ITT: anime that are better written than the manga

ITT: anime that are better written than the manga

You're not wrong. The JoJo anime fixed some plotholes

Why is Josuke so perfect?

Mangafags will say it's worse just because it's not the manga. The anime made DU a lot better but /Jojo/ will crucify you because it's an opinion that the circlejerk doesn't share.


Aside from "MUH ARAKI ART" it's true. There were actually people who got upset because they change the order of events with Cinderella even though it flows much better than the manga.

The Joestar birthmarks not showing up until part 3, and Avdol's "death"

>The anime made DU a lot better
How so?

Its pretty much a panel-for-panel copy, except they removes a handful of gags and inserted some QUALITY

I haven't been keeping up with part 4, and I wouldn't really want to go anywhere near the Jojo general, so I might as well ask here.
How is part 4 holding up? I've been hearing some people say that the artsy artstyle is doing more harm than good, how true is this?

>and Avdol's "death"
What did the anime change about that?

>and Avdol's "death"
The anime handled it exactly the same as the mango

Adds in details, cut superfluous things, shifts some events so they flow better into the next thing.

>better written
It's literally the same thing for the most part.

Read the manga

I thought that the anime made it more obvious that the bullet just grazed him. Maybe I'm remembering things wrong

>cut superfluous things
like what?

Didn't the anime change the order of some arcs in Part 4?

ehh, i don't agree, but i wouldn't fault you for saying that, the part 4 anime is really good

Read the manga

Yep, but the animation is pure shit and full of quality moments.

Araki's art/manga is a lot better than the anime design.

I wish they can fix the Part 5 ending, worst JoJo part of all.

Cinderella and Quiet Life Part 1 were swapped, that's all. It doesn't really change anything in the grand scheme of things aside from Aya being in People of Morioh.

Probably more to do with the anime not going full DUWANG

The first cour and a handful of episodes later are better than the manga. The episodes with Angelo and Tamami in particular are much better directed, intense, and more stylish than the manga. It's really a joy to watch.
But now that the production is falling apart and there's rampant QUALITY and some rushing going on, the anime really has gone downhill ever since Kira arrived. It's a shame

this was the case for season 3 as well

The the fucking Heirophant Green fight had better animation than DIO's World

ITT: shit source material made into acceptable anime for the masses


But you didn't post one.

yes he did

Only if they toned down Koichi's sperging in anime. I honestly was fine with him in manga, but can't stand that faggot in anime.

>Yep, but the animation is pure shit and full of quality moments.
When will this meme die? The part 4 anime only has minor, forgivable "quality" moments during unimportant scenes but it always delivers during all the big fights and whatnot

Not him but the fact that kira also is shown seeing cinderella's beauty thing

It wouldn't be so bad if he WASN'T ALWAYS SCREAMING

In part three it answered
Where did the little girl go that followed Jotaro and crew

Hong Kong

I was going to watch part 4 and then read the manga, but I just dropped it for the manga because Koichi was unbearable.

There are 3 or 4 shitty looking episodes, but other than that, It holds up well.

>ITT: god tier source material made into acceptable anime for the masses

>jojo tumblr gif
>rec thread
Lurk for 2 years before posting.


Cutting content and placing easter eggs isn't better writting. Don't be delusional.

>tumblr gif

>rec thread

How are you gonna try to enforce rules if you joined here in 2013?

Are you honestly trying to argue that isn't a tumblr gif?

>2.00 mb

Its not you newfag.

>dogshit colors
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>capped around 500x250
>over 2mb while being less than a 3 second loop
It is 100% a tumblr gif, you ape.

The image goes past tumblr's restrictions you retard

Call me once they do Part 7, then you'll see that David can't reproduce a quality work of art.