Would you watch a STALKER anime?

Would you watch a STALKER anime?

What's that?

Sometimes I despair for today's youth.

I'd rather have cute girls doing cute surreal things.

>two of the girls waiting for the bus; it's about noon and the weather's sunny, but there's one hell of a breeze going through the entire city

It's very windy today, isn't it, Nastya..? I have to constantly hold down my skirt so people won't see my panties, it's troublesome!
>Nastya sneezes something which smelled like iodine, but to people's eyes, including mine, it appeared like she sneezed pure light, which made thousands of tiny, indefinitely deep holes in the ground

"That period of the day, huh?"

>Natasha turns into a dog, then that dog turns into some weird translucent liquid, then she goes inside a phone booth which is completely black, so people outside can't see what happens inside
>she leaves the booth with a tired, but also aroused look in her face
>her knees are weak and it looks like she's gonna fall

Ahh~..even though this happens every day, it feels divine.

Katya takes her daily cup of piping-hot iodine, as for the par, and she somehow ends up turning into a 100-meter-tall giantess

Anna thinks to herself "Gas mask patterned panties, huh?" As expected of my Katyusha, she had always had great taste in everything; and then she licks her lips, with a tongue that has thousands of tiny holes in it (fanservice for the trypophobiacs out there).

What is Desert Punk?

An actual STALKER anime?
Fuck yeah.
Cute girls doing Zone things?
Not as hyped but sure.

yes but whoever we're following has to be cute loli

Please be bait.

I'd take it if it weren't just STALKER with cute girls because that'd be silly.

Only if it had only cute girls.

>Would you watch a STALKER anime?

Only if Xebec does the art style

I'm getting mixed signals here, Cred Forums


Cute girls on Fukushima.

Three shotas are playing in the childrens' playground in the early afternoon, with the sun just about to enter the "sunset" stage.
The kids are arguing whose dad is the coolest.
>My dad is half-reptile, and has tons of illegal substances in his secret stash
>That's pretty awesome, but my dad my dad has butha-

The kids are enveloped by an invisible 'cage' of helium, surrounded by a very dense transparent gas , something the KGB are very proud of creating.

A Christmas cake-looking woman, with a long coat which releases dark, ashy-looking smoke; with her hair (albeit not completely, but in a dash pattern), pupils, and boots coated in Vantablack 2. This makes her appearance rather upsetting, because everything which is coated, is powerful enough to bend light, so one can see a cat in her boots, a bottle of coke in her waving hair (though you'd have to focus really hard)..and her pupils..they look like you're staring into the abyss Nietzsche described. You can feel you're being stared at, but trying to describe that feeling to other people will only out you as a "classic Karachay lake survivor", a crazy madman.

"Oya, boya-tachi. What was that about 'illegal substances' you talked about earlier? You better talk up, or else..."

>all of the kids "Or else what, you shitty baba?"

>she looks visibly upset - "Ba-baba?" Don't make me start the helium fusion, you fucking brat".

"I can't help it, can I"? - says the feminine boy who talked about his dad's substances. "I didn't want to resort to this crass technique since it requires me and my friend to do something... crass..but we gonna die for real if I don't do this.

He drops his pants, and his panties
His friends exclaim "W-whoa, Alexei, you wear panties today? How lewd!".

Alexei blushes for a couple of seconds, and looks like he's about to slap his friends, but he quickly gets over his short temper.

There's a reason the Zone is a huge sausagefest. That place is so bleak and inhospitable that if women got in it would instantly turn into something from Fatalpulse.

You say it's like a bad thing.

That's the best part


also raep

A 1-2 ep H OVA isn't enough to curb my thirst for more STALKER. Besides, seeing cute girls being raped by bandits and the occasional military patrols then left to serve as bait for bloodsuckers loses it's novelty real quick.

Is it because today's youth think everyone else cares about what video games they like?

Is Coppelion the closest anime to STALKER we got?
Not that it was any good.