100% European DNA. Brown eyes and brown hair. Post your genetic results

100% European DNA. Brown eyes and brown hair. Post your genetic results.

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T. Nigger

Try mixing a 8 different colors and you will see that the rusult is always some kind of brown you mutt haired freak.

>0.8% broadly southern European

To the gas chambers with you, Turkroach.

Got mine done last year
They haven’t updated it either, which they have done for others

Don't these jew companies put a little kike in these tests just to fuck with you?


Okay muhammad

> merimuttus degenericus goblinicus are so insecure and confused about their race they resort to (((dna tests))) provided by dr. Schnozelberg to prove they're (((white)))
your whole country is a disgrace, if you truly were white you mongrelized retards wouldn't need such jewish bullshit. do the world a favor collectively off yourselves already so the rest off humanity won't suffer from your degenerate (((country))) and (((culture))) anymore

>Brown hair


t. Muhammad

and here it is, the absolute state of the goblinoids. truly amazing how you creatures always respond with the same meme when confronted to the truth

The truth that Europe is overrun with goatfuckers that will replace whites and we in the US don’t have to worry about it.

No that's 23andme

>giving your dna to the kikes
every fucking time

I don’t see why it matters

I’m literally whiter than you

> haha europe is invaded by the refugees we created while fighting for our jewish overlords
> the goblins are proud to destroy white countries for the second time in less than a hundred years
> meanwhile the jewnited state of degenerica are 56% (((white))) (by mutt standards)
> murder rates, healthcare, infrastructures and poverty are literraly third-world tier
> fuck yeah niggerica!!! freddom haha!!!
lmao the delusions and hypocrisy of the goblinoid truly is a strange sight

>La Cretura

And yet you fuckers get raped in the streets repeatedly while we’re allowed to defend ourselves. Freedom is nice.

>free to defend yourself from the armed mongrel horde

98.9% European. Brown eyes, brown hair. It was blonde when I was a kid but it's well and truly brown now.

This. Fuck America

> defend ourselves
yeah you guys really did a good job defending yourselves during the last school shooting, or when a snackbar shot some faggots in a bar, or even on a daily basis according to your black on white crime rates.

The vast majority of people murdered in the US are niggers who get killed by other niggers over a dispute usually.

Dark blond hair

Hazel blue eyes

Hello Goyim

Don't believe the amerimutt lie. Looking at my DNA relatives they all have 99% or more European most 100%.

Wait how did you get the Netherlands and United Kingdom to appear on your results?
Also, J U S T

What if blonde as a child, then turns brown. I also have blue eyes.

> happy to post a bunch of text but not a picture of himself
mutt diversion tactics - straight from the 56'er handbook

>tons of Jew blood


Do I get a medal?

Admit it, you never used that gun in civil society. It's a prop to make you feel hard and scare people away before you actually have to raise your hamfists and begin asthmatically flapping at your opponent from the safety of your mobility scooter.

The last white man in America

same here, does anyone know why that happens?, my hair was much lighter in color when I was a child. I hear people say that the color of the eyes can experiment a change too, but to me is just the hair (eyes still brown)

Where can I do this test and how much does it cost in Euro?


Test is like $120

There is 23&Me which is run by kikes and Ancestry. Not sure how much in Euros but it is $100 here in the US.

Almost all modern europeans are a mix of diferent european tribes, unless you come from some really isolated place

Its interesting to know where your ancestors are from other then generic "europe". Plenty of europeans do it too, you're the one who sounds insecure with the whole "m-muh americans"

Mutt much?

You mock the Jews but

23andme is ruled by Israelis

Brown Hair

Green Eyes

What a mutt.

Too poor to test ... well fuck me right


Ima get another test eventually and put any doubts to rest. My buddy did 23 and me, and another test as well, and he got pretty conflicting answers from both of them. One said he was a Squanto, the other said he was a nigger.

So I'm taking any info I get from these companies with a massive grain of salt...

One day m8, one day...

Even ours spics are whiter than Europeans

>well fuck me
I'll pay for your test if you let me fuck you

blue eyes and light black hair. i look british when my face isnt showing emotion but when i smile i look really jewish so i try to not smile anymore

Blue Grey Eyes
Dark Blonde
Red Beard
Pale Freckled Skin

Old-stock American, no immigrants after 18th century. One guy cucked the Indians in Virginia by marrying their queen in the 1600’s. Less than .01% African to keep me humble.

You're a Jewish mutt lel.

>I-im hwite

Teri Garcia can't possibly be from Spain. It just can't be.

We are all mutts really.

yeah im a mutt consisting of only caucasian genes meaning i look pretty much like a normal european

t. Mutt

>having to not smile to avoid looking like Goldberg

What kind of Hell is this...

Someone explain how half of amerimutts have .1% mudblood?

Either the mixing was 200 years ago and whites are becoming more pure or the Jews are tampering with the results

well ? what do you look like ?
when does inbreeding become a concern ?


Stop giving them your DNA faggots.

Why are the French always so butthurt?


I’m not imbred i just have a WASPY family

its a nightmare
pic related. when my face isnt showing emotion i look like the guy on the left and then when i smile i look like a full blown jew

am i white?

>am i white?

based Pewds

>giving your dna to kikes
Good goyim


Feels good to be European ;)

Yeah you're not imbred but you certainly are inbred.


That’s what my dad yelled when I showed him the results

Holy shit never smile.

That said guy on the right looks exactly like my Anglodeutsch cousin Steve when he smiles.

People from Spain are extremely rare in the usa

still probably less of a self destroying cuck than you guys

It's okay, at least I am whiter than you, muhammed

Reminder that The Mutt meme was created by JIDF, but you’ll mock me for it because you deny it.


Jews are not white

that's the joke you mong

fuck meant to reply to this one

I wonder what were the European Jewish initially?
How can they have an isolate DNA from other Eastern European?


Middle easterners likely.

why don't you show the .1-2% that isn't European?


Your nose is showing

cause then they'll know my mom's side mixed with a negro in the 1700s (no joke)

dad's side is pure EUROPEAN JEW

from what i have heard, the european jewish ethnicity came from turkey and they migrated to poland/ukraine/russia

good goyim wouldn't want you breeding with similar people you need to go breed with africans

#MeToo, 100% European, 0.9% Jew, blue eyes, brown hair, pale

Am I white, Cred Forums?

who cares? less than 1 percent is nothing. the portugese and spanish have up to 5% and they're still white

Ok buddy here it is


>going full retard when I just made fun of a spelling mistake
Never change Cred Forums

Guy on the left is smiling, you fucking mutts just cant see it

Damage control going on, nothing out of the ordinary.

most powerful race in the world joining in

Oh look, it’s that Finnish fag who hates America. Why am I not surprised.

Yes you’re white.

How long did you have to wait until it broke down your Celtic component? Mine has been sitting there for months without any new info.

Also funny how ancestry puts Wales in there but at the same time wales only shows up as a sub-ethnicity under Great Britain.

How is everyone seeing the country breakdown? Mine just says North Carolina early settlers under Ireland/Scotland/Wales

>me and my twin send in a sample at two different times.
>gets different results

really fires up the neurons.


No, not same gender, but still.

that's not that weird then. you guys have different genes. how different were the results percentage wise?

Woww Cred Forums mods can fuck themselves... I made exact same thread 2 weeks ago but I was like 35% non white and they hit me with a ban. Double standard fuckers.

You deserved it, nigger.

Is she an identical twin? Because if you're dizygotic twins, that's to be expected.

Brown hair, brown eyes. Scandinavian blond when I was a child. Sup brother.

Why I am even asking. You're different genders.

>looks at flag

>Easter European: 1.2%

One drop rule. You are a nigger.

>Brown eyes and brown hair
You have too much Cheddarman

An American pornstar(whom i forgot the name) is 54% French&German and she looks purely Nordic.

3% master race

And the low confidence

Literal nigger.


it wouldnt even matter if that was true, america needs to be destroyed

Guise am i yhuwhite?




Protip: if you need to send your dna to a jew run company for assay to tell you what you are, you are not white.

How the fuck, actually it was pretty obvious.

mein bruder, I must be more english though thats where I disagree with 23andme.

I got one of these tests done and found out I am probably not my dad's kid. He is German (Verified by family tree and DNA test), whereas I had about 40% Irish ancestry, and the rest makes sense with my mom.

Should I take another one of these tests to be absolutely sure? I was thinking about using LivingDNA since that is where my dad got his done (he was interested in this way before I was). They know I ordered a kit and I keep telling them I haven't gotten the results back yet.

The blood of Cortez and Pizarro flow in my veins!!1!

When did you get it done? Mine changed because they said they got a new algorithm. I should clear up the broadly European stuff.


I got it done last summer, on the V4 chip. Think the V5 chip is getting new estimates

Go look at the site again and see if it changed.

Nah that screen shot I just took, the estimates didnt change. My family has been in England for as far as I know.

>m-m-m-muh goblina creatura

if you're male, do you have the same Y DNA?

The MODS really need to start banning the shills for these DNA testing companies.

it's the easiest way to rule out if he's your father or not. you could still have the same y haplogroup and not be his son, but if it's r1b-l21 for example that's a haplogroup that is over 80% in ireland

Basically, you're a nigger

how do i find this out?

Get him to spit into your mouth, if it tastes good he's your dad.

ITT: butthurt euro-sandniggers. they're so insecure than americans are whiter than they are that they created the "le 56%" 9gag tier meme.

>le whiter than u muhammad

My dad’s.

My mother’s.

i mean it should be on your DNA test. did you use 23andme? it's under the ancestry section labeled "paternal haplogroup"

to find out what your father's is you could just ask to see his so you can compare how much ancestry you got from his side vs your mother

Whiter than you, Mohammed.


That thing indicates a "migration" The scottish settlers of New England and Atlantic Canada.


i used ancestry

I’m like white and stuff. Apparently I oppress people.

99.9% european/british-irish, .1% japanese. someone fucked a jap 200 years ago in my family, apparently.

but la baguette is right. USA is truly a shit stain on this planet

Holy fuck, a turbo Anglo.

>Holy fuck, a turbo Anglo.

What a turbo anglo may look like.

Pretty easily... Jews are well known for sticking to their own. To the point they all have super high risks of genetic disorders. There is a whole Wikipedia article on Ashkenazi genetic issues.

Y-chromosome has a huge effect on accuracy. You can read about this on their website.


So many 56'ers in this thread.

6'3 strong jawline, Ryan Gosling color hair, green eyes.

That's really impressive. You family must be very recent immigrants

>most powerful race in the world joining in
>4% European

You're a Mexican.


>being this much of a newfag

El goblíno Européan...


El Mongrél de la sureuropa...


The only map I could find for the Y was a general u-106, not the subclade or whatever I have

anyways we wuz anglo-saxonz n sheit

Yeah but your name's still Kyle, Kyle

mein bruder

Isn’t H very common in Europe? My haplogroup is H

Screw you, I like the name Kyle

Did I become a mutt when I moved to America? Originally from Finland, father is Finnish, mother is euromix Canadian

H is an X linked chromosome, so you got it from mom. I'm H1 and yeah, it accounts for like 60% of Western European women.

If your Y is H then here's your map lol

What makes me mad is when people mispronounce it though. People say Ky-el, when it actually is 1 syllable and rhymes with smile

So butthurt. So insecure.

75% British and Irish
10 % Eastern European
5 % Southern European
3 % Greek
6% Russian, East Europe
1% Jewish


37% Finnish sounds about right for half. The rest is probably mixed in with the "broadly northern euro" and also Finland has a history of getting SWEDE'D

Meant to say Western Europe 10 percent

Can those genetic markers be erased in your sons once the genetic engineering become mainstream?

I work for 23andme so it's always interesting to see these threads. I sometimes seach in our database and can usually figure out who is posting these kek.

>brown hair
>brown eyes
You're not white. pic related is an example of a white family

When we say "broadly..." it doesn't necessarily mean that. Just that the methods used can't say which heritage it is with enough certainty. Some are easier to place than others. Like Ashkenazi and Finnish for example. Others are harder. But as our technology develops our estimates also become better and with more people joining it's also easier since we compare between different users.

STOP giving the fucking jews your DNA ffs I cannot believe the stupidity of this board

Theyre building a database

>muh joos
No it's just a business. Everything isn't a conspiracy.