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ていく and てくる can be a pain!

Hello, Im willing to be able to read a light novel in japanese Pic is the first page.

Im reading Pomax's Introduction to Japanese and I've seen than there are few writing styles and alphabets, do I need to learn them all for it? or which ones aren't needed?


Just give up.

>what's this guide thing in the OP
>oh whatever it doesn't seem important ill just post and make myself look stupid

>Miku in the OP
Are you a bad enough dude to read along to the music?


Anyone can explain the idiom for me?

If translated, it goes along the way of "one's stomach is standing", which means that the person is pretty angry. I do understand the word-for-word transliteration but I really don't get the context behind it

腹が立つ means that really rustles my jimmies


Get your rare kanjis here, boys.


What does this line say?

The one with the formal auxiliary verb ます in it.

ではない sounds like something a 雪ノ下 or 夜空 would say. Not 敬語 at all.

what is your favorite

I hate all of them.

Not sure, something like someone saying their memory was limited certain way. Maybe they can learn certain things well but not others, so that could be a response to someone being impressed by their knowledge, and the other person explaining how they aren't like that across the board.
Picture someone being able to memorise strings of numbers and them explaining that that's pretty much all they can do.

Give up



>writing styles
No, you learn just learn the stroke order and will be able to read all writing styles, even silly stylized ones they sometimes use in anime/manga logos.

>and alphabets
You need all 3, there's no way out.

This one is pretty nice

Are you reddit?

It also rhymes with 寝取る

Well, yea
娶る or 女取る


What does 無茶苦茶セックス with Aoba feel like?

Today I saw a Japanese person end a tweet with ぞい

Understood like 10-20% of it, things like 挫傷暗礁に乗り上げる and 吐瀉物噴出 (ugh) are destroying me
Still an infinity more than what I was able to before, what a victory

The feeling of wanting to ganbaru today, all day

I can see a theme here. Do you like knitting, or silk?



Why does she add the い after ぞ? Is that some rural hick thing, or what?

it's an anime thing

Studying/doing reps while listening to Japanese ASMR is a good feel.


Here is one with rain sounds + girl sleeping and breathing softly near you. One of my favorite kinds and sadly quite rare.

Fuck you, I hate these things. They always make me realize how lonely how I am.

Anyone got any book recommendations.
I finished genki ages ago, and am now working at N3/2 level (or whatever UK a levels are equivalent to)
Preferably something cheap

>N3/2 level

Are you sure you'd pass N4?

Who the fuck records those anyway? Is there an industry of sorts in Japan for this shit?

I'll try listening to it when I'm off to sleep tonight



I got over that a long time ago. Been listening to ASMR for several years now, and now I find these kinds of roleplays the next best thing after 2D girls.

It's a moderately big thing in the West as well (seriously, just look up ASMR on youtube, there are millions of videos). But as usual, it's the Japanese who do it right, with their girlfriend roleplays and ecchi/ero audios. They sell them at stores like DLsite too.

I can't hear shit, fampai.

I like to imagine that at least some of them are cute socially awkward girls for whom recording weird shit in their apartment is the only way they can interact with boys.