Politics and philosophy discussion. What are we doing and where are we going? Welcome newfags old fags check in and help newfags

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This thread is not /pol related

Inb4 "where do you think you are?"

Just fuck off with this random garbage.

gas yourself faggot, we are a political movement

fuck your khazarian ass right out of here

bumping, second post faggiest post

kek how are you today brother? How is your awakening coming? What do you think is or should be the political agenda of the black sun? You want to get this convo started?

i renounce all contracts ive entered in concsiously or unconsciously

What is this Black Sun? I've heard of a black star, but not this.

The Black Sun is an organization devoted to exposing to the truth a secret society that was the leadership of the third reich. Do you want to learn more about who we are and what we are doing?

Sure, do you have any sources?

Yes but this is a journey my friend not something undertaken simply or easily, start with this playlist

when you finish it everything is on that channel, I would watch the playlists first to help you understand everything else. Welcome brother you are coming home

I'm a fucking brainlet. Years consuming trash in the internet really destroyed my brain. My attention capacity is very low. There are some books that you recommend?

This is babby shit my friend, I'm more interested in the reich business.

You have to walk before you crawl desu, not this is not baby shit, you will not understand how everything is connected without the proper foundation, it will only seem "crazy" to you because all you have ever been taught is lies. Trust the process knowledge is power

yes friend also start with this playlist

I am trying to show you what WWII was really about, first you have to understand what the lies are and where they come from and what they are really hiding the Reich discovered

I just watched the 4th of some 10 episodes of a newer documentary about international jewry and The Third Reich.

The higher ups know without question that the White race is being genocided. My question is... do we have higher ups with our interests at heart? Is there any hope whatsoever or is this It? We go silently into the night as the whole world slips into a disgusting, cultureless, backwards, de-evolved cesspit of race mixed slaves of international jewry? I'm struggling back and forth between some hope and hopelessness.

>You have to walk before you crawl
I've been jogging quite some distance. CIA can't touch me.
Well now, I can tell you I was there. Genetic memory.

sorry this was for you, also start with this playlist

>do we have higher ups with our interests at heart? Is there any hope whatsoever or is this It?
We do brother
>I'm struggling back and forth between some hope and hopelessness.
Don't lose hope my friend the mass awakening has already begun nothing can stop it. Just learn what they are hiding so you can operate at max power level. We have things you can do, that is what we are doing. Do you want to be a part of ending it all or do you want to watch it go silent into that good night? We need all hands on deck, not heroes, we need every man doing his job we will lift up our own heroes

interesting want to tell us more?

I've slipped into the meta-physical aspects of understanding the reality we live in, most of what I know isn't especially /pol-related. Self-taught, mostly. I'm trying to understand the topic of this thread so I can more adequately participate

Kill all snowniggers.

This topic is VERY political, its subject matter extends far back before modern political record, it is that integral at root. I wish to read it. If you are anti-black sun, you are anti-white.

Well what do you know of the ancient Aryans/Atlantis? What do you know of the cyclical nature of this reality? Do you know evolution is a scam? Do you know nearly all of history they teach us is fabricated? Do you know what yugas and ages are? Do you know of the Vedic/Aryan empire?

Coming soon:

Atlantis wasn't quite founded by whites, or blacks. It was a society of intelligent red-skinned seafarers, a race that eventually settled in the Americas. Aryans found a way to the northern land mass, and their society crumbled as they became hippies.

Ice wall, Pyramids, Dino-elites. Human-alien hybrids. Globe is a lie.

>It was a society of intelligent red-skinned seafarers,
meh they were pale blue and white(ish), but yes they were also giants.

Pale yes, but blue? The only blue humanoids I know of live in the primordial sea, today. Below our oceans, that is.

I don't just want to be apart of it, I have to be. Any other path in life just seems empty.

Well that is how they are recorded as more than one ancient texts. I don't know about ayyy lmaos I try and stick to what I can prove

Precisely you are made the way the creator made you for a purpose. Don't fight it, he built you to be forged in the fires of the Black Sun, be thankful this could be your last lifetime if you play your cards right.

What I know about ayys is that they've been here from the start. They colonized this land, they lived in this land, and they're still living in this land. We were created in this world, but it is not ours. Fae are often confused for aliens, but they're more native than foreign.

You have any proofs for this?

Basically the more conspiracies you believe the woker. In reality this "knowledge" doesn't help you and is probably just "pseudo-science" shit.

ooga booga im a space nigger. No and nobody cares.

You can contact them yourself, you just need to prove you won't snitch.
Fuck off Swedecuck, suck some troll dick under a bridge

What are you calling pseudo-science friend? I have been a scientist all my life and nothing I posted is pseudo anything

He's trying to use me to discredit the thread. Typical psy-op shill

Post some scientific evidence that any of your space aryan bullshit is true

I know what he is doing lol
you didn't read the thread did you? Try again

Magickal thinking is important.

Humans are not 100% rational all the time and even when they are rational they are not empirical all the time.

Better to tame it than let it run rampant. Selecting the mythology and spirital path that you want to walk is a wise choice.

OP hasn't posted anything to defend... what are you screaming about?
This. Hebrews have natural inclination towards magic.

Stop trying to pick up the thors hammer you fucking mutt

I am a Son Of Saturn faggot, better quit playing with fire before you get burned

Yes im a psy-op shill the jews are using their satanic hebrew magic to stop your movement.
>when you are this stupid

Then burn me you mutt

What is your goal in posting in this thread, then, if not to disrupt discussion? That's what a shill is. I'm replying to you for the benefit of onlookers.

Care to elaborate? What do you mean by "last lifetime" and playing my cards right? I don't know what to do exactly. Self improvement via meditation, rejecting degeneracy, clean eating, physical fitness, etc is where I have started. But I feel a pull at the core of my being telling me I am missing a piece of the puzzle of what I am supposed to do.

Ty. Newfag here and also interested. Will def watch

Were you can find the mythos of the black sun without the "nazi" undertone?
To be more normi friendly.

Nah dude, atlantians we're basically like huge living Greek-style marble statues.

how is that even possible? and don't normify it

Yes, and their elite lived under the water, thus lighter skin. Dark-skinned Atlanteans lived on the ocean's surface.

It's a mix of christian mythos and hindu mythos.

Christians believe in a creator, it's personification it's normally an antropomorphic representation. A father basically.

Hindus mythos believe in a sort of "cosmic energy" or "universal will". It's not represented as an antropomorphic beign.
They also believe in reincarnation. Reincarnation is a process that a beign need to do in order to elevate himself. Every life that you walk it's used as a sort of test or growing process.
If you do everything right you ascend to a higher place and basically become one with this universal consciousness.
You will repeated the process until you ascend.

He is basically combining both mythos.
Nothing wrong with that.

Nah dude it was an island mentioned in one of aristotles stories. Later to be picked up by some ((((pseudo-scientist))) and (((misinform))) every one

Interesting. I must have only seen the one type then.

>no sources
>bs discussion
>ego stroking about muh visions

The absolute state of this thread that killed another would be decent thread.

except you are creating a CVLT

SAGE then?

The elites have survived in greater numbers, and nowadays 99% of Atlanteans are light-skinned on account of there being no place of refuge for them on the surface. Modern Philippines hold most of what's left of dark-skinned Atlantean genetics.
Do you have anything to offer to this discussion aside from dissension?

Atlantis was a metaphor by aristotle why are you believing that it is a real location?

hmm this is complex. You need to watch the videos to understand I don't think I can explain ti in way you will understand until you do. Everything is cyclical we are reincarnated, there appears to be only one way to escape the cycle and that is to learn what we are talking about here

yw welcome

Syncretism is the basis for postmodernity and not surprising that this actually precipitates into a premodern way of thinking e.g. abandoning reason for emotion; this kind of shit epitomizes slave morality, i.e. i will get massah with my voodoo doll. Get out of the basement and engage in the struggle for life before it is too late lads.

More like the BLACKED sun.

>It's a mix of christian mythos and hindu mythos.
No it isn't it is math and please don't just make shit up if you don't know what you are talking about, nothing in (((Christianity))) is original it is all plagiarized from other sources that all lead back to a single source

Aristotle WENT to Atlantis. If you were to ask the man himself, he would tell you it was real. Nobody but modern naysayers call it a hoax/metaphor/story.
Our reality is an amalgam of too many things to be called one thing.

sry it was plato not aristotle

Pulling you in a direction, like a compass needle ?
Come, pass.

I gave you the sources, may here already know this material so they don't need sources. Since you are a newfag you should ask for them instead of being a fag start with this

fuck off kike Atlantis is fact this is not up for debate

Our reality is nothing more than yes or no, on or off, 1 or 0.

Hail 0d1n

you really are just making shit up because
>muh youtube video i saw
and it was plato that told the story so you are wrong and misinformed. AND why don't you question yourself. what if all your beliefs are wrong? but no
>i have muh impecable belief system and mythos an shietz and anyone who dares question it will be called a shill

It can be boiled down to that, yeah. It gets more complex the higher you count.
>>muh youtube video i saw
I didn't link any youtube videos, OP did.
Try harder shill

We live in a simulation but so what? it won't help you in anything

no one respond to this faggot anymore it is clear he is a shill only a kike says something like this
>muh youtube video i saw
It could not be more obvious what he is doing do not let him derail the thread

Is this where we discuss metaphysics?

0 = (+1) + (-1) (combination of the original values of polar opposites resulting in annihilation of its members)
|+1| + |-1| = 2 (union of the absolute values of polar opposites resulting in the restoration of the members)
Thus yielding:
0 = (+1) + (-1) «=» |+1| + |-1| = 2

This is where we discuss the truth and you find out how everything is connected so you cna show others

>it's not up for debate

oh now i can win any argument by sendiing someone a youtube video and saying my belief isn't questionable

Why are so many "heathens" or "pagans" a bunch of hippy mongrels?

Nothing, a lack of something. Something, a lack of nothing. Have, lack. 0 = 1, 1 = 2. There is no such thing as nothing, because nothing is nothing. Nothing is not a thing.

The poster from sweden is the only normal poster in this thread. You american mutts are all retarted and disillusioned.

Well you have to define "hippy".

Bodhi Mantra on yt? I have watched a few. I will dive deeper.

Yes like that. Also like a hunger for more. Like I have finally found something more meaningful and polarizing to live for, but I just don't know enough yet. This all came out of nowhere. Researched tons of religions. Been stumbling looking for meaning for as long as I can remember. For the first time I feel like I have found real answers and I just want to play my part. The best way I can put it is I didn't really choose this whole Black Sun ideology. I was called.

read this :
and tell me atlantis is a real place

We never turn back

see ya soon cupcake

No thanks, shill.

Yes but it should be rooted in wisdom, gathered by study of genuine history and its extant remnants rather than the flight if fantasy and imagination it so often seems to be.

yes finish the playlist you will understand that channel is a mural you can only see the entire once you have all the pieces tot he puzzle. It will unlock everything for you trust the process

A lot of work has been done to blur the line between reality and fantasy for the precise purpose of obscuring magical knowledge.

This happened to me, can't read a book but can spend hours reading shit on Cred Forums


Yes nothing is a comforting fallacy.

why are so many X a bunch of hiplie mongrels?

Find one X (philosophical view) that isnt true.

So is anyone doing anything practical to further our agenda?

>...and philosophy discussion

my philosophy states you should fucking kys

So stop talking about useless non-sense, friend.
What if my philosophy told me it was in my best interest to strangle you?

You are the higher up. You can literally raise the dead.

wow cool symbol hurr hurr

>watch this playlist

what can that magical knowledge do?

What do you think, it's magic. Pure energy manipulation. They use it to confuse us and make us blind to reality.

What energy? and what happens when we see reality? what is the end goal?

Why don't we meet and I can show you. I would love to put on a demonstration, in fact it makes my mouth water

Inb4 /x jew tube channel

You sound like a massive faggot!

>thw acctually watched by Gods


you would know :)

but what does this have to do with black sun or nazism at all?

Free energy, anyone can tap into it. We're trapped in a human-centric illusion that's preventing us from overpowering beings lesser than us. What are you, exactly? How can you be so sure you're human?

kek n one

Just leave them alone my bro. They are mutts you cant reason with them. I feel sorry for them.

your point is
0=0 2=2
how is this interesting?

Relation to the pic.
They are still atheist LARPing as VIKANGZ which is even more sad. I have friends who are like that. Still posting ricky gervais videos on fb while wearing viking rings on their wrist.

You seem pretty unreasonable, given your only contribution to this thread is "these mutts are retarded". Could you reply to us calling us retarded, so it's not so impersonal, shill?


no one has done it so how can we be so sure?

Is your mathematics strong, or at least workable ?


Is this interesting ?

spiritual muts

How can you be so sure nobody's doing it right now?

Tbh we did manipulate reality on this very board

Meme magic is real.

Better than worshiping a kike.

Yeah, sure larper


not really.

He knows they are, the german's built "UFO's with it" this is nothing new Tesla used it this is ancient knowledge the Atlanteans built vemanas with it etc

It's also obvious his government is blasting his mind, look at how simple his responses had become.

Why do you guys need some faggy label or symbol to hide behind??

That's one of the things I agree on in your schizo rants
We did sven you know our religion did have magic in them and they talked about it as if it was real and part of daily life, Europe lost its religion but we maintained it i'm sure our ancestors knew ways to change reality it can be a coincidence to a certain point

I know it's stupid really leave the norse gods alone please don't make it into a nazi thing keep the two separated

>schizo rants
You might as well disregard that, then, too. If you're not with me, you're against me. I'm either crazy or I'm sane, pick one.

Madness is the final redpill

talking from expirience I have felt energys (cold or warm wind, fluids rushing up and down in the body, sufficating feeling, insanly easy breathing)
I also could make other people feel it.
For some reason, I got stronger and stronger anxiety when practising this stuff.
I havent done anything into that direction for a while and I cant help to think that all those magicboys on the internet want to confuse me.
Although I know spirituality is real.

I don't hide behind anything I will meet you any time anywhere name the time and place, say when and where

So which is it? Am I a crazy man raving, or am I a wise man sharing? I'd like a proper response from you.

You claim that you have visions that give you insight to truth while in reality your just some mentally ill retard. There is nothing to contribute to this thread because it only consits of you, op and your tiny amout of other pals that i have missed stroking your massive egos, op literally claims to have almost godly powers and even threatened the swede, if you dont think thats crazy or delusional then you need to seek help.

I have given you everything you need to understand and master this here

start with the ancient knowledge playlist

We'll your religion and magic didn't help when the english arrived did it? and same with Africa. The only thing that matters is this world and the eternal powerstruggle between peoples

you kinda need to get lucky if you want to get into spirituality.
But it sure helps if you seek to understand the Gods.

>You claim that you have visions

seems like it. redpill getting you from nowhere to nowhere

Strong symbols are not just created when needed at whim, they become burned into reality over time by natural forces.

>From nowhere to nowhere
Think about that.

come meet me big boy and I will be glad to show you what I can do

only some people can i've never experienced anything. good for me some doors need to remain shut

Our magic and religion aren't some video game tools man , you just understand the world through power the like commies want you too
As joyce said, the final wake is madness its just how the perception of reality differs

If I knock on your door, I hear you on the other side, waiting for me to leave. That's fine.
>>I'd like a proper response from you.

you are mad and your madness doesn't help anyone. if it was wisdom it would help people. but you dont you mislead them

Whom is misleading whom? It appears to me you are much more invested in this topic than you're leading others to believe. Is your only role to mock and ridicule?

Stop responding the shills guys they are trying to derail this thread to keep our organization from growing and keep us from accomplishing our goals. Please get control of your monkey mind and do not indulge them. If you want to argue with shills there are plenty of threads here to do it on. Please try and ignore them. What is something practical anyone is doing in their everyday lives to further our cause?

I wont watch bs. I am done with these strange cults.
I dont need other people for spirituality.
The lower spirituality witch essentially worthless and accesable is open for everyone, like a road.
Acctual spirituality is a wild forest

Madness is just different perception of reality, you would've been a shaman in olden time


Meet the gods that our ancestors used to worship, see how they have risen and fallen

How many times will I ask the same question? How many times will you give me the same answer? Who is more mad, you or I? Alice or the Cat?

Madness is just different perception of reality, you would've been a shaman in olden time

Get back to marching with the faggots Soy.

>science, truth and knowledge are a cult
Ok so what are you doing here? You have their terms and labels brainwashed into your mind so you prob cannot recognize truth when you see it anyway this is probably not the place for you

what have you done?
Are you sure it was enough?
Are you sure you are patient enough?
answer these questions to yourself, I can do nothing but inspire you here.

Whos that? your imaginary gf? I would pummel you into the ground, nothin personnel kid. Listen it's just the edgy aesthetic you guys are appealed to when in reality you don't even know who or what you are doing with yourself.

Individualism is the way to go.

What is my pin number... i forgot..

To be fair arabs and africans are less cucked than europeans and are starting to overthrow them.

If you cut the bullshit of the mumbo jumbo and just thought magic as some kind of collective will that spread throw memes.
Europeans and peoples of european descent loss their identity and will to fight while this "primitives" still have it.

If the situation keep this course in 50 or 100 years we are totally erradicated and they keep roaming the earth.

So there's that.

What sort of truth do you have?

Prove it.

Raising five white children, giving them as wide-ranging education as i can balanced between modern science and mysticism. Creating complete/whole people to combat the NPC menace.


Patience cannot be stressed enough.
Stop telling others what they are while you're in the process of finding yourself, fool
Curious, curiouser.

You literally claimed you had some visions or some metaphysical shit happening that gave you knowledge on altantis

>science, truth and knowlege are a cult
to some extent yes, if you dont realize this its deffinitly a cult for you.

t. theist physics student

Sorry buddy I am not a kid I am initiated member of the order of the black sun, scrolled in quite some time ago, signed in blood and I will fuck your shit right up buddy any time you are ready

meant for

You mean these posts?

* Sorry for the spelling mistakes. When I write quickly in english I become dyslexic as hell.

what is the goal of the black sun?

Is it unethical to steer a friend in the right direction with baby red pills? I feel they're mostly on the path without knowing it, and that knowing it all explicitly would be detrimental to them.

Thoughts on Nimrod de Rosario?

hitler was of black sun?

Based schizos how long till the new world rises?

Who in the right mind would want to meet you. If you truly have powers demonstrate now so everyone on this thread can see. Post a pic or something demostrating your so called powers. You probably dont even have the money to come to Australia.

Fucking nigger

Do you all read the reads senpai? Start with this

you are 19 years old (I hope)
and regulary visit the site JoS or angelfire or whatever its called

done that too
>inb4 angels made me turn away

Truth, reality, spirit, frihet, the source.

VN brother. Do you try to share this knowledge with others? Anyone wanna brainstorm ways on how to do this more effectively?

Wow you study physics and don't want to understand how this reality really works? Interesting, they won't teach you the truth in physics buddy Einstein and Newton were wrong, Tesla was right

I am not part of the Black Sun, i do not play well with others and do not seek out that which does not seek me, but i approve of them. A good combination of scholarly wisdom and warriors passion from what i can tell. If you study esoteric matters, you will find their works informative.

May I ask what your sources are?

Well this is hard to say brother. We all have different levels of understanding we are capable of, this is as the creator made it karma. I guess start them out with the playlist I have to keep posting and let their curiosity see how far it will take them. Knowing what we know is not for everyone, we train the wolves that will lead the sheep. It is important to get our people together and organized so we can spread this movement. Don't worry about the sheep they will follow the wolf. I don't have anything interesting or insightful to say about Nimrod or Rosario but go ahead if you do

Yes of course

What about the library of Alexandria? Does it involve Atlantis knowledge?

thank you, I am watching now
it is beautiful speech in first video

start with this

Yes, yes I saw the link.

Not willing to spend the time unless you can give me a reason to; Demonstrate something.

What have you done with said knowledge?

Give me a reason why I should dedicate my precious time.

Sounds like some LARPy Thulian /x/ bullshit to me.

It is

From my personal knowledge it was burned for the same reason Atlantis was destroyed, so I imagine it held much information.
Sounds like, or is?

Actually I am 40 and have no idea wtf you are talking about if you are interested in learning the truth get the fuck out bro no one will miss you

>Einstein and Newton was wrong
>Tesla was right
1+2=0 and 1=1

basicly your statement.
Do you even understand(or at least know) what those people discovered/explained?
I guess you dont even know that Einsteins work is essential for satalites and newtons work is the basis for allmost all physics today.

ok thank you

Sources belonging to the black sun ? I read massively into many dark corners, occasionally i stumble across some of their work. When i do it is not distasteful to me, i
am yet to notice any glaring discrepancies certainly.

I suffer under the leaden autism friendo, interactions outside my family is rare. I'm also a rather violent bastard and trying to interact with normies usually results in the poor little creatures suffering so i avoid it. Happy to help any way i can though. I have 5 daughters, my advice may be specific to the raising of females. :D

yw my friend thank you for searching for truth

>Nimrod de Rosario
He wrote a book on esotericism. Similar to Serrano, tracing the fight of the good Atlanteans against the Golems, traitors, and Jews.

> I read massively into many dark corners, occasionally i stumble across some of their work.
Ah, thank you for clarifying.

>i do not play well with others
Do you think you can survive on your own while they destroy your nation? Do you think this is wise to try too?

Morning gentleman.

yes it did, the Romans basically destroyed it to reset "history"and steal all human knowledge. Everything since then is pretty much all fabricated history

not you lol you stay with that playlist first then watch the other playlists on that channel before watching individual videos

Probably is.

Why can't these people just be white and advance white causes without making some gay cult out of it? Society's hard enough on us without a troupe of fags embarrassing themselves like this.

Oh I see no I haven't read it thank you for telling me of this though. Have you read Beelzebubs tales? It actually has the Atlantean language in it
Good morning brother vn

Perhaps subtly steering is the best path then.

Cults are for the weak of will. They can't organize a group themselves so they fall prey to herd mentality, even if it's only slightly differing from the mainstream.

I am very curious for the occult of nazis
always I heard hinting about it but in japanese internet there is not so good information maybe

I was doing so anyway because first video is interesting

thank you

>all hands on deck motherfuckers

Japanese internet purposely censors nazi-related content to shield you japs from your heritage in dealing with them

so cool

everything you want to know is there desu, good luck

I get around-

the black sun is not a cult you half wit stop talking about things you know nothing about

>Oh I see no I haven't read it thank you for telling me of this though. Have you read Beelzebubs tales? It actually has the Atlantean language in it
Interesting. I haven't heard of it before.

Just induct me into your LARPing organization none of us will get anywhere watching fucking youtube videos all the time. Wish this shit was actually real and not just internet larping
>tfw no secret society dedicated to the truth and helping each other reaching the truth

The citizens i see in my nation currently are much weaker than i can ever imagine trusting them, they are practically asleep while being raped. I have yet to meet woken and strong potential allies among them.

Yes, yes I saw the link.

Not willing to spend the time unless you can give me a reason to; Demonstrate something.

What have you done with said knowledge?

Give me a reason why I should dedicate my precious time.

lol ne I was reading here for 3 years and other boards but lurking.
I make posts first time this week and so many people rude and bothersome I dont care because to talk shit is fun

BUT I make post to Cred Forums and friendly people to talk in peace here (to now so far)

irony tastes funny haha^^

thanks friends

Black sun is a cult as you act like one.

Truly enlightened minds are far and few between. If you want to gain knowledge, seek it. By any means you are capable of, you can find like-minded people.

Thoughts create reality, we could meme ww3 into reality but you guys dont want to :(

Define cult.

If you "seek" knowledge as a lone individual all you will get is a billion of conflicting theories and beliefs. There's a reason people have had mentors, tutors, teachers and hierarchial secret societies for so long. You can't reach any kind of truth just sitting on the internet, you will just see a million different people claiming they all hold "the truth" and everyone is conflicting with each other.

Don't assume.

Welcome Jap. We have similar interest in your oriental magicks. I recall when i was about 10, my brother told me of Tibetan corpses found in Berlin after the fall, all wearing green gloves. I am still yet to find the truth of those odd men out-of-place men.

>>tfw no secret society dedicated to the truth and helping each other reaching the truth

What do you think you are a part of right now in this thread? What do you think we are doing here? We are always looking for those worthy to become part of what we are doing. Do you think you just get selected for something like this rando? You can't even get a job at McDonald's without watching training videos ffs . When you know we are and what we do, then you may be selected to join and learn more and do more. If you can't even watch the videos you are not who we are looking for. If you think our organization just disbanded after the war into the ash heap of history well I don't know what to tell you, but I will tell you, you kids are very misled these days and so absorbed into Jewish shit piled so high up to your necks you don't even know how to think anymore. If you would stop calling everything a LARP and thinking everyone is as useless and hopeless as most of the people here and stand up and do something and know that we have signed our life in blood to this and are ready to die for this or kill if we have too. We are not playing games kiddo. If you think this a game or some fun club of fools you are very mistaken

Samefag, go to /x/

I don't know about you, but this thread is fun.

He just described me. So much misdirection dont know where to begin.

Do you look for organizations online? We are everywhere you just have to know how to find us. We join other groups to make contacts, churches etc. Places you would not think we are but we are. Do you watch the channel? Leave a comment and we will get our Brit brothers to do a video for you all specifically on these groups in your area people you can contact

So I should watch a zillion hours of documentaries uploaded on a random youtuber posted by a random channer just in the hopes that that will somehow lead me anywhere at all? I could be reading these zillion books on esotericism that I downloaded too, which one is more important? Which one will lead me to any truth? That's what I'm trying to say here, since none of us have any guidance into what material to consume to get closer to the truth since we already are removed from any sort of society that teaches this to us we are just lost, grasping at straws.

Look at this thread and youll see one.

Do what you want, you are not my responsibility sorry I gave you the impression you are it was not my intention.

Identify what cult activities are occurring, please.


The Black Sun is a political organization and club for intellectuals, just because you say things doesn't mean anything other than your lips are moving, no one cares what you think I promise :)

>old fags check in and help newfags
Learn by doing.

If you wish to sell something to someone, you necessarily need to provide proofs that it is worth the money/effort/time.

"buy my book guys it will make you taller, stronger, thinner, smarter, prettier...etc."

"what you want proof!!!??? Fuck off, you should already know its real...because I said so!"

Want to believe you, just need.......something.

Cuz all this New Age/eastern thinking/magical thinking/etc took off with the counterculture when re-introduced in the west in the 50s/60s/70s.

If you cannot recognize truth when you see it no one can help you. If you need someone to give you answers instead of information nothing to be done for you. I made the channel with information you would never find on your own even made playlists for you to group it all together in ways that put the pieces in exactly the right place for you there is nothing more we can do for you. If you can't simply watch playlists well that is something you need to fix yourself my friend not sure what you think we can do to help you there

This is a free market, you're free to spend your time and energy as you wish. If you wish to be convinced of something, go to someone with something to convince you of.

Check this fashwave video

You are not a intellectual, your just a delusional retard with a massive ego. Your a sad case and i pity you. Im sick of wasting my time with you wiredos. I hope you have a nice day or night whatever the time is over there..

Do what you feel is right for you. I gave you a simple playlist watch it one video at a time if it resonates with you keep watching is all I can tell you. There are comments sections for people to help you. We organized the straws it is all we can do for you until you do something for yourself

No, it's not in my nature to join in human social activity easily. Apparently i am waiting for something, i don't know what and i do not wish to pre-empt the course of things by rash action. I am already bound alongside you anyway brothers However, your persistence is making me take notice, it stands out from the background noise. There was an earthquake at the spot i was born some days ago, maybe the time is right now, i have been feeling, warlike.

I speak truth. Trying to awaken others.

We aren't selling anything, this shit here sells itself, I don't care if you watch or not lol

>No, it's not in my nature to join in human social activity easily.
>Apparently i am waiting for something
High-content hybrid problems

Not sure I can recognize these videos you've uploaded with basic hermetic information edited with the most pleb-tier "epic" background music as any higher truth than all of these other people who also claim they some specific brand of truth to sell, no.


So, you cannot adequately describe what you are against ? I would suggest you may be dipping your toes in water that may prove too hot. Do you have a patron, a god ?

>What are we doing and where are we going?
You're all LARPing and you're going to hell.

Then hell shall have new rulers.

Follow your path my friend, you will know what is right for you. Small changes, simply expanding your knowledge and awareness is a big first step. Start small simple share videos, share books, give out books for gifts to people you know, books with real knowledge. Make DVD gift sets of the greatest sorry never told or hellstorm. Send people links to the renegade I wrote these two articles.

Send them links to videos on the channel like this one

make your own channel, put these videos in playlists so when they watch a video it takes them to a next one to connect the dots slowly for them etc. We can help mate, just get involved and get off the sidelines and put your game face on

Hell isn't the worst place you could end up. You could end up in super-hell.

: )

k, see you later :)
kek love you bro

Surprise Christcuck you are already in hell and we run it boo!

But you are selling something.

To sell - Persuade someone of the merits of.
"he sold the idea of making a film about Tchaikovsky"

That I needed to explain this to you, tells me you are not worth listening to.

Peace brother.


If you insist he's selling, who's buying?

thanks for stopping bye sorry there is nothing here for you maybe next time

He’s not selling anything that I’m aware of. He’s generously offering to start a discussion around somethibg that resonates deeply within his chest. This isn’t QVC.


"you're free to spend your time and energy as you wish"

? Thank you captain obvious.

"go to someone with something to convince you of."

Well, given that you you claim to be a group of intellectuals, who have esoteric knowledge of something, doesnt that make you that "someone"...?

>I am 40
that is just sad

be still my beating heart

Not even mentioning the luring rhetoring towards uncertain individuals and exluding rethoric on a fucking kazak trousers enthusiast image board.

So long as they dont ask for proof of your "truth"...

Reminder that logposter is a 40+ year old fatass virgin with terrible photoshop skills and zero friends. He smells like piss and crippling loneliness; a truly pathetic individual who derives pleasure from rustling the Jimmies of easily-baited newfags. He will die alone in a pile of jizz-rags and empty pizza boxes. Nobody will miss him except for his dog, who only likes him because he gets to lick peanut butter off his balls. Sage grows in all fields.”

>Reframing the discussion to detail it
Nothing to see here friend, no one is out to convince you of anything. Either it resonates or it doesn’t.

Those who can be convinced with showy displays and cheap enticement are not valuable minds. Why would they be sought for recruitment ?

How much more proof do hominids need? We live in and around an abundance of irrefutable evidence.
3, 6 and 9. As above so below. Etc.

>showy displays
Such as??

I have heard of a place worse the superhell and even worse the ultra overhell of doom where.
Its called comunism.

"generously offering to start a discussion"

Until someone asks for a reason to engage in the discussion...

Super Jail looked pretty based, I’ll go there

That’s your clue that this discussion likely isn’t for you. That’s fine and as it should be then. Those of us that are interested hop in to discuss from time to time. Don’t worry about it friend.

I prefer books to video...I have a rough understanding of German.

Guy who keeps posting (((youtube))) links a reading list please?

t. NatSoc but only have a cursory understanding of Hitlerian esotericism and the Black Sun.

I am analytical, not mystical but would like to strengthen that at least.

irefutable evidence for what?
your interpritation of reality? Or more preciesly... your priests interpretation of it or even more precisly... your priests thought product witch he has implanted in your head.

come meet me khazarian coward motherfucker and I will show you how pathetic and fat I am. I will fuck your shit up any day of the week

Such as those showy displays "informative infographics with music" complained of by the shills squealing complaints about selling cult indoctrination and enticement in this thread.

I would like to know more

Bitch please I don’t need intecessors

Define "resonate"?

This "blacksun" is certainly intriguing, but you havnt given me a "pitch".

Alot of bullshit out there, cant go through all of "intellectual" should know that he has to provide some sort of description beyond "just do it"...

These guys get it, these are who gets tapped on the shoulder but first you have to let us know who you are :). I don't mean here, Look for us you will find us, we are always looking for you

I have all the books you could ever want my friend but the videos are good way to get you to understand exactly what you want to read on further have you read the secret doctrine or lightning and the sun?

Resonate ? Something vibrating at a frequency similar to ones own, and thus being appealing. Like, attracts like.

I was exactly that two years ago, all info I found on the matter was selfcontradicting.
Reading Mein Kampf and Hitlers motivation Nietzsche (including Zarathustra the godless) is a quite good combination to understand the philosophical basis of the whole What is Life? question.
Understanding 3rd Reichs esoterical practises isnt possible without this basis.
If you are really intrested in it, there is nothing you can do but meditate on it.

All information you will find online is either (((their))) fiction or someones interpretation

>complains about imagery on Peruvian pan flute board
You amuse me. No one is being indoctrinated as you seem to suggest. Most folks that are interested already know much of this. It’s not some sort of
Marketing campaign. Some people prefer to discuss scholarly stuff or drop hints and whatnots for others. You don’t understand what’s happening. So this isn’t for you. Go in peace and don’t worry about any of this. The world is exactly as it seems.

This is an apt definition.

So let me get this straight: you’re LaRPing As having some connection to pre/post’45 NotZ orgs, but you mention more Hindoo stuff than you do occultic sources that would’ve been commonly found in H.’s lifetime?

dude it's literally one shitposting autist LARPing as some nazi or some shit'
fucking 40 year old virgin type shit

did you made your pic yourself?
Its a common math problem and I believe there are multiple solutions.
What is it supposed to mean?

Discuss what?

You havent discussed anything.

Ive asked again and again for a description of this subject and all I get is a bunch of hippie dippie flim flam.

You have your wires crossed neighbour. I was informing the shills to STFU about cults and indoctrination and just participate or leave. read upward again, apologies if i was not clear. THIS, is exactly what the shill wanted, he has you derailed on me.

start with the playlist I linked

This predates Naziism by a long shot. It’s somethibg they were interested in but it’s patently false to say Nazis lay flame to the ideology and movement. Many such movements have sprung up throughout history

>if you don't follow this braindead autism you're a shill
you're fucking retarded


You’re right my apologies for misdirecting that message.

>Hitlers motivation Nietzsche
I lol'd this was not Hitler's motivation this is the exoteric, the secret doctrine that was Hitler's motivation and you will not understand it because you like running your mouth more than like to learn what is true and what is not

*lay claim

Yah...I know. Hence why I stated that the Concept was doubt in your intellect is increasing with this one...

The problem you have is, understanding the topic would require thousands of hours of reading and learning. Nobody can just shit it out in a bite sized easily digestible chunk for you. If you cannot even understand the entry-level material and give a summary, your IQ is simply too low, no hate, but you are of little use to serious people and are probably not even qualified mentally to participate in this conversation.

Yes I have a (1st ed!) Lighting and the Sun.

Haven't heard of The Secret Doctrine.

I dislike video, just the way I am. I like reading physical books.

Interesting, thanks.


this, it really cracks me up that these brainlets can see all the shilling here, know about the free masons and Illuminati shills here yet think our people would not be here as well, lol simple minds desu ignore them, nothing cna be done for them they will do w/e they are told to do by whoever tells them best not to concern yourself with them, we just need leaders, they will follow like they always do

So no connection to post’45 Nazi orgs?

dude you claimed that "Newton was wrong"
All I do is trying to stop children ITT believing your deathcult bs and maybe even getting someone on the Übermensch path

Oh I guess I am a shill then...


I am not with the Black Sun, not a member, i am simply an esoteric researcher who has found their material useful and informative in the past so i offer a little support here in the face of concerted hostility by retards who barely understand the subject matter.



He is 100% correct actually this entire reality is nothing but electromagnetism and sonic resonance

No flood I swear.

but all those dummies claimed ITT was obvious luring propaganda and a disgrace for the symbol.

>im a dumb nu-Cred Forums autist who should really just kill himself

You want a list of books?

The International Jew, Mein Kampf, World At The Crossroads, You Gentiles, Germany Must Perish, The Trail Of The Serpent, The Secret Powers Behind Revolution, 200 Years Together, A Program for Jews and Humanity, Protocols Of The Edlers Of Zion, Culture Of Critique, The Jews Must Live, On the Jews and their lies, Morals and Dogma, Proof of a Conspiracy, Magick, Talmud, Nos Book of the Resurrection, The Kybalion, Zohar, The Secret Teachings Of All Ages, The Lightning And The Sun, Dhammapada, Vedas, The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth, The Secret Doctrine

This will get you started

vn ty for this

Newton was wrong faggot

Now quit shitting up my thread

kek vn never seen this before

thats what I wanted, thank you.

I've heard of the Trail of the Serpent before, and a few others like the Vedas .

Others like Culture of Critique and the International Jew I consider more factual/academic, how do they fit into esotericism?

Well they don't and I have a list of books just for that, this was just copy pasta, those books are a crash course on what we are doing and why

Already died twice, overrated.

Is that you (((Jordan Peterson)))?


May I have your "just for that" list?

>Morals and Dogma, Proof of a Conspiracy, Magick, Talmud, Nos Book of the Resurrection, The Kybalion, Zohar, The Secret Teachings Of All Ages, The Lightning And The Sun, Dhammapada, Vedas, The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth, The Secret Doctrine
Well start with these first anything by Serrano is good there are numerous books here already in the thread