbit?

Could I have a sage? Sage please? Oh wait there is no sage left. Fucking moot.

>Fucking moot

Jeff Zuck the creator of 9gag
He's working for google now

And what does that have to do with us?

One smile, please.

Can lolis sex each other?

I order you to kill all 11s


How does their cafe stay in business?

Night profits.

No, that would be NNB.

blowjob and a sammich



it's another one of these replys

It's a bar at night so we assume it's getting enough business from that but we as viewers are kept in the dark about the financial situation

Cocoa milk

>OVA about night time bar never

Cocoa, hot!

How are they allowed to work at an establishment which sells alcohol?