Did you forget about it already, Cred Forums?

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That first episode was way too shitty.

Haven't seen the first episode yet.
Does it share the setting or some of the characters with the previous Ranpo anime?

I literally couldn't even finish the first episode. Why is Japan completely incapable of doing something good with Ranpo's stuff?

>Before the mysterious detective Kogorou Akechi, the Boys' Detective Team is assembled. Their actions have led to the resolution of various small and large incidents. One day, team member Kensuke Hanasaki meets a mysterious boy named Yoshio Kobayashi. Kobayashi, who has an undying body because of an "unidentified fog," wishes his own death and refuses contact with others. Hanasaki takes an interest in Kobayashi and invites him to join the Boys' Detective Team.
Sounds like chuunishit for 12 year olds.

>The encounter eventually leads them to the connection between the criminal nicknamed the "Fiend with Twenty Faces"

Dropped after about the second half of the episode.

It lacked character introductions, a setting intro, or some sort of story hook.

All I saw were disjointed scenes with some kid trying to kill himself over and over and failing, the usual cute, quirky hacker girl in a room with several monitors surrounding her, and the upbeat MC fazed by nothing happening.

Terrible first episode and I'd be surprised if it got better.

>Sounds like chuunishit for fujoshi

>daughter of twenty faces
>now this bullshit

Does Japan secretly hate Ranpo? Do they want to drag his legacy through the mud? What the fuck?

>People hated this
>But liked lesbo flying witches in Naziland

It's like you can be sure something is good if Cred Forums hates it and be sure it's bad if Cred Forums likes it

Just watched it. Has the potential to be good, but I guess the overly edgy antagonist is going to ruin everything.

>upbeat MC fazed by nothing happening.
There are two mains. Depressedfag and upbeatfag. Which one do you hate more?

Cred Forums is not a single person, you fucking idiot.

Board consensus exists. You can tell by just posting something and seeing if the majority of replies are hate or like.

I can't think of a single redeeming quality in this first episode. What could possibly make it good?

Not everyone will reply, so no, your little consensus means nothing.

And besides, if you hate that show (or like it, I don't give a fuck) and like this shitty show, then you won't get another reply.

user, I think it's just time for you to be a whiny faggot somewhere else. Go out and explore.

>Not everyone will reply, so no, your little consensus means nothing.
Self selection is fine. It won't be that off the mark.

Nah this is the only place where you aren't blacklisted by username as "Whinyfaggot" so you'll keep replying to my posts forever

I genuinely don't believe you actually like this show. You're clearly just shitposting, and I regret ever replying.

I don't "like" this show because you can't like anything after 1 ep, but it doesn't look as shitty as these replies from Cred Forums say it is.

Feel free to name anything it did well in its first ep.

Let's play +/-
+Edgy bum character who wants to die but can't
+Edgy introduction about death
+Villain could elicit a cool fight at the end
+Quirky track suit kid who is contagiously happy
+Art style isn't shit
-Foot fetish hax0r girl
-Perspective wrong on some shots
-Animation a bit lacking
-Possibly episodic
-Possibly procedural with no real battles, just "arrest the fuck" at the end

>a thing isn't bad. It's not good, but it's not absolute garbage

You got me, I've been trolled. I'll go fall for someone else's bait now.

>Ryota Ohsaka in another detective show
>Suicidal protagonist
>Too serious for Cred Forums manchildren
No, I just didn't have the chance to watch it yet

>Cred Forums manchildren
>said the /r9k/ shitter

Your post is an example of why I can know Cred Forums's "consensus," because they just assume someone who likes edgy things is trolling, as one example anyway. You are yourself assuming that anyone who says edgy is a plus is trolling. How have you inferred that? By thinking "no one on Cred Forums could possibly like edgy stuff after it has been so satirized here!"

Also, with modern anime being as shit as it is, you need speculation and something like art "isn't total shit" to decide what to watch if you're going to watch anything.

The show should've just ended on the first episode, honestly.
From here on it's going to be edgy Kaworu and genki Suzaku's adventures with some gay shit mixed in.
I guess poor Ranpo will have to keep rolling in his grave.

Why do they only ever do garbage adaptations of Boys' Detective Club stuff? Ranpo wrote so much, and all we ever get is edgy ripoff's of his Hardy Boys series.

see Edogawa was not opposed to gay themes, which I really found very little of in ep1 anyway. It seems like Cred Forums just assumes if the ep isn't one dude and a bunch of girls it's a fujoshit series. Maybe it is but there's no indication of that yet.

If you haven't learned to identify the fujoshit artstyle, you may never be able to. I'm sorry to have to break this news to you.

>Identifying themes by the character design
Really flawed methodology, senpai


Well there's your problem. Fujoshit isn't a theme, it's a demographic. And it's a demographic that really likes twinks.

"Homosexual themes" has the word theme in it, user.

OK? You're the only person who's used that phrase so far.


This show looks nothing like Bungo Stray Dogs and yet both are fujoshit?

Nah, they're pretty similar.

Fujoshit=homosexual male characters
That is the inevitable result.

>Edogawa was not opposed to gay themes
I know that and I don't mind homo stuff if it's done good. This isn't the problem and I've never mentioned I don't like it because it has two male characters interacting with each other.
The problem is that this anime showed itself to be shit right from the beginning.

That's some hilarious reach.

We all know you're full of shit. Why do you think it's so hated by a majority male board like Cred Forums? Because they aren't into it.

I think it's mostly that it's a piece of garbage. I don't watch shitty yuribait either.

I've finished first episode, but if it'll go full fujo or even bigger edge I am dropping it. I haven't noticed anything that I might care about except for detective lady.

Then why did you feel the need to say

"...with some gay shit mixed in."

Seems pretty derogatory.

If there's nothing to like, why tolerate your way through it?

I don't get why Cred Forums watches so much bad shit. These days I never end up following more than three shows in a season.

Here's why: this is one of like three or four anime originals. So it is the only stuff airing with a hope of a real ending. Thus, tolerate the beginning and hope for a good plot and a nice end. Rather than BUYTHELIGHTNOVEL.COM.

What do you watch that doesn't fall into some kind of stereotype? Is there anything that doesn't anymore?

Sure, and that's why I gave it a shot. I usually avoid adaptations as well. Last season was 91 Days, Danganronpa, and Mob Psycho when it turned out to be a really great adaptation.

I don't care if it's a stereotype, I care if it's bad. Black Butler is as fujoshit as you get, but I think it's great. This is a bad show.

Autistic honor. Besides, I did claim my conditions for dropping it, I have dropped shows before.

And it's not that I found Trickster to be anything bad, yet. If anything, I at least enjoyed the animation, so I can wait for an episode or two to see how things develop.

Then don't throw around the word "fujoshit" if it isn't bad, actually explain why it's bad if you want to diss it.

In an attempt to seem like it has depth, it starts the show off by meditating on the nature of death. However, it fails to say anything new or interesting, and instead comes off as amateurish. Worse, it reinforces this view by having one of its characters repeatedly try to kill himself for no developed reason. This comes to an end through one of the most overdone character interactions in all of anime, as he and another character drink sodas from a vending machine.

Meanwhile, we have an assortment of other characters all of whom manage to be even more cookie cutter somehow. They proceed to interact with a standard smug villain, going through very standard villainous plans.

The show is at once desperate to be seen as edgy and new, and intensely dull in just how predictably the same it actually is.

You need to look at the show not as trying to say anything "new" but to convey 'themes' into a 'beautiful' whole. No one is going to be able to say anything new on the nature of death and expecting that from a work is silly. Rather it's used to convey an edgy air about it.

I find very few works now seriously try to do something new so you should never be looking for that in a modern anime. The medium just isn't suited to it anymore. You have to be satisfied with pretense and style over substance to enjoy anime. I am...Are...YOU?

>when you just respond to the first sentence

If you can't say anything new, then don't try to be innovative. You don't have to say something new to be good, and yet they tried to anyway.

I do not, in fact, have to be satisfied with pretense and style, because many anime do what they intend to do quite well. 91 Days was not attempting to be revolutionary, but it was a well crafted show, and it was highly enjoyable.

The thing is, Trickster isn't trying to be innovative. You just interpret its style over substance approach as an actual attempt at substance. False substance is a style. Look at all the anime that insert "religious themes" without actually having anything coherent to say about religion--or all the shows which have battles take place in cathedrals because "it looks cool" and for nothing else. You simply don't like that style.

The reason why I wouldn't watch something like 91 days is precisely because it's too low key, too grounded and down to earth rather than pretentious. Some people like that low key style but I don't.

Yes, that's a thing that hacks do when they make bad anime. It is the literal definition of pretentious, and it's bad. It is objectively done by people who are too stupid to come up with something that actually works thematically, and it's a damn shame that the only people who ever adapt Ranpo's work are complete idiots like this.

I'm only watching it for Osaka Ryota. The story seems a bit rushed for a 24 episode series; it's a jumbled-up mess with no substance.

>I am going to bash an entire subgenre of anime as "objectively bad" because I don't like that its creators are just as stupid as everyone else but have chosen their own form of stupidity as a theme which does not agree with my tastes

Laziness is not a subgenre.

Pretentiousness is though.

No, that isn't a subgenre either, and I'm not sure how you get to the point where you think it is.

It's useful, so it is. For example, how else can I group this, Divine Gate, Psycho-Pass and Subete ga F all together in a nice pile other than by the Pretentiousness Genre

Psycho-Pass and Subete ga F aren't pretentious, though. They understood their themes and used them effectively.

>"Never tell others what you're really thinking" The Anime and "Boy this situation we're in sure is like situation in X highly thought of literary work, don't you think, Akane?" The Anime
>Not pretentious

>Did you forget about it already, Cred Forums?
I'm trying, that first episode was pretty unnecessarily edgy.

Someone didn't grow up with Final Fantasy VII

I suspect that you're really only familiar with the meme concept of pretentious, which is why you're misusing it here. They don't fit the definition of pretentious, they actually have themes with a fair amount of depth that they effectively use.

I unironically think it wasn't bad

First I played was 10 but I stopped carrying when the guy under the pillar went straight from 'Save me' to 'Die shithead'.

I suspect you just decide shows that fit the meme definition you like weren't pretentious while ones you didn't which fit the meme definition are.

Currently the most vocal posters on Cred Forums are all /u/ immigrants, now that their hugbox is literally tumblr.
Fortunately their shit taste doesn't even make up for even 5% of Cred Forums.
Anyone who likes the same old recycled yuribait trash, is obviously a vocal and extremely autistic degenerate /u/fag. Don't take their shit taste seriously.

Edgelord said he wouldn't save him so he was understandably mad

Distinguishing between real and pretend depth is not that hard, but if you can't do it, then I guess that's all there is.

I'd say real depth isn't something to be found in any modern anime or potentially any anime at all. If you want real depth go read Tolstoy.

>if i can't tell the difference between good and bad writing it must all be bad!

Here's how I identify good writing: Writing I like, it makes me feel a little good inside

Here's how I identify bad writing: Writing I don't like, it makes me feel a little bad inside

This is entirely unsurprising.

You would have thought asking again or begging for your life would come before burning the only bridge you could have left.

It wasn't the writers will

That's all it is for anyone. Anyone who says different is pretentious.

Somehow it took me like an hour to watch the first episode because I just kept falling asleep or getting distracted.

>anyone who knows more than me about writing is pretentious

>Anyone who thinks he knows more about what makes "good" writing than anyone else is pretentious

At least you've found a way to take pride in your ignorance.

>muh opinion on what constitutes good writing is fact despite the fact literally anything can be dissected by critics and made to appear bad

is truth