How would Lovecraft react to this?

How would Lovecraft react to this?

Absolutely dissapointed

he'd throw a hissy fit and write a tumblr post about pedo alt-righters shitting on his legacy

Lovecraft - I Hate the anime

Wtf i hate anime now
Wtf i hate japan now

Lovecraft probably wouldn't mind since he liked all the spinoffs and parodies of his work when he was alive.
The Call of Cthulu RPG definitely has him turning in his grave though.

Lovecraft would be too busy posting on Cred Forums about the Jews' interracial breeding propaganda.

too busy writing nyarlko fanfics

He would probably rant about niggers I guess.

Didn't he marry a Jew though?

Probably go on a long rant about 'Orientals' and their strange and savage ways

That was my first thought as well.

Well, Nyarlathoteph was able to turn into basically everything he wanted, so he should also be able to be a cute anime girl. He likes to fuck with people's mind, and he often took the appearance of a charismatic figure, so nothing is better to muster an army of brainwashed otakus than a cute anime girl.

I'd be more curious as to how Lovecraft would react to this. Yes, this is a Lovecraftian abomination.


What about Cthuga? Or whatever Kuuko was?

That's how he knew about it

Lovecraft was literally /user/

Yog-Sothoth was based as fuck

What lovecraftian creature is this supposed to be?

I'm guessing something along the lines of "d'awww".

Intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor?

With the same utter disdain for Orientald as he always had, followed by incessant comparisons to fish people.


>The adult Lovecraft was gaunt with dark eyes set in a very pale face (he rarely went out before nightfall).[13] For five years after leaving school, he lived an isolated existence with his mother,[14] primarily writing poetry without seeking employment or new social contacts.
What a fucking loser.

Unironically yes.
At least for his time period.

How do I into Lovecraft Cred Forums?

Are nips Deep One's hybrids? They also live on an island and all.


If I recall, she's based off of Shub-Niggurath.

But he's still remembered in the annals of time, where you will be lucky to be remembered in even the anals.

At least people is still speaking about him, even if it's only about his hate against niggers.

underrated post

>The Black Goat with a thousand youngs

Well, it's coherent at least. She has hooves, she dress in black and she looks like a massive slut. Also tentacles.

I live in the neighborhood Lovecraft was born and died in. This is the house in which he spent most of his life and wrote the majority of his stories.

I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but it's in very ratty shape. The paint is peeling off and the wood is warped by decades of New England weather. It's not a historical site or anything, it's just a residence for some lower-middle class family. They don't know or don't care what they're sitting on.

See if your library has one of his collections. Or read The Outsider or The Music of Eric Zann online now.

Sweet, I'll head over to my neighbourhood library this weekend then.

I respect the man and love the influences he had on all sort of media, but I dislike the deification of objects associated with a great mind. No I don't care what chair Da Vinci sat on when he drew the Vitruvian Man, I care about the work itself.

There aren't many reasons to be proud of living in Rhode Island. I attach to whatever I can get.

How would Lovecraft react to THIS?

Imagining Lovecraft laughing is really fucking me up. This picture of him smiling is enough to throw me off.

he would react very racist toward japan man
will compare them to china man or the sort

Probably some unkind words about Asians as a whole

Lovecraft was most likely autistic as fuck so he would have probably liked anime. Probably would have no problem with Cthulu in Musaigen and would probably own warehouses full of Nyaruko pillows.

They aren't the same?

"Fucking little chink apes" since he was xenophobe and even in his books sometimes he has a sperg attack and starts talking badly about random races.