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It's their right. Fuck off.

Their right to enforce the veil? Sure, because this is what you wanted.

I wish this happened in France, and then the girl became a slut to take revenge and then I fucked that slut.

But since it's in Sweden, I don't really give a fuck a dumb muslims is getting beat up by her dumber brother.

I thought it was "your rights end where mine begin" or do Muzzies get a pass cause they're brown people?

>stop blaming women for their clothes when they get raped!
>if you don't wear a veil you deserve rape
Women were a mistake.

This is politics. Guess just not something you want to see, as your world view can't handle it, eh?

You should see what they do to girls that try to date Svens.


Why are you surprised? I mean this is normal for Sweden, or at least, it's gonna be.

Who cares it was probably two niggers from zoomalia.

They get their genitals mutilated i'm guessing?

>it is now a right to prevent someone is able to put into practice his rights

2 mudslimes killing each other good

Pretty sure he is 35

>It's their right to beat her sister with a baseball bat. Fuck off

What happens?

Serves the bitch right for dressing like a whore


Not a mudslime. They are devil worshipping scum. However, they still got sensible family policies that the whole West could learn from. Keep women in check

>muslims kill each other
And this is bad news because?...



tfw white saviour complex and want to save a qt arab girl from abusing family.


Shot in the head by their dads.



Hey pastafaggot, don't shame our country with your nonesense.
It's against the law to dress oneself to the point of anonymity and it's not prescripted by any body of law that to dress as one prefers is a right.
Get your shit together.

Good, one less muslim.

women get what they voted for

>mfw I'll never be handsome Sven having forbidden love with hijabi qt :(

Muh not all Muslims

based, roastie attention whores have zero worth with a burka on

Prime inmigration material there...

commited suicide with two stones to the back of the head

Report all brown women for not wearing their burkas to the nearest jihad temple or whatever they call it


Poor Swede