ITT: Post sluts

ITT: Post sluts

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I don't have an image of you're whore mother.


I'm sorry you choose to waifu such a slut user.
It's really sad you have to resort to childish insults to defend your absolute shit taste.

>shy innocent girl in the front
>sexy jk slut in the back



But there's nothing innocent about Gallo, she's a shit


>Unironically using lol
Fuck off from Cred Forums

>boner why?
How do you call the fetish for a pure girl falling into deprivity? Degeneration?



the tag should be moral_degeneration

It should be, but it's
Which sucks because I have a fetish for magical corruption. Girls turning into succubi and shit and it's the same tag

that's sad



She's invented the world's tiniest cigarette


wew lad


Your stupid.

>not post the video


Actually there's a moral_degradation tag on most doujin sites

I mean he's not wrong about your mother though


That's my wife you fucker!

Posting the classic that started it all.


choose one, faggot.

>tfw that hentai was utter shit
why is hentai so terrible compared to doujins?