So apparently we all use Windows 10 in the 2030s

So apparently we all use Windows 10 in the 2030s...

>watching shitster

that's linux just catching up

Kill yourself.

I'd rather have the this guy as a kid than whatever mentally-deficient pink abomination is in the OP.

I'll give anything a chance. Though I'm not terribly impressed so far, I'll probably hold to the 3 episode rule.

this season is so gay

Windows 7 or fuck off

what a grim fucking future

>Japanese people still use XP or 98 today
>Would still use Windows 10 in the 2030s
Makes sense

Is that a Umineko painting on the wall?

from the wallpaper, it's sysadmins room, so yeah

I unironically miss XP

I'm using it right now user, It's still shit



I miss Nanami.

>not 640x480 and 256 colors

This was even worse than Bloodivores

Why do you keep using windows if there is good gnu/linux systems?

it's this room

You piece of shit

>Not watching the leg/foot service anime of the season

This is a boy, isn't it.

I like to play games sometimes.

Why the fuck are Peach Pit wasting their talents on this while they should be doing their Rozen Maiden successor?

Any good feet closeups yet?

I'm leaning towards yes

No closeups but it's really cute in motion


It's like japs and their flipphones.

If you go to manga cafes in Japan, they're still using XP, so it's plausible

Japan followed somewhat different technological evolution than the rest of the world. At least, in term of consumer products



Welcome to hell


So, bit of background: Edogawa Rampo was good friends with Iwata Jun’ichi, a man who spent much of his career undertaking a study of the history of homosexuality in Japan. Homoeroticism, in various ways and forms, find its way into Edogawa's works, especially after the death of Iwata when Edogawa took it upon himself to bring more attention to his friend's work.

So yeah, probably delicious boypussy.

Bro, Windows 10 is The Last Windows

That's not a future I want to live in

This show would be enjoyable if white shota didn't have such a grating voice.
Fucking disgusting.

>every program you have gets minimized because windows must update constantly and you (almost) cannot stop it

Win 10 is the yandere of the group, and in the worst way possible.

Open toe socks are a miracle of the universe. I don't even care if that's a boy anymore.

Not as shit as 10.

At least you can still tell your computer what to do, instead of daddy Gates forcing you to get updates, eating up bandwidth and keeping windows defender on.

Short of a registry edit that may or may not work, we're fucked.

It's an actual girl, baka.

Those shorts would make a
a pretty good facemask for me.




They're just like me, it's a bit of technophobia.
I know old tech so I know I won't fail using it, even if it is slow.

It's more like they're able to excel in spite of having some sort of limitation imposed on them.

Or rather, they're able to excel because of having the limitation imposed on them in the first place

Japanese like ruurues

If this person is a girl I will be so fucking mad.

>There will never be a doujin of her getting fucked through her shorts

Either way is okay with me, though if it's a trap I want some skinship and rubbing

>no wanting to be a loli in the 2030