Tsurezure Children

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[TN: Title is 'Defense']

Enomoto Iori
Year 2 Class 7
A transfer student that came from the Kansai area. She was in the basketball club in her previous school. She's still thinking about whether she wants to join a club here or not.

The transfer student Enomoto-dono is a shitty woman.
"Motoyama-kun, could ya guide me around the school?"

She's looking down on a lowly otaku like me. She has to be laughing behind my back.
"I...no... it's better for you to ask another girl over me..."

"Why's that? You're still mah only friend Motoyama-kun"
"Show me 'round"

If I don't think of her as a shitty woman, honestly...
I might fall in love.

Oh god,she's a hick.Cute!

We met by coincidence over summer break.
Actually since that moment,
Enomoto-dono has...

Daghh! I'm forgetting this!!
She'll just hurt you if you like her!!
Enomoto-dono would never...

"Hey hey"
"Motoyama-kun, ya got a girlfriend?"

"Th... there's no way I'd get one, okay?! Not with a face like this, okay!?"
"Huh? Is'sat so?"

Hahaah, Enomoto-dono. So you're a slut are you?
So even in your old school anybody was okay if it was a guy...

"By the way"
"I never had'da boyfriend before either"

Hahaahh!! So that means you constantly had relationships with several men without making them your boyfriend!!


Dude needs to calm down.

What are those kanji for QED?

Is it a chinese proverb like furin kazan?

Something like 'Deduction finished' but honestly it's used the same way as QED in detective manga.

It's my boy.

>furin kazan


"My parents got relocated a lotta rimes, so I ended up sayin' bye to my friends right away"

"But not 'dis time!! I can go ta college 'ere!!"
"I wanna make a lotta friends!!"

What bravery... No!! Don't get fooled!! I hate these kinda women most of all!!
"Then you... well... you should make friends with other people aside from me..."

"What're ya sayin"
"I wanna be friends with ya"

"Actually, Motoyama-kun, aren'cha bein a little cold?"
"N...not really... it's just my personality..."

"But when yer talkin to friends, ya speak in a different way, right? So stubborn!!"

"Th... that's... something I can only say to someone I open my heart to..."
"Wha'ss that about!? Then open yer heart to me!!"

"No way"

"Whaa!? Whyy??"
"Uh... Enomoto-dono... I still just met you, you see..."

"That's right... Tellin' you to treat someone like a friend is just a pain. Sorry..."
"I... is that so?"

"Then let's just take our time"
"An'get along the"

"That's also a little..."

"Wh... what? Do ya think I'm annoyin?"
"No... uhh..."

"I get it... Sorry for pushing you too much, 'kay?"
"Well then..."

Th... this is how it should be. She's just looking down on me inside her heart.
If we're together, she'll just hurt...

The only one looking down and hurting people is me...!!



contact Japan I will nuke them with money if they make an anime

What a guy


"I... I... don't exactly hate you"
"And it's not like I don't want to be friends with you"

"But... I don't know how to deal with girls..."
"So... well..."

"I... I... ugh"
"I'm so sorrryyyyyyyy!!"

"Hey... no need ta cry, kay?!"
"No... this is... me opening my heart..."

"Anyways...!! I'm just an ugly guy"
"Being friends with a bright person like you, Enomoto-dono, would be..."

"What're you sayin..."
"Yer speaking like a friend in front'a me now, right?"

i'm interested only if it's a typesetter

"I see. So you're bad wi' girls. But then ya can get used ta"
"No... but..."

This is bad. If she treats me gently like this...
"I'm just an otaku, so we might not make good conversation..."

"Huuh? Otaku??"
"That's real interestin' though, right!?"

She likes it...!!

"So like? You like Eba an' stuff?"
"Uhh... well... actually it's 'Eva'"

I... have to get ready. Don't be afraid of getting hurt, and from now on be more honest...

"'Eba' or 'Eva', it can go eitha way, right!?"
"Tha's gross!! Ahahaha"

She scares me...

I can't help you there. Nisekoi scans isn't getting back to me still after announcing they're going back on this and my typesetter is on the verge of dropping it since they called dibs.

I appreciate you doing gods work here ,user ..but please put some sense into your typesetter.

He's the Yin to your Yang

>low-quality typesetter-san never came back

Oh boy.

These two are really gonna be really hard to read if they're going with this direction.

>It's literally me episode
Oh, boy.
My cynical prick attitude is triggering.

Still, you deserve it so much, best bro.
Good luck.

Motoyama has landed a hick angel. Now if only he can stop the spaghetti...

So yeah, in meta news, my HQ typesetter has gone on one of his 'breaks' in which he breaks off communication for about 3-4 weeks, and I'm probably on mute since I bother him every week. LQ typesetter never came back and I haven't heard from him since. Nisekoi Scans is not telling me anything. So this manga's in limbo.

One more thing to go

>Nisekoi scans isn't getting back to me

Wait what?

Yamane-dono got let off easy.

Motoyama just needs to use the ultimate power of date at Comiket to win over Enomoto.

Tsurezure Scans (aka the Nisekoi guys) told me that they wanted to get back on it so they told me and TS to back off. Not only did they kill TS motivation, they haven't told me shit since mid August.

And I've been asking status updates for a while now.

Man, that's really fuckin dumb.

No I am Nisekoi scans, where did you ask?

Oh I asked Irru on batoto.

>"'Eba' or 'Eva', it can go eitha way, right!?"
>"Tha's gross!! Ahahaha"
What does she mean by this?

Was this the last chapter?


I lied. I got volume 3. There's one more extra left.

So how's progress?

Ah~ I was hoping there was going to be an epilogue.

Oh that's my bad then I guess. I'm not really in the habit of using batoto as a messaging center.

Same as always, understaffed.

>translator dibs
What are you, five years old?
Do what you want, fuck the rest. They don't have more authority over things than you do, especially those otter motherfuckers.

If they want to get on it, they'll have to prove it by actually releasing shit. Work done speaks more than promises, and so far you guys have been the ones doing so.


"Ya knew about it since da karaoke thing!?"

"Yeah... I saw it by chance..."
"Then ya gotta tell me too!!"

"But Mao-chan, at that moment, you and Ouji-kun were..."
"Tha's right. An' just when I realized that Ouji-kun was gay..."

Shit... so yeah,
To think I like girls now...!!!

Umm. I'm still doing this. So like, that's on TS. If I actually gave a shit I'd have stopped the weekly threads by now.

So you wouldn't mind if I told Heleleo to get back on this, would you?

Sure, go ahead.

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I'm really sorry about this, it pains me to see this situation but I can't do much about it at this moment. :(

"How'd it go, Yuki-san!?"
"Did you kick him down!?"

"Good job, Yuki-san!! That Shindou guy must be limping by now!!"

"No... I didn't make him limp"

"Uhh... before I did, he bent his head down"
"There's no way I could strangle a guy like that now, right?"

"We see!!"
"So the match was decided before you did it!! Awesome!!"

Figured it was something like that. Just do it when you get everything settled then. These guys just have to learn to wait.

Notifying him. If he'll listen.

...man, these guys are so simple.
They're not doubting me at all...

Actually, on top of getting dumped,
I found out my crush was a girl

I'm so pathetic. Someone like me can't be their head...
"Yuki-san's the greatest!!"

"Yuki-san's not just strong but also kind"
"She even accepted us idiots as friends"
"She's our one and only head!!"

"Huh? Yuki-san, what's wrong?"
"Did something get into your eyes?"
"D... don't mind it!! Let's go beat down the guys in the next town over!!"

"Later then"
"Go find a good boyfriend, Ouji-kun!!" [TN: She still thinks he's gay, I love this girl]


What do I do...!! I like Shindou, but how do I get it across now...

"Sorry Ouji-kun. I kept quiet about it up to now"
"Huh!? No... you're still worried about that!?"

"I did tell you to act more like a guy"
"I made it difficult for you to say it, so it should be me apologizing"

"But Ouji-kun..."
"You liked be before, right?"

"Of course if I was a guy, that'd be the case"
"Oh... no... well..."

"I manipulated you so much, but you're still accepting me as a friend"
"I'm really thankful"

"Thanks to you, Ouji-kun, for the first time"
"I feel like I can be myself"

"So uhh... I don't wanna hide anything else anymore"
"On that note, I can't be your princess, Ouji-kun, but" [TN: Title drop, of course]

"Ouji-kun, I"
"I like you, Shindou"

Author just ponders on what a princess is and wonders if it was alright to leave the manga half finished like this.

Then he thanks his readers.

Wait, so, she never actually says that she like Ouji-kun?? Really?


"We're sorry"
"We want to ask where to go"

"Uh... no... I also just transferred here"
"So the city's a little..."

"That's what she said, Henji"
"So where's the Mister Donut here"

Ah really do know that!!

"For ya donut first timers"
"I wanna teach ya how to eat an Angel's Blanc"

"So ya eat this first, 'kay?"

"Then ya gotta lick the cream off yer mouth"
"I's stylish"


I hope we get more of this couple, their mangas were always so heartwarming.

>meccha shittou!


Now it's done. No more Ohime. Look forward to Waka next work. Blah blah.

I'll let you guys know once I get news about new Waka comic, but nothing else aside from Tsurezure for now.

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She saying it's gross about how picky his is about the pronunciation, I guess

These were also the best characters.

One more thing, should I do the earlier volumes or leave them to you?