ITT: 10/10 anime movies

ITT: 10/10 anime movies

I'll start

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More like 5/10 anime movies.

I don't care how cheesy the plot was, I fucking loved it.


Wolf children and Princess Mononoke


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s3 fucking when

What the heck is a 10/10 to you?

>Best mother wolf with two talls
Story was confusing, but the fantasy settings and characters were amazing.

pic related

Close to perfection

Coulda fooled me.



This. Nothing could come close to this. Kimi no Na wa would be a piece of shit compared to this masterpiece. Everything about the movie was perfect.


Only anime film I've seen aside from Akira that I'd give a 10/10 to.

Most overrated anime of all time.
An actual 10/10 but


Why can't more anime be like this movie?

Episode 0 > Disappearance, not even joking.

I like ep 0 but you need to get out of my imageboard


No u

The series great because of Haruhi's antics and the fun group dynamic. I don't need a 3 hour character drama centered around the most boring character of all time.

>3 hours of Kyon is somehow bad

I was talking about Yuki but okay. Kyon's not that interesting by himself though.

>anything that's part of a media franchise that doesn't stand on its own

>Evangelion is part of a franchise

I think I've seen every great anime film since the late 50s and the only ones I'd consider a 10 are this...


...and Totoro.

This and Perfect Blue.


Miyazaki and Takahata both have 3-4 better films under their belt. Try again.

Obviously I disagree, but what are your favourites?

The girl who leaped through time


The Tale of Princess Kaguya is sublime. I'd consider that a 10/10, though the suitor comedy was a bit too long. For Miyazaki I'd go with the cliche answer of Princess Mononoke, maybe Porco Rosso as well. Horus is a gem though, more people should see it.

This is a great movie, nothing kekworthy about it friend.

I know it is, friend.

I see Kaguya as a mid-tier Takahata. My favourites are Horus, Gauche and of course Only Yesterday. Miyazaki is a tougher nut to crack since he's so prolific, every one of his films is someone's favourite. I used to like Princess Mononoke and his other adventure epics a lot more but I think I grew out of them. I think his masterpieces are Totoro and Wind Rises, but I don't think he's got a single film less than great.

Yiff in hell

>no Yamamoto
Hiding your posts now.


I only put down Horus and Totoro. Are you talking about Belladonna?

Didn't think of it as an anime but a fucking excellent film, aniki.

Mononoke Hime
Tonari no Totoro
Sennen Joyuu

I really can't fathom Kaguya as the mid tier of anything, but power to you friend. I love me a good adventure epic. Though I guess you could argue that Miyazaki's simpler films were more refined. Nausicaa for me is still a bit too preachy and Laputa a bit too long.

My favorite film of all time is Kara no Kyoukai 5, which needs a lot more recognition as one of the best anime films.

Keep in mind that mid-tier Takahata is still in the top 1% of anime films. It's undeniably beautiful but I just think it pales a bit if you hold it to some of his older works. Still leagues better than most of what people are posting in this thread. I haven't seen any of Kara no Kyoukai but I think that's relatively unexplored territory. In general it seems to be out of critical favour but I sometimes see people like yourself who really like it. It's inaccessibility as the fifth in a massive film series is a big barrier to its popularity.

The non-chronical structure and the obtuse nature of the storytelling are also understandably big barriers to entry. I get it's an acquired taste, but I'm just tired of all these top lists neglecting KnK when you look at how groundbreaking the series is. Especially so since Fate/Zero has netted ufotable so much acclaim, people need to spread the love around ya feel me?

What ground did it break? And I wouldn't say Fate is particularly acclaimed outside of casual internet communities like MAL. That's probably besides the point though.

Fate/Zero is one of the best selling anime of all time isn't it? Plus it's very acclaimed in Japan.

I view KnK as groundbreaking for a few reasons. Firstly the success of the seven film format, it's remarkable that each light novel got a high budget theatrical production. Secondly ufotable's CG and digital effects work, and ufotable's transformation as a studio itself. Look at Souren and Shiki's fight on youtube if you want an example. That kind of complex camera movement would be impossible without CG. Thirdly as effective nonlinear storytelling, really what Hirao did with Movie 5 was Kon taken to the next level.

Funny how you like Ufotables direction for the same reason I loathe it.
The sprite-ification of 2d work across badly panned / tracked backgrounds is actually disgusting.
Good tracking and panning was done by hand, it's just extremely time consuming.

There will always be more

For sure its possible by hand, like in Cannon Fodder with all those great camera pans, but not to that degree like in the fight I mentioned earlier. And what's really remarkable is that the choreography isn't hard to follow at all.

I like ufotable, but that I can understand if you don't. It's undeniable they're prominent in the industry now and CG slowly becoming more so.

I'm not sure I'd call it a 10/10 film but it's 10/10 comfy

Also this:

>Dreamworks being sold to Japan's SoftBank

I mean, I guess?

It's more that Japan's traditional limited animation looks really, really bad when thrown into CGI. While they may cover up character level CGI with motion blur they almost never do this properly for CGI backgrounds so they look just plain awful. Not a lot of frames, not a lot of natural looking blur to cover it up. It's deliberately herk and jerk, so it will be considered consummate with the character animation (ie they don't want to animate the hell out of the CGI while the character's remain limited, it looks non sequitur).

Western animation just uses CGI plain better (for the most part please don't post cringe inducing Korra stuff I agree its awful).

Not even the best Kyoani film.

I will never get why some people liked this mess of a movie, one of the worst movies made by that director but at least if got some amazing visuals

>I'll start

Is it really good tho ? I liked all the other Mamoru Hosoda movies but truth be told I am a little skeptical of the whole furry deal.

objectively his magnum popus

This is probably my only 10/10 movie for the simple reason that is the ONLY fucking japanese movie I've watch with plot not involving rape/prostitution/netorare/unconclusive endings/tragedy/exrteme drama/suicide an actually has a HAPPY ENDING.

I don't like pretentious, gloomy or overly dramatic movies.

Is it the only Japanese movie you've ever seen?

I really think Our War Game is better than Summer Wars

Just feels like there's more at stake and there's no stupid family shit I don't care about.

I agree with OP though Wolf Children is 10/10

I liked the stupid family shit, I thought it was fun. Bokura no War Game also a good though to be fair, the best Digimon movie by quite a bit.
and I've seen them all

this movie was fucking incredible