Backlog thread, what are you watching or have finished lately?

Backlog thread, what are you watching or have finished lately?

Read HnK and Slam Dunk.

I've already read HnK, didn't care for the parts towards the end with Ken mentoring Raoh's sudden appearance bastard child

Finished Serial Experiments Lain. Almost done with Beelzebub manga. Half way through Toriko manga. Just started Kokoro Connect.

Kokoro Connect was fun but felt like it needed another cour to really explain things, Inaba was a miracle of the universe though.

My backlog looks really boring so I'm rewatching Lucky Star instead.

You agree with me Miyuki best girl, right?

Nah, Hiiragi is best girl.

I don't watch anime

1/8 the way through detective conan

Today I started Umineko, Heavy Object, Revolutio Concrete, Erased, and Future Diary. This reminds me, I need to finish Monster at some point.

Why are everyone's backlogs filled with garbage? You can just not put yourself through that, y'know

Watching K-On! I'm in the second season, liking it so far. I don't watch anime only the normie stuff like FMA and Inuyasha.

I want to KISS Ritsus forehead!

I'm watching Last Exile and Psycho-Pass. I'm enjoying both so far.

I want a wild, passionate night of love making with Sawako.

Finished Tamako Market, very close to finishing Hidamari Sketch x365. I also started watching Sabagebu and Upotte!

Tamako Market has to be my favourite thing Kyoani have done this decade, everything about it is perfection though I can understand why some would call it boring. x365 is where a lot of people typically begin to like Hidamari Sketch as whole but I finished the series over summer and found it all fantastic, what do you think of Sabagebu? Miou a best.

How many shows do you pick up at once and do you have a system you go by for watching? I usually watch one retro from pre-2000, one from last decade or a current series from this one.

I'm halfway through the tatami galaxy, can't believe it took me this long to start watching it, and I'm on vol 11 of oyasumi punpun but I had to stop since it was hitting too close to home.

Rewatching GITS SAC and 2nd Gig because I sure as hell didn't understand everything and anything going on when I was watching it back in middle school.

I'm watching both the dub and the sub because I like some of the english dub/ it seems really nostalgic

Definitely DON'T watch Yahari season 2. It is a massive pile of shit compared to season 1, and that's being generous. Literally nothing happens.

I watched Gits second gig earlier this year and the parallels between what is going on with the refugee crisis is unbelievable, scary even.

I didn't really like Tamako Market all that much, there were some fun, heartwarming moments but I ended up really hating the bird near the end.

x365 was fantastic, much higher budget than the first season, and the fact that there's still so much of Hidamari series left makes me anxious to see how the story unfolds

Sabagebu is great, so far i've only seen 2 episodes, but I can already tell that it's going to be a fun show

I usually only watch three series at once, genre doesn't really matter that much, though I should probably change that since when I get stuck watching 3 SoL series at once, it takes me a long time to finish them.

Tamako Market is one of my favorite anime, but the movie really leaves an impact as well. You should watch it.