Vivid Strike

So this is just a sports anime?

It's not about sport.

Little girls magic MMA is a sport

any english subs?

Merchant and another group

Who's going to handle subs for the rest of the episodes, Merchant says that he won't do the rest and horrible subs obviously aren't going to rip it either.

My waifu > your waifu

amazon and primrose


Fate and Nanoha probably won't even fucking appear


And who cares. Anything post-A's is trash, anyway.


amazon is subbing

I know that, but who will handle the ripping of the subs?

Last week they were posted on nyaa as a separate file, hopefully they will be again

>A sport

I'm going to punch your face!
In the face!

This show reminds me I still haven't watched Vivid.

Vivid was a pretty fun show if you like lolis and lolis beating the fuck out of each other.
Don't expect anything similar or as good as Nanoha, though.

delete this





But Fate isn't Yumina's mother.

Why the fuck are there so many sports and magical girl shows this season? It's sort of killing my desire to watch anything other than like 2 shows.

Not gonna accept the madness of whoever wrote that part of the mango/VStrike so easily.

Maybe they share her.

Sports anime featuring cute girls and magical girl anime are always fun to watch with Cred Forums. Especially when TANOSHII~ is involved to some extent in the former and because magical girls are justice for the latter.

So, which guys did Nanoha and Fate hook up with at the end?

Why the fuck are there so many sports shows
I can answer that question... but you're not gonna like it. Seriously, this is probably why Vivid Strike is what it is.

Only the most handsome guy is for Nanoha.

Genya and Shiro, respectivelly.

Ponytailed Fate is a miracle of the universe, no wonder everyone is a lesbian.

Fate and Nanoha

Can someone translate this? Looks simple enough.

It was translated in the past, saw it on /u/.

Basically Vivio asks "who is that" and Fate sobs, with Nanoha going "there, there".

>what is danbooru

Vivio: Who's that?
Nanoha: It's Fate-mama!
(red text) there there
(yellow text) Nanoha~

>W-Who's that?
>yoshi yoshi

A personal art gallery of the owner of that site that is a subset of Pixiv?

And it also has stuff like this.