Dungeon Meshi

New issue when? I can wait no longer.

Marchille is cute. CUTE

>Marchille is cute. CUTE

I need more of this cute elf in my life

More bullying, pls

>New issue when?
Are you asking this as a thread opener or are you really that stupid?

God damn, I don't want to be mad in a dungeon meshi thread, this manga is for comfy and happiness.

Because the last issue was released earlier than the schedule in korean.

She's cute.

And the translated version was dumped here too. Did you ignore that? It's also written on the scanlaters site.

What I was trying to say here is that we could get the latest issue this week. Keep in mind we got the korean scans one week before the jap scans.

>Oct. 15

hang in there, don't die OP

I think it was two or three days.
I might not try to spoiler myself for the next chapter and wait for the translation, it was insane the last time

It's always more fun without spoiler ig yourself

I still have expectations that Lauis' dream is an omen waiting to happen.


dungeon meshi is literally the best manga released in the past decade

best art, best pacing, imaginative, detailed, grounded (at least for a fantasy setting), clearly exhaustively researched


She's pure evil

>saving cute sisters
Marcille's a saint.

She just doesn't know any better

Thank you, Dungeon Trump

Imouto may not be the imouto Laius used to know though.

Nothing indicates that.
>inb4 touching throats after coughing all that blood
>inb4 that one closed eye

>Marchille is cute
Marcille is a boy. Prove me wrong.

Best one released in a magazine, maybe, but I'd say Kui Ryoko's standalones are better along with some mangaka's standalones.

I'm an EOP though so I'm sure there's more good stuff I'm missing out on though. Not even all of the Manga Taishō stuff has been fully translated.

No, she's an orc. Look.

>What do you mean her throat was filled with blood and she was coughing it out, her hand on her throat means she was a dragon!

>I don't know what foreshadowing is
>What's an allusion?

You confuse allusion for delusion

You're just seeing pattern when there are none.

I want to see Marcille being bullied by Dark Elves in the dungeon! I want to see her being teased lewdly!