Claim your waifu!

Claim your waifu!

Claiming Aoba-chan

Fuck off normalfags cancer. Go back fucking your 3DPD whores.

You seem to have used "waifu" to mean favourite female anime or manga character out of a certain series. Oops!

Don't worry, I've got your back. I suggest that you should learn what it means, by lurking more. Alternatively you could visit a a website more suited to your kind, for example r/anime.

Thanks for reading!


>not having both a waifu and a 3DPD whore

Time to get multi-cultural user.

I can understand an Aobafag triggering you, but what did Koko ever do to you?

>Koko will never air cook for you

>tfw I will never be chained down and pegged by Ladydevimon


This is why Cred Forums is dying. Normalfags think we are joking when we tell them to fuck off.

This was already a thing 4 years ago, it still hasn't changed one bit.

Levi get

I'm aware she may have dick, there is no need to remind me.

Claiming best autistic asshole godess

You never know until you check.

Shy, awkward short-haired girls are the best.


You don't understand what waifu means. Fuck off newfag.


Well i claim Koko since none of you did.

> Koko will never perform the exorcist for you

Claimed. I love her so much.

Koko is mine and I will never let her go.

Yarizui claimed

Pls transform into ghost Banri already. Lindas waiting.




No rules then? Well, I'll claim two.

Akeno does things to my dick mainly making it hard



This is my waif. She's the best.

My wife on the left.

I love C.C.

Kuro is so sexy

you're not fitting in



user, I believe that's my waifu you're talking about.

there are normalfags on Cred Forums that dont think we are serious that we actually love are waifu's, they're just in it for the meme value.

Are the claim your waifu threads a normalfag meme?


claimed and tenderly loved
she doesnt have a nose, does she?

What if I am serious but still like to post in claim threads just so normalfags who don't love her cannot?

For laifu

My beloved Haruka



>tfw no clutch
>tfw no slap
>tfw no clones to have sex with
>tfw not being able to cuddle with a flower person

It's a tough existence

>much secret love club

Oldie but goodie


Looks stacy as fuck desu


Staking my Claim



I will knock you the fuck out and rape your waifu.




I love this clock

Mio claimed


Best angel/demon claimed

Cake claimed