All three girls in this picture are dead

All three girls in this picture are dead.

How does that make you feel?

Bad because Risa-chan is going to die too.

I don't think that is factual.

Nothing at all

And nothing of value was lost.

but I can only see one girl in your picture

I just realised Risa also voiced Kaori. Is it a sign of things to come?


Wait isn't shovel a zombie?

That's dead enough.

wow they all even look the same

It will be factual by next month.

You forgot four. This is just terrible.

pic related

objectively false
debatable, it's a grey area
yes she is dead

>objectively false
How so.

Well, no, the 3D whore who voices an anime character is not the anime character.

Did the VA die or what happened?

they seem alive to me

She didn't die, she took a break to take care of an unspecified disease.
Hopefully she'll get better, i love her voice.

Shovel is voiced by Mai Aizawa