Why do republicans love guns so much...

Why do republicans love guns so much? How many more school shootings need to happen for republicans to change their minds about guns?

Guns are going to ruin this country if we don't do something about them.

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Sage, give teachers guns and the problem is solved

does he seriously have his finger on the trigger

What if a teacher decides to shoot up a school? Ever think about that trumptard?

they wont change there minds. guns wont be banned. dems wont ban guns either

Sage. And the only one who can stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.

You're wrong. If we don't let bad guys get guns in the first place, these school shootings would never happen.

Pretty sure a teacher has better ways to kill children.

that is a great idea, focus on finding who are the bad guys then, instead of focusing on prohibiting good guys to get guns


what if a police officer decides to shoot innocents ? better ban guns from police officers too

>Cop gets PTSD
>shoots up his kids school

Thats Very naive thought. You can make weapons. Even if he didnt get a gun he could just make a molotove coctail od something like that. Also if you Ban all Guns lot of them will end in Black market. How you will deal with that? Will you And like UK? In deep shit in shortcut?

Everyone on both sides of the issue knows guns aren’t the problem. Dems push it to pump their childlike base and promote more government. Republicans then are forced to defend against ad hominems while not being able to peruse any useful actions such as removing “gun free” zones or allowing arrest of mentally ill.

Keep crying pussy

Time is running out for you AR fags. I'm glad

If there's one type of person that comes to mind when I think "competent gun owner", it's definitely a fat 40-year-old woman with a teaching degree.

Civil liberty and shit. All of them. Yadda yadda.

Guns aren't forged by dwarven magic. There are countless blueprints readily available, including those designed specifically to be made by untrained third worlders in garages. Terrorists use legitimately bought guns because there's no market to sustain garage builders, but if you eliminate their competition (legal guns) then you hand them a monopoly.

Because we don't want to be like Europe with no freedom of speech, no rights, and no protection from the immigrant hordes meant to turn it brown like shit.
You loose a lot more than guns when you give up just your guns.
We don't trust liberals, or our government enough to take them away. If we did, we might.

>How many more school shootings need to happen for republicans to change their minds about guns?

All of them

>giving money to already underfunded schools just so the teachers can have guns
this is how republicans unironically think

>literally unironically making the "how many children have to die" argument

That'll be sure to get you far mate....

this is bait

if the holocaust is real, why do jews support gun control? don't they know orange Hitler is in office?

Gun grabbers are the most BTFO group on Cred Forums.

Good thing they get paid for it.


Why are you hiring people that would be at risk of murdering Students? I say let Veterns who have been OK'd by mental professionals become teachers and they defend students.

shootings are considered normal in america

So how do you stop bad guys from getting guns?

Anti-American threads get special herbs and spices.


For fuck's sake, you don't have to buy all your solutions, britain. Pleanty of teachers would conceal carry their personal handguns if allowed to

You fucking dumbass. Do you actually think that if we (the U.S. citizens) hand over our guns to the government, that everything is going to be a wonderful Marxist utopia & happy ever after?!

>> It’s not!
I have served this great nation, voted for Trump in the primaries as well as the final election and would proudly do it again. However I “DO NOT” trust the government to take care of me!!!

• So just remember that
((gun ownership)) is our constitutional right. Therefore it is a last stand for:
>> intruders
>> invading armies
>> and our own government

I served to protect your right to be free from any foreign threat(s). Don’t give it away at home.

I have a question for gun-grabbers. Who will physically seize the hundreds of millions of firearms from the 1 in 3 Americans who own them? I'll wait while you make up some fantastically unrealistic scenario that is nowhere near feasible.

Lmao you're a pussy faggot

go to children's hospitals and look at how many are diagnosed with cancer dying from it , more kids die from cancer in a day than this school shooting

i dont see anyone complain there no cure , i dont see anyone protesting cancer

look at the state you are in. now you going to let a Toothpaste tell you the truth.

>Guns are going to ruin this country if we don't do something about them.
guns saved America...no guns created America!
without them you would even exist and you would be part of G.B. so without guns you would have an British accent. you would not have super size drinks, T.V dinners, FREEDOM™, and above all you'd be held up to the EU tax laws.

Because they get their pockets lined nicely to keep guns selling like cigaretres.

FBI and spooks were busy. Now bugger off, kid.
sage for shill

Oh, another gun thread. I'll play

We don't "let"or "not let" bad guys have guns in the first place you moron. Guns exist. They will always exist. Better focus on the persons responsible and not an inanimate object that is neither good nor bad in and of itself.

Teachers are already doing it themselves:



guns are a tool, they cannot kill people by themselves they need an outside force to do it, and it mostly people who are the outside force

just genetically engineer non mental ills
go fuck yourself

everyone who isn't a faggot shill loves guns, gtfo


Why do democrats love illegals so much? How many more athletes need to be killed on the side of the road for democrats to change their minds about illegals?

Illegals are going to ruin this country if we don't do something about them.

What if a surgeon decided to stab the aenesthesiogist? Better ban scalpels too

Because illegals make brown citizens who vote blue. They dems don't care about anything else

HAHAHAAH wh o cares, im no children


>school found ammo on the dude and did not report him, rather just expelled him
>He commented on social media and the FBI (as usual) didn't do their job
If anything we have to reform schools and the way kids are being teach.
Pointing the finger at guns won't solve anything, crazy people still crazy people with guns or without them.

The price of freedom

they could do that now if I wanted

A bigger problem with the "give teachers gun" solution is that a jackass kid could take it somehow. Also, you'll inevitably end up with some teacher shooting an unarmed kid.

Nice fairy tale world you live in did you get the day off of school today?

>it's okay to have the intention to murder your classmates, just don't do it with a gun
-t. Leftists

>Why do Democrats love niggers so much? How many more gang shootings need to happen for Democrats to change their minds about niggers?

>Niggers are going to ruin this country if we don't do something about them.




Right. What good is a gun ban when the fbi and teachers won't do their jobs anyway

Sage, Report, Move on.


March for our lives is a Soros money play.
Same company was sued for trying to force people to sign up for Obamacare before the signup deadline or they would be fined

"The case against Kobeni Inc. and its president, Yair Shalev, is the first the agency has brought alleging ACA-related fraud. According to the FTC’s complaint, from at least May 2013 through August 2013, the defendants sent consumers email with statements such as" ftc.gov/news-events/press-releases/2014/01/ftc-charges-email-spammer-tricking-consumers-phony-information


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Local Sheriff connections are real fishy.

Deep State Operative watching over a major smuggling area, drugs , children, illegal aliens.

Too suspicious.

Another story the shooting has eclipsed.

United Nations guilty of raping Children!!!

This is what the NWO wants to rule the world for.

What if a cop or a soldier decides to shoot at random? It's not like it ever happened before, right? Oh wait.

hurr I'm sure we can stop illegal guns from pouring into our country when our government refuses to police the boarder

>How many more school shootings need to happen for republicans to change their minds about guns?
More like, "How many more school shootings need to happen for democrats to change their minds about gun control?

This is what happens when only the bad guys have guns youtu.be/LpIyaIHsJbc?t=13m7s

We will need at least 300 million more before we consider any of this.
Until then...

>t. successfully brainwashed liberal zombie sheep

There is no correlation between gun ownership and violent crime.

The biggest problem with mass shootings is the FBI getting tips about these retards and doing nothing.