How "important" are you Cred Forumsnon? Do you feel like your importance is deserved or not?

How "important" are you Cred Forumsnon? Do you feel like your importance is deserved or not?

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I'm important to me. Yeah, I'd say it's deserved.

I mean, the only person who you can really answer to, who really knows YOU, is yourself. Everyone else can merely see the small parts of you that you let them see, and you probably don't ever show anyone else the "real" you at all.

Very important, obviously.

I'm Very Important, and my posts are also Very Important.


But you can be, for as little as 15 zenny.

Why did Cred Forums lose its way?



Because we killed moot. We killed our father, and for that we must pay a sacrifice.

Part of me keeps hoping this is a bad joke, but then I realize this is someone completely different who never really cared all that much about anonymous ideals anyway. Flickering violently.

>tfw Cred Forums is dead and we killed him

no, I was born with no self-worth

It feels like we lost something important when /vip/ was created.

Cred Forums has lost its purity.

Can see Cred Forums going the way of Digg with all these stupid changes. No site is safe from an user exodus and this may be the start of the final straw that broke the camel's back.

Is it finally happening?

>meanwhile on /vip/

>tfw just learning this shit existed
>been here since 04
>Never owned a Cred Forums pass since it spits in the face of everything Cred Forums was.
Welp. It's been fun, guys.

See you all on the next imageboard. Maybe we'll get 30 minute webms next time.

>How "important" are you Cred Forumsnon?

I'm the most important person that I know.

>Do you feel like your importance is deserved or not?

Nothing in life is deserved. The whole concept is an illusion. Things just happen, and we rationalize them afterwards to feel better about ourselves.

Why do I love seeing Cred Forums crumble and fall apart? Is it because I know I will be free but even then I won't be free at all? Even after all these years I feel kind of happy to see it like that? Is that what it feels like beating a dead horse while still riding it?

I've become nothing.

I thought Hiro was joking when he made that post on /qa/.
He really is trying to turn Cred Forums into a profit.
What the fuck are we going to do once our not-so-beloved site becomes unrecognizable?

Move to reddit

Finnaly do what that user said.
Kill ourselfs.