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From the last thread:
Give me some manga panels with Crazy D's face close-ups. I can't seem to find any.

Post good Valentine R63s


How would you fix the part 6 ending? Remember jotaro needs removing somehow.

name one (1) stand you would personally like to have

hard mode: find an everyday use for it that isnt combat

This is a jjoo thread now.

Jotaro already got removed during the Part 6 ending.

I mean so he wont be in the parts that would theoretically follow

my dad works at araki:
>rotation/gravity can stop jesus powers
>dio and pucci, the antichrist and false prophet's plan was to use rotation/gravity to cause the end of the world and cause a reality where jesus never ascended into heaven so they can steal his powers
>final boss will be HEEL GIORNO

The World.
I could get shit done in less time and have more time for dicking around


Cheap Trick
It saves me the trouble of socialising

Shinobu's butt!

Name one (1) stand

Jackie Chan!


i'd steal the memories of people who have seen me doing embarassing things

>go to costco or whatever big store and steal anything I need in papers
>have all the shit I need on my wallet
>always have hot food
I always dream of having that stand

Earth, Wind, and Fire

Would you give up being a serial killer to spend the rest of your life with Shinobu?

Rate each part based on its sub-title
4 > 1 > 3 > 5 > 6 > 8 > 2 > 7

What is he looking at? Vanilla Ice porn?

YES, someone post the picture of kira saying Hayato kinkshamed him

Well, kira definitely fucking didn't.

Shinobuposting is really starting to become more cancerous every day

Stone free, I can basically use the wires as tentacles and reach shit easier

i agree entirely with that list




>in a fucking opening

David is awful

Bad Company.
They can just airlift everything to me when I'm feeling lazy.


A couple.

King Crimson - skipping through time means I'd be able to get through lectures quicker and be less bored.

Heaven's Door - obvious

Sticky Fingers - just sounds really useful in general, can hide or store random objects, can extend my arm to grab stuff, can reach through walls, can quickly travel through the ground, can easily steal stuff from vending machines, etc.

Heaven's Door
Because you can use it to basically mind control people

Part 2 is shit.


Weather Report
I can do anythingm except protecting myself from KKK

Damn you're right

>he thinks he's fitting in

Heaven's Door can practically rewrite reality. It you can write "fly 50 meters backwards" or "know italian" inside of it, I bet you can even write stuff like "have a mind control power with global range that makes everybody the slave of Rohan Kishibe" or "the next time you yawn, an the Eifel Tower will explode and Marsians land on Time Square".

David isnt the first to put quality in openings buddy.

>Heaven's Door can practically rewrite reality
>I bet you can even write stuff like "have a mind control power with global range that makes everybody the slave of Rohan Kishibe" or "the next time you yawn, an the Eifel Tower will explode and Marsians land on Time Square".
It's explicitly said you can't.

>"the next time you yawn, an the Eifel Tower will explode and Marsians land on Time Square".
user, pls think of the innocents.

At least it's better then part 5.

>King Crimson
I was thinking about this the other day - if you had Epitaph would you be able to see another person's reaction to something you were going to say and say something else? If so then it's both cool and useful in social situations. also TOYU

It makes sense but it's worded really awkwardly.By face,he meant face of the watch.If I had to guess what was happening here I would assume that they translated the lines way too literally.

>Part 2 better than 5
Satan has the shittiest taste.I know its you diavolo

I wish rohan had tried more weird things with HD, like writing all your stand are belong to me and taking over the stand

Take that back,Diavolo.I know you want the part you're in to stand out less,but part 2 has so few redeeming qualities.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Fuck off Satan

They could have translated it to "side"

Why is Whitesnake so sexual?

> part 2 has so few redeeming qualities.
Part 5 has even fewer.

Who is best girl in Part 4? Shinobu or Reimi?

>stand that you can't control at all
>the world has entirely collapsed in 2 weeks
You did it?

>Whitesnakes first appearance is when he covered Jotaro and Jolyne in his Dream Goo
>Afterwards he then proceed to destroy the mind of Jotaro



No amount of trips can save part 2, user.

Highway Star
Get gains without ever having to work out

No amount of themes can save part 5, user.


Charmy Green


Well, all im saying is that i enjoyed Part 5 more than 2. I wasnt into Josephs ruse cruse and his shitty "crew" either. Passione has a bit more appealing qualities in the form of Mista, Bruno, and unfortunately Naranchia.

That's just Stone Free

Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap

Magic tricks & dimension hopping is useful if you fuck up your life in one dimension, you can just hop to another one which might be different.

also this 2 will awaken my stand, D4C!

are you fucking kidding me, I was going to pick 6 and I second guessed myself and picked 2.

Nice job loser.

Stop with the fucking trips nigga
>most of the side characters are really good
>good villain with a neat gimmick
>some of the best fights in the series
>excellent interaction between the main cast
>excellent interaction between some of the villain teams
As opposed to
>literally 4 villains the whole part
>only one of them was good,one was meh,and the rest were shit
>close to zero interaction between the main cast,aside from Joseph and Lisa Lisa
>bad fights that tried and failed to be clever
>Hamon gaining new abilities out of no where
okay user

check this 8

Part 5 was just an entire Part of Caesars

>All these pre-developed characters hanging around with a cardboard cut out like Giorno
>In order to sympathize with them, just have flash backs detailing their tragic pasts and how they overcome their shitty fates
>And then they all die except Mista and Fugo because he bounced, so I guess Giorno is the protagonist now

>An actual cast of memorable characters with great backstories and nice Stands
>Some of the best fights in the series
>Great art
>Interesting setting
>Most notable group of minor villains that don't feel like random mooks
>A villain that doesn't have a generic goal and actually did more than job
Why are part 2 fags so insecure? Are you that same guy that keeps on going "Part 2 is shit! Am I fitting in yet?"

Rohan can't write on himself and he can't make things happen that don't concern the person he's writing in. He couldn't write "the Eiffel tower will explode" in a person and have it explode out of nowhere. Heaven's Door isn't like King Crimson.

From last thread: Ask Morioh's smallest Stand user anything!

What's crazy diamond looking at?

Why is it always, ALWAYS P2vsP5?

>All these pre-developed characters hanging around with a cardboard cut out like Giorno
>In order to sympathize with them, just have flash backs detailing their tragic pasts
So just like Part 3 then?

How big is Rohan's dick?

>Rohan can't write on himself
Then how did he escape at the Louvre ?

Where did your pride and dignity go?

Actually, it's usually 5 vs 6.

They arnt caesars because they dont Have their past flashed backed the moment they die and did a hell of alot more than Caesar.
Mista carried a good amount of fights and was Part 5's tank.
Buccellati was a headstrong motherfucker who didnt take any shit against anybody, even Diavolo.
Abbachio suffered as being a Hard Support.
Trish got her stand late in the game but was useful against one of he most OP stands.
Giorno was mostly there because his Theme of "The Son of God defeats the devil" and to inspire Passione bit by bit.
Narancia was comic relief.


except yes it can though

Because people aren't letting the "Part 5 is shit" meme die and there's that one fag who keeps getting offended that people aren't ranking part 2 in their top 5 list.

It's more like 3vs5 since they share lots of flaws and similarities.

Did we just not read the same manga or what?

2 vs 5 is very rare it's mainly 5 vs 6 or 3 vs 5
or 7 vs 8 honestly

Because liking part 2 is a meme and disliking part 5 is a meme.

I suppose, especially bad with Kakyoin. Polnareff got a bunch of development though at the expense of everyone else. Also Joseph was an established character so he didn't actually need development either

So like 4/6 of the Crusaders came off flat as fuck. But without Part 3, a lot of the conventions refined in Part 5 like the amazing Stand battles or even the main character couldn't have happened

Jojo anime when?

That just makes the baby want to save Rohan when he is in danger, and the baby is directly involved in doing that.


You do know the baby just forced the hand of RPS kid to close with his own hand


>Implying we're getting anything more than the SDC OVAs
Hahah, fuck off. Japan doesn't care about Phantom Blood or Battle Tendency, they just like SDC

I'd just tell them to find jewles
Hermit purple
Future television I would never have to wait for the next episode of anything

Because animeonlys think Part 2 is the best and have heard the "Part 5 is bad" meme through other animeonlys on reddit.

step 1 bring asuna from negima
step 2 fuck her eternally

the little fuckers can lift me and give me money

Don't worry I can give you my six

Bruno was the protag and Mista the BroJo

Trish was robbed of proper development and was actually a hindrance during the climax like Lisa Lisa

And Giorno came off more like a plot device than a protagonist

Probably never. I heard that the part 1 movie by APPP flopped big,so we probably won't get another shot at one for at least 5 more years.
>part 6 translation never



Plot device or not he was as, if not, more entertaining than Jotaro. Every time he was in a fight you knew he was going to do something pretty damn amazing, and unlike Jotaro he actually worked pretty well as a team player. I'm not saying he's the best JoJo but he wasn't bad at all when I read it. Seeing shit like his interactions with the group and him and Mista bro-ing up to fuck up Ghiaccio and Ciocolatta was hype.

Also, looking back at part 5, it's pretty weird how similar Diavolo and Giorno were in a sense. They both had ordinary lives as kids with weird circumstances thrown their way and had similar goals in the end but both took different paths and ended up as different people.

Then how does it works

>mfw I realized Milagro Man is a counter to Harvest



I bet you can't even catch a 4.



Is there any stand that can beat Millagro man+Sugar mountain?


Jotaro is my favourite JoJo, but you're not saying much by comparing him to Giorno. Compare him to Joseph or something if you want people to actually give a shit.

>trish came off as a hindrance
How? She admittedly didn't do much but she was far better than Lisa Lisa, at least she wasn't hyped up to being super strong and then only winning a single fight, against a jobber no less

>giorno is a plot device
Once again, how? I always hear this argument. Back this shit up for once with fucking examples.

It does shit and you can't control it
Ungalo took a plane to avoid it backfiring on him

Gappy makes me happy

Me on black Friday

It randomly brings character from fiction to life all across the world.You have no say in who comes to life or where.And if you happen to encounter a fictional character,you play a role in their story,like Anasui and the goats.

Main theme of Part 5 in general. That and I felt Giorno really lost something when he joined the gang, I was down with him before then and seemed a lot quirkier than what he turned out to be

Also not a fan of Diavolo to a certain degree. I felt of all the missed potential out of any characters in Part 5 it was out of Giorno and Diavolo. Not sure where, but something really feels missing to me

>Heaven's door can swap people's genders

>no one has yet to edit Gappy's outfit onto SDC Jotaro and Jotaro's outfit onto Gappy
After all that talk the other day about them having the same build but in a different art style, I was sure someone would make at least one edit.

Post manga reading advocacy

Heavens door
You couldn't Ora Ora but it's power is limited only by how creatively you use it


I really like Jotaro as well, I just compared him to Jotaro since he's the one people shit on a lot too. No JoJos are bad and I thoroughly enjoyed each of them whilst reading every part. What Jotaro and Giorno lack in personality they make up through their actions in different ways in their respective parts, there's just something about Giorno that makes me admire him every time I read Part 5. Every one of his actions feel like that of a leader, and I could easily accept him as just being that for the part. The supporting cast were colorful enough to take the role of protagonists that I didn't mind too much.
I really liked the main themes of part 5 honestly and the way they were executed makes thinking about the part and discussing it properly really enjoyable. But I do agree, I wish Giorno had some more time to show development. For Diavolo I think it would've been more interesting if either he was the gangster in the past that Giorno saved or if Doppio was part of the group originally and turned out to be the traitor.

Gio in PHF though was fucking awesome, him acting like an actual Don was really good for his character.


Hermes gives me best boner

>Heaven's Door
>can't rush attack
but it can, not that Rohan needs it considering how fucking fast he is by himself.


Cool runnings

He probably just made him dress up as a girl.