Was Hiro a mistake?

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Someone has to put the poorfags in line.

would you post if the board was public?

Doesn't 2ch have a /vip/ board as well?


we have 3 versions of it here, namely [s4s], Cred Forums, and Cred Forums

But we already had a /vip/, and it was the best board.

But it is boards.Cred


For what purpose? Wasn't he just saying that the site was coming up short on money and yet he's going to make another board instead of pruning some to save money?

I mean, the posting

The most fitting banner ever.

Anybody who actually looked at his track record from 2ch knew he was bad news from day 1. The rest bought into the "if he made 2ch he's fit to moderate Cred Forums" nonsense that was being pushed.

Epic I Like It!

He was lying you stupid motherfucker.

Notice how he provided three options in that post yet the only option which didn't have any cons whatsoever was the Cred Forums pass suggestion. Hiro is just shilling the Cred Forums pass to absurd degrees now.

We've been flying blind for a long time now

A single post on Cred Forums is more important than any other entire board

What was the point of the whole /qa/ bullshit that happened a couple of weeks ago? Hiro ignored literally every single suggestion that was made to him.

But it existed up to 3 years ago

He's trying to encourage people to buy passes. Not sure why he thinks this would work.

I don't understand, why are there images, why does my bank account say "Insufficent funds", where is DADDY COOL and the tablecats?
Seems to be on track in the JEWS department at least.

What the fuck is the point? What are people even gonna talk about there? /s4s/ but for people with pass?

>Not sure why he thinks this would work.
Cant even post this

Most of those suggestions were garbage anyway. The only thing Cred Forums needs is more moderation, which won't happen.

Holy shit there is actually a sekrit club on Cred Forums now.

Nagasaki Hiroshima is the yuusha Cred Forums deserves.

This doesn't look like VIP quality.


I'd prefer if it was a textboard instead.

This guy just doesn't fucking get it.

Hiro is the biggest newfag on Cred Forums.

>literal Cred Forums vippers
How far we've come.

I believe it serves as their Cred Forums board.

The hilarious part about this is that the novelty will wear off after a week and it'll go back to being either dead or yet again become another smaller more niche Cred Forums clone.

What has Hiro-san done, he created VIPPERs and now salts their homeland.

We ribbit now.

moot was a faggot but he was our faggot.

what the hell?

I think it's time someone made a backup Cred Forums just to be sure.

That tiny ass board is not going to impact bandwidth.

Giv it a few days and this pic will become a reality for every board

Oh fuck Cred Forums get to it.

Maybe we can have our own Molester Man as well.