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>they didn't make him N(ea)

Is he making a gang sign?

You need to understand what Cred Forums is really made of. The people who want to talk about anime and or manga have made the generals. For example, there is 24/7 a JoJo thread on Cred Forums, a general so to speak.
The main issue with Cred Forums, from my point of view, is how they simply do not like mainstream things. It happens here every season. let us take one of the latest examples, one punch man, it wasn't known to the ''outside world'' yet, it wasn't mainstream, nobody posted anything on facebook or social media about OPM, at all. The manga is amazing and Cred Forums had some pretty amazing threads back then when it was fresh and again, very important, not well known. Needless to say, once the anime hit, every discussion about OPM got shunned and you were dismissed as a normie.
Now, the average user of Cred Forums has seen every ''essential'' anime so to speak, like the ones you mentioned, cowboy bebop and other ''got me into anime''-anime like death note. Of course, other non mainstream masterpieces. Now, why doesn't Cred Forums want to talk about the lattest hits in anime of every season? Because the 150.591 anime groups on facebook already do. So what does Cred Forums get reduced to? Lewd, non-normie/scares away the normies-anime. Imagine a normie finding Cred Forums and the first thing he sees are feet and traps? Yes, he won't return, that is what Cred Forums wants.
fromt ime to time this place is still pretty good, like, when berserk got out of its hiatus.
tl;dr Cred Forums is in an existential crisis because anime has become very VERY mainstream. And the more mainstream it gets, the sadder Cred Forums becomes.
the only ingredients an anime needs for Cred Forums are:
>muh dick
Basically browsing Cred Forums if you are not horny is possibly THE worst waste of time on the internet.

The entire thing is set in the US. If you're going to complain about this you should also complain about Light being a white kid.

I still don't get it. Why the actual fuck would they even put a single black person in it?

It's set in the US.

why not? Maybe he was better than all of the other clowns that applied for a fucking anime moive adaptation


What do you mean why not? It's like putting John Cena as Cinderella. It makes zero sense and is horrible casting.

The only reason they put him in is to pander for his race.

I've never understood this meme. There were kingdoms in Africa with actual kings. That's not a made up thing.

Go back to your containment thread

True, but they weren't black. I'm not saying Egyptians were white either but they definitely weren't Negroid.

Light and L are supposed to be contrasting characters, after all

Don't worry, it's usual psyop to please rioting googles in Murica. Same with recently released or upcoming games tv series and whatnot.

The meme is based on how black people (supposedly) claim that they have Egyptian ancestry, and that the Egyptians were black.

>Animekino is going to be dead before it even leaves the cradle
What a shame, it's baffling that they can't even adapt existing properties well anymore

That's a poor analogy. L is ultimately a detective. There are plenty of black detectives in real life.

How is it relevant at all that there are black detectives in real life? It is a story that the author wrote. Characters race/gender aren't subjective and there is no reason they should be changed. If he was supposed to be black, why is he not black in the anime?

Wasn't Lester from the Wire essentially a black L, although much less absurd considering the medium.

2D and 3D should never cross paths unless absolutely required like seiyuu.

Detectives are supposed to be smart.




So that one of them will be white, but the other will be black
It's like poetry, sort of, they rhyme

What you have to remember is that Northern Africa wasn't always black, hell it still has white areas in it. The people we generally refer to as Africans are a sub-Saharan race known as Congoloids which accomplished very little.

So the meme comes from pan-African revisionism trying to make it look like Africans accomplished more than pointy sticks and mud cakes.

>The only reason they put him in is to pander for his race.
So making Light white is supposedly alright too?
I mean, it's an american adaption of a Japanese manga, of course it's going to turn out shit, but if they actually manage to pull it off, I can look past white/blackwashing characters.

because every black man in american movies are the first to die

>implying anime characters aren't drawn white

I think a larger problem is that Black as a term for race is something that made sense in the US, because all of the African people here came from roughly the same place, but it has since become a term used to refer to an entire continent of very different people, so many different cultures and traditions get rolled up into a single "Black History". It's needlessly confusing, and it doesn't help when some black people desperate for tradition and heritage start clinging onto anything that came from Africa, regardless of what region or peoples it came from

North Africa isn't black. Black people are sunsaharan but they try to take credit for civilization in North Africa which is pretty much arab.

I'm not even gonna consider falling for that bait.

Allahu ackbar my detective friend.

That's actually incorrect. There were black sub Saharan civilizations that did achieve some rather remarkable things. You should look into the Nok. They actually produced iron smelting and life sized terracotta works.


Nubians took Egypt. Nubians are black.

They didn't even try to be visually similar with the anime character.

That's the purpose of live-actions, to make fictional characters alive.

He's N not L.

Ethiopians were alright.

He is drawn white in the image you posted. Karen looks the same as everyone else yet she is British.

>Iron smelting

I may have exaggerated but they are by no means impressive feats.

Key word took. Niggers did in fact conquer egypt for a short time but they did not build it or develop the culture. It would be like me stealing your work and saying I made it.

Fucking dropped. Not like I even planned on watching live action garbage.

> but it has since become a term used to refer to an entire continent of very different people
Which is entirely fine since they're grouped based on their similarities, and all of those different people closer share their culture, geography and genetics than with the people the term differentiates them from.


Saleelul Sawarim
Nasheedul ubah

like arabian numerals then

Basically the muslim golden age.

What do you mean?

That's what all niggers do anyway.

Stealing Shit.

I just hope there will be some music from the OST

Invading muslim armies stole books from the Byzantines and Persians as they conquered their lands and are now given credit for writing them by modern (((historians)))

The same way non white countries group everyone who looks white-ish/pale as "white".


Is that the dude from 300

That guy was an aryan, not black.

It's the european remake of 300

There were Muslims who contributed greatly to mathematics, astronomy, philosophy and other works.

You should look into the likes of Nasir al-Din al-Tusi and Ibn Khaldun.

Please don't ((()))). It gives you away immediately.

What does the index finger sign mean for muslims? I keep seeing some ISIS members doing that gesture in their vids and not long ago I saw my female muslim friend did it during a photo shoot. I am a bit worried can someone please tell me what it means?

They're actually going through with making this?

0.2 seconds in google, come on user.

So why has Islam degraded to a barbaric horde if there were so many great muslims in the past

>Muslims who contributed greatly to mathematics, astronomy, philosophy and other works
The vast majority of them were Persian.

Hello MIDF, why are you on Cred Forums? Isn't anime haram?

>Black people can't be smart

Just leave before I school the fuck out of you.

There are two Islams, just like their are two Bibles. One is the realistic one and one is the political one. It's degenerates trying to make a Islamic State that were founded by americucks that are the problem. Actual Muslims are the same as Non-Muslims. Irrelevant.

Is Misa Misa in this, Asian or white?


Most of em were just conquered persians.

>So why has Islam degraded to a barbaric horde
It hasn't, and the topic is far too complicated and unrelated to anime for me to elaborate.
Please make a thread on /his/ or Cred Forums if you wish to discuss this further.

Probably the most recent would be Cold War politics. The Middle East was basically a proxy battleground for the US and the Soviet Union during almost the entirety of the Cold War.

Because the final Islamic scholar was too close to the truth of the universe and found that it contradicts Islamic teaching, decided to shut it all down and proclaimed that all knowledge searching is incompatible with Islam and should be banned. I forgot that scholar's name, certainly not ibn Sina (Avicenna), al-Ghazali maybe?

Don't you understand? This is for all the lil black kids so they have someone of really high intellect and who earned a lot of money to look up to. Then the harsh reality kicks back in as they find out that no matter how smart they are, whitey will always outsmart them and you have to rely on another whitey to do the job properly whilst you're dead.

Kill yourself sandnigger

Black people might be smart if they didn't drop out halfway through high school, but that 85 average IQ is hard to get around.

They are pointing up towards their god. Think Socrates in the School of Athens.

tldr; be careful and see if you can get pork covered bullets

i think that was the joke

Amazing thread Cred Forums truly is the best board on Cred Forums amirite? :D

>blaming everything on cold war

It was much earlier than that. Islam was declining during the imperial colonization age. Turkey lost a lot of their territories. Their teachings become stagnated long ago when Baghdad was burned down by the horde.

>There were kingdoms in Africa with actual kings.

>Descendants of European kingdoms still exist to rule their Kingdom
>Those who don't rule the Kingdom still possess immense wealth
>Black descendants of "kingdoms" live in Section 8 housing and cry about how they used to be kangz

Usually done in their prayer to praise god.
No context whatsoever if done not during the prayer.

I'm not denying that, there was a lot beforehand that happened. I was just pointing out one facet of the situation.

All I see are a bunch of crossposters from Cred Forums and Cred Forums here.
You can join them on their departure.

Cred Forums is for autism

So many filthy crossboarders on Cred Forums.

I'll complain about Light being an ugly fuck
And L is a shut-in, if he were a black dude he'd heavily suffer from sunlight deprivation induced vitamin d deficiency, so it'd severaly hamper his physical abilities which are instead exceptional
Also L does not go out in public

Its because some of them claim that Egypt was black when it clearly wasn't so it got meme'd to the high heavens by Cred Forums.

Then there was the AoE 2: African kingdoms which included this guy on the cover and had Portugal as an African kingdom. This one is really annoying because you can never talk about this expansion pack on Cred Forums ever again with out being WE WUZ'd to oblivion.

>Also L does not go out in public
yes he does.

My muslim friend said that ISIS is not real muslim, can I actually believe that?




It's called Taqiyya, muslims are allowed to lie to infidels to protect the faith. If they tell you that's not what Taqiyya is, that itself is Taqiyya in action.

He doesn't give public speeches, he only gave one speech and it was at the entrance ceremony

we don't need you here either

ISIS is following the teaching of the Quran to the T

Don't go on Cred Forums and you won't have this problem.

honestly you can hardly talk about AoE2 on Cred Forums anymore, regardless of mentioning the expanion

Who watching pic related this season?

>browsing Cred Forums when horny
>not /d/

Fucking normie

So? Those Persians were still muslim.


Welp, at least this adaption has the chance to be good.

He dresses like Kanye.
But throws the takbir sign like Drake.
Now I'm confused.

>on Cred Forums
Who the fuck goes to that shithole ?

Right, but my implication is that only Persians are capable of significant intellectual achievement in the Muslim world.

are you triggered nigger?

>The main issue with Cred Forums, from my point of view, is how they simply do not like mainstream things.

That's funny how you mentioned JoJo in the previous sentence, which is one of most known normalfag anime

Why won't America die already?

Please die americans. You are blight upon the earth.

Is this the next tier set for rogues? Fucking lazy Blizz.

Back to tumblr with you.

Which doesn't mean much since it's still a muslim achievement. Islam hardly cares what ethnicity you're from.

But my friend told me that those suicide bombers won't go to heaven because they committed suicide, and in Quran suicide is forbidden.

No it's not retard.

Cred Forums is not for video games son.

/vg/ is the board for discussing video games, Cred Forums is Vidya/Random

Isaac Newton was great not because he was a Christian. He was great because he was Isaac Newton.

Because this adaptation is set in the US, you mongoloid. Give me one compelling reason an American detective shouldn't be cast as black that isn't "HE'S A NIGGER"

Shut up double nigger, kill yourself.

mean to quote

>majority population in America is white
The whole cast should be white or asian.

Since when does the US = black people
They're like 13% of the population

The better questions is why SHOULD a detective be cast as black. You wouldn't typically cast a basketball player as Asian even though there are some, because most of them are black. Same thing applies here. The answer is they only casted a black to get diversity virtue signalling points.

>But my friend told me that those suicide bombers
Which is why ISIS concentrates on mass shootings unlike their predecessors.
Theological crisis adverted!

They missed a big opportunity if you ask me

They believe your sins are forgiven if you kill infidels.

I've had et wif dees moafuckin death gads on dis moafuckin plane.

I'd watch that

What about SnK, HxH or SAO then? There's threads about pretty much every anime there is on Cred Forums

That's great. He like Persians are a boon for their religion, so those are still muslim achievements similar to how Issac Is for Christians.

Yea. It is true. I keep hearing in the mainstream media and from my friend that Isaac Newton can do everything he did because UK was a Christian country.

>not circlejerking,memes and avatarfagging everywhere

Yes, exactly. 13% of the population. That's about 1black person in every 7. it's perfectly plausible an American detective would be black based on that statistic.
Seriously, there is no legitimate reason why anyone should give a shit.

Luckily vitagen doesn't really have that

They even got an ugly girl to play Misa.

They can't keep getting away with this.

Thank god this is a shitposting thread there might be normal fags that might actually believ.... oh wait.

I hope this and ghost in the shell fail miserably and hollywood leaves anime alone. I don't want it to turn into what comics have become.

It means "one", as in one almighty allah. And they also point up as in he watches over us

They could have at least tried to make him not look like he just got done looting the entire neighbourhood.

I really thought this was a random shitposting protest thread until I noticed this was an image of L from Death Note. This looks like something that would actually happen in America.

Can't imagine L being into SUMMA DAT PEPPOH STEAK

I'm sure that's what happened.

>anime has become very VERY mainstream

Yeah, to people who like flavor of the month shit or like "weird" stuff to be ironic.

Pic related. "Wow, that's so weird and funny and ironic! I should get this as a bumper sticker and oversized tshirt and wear it to a vaporwave convention!"