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How is crew going

think for a seccond memefag, this generation of kikes is slightly cunning.

why don't you fuck off matey

A coincidence is what you have left over when you apply a bad theory

you posted the same shitpasta in my thread

I was looking for her on FB for pics to fap off to since she had decent titties but was very disappointed that was the only picture. Any moar?

Oy vey, now its gone

What a coincidence

Got it off some user on twitter, apparently her account is private so that's all that's visible.

(((They))) aren't stupid though, all their social media will be locked tight if there's anything sketchy there


>so edgy

underrated post

She actually looks fuckable with hair. Can't get enough of those Khazar milkers

>How to turn a nigger into a sloth in one simple step

>not using the lassagna line
>not a single open bobs

you are fucking up everything
australians were cool

Hi I'm from CNN, we would like to conduct an interview with the manager of this board.

Do you think I give a fuck about what a Spaniard has to say?

The manager isn't in right now, can I take a message?

If you survived a horrifying experience that left people you saw daily dead and was offered thoughts and prayers instead of action and change you would do weird things, too.

based. spaniards btfo

You answered so... Yes?


If I had to go full Infowars tinfoil:

1. Jews set up Cruz to do a mass shooting at a Jewish-led school.
2. 17 microgorillion deaths
3. this gives Jew kids coached in PR the necessary publicity to start a shame and guilt anti-gun campaign
4. they raise $100k for a march (goal of $1M), an incredible profit that they can pay themselves for their activism.
www gofundme com/8psm8-march-for-our-lives

This is why i hate aussies, there is 30 edgy tryhard bantz attempts like this for every 1 actually funny bantz
Gook faggot


Listen here Alberto, don't you DARE fucking act all high and mighty to me when you won't even give the Catalonians their rightful independence.

Hello this is Christopher Poole, what do you want to know


by cameron kasky=rockabye skyman

If the bough (main branch of the family/father) breaks
The cradle will fall (the children)

Eyes are shut tight
Now sound asleep
Until morning light (lucifer)

Nice. Now she can be a MeTooer.

You are losing your country to a fucking toad, don't talk me about what I should dare or not.

I'll give you that one, cunt. Why the fuck did the Jews think it was a good idea to unleash a bunch of autistic fucking green things in the hope of protecting our crops? I say unleash the fuckers in a battle to death with the Emus.

You want to see a little of the Matrix code?
These Jews show ZERO TRAUMA after the shooting.
No weeping, no empathy, only the duping delight from fooling people into giving them money.
They are reciting coached statements. E.g. about "our children", something that a parent (or a PR spokesman) could say, but a kid would say "us children".

>literally thinks the average nigger or muslim is worse than this...ironic hownyou go around spimoutingnurnraciat nonsense but then go and private msg and a young hughschool girl who jut watched her friends get murdered "by one of you"

The delusion of pol.. still think ur the good guys.. pure fucking scum.

>la goblina defence force

Hey greatest ally watcha doin?

Fuck off cunt. Go suck Trudeau's cock and cry more, faggot leaf.


Gonzalez is a mexishitkike last name.

When will these kikes realize that no amount of school shootings and crisis actings will dismantle the second amendment?

Hi my name is Nate Higger. I am the manager of /po/. How can I help you?

I mean Cred Forums
i cant do anthing right

>i cant do anthing right
Typical Higger

Get a grip Cred Forums, she’s literally a 17 year old high schooler. Fucking pedophiles.

I’m a teacher at a Jewish school and deal with teenagers all day

Lmao that you think you could get kids to pull off something like that this is an insane theory

Where did one see her chest to make that judgement?

that's why I said full tinfoil.
The simpler story is this: they lack the empathy that would traumatize them into weeping for weeks. They saw the dead kids only as an opportunity to profit. And somebody evidently coached them.


You omitted the fact that she is a goblina though.

I mean, I doubt they'd let teenagers loose on national news without some sort of script to stick to. I definitely agree the lack of emotion seems fishy, however.

A friend of mine died a few months ago in horrible circumstances. When I learned he died, I laughed with incredulity. Then I said it was sad but I wasn’t surprised. Then I spent like 20-30 minutes wondering why the fuck I wasn’t feeling anything. Then I broke the fuck down a couple of hours later outside

Shock is a shitty thing and it fucks up your brain when you’re a normal well adjusted adult who gets terrible news they weren’t expecting.

I can’t imagine being a teenager and going through something like this. It will take them years of therapy and shit to process all this and move on

Michael Bloomberg paid for the March for Our Lives

Well yeah they are teenagers who were chosen to go on television to represent a political movement you can bet some sociopathic DNC and media members screened carefully who they wanted as voice and told them what to say before the cameras were rolling

They went through nothing, heard some noises and were unharmed. They are not special or strong or admirable, they are simply prey that hid well.

Yup same here. When death happens it has a way of making you man up, and it's not just teenagers who do that. Same thing happens when you get old enough to deal with your family dying.

LISTEN - Jeffrey Kasky is the putrefying core of this disgusting fucking happening.

Jeffrey Kasky is JeffyJeffy - Figure it out +supermariologan
facebook /pg/JeffySML
roblox groups/group.aspx?gid=2993425

Quick burn the second amendment! #NOMORE

I'm glad you don't have butter knifes potential killer.

17 of their friends and teachers were killed while they were hiding from an active shooter wondering if they will be next
>they went through nothing
>being this retarded

still looks like a subhuman


New here?

Weak. End it now, lifes pain will ruin you. Where are their injuries ? Most third-world kids go through worse shit every day. You are the fragile cancer that eats away at us.

Ok there’s no way you would defecate yourself and die from drowning in your own tears if something like that happened
>why aren’t these 14 year olds shrugging off almost being murdered in a mass shooting a week ago?
>reeee death of the west

Not happening.. cold dead hands

Oh yeah, that too. Cred Forums is fawning over a 17 year old high school goblina all because she has nice tits. Pretty fucking shameful.

Isn't her name Gonzalez or some shit? For a Spanish she's looking mighty Semitic.

A school of sociopaths? I wouldn't give them fake kikes any money. Like Sandy Hook and the Holohoax it is all fake.

>Little Mac vs. Mister Dream

Are these kids old enough for social media. Shouldn’t someone in law enforcement check id or fine the social media company for child abuse

Who is this semen demon?

How up north are you she looks about as stereotypical a 17 year old Hispanic in Florida can look like

>but guise why cantt i get a gyurlfriend
>“It’s Rick Scott and Marco Rubio who allowed this to happen,” student Cameron Kasky explained. “They are enablers, and the blood of 17 people and all those injured and all the families that have been hurt, this is all on them. They have us thinking that this is inevitable, and that we can’t do anything to stop it, that it’s too difficult. We’re done with that. The GOP has abandoned us and left us to people like Nikolas Cruz.”

This is a personal attack from Democrat Jew against Republican politicians in Florida, intended to bring them down in the next election. Why would simple kids care about this? Isn't it a little early to care about elections?
It takes a sociopathic or at least cynical mind to immediately use a tragedy for explicitly political gains.
I get reminded of the "dancing Israelis" on 9/11, whose first instinct was to celebrate that 3000 dead Americans will benefit Israel.
p.s. 9/11 wasn't an inside Jew job, but the opportunity surely was milked for their benefit. And this is how Jews operate, they coldly use opportunities that happen on their own. (or sometimes it's the Jewish lightning)


And Martinez are some common mexishitkike names. Scattered across the lands. Assume last names of the lands they infiltrated. Subvert local custom and people. Reunite with other foreign kikes for monopoly power. Its why the USA lets all these shit skins in. They are commie plants and non white. The plan was set in motion decades ago by commie kikes and their families. They should in fact all be executed for their lies.

Re: Jewish in Martinez name, 9 -

Nov 21, 1999 - Actually, many Jews in Spain - Sephardic Jews- took names which could be associated with Christian saints - such as Martin or Martinez

I don't lie! But kikes do!

1000000000000000% false flag

Feminism is a bio weapon.

>mfw Cred Forums is literally the cane toad hatchery where little frogs burst out of wombs and zerg rush the globe


Jews completely lack empathy even for other Jews because of what it can provide them in forcing or scamming concessions from the goyim. To a Jew a dead Jew is not a tragedy but an opportunity.

It IS Trudeau, my dudebro-kun.

Feminism is a bio weapon

You’ve never spent time with jews if you think that’s the case even the Arabs in the Middle East admit it
Israel cares more about Arab civilians than the Arabs to themselves

>still goes for the bike


People posting here don't have the full spectrum of emotion, so keep that in mind.

Jews even sterilized black Jews who wanted to come for gibs. Saying that they're better than Arabs is not really saying much at all.

Hahahaha you must be at a real shitty school. Back when I was in high school, the kids in my AP and IB classes would have easily been able to do that kind of stuff.

Can we dig and find out if these are theater kids, or kids who want to be actors when they grow up? Why is it only this rag-tag crew who's wanting to speak out about all of this?

I'm sure they care just like they cared about this child and the U.S.S. Liberty!

>believes shock exists
Yeah, only for normie pussies like you


Bravery, is a real thing. It does exist. It is a shame you cannot even dream of possessing it. Once you've seen enough horror, and suffered enough pain, even bravery becomes irrelevant, you become somewhat immune to fear. I would have killed those men with my bare hands if i could, or died trying, and expected nobody to cry over me. You are not a strong male if you do not understand that implicitly without needing it explained.

>another Jewish plot to disarm the goyim

Why am I not surprised? Those dirty stinking kikes will stoop to any level to destroy America.

God what a fugly little troll. I swear, brown skin, black hair, brown eyes is the absolute worst genetic combo. She looks either latino or sephardic, or some combination thereof.

That’s because you were a student and 14-18 year old kids think they are waaaaay smarter than they actually are
Look it was a really shitty thing to do to give these women contraception against their will but temporary medication is not sterilization don’t be ridiculous
Yeah I tend to forget it

>latino or sephardic
Definitely this combo, for sure

Settle down Mohammed, he’s a shill soyboy with VERY low testosterone that’s baiting everyone.

>they are like 14 and 15 you weirdo

People's looks are a reflection of themselves, especially in women.
Recent traumatic events make women do this, e.x. relationship issues, loss, death, etc etc

It's not meant to be temporary. Are you as fucking retarded as a Jew? Why do you think they rely on their own kind to be dumbass sheep?

she looks like a mommy gf

>think they are smarter than they are
Like what you’re doing on here now? You say that but then go on to criticize boomers, stay consistent bud. Oh and go hang yourself shill nigger.

Dude it’s an injection they had to get every three months and once you stop it reverses itself

They were not forcibly sterilized

Hahahahaha so you also think juniors and seniors in high school are 14-15

>t. believes Talmudvision
I have news for you, son. You're the "useful idiot."

>17 year old

i dont think you know what that word means

7 of the 17 killed were 14
2 of the 17 killed were 15
3 of the 17 killed were adult teachers

So out of the 14 kids killed, 9 were 14 or 15. The overwhelming majority. So that’s why I’m talking about them

So you guys ever read about what you’re discussing?

I love how there's probably just as many, if not more, students still pro-gun after this tragedy yet the left-wing media just shuts them up and shills the "muh generation" meme. I'm buying a rifle before the midterms and ensuing panic pricing, media shilling is in overdrive and really don't want to take any chances.

The Left likes to meme that the GOP and NRA are hard on gun rights but they're fucking sellouts like the rest, the cancerous RINOs will undoubtedly fold for bi-partisan "common sense gun control" once it seems politically advantageous.

Rage metre idling. Only teasing him. Was it getting a little rough for you ?

We need to shoot her

>lives in South Florida
>defending the Talmuds
Go back to Israel, Chaim.

You are aware that female fertility starts to peak at 17.

Nevertheless, she should not breed. Fuck the shooter for not finishing the job.

Legal in my state desu

>Ok there’s no way you would defecate yourself and die from drowning in your own tears if something like that happened
Are you a woman or a beta?
If not, your sentiments are profoundly inexcusable.


I didn’t say everyone would, I said the guy mocking 14 year olds saying he would have killed a school shooter with his bare hands would do that

why dont the kids at their school blame themselves. they all said they knew it would be him as the school shooter.

My name is Moot.
How can I help you CNN?

They tipped the FBI what else do you want them to do?

literally this
every move by kikes is done thru women, particularly in modern times (last 2 decades) because the kikes know men are beta faggots for pussy and will fall in line with whatever pussy wants

A girl shaved her head after the Virginia Tech shooting too. I think trauma makes girls shave their heads. Weird.


Another Jewess with a latina name.
No thanks Isreael. You have killed enough Americans this past 20 years with your false flag attacks.
Just ban assault Jews. Problem solved.

yo i messaged cruz' brother
how fucked am i?
he didnt reply :(
i told him to stay strong

>still goes for the bike

yo are you pregnant wtf?
someone with a mental illness doesnt have the right to say shock doesnt exist lmaoo later shill

Hey It's racist to judge all of us based on the actions of one person Cred Forums is a board of peace you bigot why won't you accept us?

Hello, I am Christopher Nolan. How may I help you?

Maybe she gave up hair for Lent

Can you give quick rundown on her? Why did she shave her head?

She's actually pretty cute. Would not sully my bloodline, though

Yeah! Am I missing something overhere or is it just a normal shitty forced meme


Idk. None of the articles are even mentioning it. My guess is because the Erin Sheehan got a lot of press after she shaved her head after the Virginia Tech massacre.

another victim of mk ultra

As you can see by my tag and pirate flag, I'm the site owner. What's up?


Why do soyboys and the women version of soy boys all do that same pose, eyes looking the other way of the camera?


Wasn't she a jew too?

La creatura.

She probably shaved her head when she reached 30 different dudes.


Implying the kiddies posting about her sexual appeal or lack thereof are not underagers from Cred Forums.


Maybe. Idk. I was wrong in my initial assessment however of them being traumatized. The Virginia Tech girl and this girl both seemed to absolutely love the attention and did not appear traumatized at all.

Friends get fucking mowed down.

12 hours later on CNN interview with 16 year old: "Yeah ummm I think we need some policy change *smiles right at camera*


are you a nigger?
jesus your speech pattern is unbearable
learn proper english you baboon