Well, Obama wants to strip Americans of their rights as where Trump wants to protect those rights.
OP can go back to sucking black cock in all fields.

>be trumpcuck
>shill for drumpf like literallyconstantly
>don’t even realize because of your low IQ you was totally duped by Russian propoganda and hacking but that’s besides the point
>trump ends up being like a total retard just like the typical dotard
>they’re forced to defend him anyway
>gets harder and harder to defend him cuz dump literally sucks
>they continue to try and look more and more pathetic
>trump looks more pathetic
>trump and the right both like absolutely pathetic
>meanwhile the lefties are just sitting here
>laughing at how stupid you Little dotards really are
>seriously cannot wait for this clown to be impeached
>might not happen but I think that it will
>FUCK trump and FUCK dotards
>end of discussion

>A few thousand murders using guns

>A few million murders via abortion

Dude. This is legal genocide. Stop fucking it up for us


sssssshhh, it keeps the nigger population under control, man; more blacks are aborted in NYC than born

it is interesting that it is supposed to hurt on different levels. I like this one

Who cares?

>Center for disease control

fucking kek

fuck off subhuman athe*st scum

>don’t even realize because of your low IQ you was totally duped by Russian propoganda and hacking but that’s besides the point
>you was
>low IQ

>The majority of both are done by niggers
*deafening silence*

Brainlet, if abortion becomes illegal that means they'll have to use other means which puts the mother at risk too. It's two birds with one stone. Botched abortions means more deaths.

Oh yes. Throw Sandy Hook at us. That'll fucking work. Have you even been on Cred Forums before ever? Holy shit.

Bots really are working overtime today it seems

It goes in all fields

Everything was going well but those Jew kids started pissing off POTUS so now they get the cold shoulder. They'll never learn how to win!

is a liberal argument EVER anything other than moral high-grounding, virtue signalling or guilt tripping?

Let this sink in

>you should cry over spilt milk like a retard instead of moving on with your life

>muh robots
>muh robots
>everyone’s is a robot
>pleaze massa
>don’t let me read different opinions
>my fragile litttlw world may crumble
>if I’m forced to hear someone that doesn’t agree with me
>ahhh please just make it stop
>my fragile little ears
Take a look at these mr meestings
Existence is PAINNNN buddy better get used to it ;) not everything you think is real is real hehe

t. robot


Here to bump this bc of this faggot
Fuck donald trump

Obama after virtually every Islamic terror attack would feel the need to keep telling Americans how good Islam is and refused to get strict on immigration.

Every time blackliesmatter shot up and killed police officers he would tell us how great they are.

So who cares?

Obama is a good man. Trupm is not.

>constantly shit on people's 1st and 2nd amendment rights
>people tell you to fuck off
>muh Russians are creating division

t. Dotard

Woah, woah - spelling Drumpf 'Trump'?
GTFO naziracist!

Meh, getting old

Sandy Hook was a drill presented as reality. Fiction. A fucking lie. Examine the facts!

The nigger really wanted to be Martin Luther King Jr, but ended up being forgotten as just another I’m incompetent nigger.

Both the nigger baby and mother dies. What is the problem here exactly?

Anyone have the photo of Obama, Hillary, and Bernie crying about a shooting but on the next slide they're all laughing at bombing third world countries?

You can easily spot the bots as they don't sage