Josei > Shoujo > Seinen > Shonen

Josei > Shoujo > Seinen > Shonen

>demographic > demographic > demographic > demographic
Are you retarded?

Seinen > Josei = Shonen > Shoujo/Shonen-Ai

this but unironically

Seinen >Josei >Shonen > Shoujo
i'm not a pedo

99% of everything is shit.

ecchi > the rest

Are we ever going to watch the further autistic misadventures of Sawako?

Seinen >>>>>>>>> Shounen > Josei >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Shoujo

Seinen > Josei = Shoujo > Shonen
Fite me.

You clearly haven't read much shoujo if you rank it up at second

Shonen > Seinen > Shit > Shoujo > Shit > Josei

Shoujo manga is by far the most cliched, samey demographic.

Shoujos are indeed more cliched than the other demographics but I'd rather have multiple variations of the same theme than a shit theme.

But user romance drama love triangle prince vs the bad but charming guy is a shit theme.

This nigga knows

>tfw s3 never
But there's so many more misunderstandings to clear

>The manga translations are behind like 3 volumes

Well I guess that's that

Mahou Shoujo > Shoujo > Sienen = Shounen > Josei

Josei manga tend to be Hallmark level pandering and ugly designs. Also, Kimi ni Todoke is Shoujo, not Josei.

>one of the top selling manga in Japan
>season 3 still isn't out

>ITT we rank collectives of thousands of manga categorized by which label their different publishers all decided to put on the magazines they run in
What a shitty thread.

>le demographics maymay
Really trying hard to fit in here aren't we?

He's sort of right, though. It's pretty dumb to bother using such broad subsets to rank things.

>Shoujo is the most clich├ęd
>Not shounen

OK lad. Let me go read "it's definitely not one peice or naruto version 1436985."

Seinen is objectively superior to the others simply because it's by far the most versatile of the three. Shounen, Shoujo and Josei all basically just reuse the same tropes over and over.

>Seinen is objectively superior to the others simply because it's by far the most versatile of the three.
How so? Plenty of Sienen is formulaic. Hell, most Sienen take the Game of Thrones approach to story-telling. They think lots of violence and sex makes it 'deep'.

Any demographic can be versatile. Especially in medium of anime, where a show aimed at 5 year olds can have nudity, sexual innuendo, fighting and violent death.

seinen > josei = shounen > shoujo

shoujo is 89% trash

you should probably check out generic shoujo #1236430076 first
in this chapter, the guy she kinda likes but doesn't want to admit she likes does an action and she blushes a lot and the chapter ends