Is there or has been a weekly Manga that is actually great?

Is there or has been a weekly Manga that is actually great?

Like having incredible writting, no filler whatsoever, taking great use of every page while also having amazing and really detailed artwork?

I mean, people say One Piece but honestly if we take our Shonen fanboy glasses off, the thing is more often than not a repetitive mess.

The artowork is good but is not somethin that I would call brilliant, breath taking, etc. Is good if you like manga but in this case I'm talking about artwork so brillliant that even art snobs can't deny how great it is.

I mean, can it be done? To me most weekly titles seem to care about quantity over quality, like most storytimes that took 10 chapters because of padding in some way or another.

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I don't know, Punpun maybe? I find all the good manga are monthly, Vinland Saga, Noragami, Shingeki no Kyojin are good examples.

>Shingeki no Kyojin

If Vinland Saga and Noragami are anything like that one, then I don't think that they count

Specially since SnK has a really generic manga shonen style

Weekly release authors can and will reach burnout so their art and story can suffer at points.

Monthly authors tend to have more time to get the idea of where their story is going and properly pace themselves.

That being said god I miss Vagabond so much. I just want to get closure.

>Specially since SnK has a really generic manga shonen style

I wouldn't say that, main characters actually die, lots of gore especially in the latest chapters and an actualy plot that goes somewhere instead of making shit up halfway. Honestly, I think SnK is really misunderstood, I'm not saying it's the best thing since sliced bread but it definitely isn't as bad as Nardo or One Piece but opinions, I guess.

Vinland Saga is nothing like SnK, it's a historical seinen with great characters and incredible artwork, definitely give it a try.

I can satisfy 2 of your needs with MHA
>very little if any filler, like some people think the pacing is too fast

the writing however is fairly usual shounen stuff but i thought the writing was really good during and in climax of the All Might vs AFO fight.
Especially with the "Your Next" chapter.

Nah but I'm asking for something above that.

SnK is just some shonen manga with extra gore and one note characters, that's it.

I'm talking about shit like Berserk, Akira, Battle Angel Alitta, etc.

Titles that are considered great art and released on a weekly basis.

>The artowork is good but is not somethin that I would call brilliant, breath taking, etc. Is good if you like manga but in this case I'm talking about artwork so brillliant that even art snobs can't deny how great it is.

Jojo, art is so good that its featured at the Louvre which is a snooty art museum that snobs like going to

>I can satisfy 2 of your needs with MHA

NO, is just a generic shonen in which shit get's solved by the main character shouting and believeing in himself, etc.

Jesus, when you people hear ''incredible writting'' do you seriously think '' My Hero Academy and Attack on Titan of course!''

So Jojo's is weekly?

>weekly basis
Anyway, I was saying that most weekly releases are not like that like said.

If your'e not that stubborn about it, Vinland Saga fits perfectly your criteria except for the weekly thing, just dropping it as a suggestion since this is a thinly veiled rec thread.

Its incredibly weird and stylised i guess you could call it "good" but i wouldnt call it "good" its the type of artstyle youd expect in a modern arts museum

Again, do you really think that New Naruto can be described with ''incredible writting''? Its pretty fucking generic and predictable and fucking cheesy.

And, again, the artwork is generic shonen shit, not bad but is a style that mostly anime geeks enjoy.

While even normies are impressed by somthing like Jojo's

Actually fuck you and kill yourself, can't even believe I bothered replying to your shit thread.

His art only became good after he moved to a monthly magazine.

>spoonfeed me thread

Kill yourself, faggot.

Yeah but we have objective evidence of the art style being recognized.

I'm not saying that Berserk was a weekly title, I'm asking for something as good while being weekly.

And great artwork doesn't just mean ''detailed as fuck!!'' it means that is something that evokes emotions regardless of who you are

Kingdom's art is mediocre but everything else is great imo

>Being this mad when i types the opposite.

You tried bait but it didnt work ;)

Well, that's VS from me, you're not getting anything better in weekly shit, either read it or fuck off.

My Hero Academy is fucking generic shonen crap more often than not!

The rival character that is angry all the time, the dumb love interest, the teacher, the main character that always does the right thing even if it kills him, etc

The whole thing can't be more paint by numbers!

Looking at Jojo when it was weekly (Part 1-6), the art is usually off-putting and confusing, the writing is decent, and most of it is just filler for the main plotline, where they fight whatever bizarre enemy is featured in the arc, move a tiny bit closer in the main plot, then move on to the next bizarre enemy. Hell, the first half of part 4 was just a bunch of high-school students doing dick-all without a main antagonist. As good as it is, Jojo is not a "Weekly manga that is actually great" by the topic's standards.


Seriously fuck yourself, boku no hero is much better than attack on plotholes.

>Being that assblasted about My Hero Academy being called what is that he delettes the comment

>Generic Shonen shit
You not seen how much normies love Muratas artstyle.

Inoue suspended this.

I'd describe JoJo (when it was a shonen, it's much different now as it's a seinen) as a manga that tries, but not a masterpiece.

Well, yeah, honestly.

I love Jojo's because of how is an example of creativity, passion, love for the medium, etc.

But I do agree that even thought I love the plot, I know that is not something that can be concidered amazing art, writting wise.

I think that most stories that are concidered ''art'' explore important subjects that can't be solved via punching

Actually a mod did but stay mad

>boku no hero is much better than attack on plotholes.

Both are titles that are only enjoyed by people that read it for the ''cool'' factor.

Yes, they are good in that way but they are not great art.

Well most shonen is aimed at 14 year olds and they involve stories about problems that can be solved just because you have friends or because you start shouting or you were born special.

I love shonen shit like Dragon Ball Z, Shaman King, Yu Gi Oh! and I even like ok Boku no Hero. But I don't kid myself, the genre is more often than not junk food.

Sure buddy. That's what happened.

Dorohedoro might be what you're looking for

But wouldn't it be considered great on the fact that Araki was using a lot of musical influences in his storytelling? He said he was influenced by Prince and loved how his songs would change dynamics and vibes mid way and thus he used it in a visual manner.

Meanwhile Jojo's art is so influential that it got Gucci's attention!

So to recap we got the Lovure and Gucci in awe of Jojo art, when a major fashion brand and a respected museum are praising you then you're doing something right

Both of those happened after JoJo became a Seinen, though. That's what everyone in this thread has been saying.

Seven deadly sins.

Isn't that a netflix thing? I didn't knew it had a manga



Wasn't Slam Dunk a weekly?

One Piece literally shits on SNK so fucking hard its not even funny

>main characters actually die

Like... ?

Weekly for 9 volumes. then it went monthly.

I'm not sure about this one. I mean, yeah the art is amazing and all, but the story and characters are weird.

It sure is entertaining and I'm still reading it though, I'm just confused about what the author goes with this manga

Innocent, Kokou no Hito

Was good until power levels and this entire arc being a fucking mess.

Nah, writing is decent compared to so many shit shonen but it's nothing spectacular and suffers from a lot of your common battle shonen asspulls and generic writing, the art is pretty great, I'm not fond at all of the character design or how it's very generic manga style-like but that's just my taste on the art side.

Its monthly.

Like Erwin and Bert

Are you dense? He said the art and the pacing were good, he didn't even praise the story but you got triggered hard as soon as you saw MHA

Yeah, after 85 fucking chapters, and that's true for Erwin, Bert was never a developped character we cared about

I suggest you read more manga.

This is the only example I can think of that was complete shit AFTER becoming a monthly


so since this is a hidden request thread i'll ask.
I just started enjoy manga and read the whole berserk and felt like it went downhill the more i read, same with tokyo ghoul i just picked up.
What are some GOAT tier Cred Forums mangas? Do we have a chart i can look at?

>I read the whole berserk and felt like it went downhill the more i read

No chart you deserve, faggot

It was published in a weekly magazine, but appeared there only every 2-4 weeks.

I'm going to have to call bullshit on that. It was published from February 2013 to April 2015, and it had 99 chapters ( So clearly it was being published weekly.

Still, it's the colossal fucking titan, the number 1 reason this shit started, I'd say he's a main character to the plot.

How in the fuck is every single title posted here entry-level? Like God damn, has everyone here read less than 5 titles in their whole life?.

Golden Kamuy is the pinnacle of manga storytelling and art, and it is weekly.

Very very few and they are either extremely rare exceptions (One Piece) or they go monthly eventually (Vinland).

> I'd say he's a main character to the plot.

Except for the fact we don't give two shit about him because he was always a bland, background character. That's the shame about it, but the problem about SNK is that there is not a single character from the main group of friends we have seen die in 85 chapters.

Except for Erwin, but it was so sure by now we couldn't care less, and the author ruined the whole thing by bringing back Armin. Jesus, what a fucking piece of shit

Golden Kamui is amazing

The story's decent, the art's questionable. Not super standout on any front, honestly.

Slam Dunk i guess

Because it's a thinly veiled rec thread started by a guy who capitalizes "Manga" and thinks a great manga has to have artwork that blows art snobs away. Do you seriously think anyone who actually reads manga is going to be listing series for this shit?

>One Piece
Man, what part of
>Amazing and detailed artwork
did you miss?

Slam Dunk.

for reals

>that New Naruto

but Nanatsu no Taizai is the new Naruto.

I agree wholeheartedly, It's decent on all fronts but to me nothing stands out particularly, definitely above average in terms of storytelling but nothing outstanding on that end, much less on the art side, although it is commendable that it maintains such consistency for a weekly manga.

Don't even get me started on the regular color cover pages.

>games last 50 chapters
>no filler

Yeah there is no filler in those game.

Eyeshield 21. You can pretty much ignore after the christmas bowl since their goal actually achieved and finished after that.

Fillers would be if those games had unnecessary flashbacks or some shit to drags stuff out. The games definitely drag at times but that doesn't mean its filler.

The colossal fucking titan was literally one of the biggest antagonists of the series and Erwin was a better developed character than Shimin, Jean or Hanji. Plenty important people die in the series. Ema is just shit in general and is protected by plot armor


This is actually correct

>art snob

op is retarded

>Plenty important people die in the series

Yeah, literal nobodies that no one gives a shit about. The colossal fucking titant was a colossal faggot nobody gave a shit about. Armin was the only recent "death" that felt important and the author butchered that because he's a fucking pussy who don't want to kill important characters

>Everyone has a unique quirk
>MCs quirk is hitting stuff hard

An entire thread of people who misunderstand art and art museums siiiiiick. epic bruh. haha. deece.

Billy Bat.

he said "great". Billy Bat is Urasawa's worst work and it certainly doesn't take great use of every page with incredible writing and all that