Do you?

Do you?


Alright Galko, now suck my cock

>tfw Galko will never be your mother


what does it mean when a girl wears one?

they like anal

Niggarell, your other shitposting thread is already at page 10. Fuck off already.
She's probably a slut.

She already has a master

They're slaves to large dicks.

>new chapter comes out after like two months
>it's a non fanservice 2 page Otako chapter
Fucking hell.

black belt in sucking a dick

Reminder that this is a Niggarell shitposting thread and should be reported and saged.
Any post bumping this thread is bumping a thread for a known shitposter and ban evader.

That she likes wearing chokers.

I'd ask for source on this but it's probably yurishit, isn't it?

When does the OVA come out again?

>still bumping the thread
Why are Galkofags so retarded?

I'll tell you that it's definitely not. I'm not giving sauce because you shouldn't assume.

When I saw Otako's brother on the first page I thought there was at least some chance of it being a him/Galko-nee chapter, but nope, it's fucking nothing.
At least the next chapter is out on Friday, so hopefully this is the end of the irregular serialisation.

What was up with that anyways?
Was the autor sick or something.

Come on man, we all make mistakes!

black belt in dong polishing

Is cute.

She has good taste in fashion

I really don't know, I don't remember ever seeing anything on his twitter about it. Though his twitter is mostly just him retweeting cosplay pics and semi-lewd fanart anyway.

Best girls right here.

Not soon enough.

>still bumping
Literally mentally challenged.

Are you seriously telling me I missed a show about a stacked blonde gyaru? What the fuck was I thinking?

It was a short but even then it had threads 24/7 before and after airing so I don't know how you missed it.

I pretty much stopped watching anime that season

It was surprisingly good outside of the lewd content too.

give us the sauce faggot

>>what does it mean when a girl wears one?
I don't know, but I know what it means for my dick..


daddy issues, and not the hot kind

Galko is cute, CUTE!

post lewd mommies

what does it mean when a boy wears one?

I want to make Bomuo's mum not a single mum any more.

My dad says it's like a black belt in blowjobs.

So if yo mom suck during a blowjob session, is it a good thing or a bad thing?

nigga shut yo ass up, nigga ya nose so big when you breath in shit from ya neighbors house starts flying towards you