"If you want to make new friends, user, why don't you try joining a club that matches your interests?"

"If you want to make new friends, user, why don't you try joining a club that matches your interests?"

Why is it that literally every anime club in existence, whether it be at a university or elsewhere, ends up being populated solely by ugly people with neon-colored hair whose favorite shows are Sword Art Online, Attack on TItan, and Kill la Kill?

I just want people to be able to talk with people casually about shows I've been watching or recently finished, and all I ever run into is this shit.

You need to understand what Cred Forums is really made of. The people who want to talk about anime and or manga have made the generals. For example, there is 24/7 a JoJo thread on Cred Forums, a general so to speak.
The main issue with Cred Forums, from my point of view, is how they simply do not like mainstream things. It happens here every season. let us take one of the latest examples, one punch man, it wasn't known to the ''outside world'' yet, it wasn't mainstream, nobody posted anything on facebook or social media about OPM, at all. The manga is amazing and Cred Forums had some pretty amazing threads back then when it was fresh and again, very important, not well known. Needless to say, once the anime hit, every discussion about OPM got shunned and you were dismissed as a normie.
Now, the average user of Cred Forums has seen every ''essential'' anime so to speak, like the ones you mentioned, cowboy bebop and other ''got me into anime''-anime like death note. Of course, other non mainstream masterpieces. Now, why doesn't Cred Forums want to talk about the lattest hits in anime of every season? Because the 150.591 anime groups on facebook already do. So what does Cred Forums get reduced to? Lewd, non-normie/scares away the normies-anime. Imagine a normie finding Cred Forums and the first thing he sees are feet and traps? Yes, he won't return, that is what Cred Forums wants.
fromt ime to time this place is still pretty good, like, when berserk got out of its hiatus.
tl;dr Cred Forums is in an existential crisis because anime has become very VERY mainstream. And the more mainstream it gets, the sadder Cred Forums becomes.
the only ingredients an anime needs for Cred Forums are:
>muh dick
Basically browsing Cred Forums if you are not horny is possibly THE worst waste of time on the internet.

You do NOT want to be associated with people who are fanatic anime fans. You didn't know?

But is there no medium ground between just liking anime and having your identity be defined by anime? Is it really that hard to find people like that in person?

This is why I wish Genshiken were real.

It's not much better in Japan, by the way. Even comiket is a mix of casuals and the hideously-otaku.

You need to be really lucky to find someone that can stand you, and you can stand while having similar or complimentary tastes to you.

/jp/ meetups come close and some people are cool, but even somehow reddit and neo-Cred Forums manages to tag along so it's not really quite as pure an experience as you'd like.

>Why can't I find people who not only enjoy the same niche medium as me, but enjoy it in same ways as me as well
Jeez OP.

why do you think most people post on Cred Forums?

Anime elitists are a lot more rare than anime plebs

final chapter when

Because the kind of people that join anime clubs are the ones that are extrovert and like popular things. You won't see most anons joining one.

People who like Sword Art Online, Attack on TItan, and Kill la Kill and have neon hair are not people who are fanatic fans. They are casuals.

all of the people like you got put off by the other people and didnt join

I know one good anime club, I have bunch of faggot friends like me there

>Heh, what's my favorite series? Well, there are too many to name!
>But to give you an idea, Banner of the Stars, 12 Kingdoms, Tatami Galaxy, GitS, and Dennou Coil are all time favorites!
>Sword art online? *GLOPPING NOISE* LOL
>But it's not just those! I watch everything from Nanoha, HxH (90s ver!), Darker than Black, Kamichu!, HareGuu, and much more!

>HxH (90s ver!)
The new one is actually better on this case.


>HEH! I we'll have to agree to disagree user! While I absolutely love the production value of the 2011 version, I attach sentimental value to the 90s OST and darker themes. I loved the ant arc scenes like Killua's Kanmuru scene and Meruem vs Netero, though!
>By the way, what player do you use? I only watch Hi10p video on MPC-HC, I've heard about how mplayer is really hot stuff nowadays but I still haven't got around to it ahaha! You should come over so we can marathon some anime on my 1080p projector! My HTPC is absolutely stuffed with everything from the last 30 years!

The only people with opinions that are relevant or matter at all are oldfags and most of us already left. People that have lurked for years really do have objectively the best mindset and opinions.

die in a fire, then come back to life just to die again, keep on repeating please I don't want you to have an enjoyable life.

What's an oldfag?
Were you there for the VHS trading websites/mailing lists and college campus translation scene?

Well you join clubs to practice the things that you enjoy the most and specialize in. If what defines you as a person is that you enjoy watching anime, you're probably not very interesting to talk to, and possibly also ugly with neon hair. The decent people who watch anime are probably in other clubs.

Yes. The mor/a/l of this place is Read More Manga.

But come on, at least half of Cred Forums is worse to browse not-horny than Cred Forums.

There's also the problem that American anime clubs are unproductive as shit on top of having shit tastes. I've never seen a club with anyone that can draw beyond deviant art tier abominations.

Is there anything good lately? I've only been reading made in abyss, HxH, Otoyomegatari, and maybe kingdom. Half of them are slow as fuck or on hiatus.

I wouldn't know. The last time I was old enough to be in an institution that had anime clubs was 2004. And then the big one was..... Well I don't remember actually. But colored hair was still a thing. And fat people in hoodies.

The majority of people who watch anime only watch the surface level stuff and never develop their tastes as well as we did. So even if you did find someone who doesn't personally identify with some shit anime, they are still most likely to have only watched Cowboy Bebop, One Punch Man, FMA, etc etc.

oldfag pertaining to Cred Forums. most of the vhs scene was normalfags

Or if you happen to come across a reddit/Cred Forums user you get
>Huh? Who's Wakamoto? What's a Daicon III? Lemme google that....huh, a Japanese radish?
>user, I like anime not vegetables...

There always seems to be a very loud obese guy

Also a high pitched voice overly energetic memespouting asian or white guy. Also, the modern equivalent of ENUWASHA girls.

I tried an anime club once
As soon as the person next to me started humping the table I knew this wasn't for me.

Mine ain't like that

Though with a bunch of new freshman now, shit's starting to head in that direction. Most of the old heads who had been there 10+ years left and the kids outnumber the old group now before they could assimilate, so I'm expecting it'll become just like every other anime club in a couple of years. Probably time I pack up, too.

>anime club
>10+ years
Did you do a shitting doctorate? what the fuck.

>10+ years
Did they fail a Fuck ton of semesters?

Every one I've witnessed has had several.

Club allows people in who aren't students, but main officers have to be students. I never even went to that school.

Some people started coming when they were like 15. The oldest regular member is like 32, but he mostly just comes to play TCGs nowadays.

I dunno about that guy, but all the nerd/weeb clubs I'm aware of are full of people who seem to fuck up in college and repeat years constantly yet still think they're smarter than everyone.

Anime club is full of cringelorelds and my college has no game club. How the fuck am I supposed to make friends it's my second year and I'm still all alone. My only hope now is to transfer somewhere, so I have an excuse for having not having any friends yet.

There are about 50k Cred Forums posters. If we assume 10% of Cred Forums are regular, then thats 5k. Cred Forums average has 50% users from us. If you're in the US, there's a good chance you can create a club in your city with Cred Forums users. 2.5k/50 is 50 Cred Forumsnon per state average. State club can easily be done with meetings taking every week/day depending on proximity. You would have to rent a room from a local library or motel for around $50 which everyone can chip in $5-10 at a time.

I tend to assume most Cred Forums users confident enough to meet up in real like are though

Except the quality of Cred Forumsnons varies a lot.

I've met more than a few, but most of them would be considered "pleb tier" in any powerlevel measuring contest on Cred Forums.

They're mostly normies that you'd want nothing to do with if you're actually interested in anime.

>go to anime club in the middle of summer on the hottest day in years
>unwashed, loud, obese guy walks in

Hate to tell you user, but if you go to a big college you might be fucked unless you have another interest you could join a club for. I went to a huge college and never made a single friend there. Luckily I had friends from high school studying in the same city and was able to make friends through them, maybe you can do something similar?

So are you the depressed guy in the club? The overtly energetic one? The fat one? The newfags? The well kempt but pure degenerate one?

Sorry for 3Dposting but:
go outside

>Being young enough to join an anneymay club
Fuck you.

>Not formatting your post

Lift, learn to draw, take up hiking, or something

I never joined an anime club nor do I want to do it in the future. If I joined one though, the role best fit for me would be the kempt but degenerate, but only because people nowadays seem to think loving a little girl is degeneracy.

I don't remember the exact quote, but have you guys ever heard something to the effect of, "if everyone you meet is an asshole, consider that the asshole may be you"?

Say you do happen to meet a well-adjusted, interesting, laid back person with a well cultured palette and the ability to entertain prolonged and thought-provoking discussion on their favorite anime. What makes you think they'd even want to be your friend?

I would be the depressed one.

And? Cred Forums is for that reason, I don't see why you would even wan't to talk about your annie mays in real life.

>Lift, learn to draw
This + music

Who is saying everyone is an asshole?