Alex went to school and got shot dead . How are you Americans going to stop this weird problem ?

Alex went to school and got shot dead . How are you Americans going to stop this weird problem ?

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>How are you Americans going to stop this weird problem ?

I'm pretty confident Alex won't be shot dead again, so I think we have this one covered.

Who said it was saying problem? Seems like excellent population control. As a side bonus anyone who dies in a shooting before they have had kids is contributing to the advancement of the human race via natural selection and evolution, they weren't fit as individuals and hence they died before reproduction.

Doesn't this make you feel something

The Fbi knew and did nothing

there are 300 million+ people in the united states
the amount of people killed by semi-automatic rifles is miniscule

you are more likely to get stabbed, beaten to death with fists or trampled underfoot than killed by an AR-15

the vast majority of homicidal gun violence is committed by handguns, namely niggers in Chicago/Detroit/St. Louis shooting each other with handguns

if you want to reduce gun violence, round up every male nigger between the ages of 13-30 and have them break big rocks into smaller rocks until their backs give out

By never going to Florida. Ever.

Of Alex dying? No take backsies on that, my friend.

Why should I, the European media is trying to pass it off as part and parcel when it happens on this continent too. I sure as hell haven't seen the media here give much attention to the kids killed in Stockholm and Barcelona in truck attacks last year.

Don't be racist. Islam is a religion of peace

It's still tragic though , Alex isn't coming home

>problem ?

space before question mark--post discarded.

That's for liberals, retard.
Don't think with your feelings or you're basically just a woman or an homosexual.


None of us know Alex personally. There are 8 billion people on this planet.

All potential mass killers will be required to say something nasty about Hillary Clinton. This will trigger an in-depth FBI investigation. Failure to do so will result in additional charges filed against the mass killer.

Shouldn't have went to school that day.
>How are you Americans going to stop this weird problem ?
Ban schools.

>implying this is a problem

>kids go to school
>get shot
>parents stop sending their kids to school
>kids no longer get brainwashed all day 5 days a week
>encouraged to educate themselves
>encouraged to pursue their own interests
>encouraged to develop a fucking mind of their own

They're called "schools" like "school of fish":

By not sending my kids to public schools

Less Jews sounds like a Solution, not a problem.

Occum's razor
>end public school shootings by ending public school schools

no, euronigger

Is that JFK

Just gonna let it play out

>going to public school
that was his first mistake

Alex should’ve worn a bulletproof vest

No it isn't. Please stop being a euronigger. I realize that you just got 0.0006 eurobux for this repy. Worth it.

as if vampires like you could possibly understand human empathy lol

I do feel something, and I hope they find a solution

the fuck do our tax dollars pay these asshats for? pretty sure it should be to protect the homeland and not work to smear mud on the president.

Weird that everyone had guns and there were no mass killings then suddenly loads of mass killings starting two or three decades ago.

Holy shit that fucker is jewish as hell.

just a coincidence goyim

Ban schools

Assault rifles will be banned. The little buzz cut shooting survivor babe has touched a nerve. kys AR fags

why don't you care about the black kids that get shot every single day, racist?

Neither is Julius who was vacationing in Barcelona and Ebba Akerlund who was walking home from school in Stockholm. Yet the mainstream media didn't care about them.

OP doesn’t care about kids in Chicago

That's not why they exist. They exist to perpetuate the oligarchy

no this is

Niggers kill each other

Ebba akerlunds father is sueing Sweden for not doing enough to stop the attack

Mandated bullet proof vests and riot shields. Try to shoot a bunch of kids when they're in in their circle formation. Not gonna happen

Cool!!!! They'll have to ban machine equipment cuz I'll make a fortune building them ILLEGALLY

Please ban assault rifles. Daddy needs a new humvee

edwin jackson walking down the street and got hit by a car dead. How are you American going to stop this weird problem?

good one burger

Ingrid went to school and got raped. How are you Europeans going to stop this weird problem?

The number of rapes reported to authorities in Sweden increased by 10 percent in 2017, according to new preliminary figures from the country's National Council on Crime Prevention

I think we are building a wall although at this point Im not sure its gunna happen. I feel bad for that nog though, he got wasted and called an uber like a responsible human, only to have said uber get hit by a drunk beaner.

Good to see you planning ahead after the inevitable ban.

Op went to Cred Forums and got owned. How does Cred Forums intend to stop this weird problem

Think about it this way, if you had no muslims in a country you'd have far fewer islamic terror attacks and terror attacks total and that's undeniable. You might have the very occasional convert who goes loopy but that'd be exceedingly rare. The link between guns and mass murder is more tenuous. Banning guns doesn't do anything for the person who has become the person who would take a gun and kill as many people as he could then kill himself. That person still exists in your country. How do you fix that? To me, rather than ban guns, I'd cull the entire managerial class and tighten democracy up so only landed married males could vote. The consequent shift in politics would bring about far greater social cohesion and restore trust. I'm not an American though, they might have some other ideas.

Lathe and a mill. All you need

Well a brain would help

I never meant to push gun control or anything , I just felt sorry for Alex

Wonder how many were shot in Chicongo this weekend?
And why does no-one give a flying fuck about it?
Hmmmmmmm, that's a real head-scratcher.

He's in a better (Jew free) place

Same reason no one cares about shit that happens in Syria

He uh, was Jewish though

Just annoyance

>kids no longer get brainwashed all 5 days a week
>all 5 days a week

There's 7 days in a week you dumb cunt.

He in a better (Jew ridden) place


Keep your kids home and educate them yourselves.

Touche user, touche

Her death should've been the last straw, the Muslim should've been sent back after that

You attempt to appeal to emotion, but I feel nothing but the cold steel and the warm blood in my hands.

problem? what problem. i thought the EU was all about depopulation of the whites in the west.

fucking commie, die

Not how politics work. You change people and the boundaries of acceptable thought and speech. Changing minds is impractical.


You hold your gun while browsing Cred Forums also where is the blood coming from

This af

Stop bullying in Schools. Especially the Bullying of White Males at the hand of white Leftists and blacks, who rarely get punished for their actions because the teachers tend to be white leftists as well.

>Boundaries of acceptable thought and speech
Niggers like you get a bullet.

Prove it.

The implication was that you change them in the right's favour my burger friend. Or are you an individualist who's too above it all to play the game?

Unironically this. Schools are prisons.

You think the schools (state run btw) are interested in stopping this behavior? Lmfao

No way. It's their agenda to perpetuate it to further their political goals. Bodies. Tears. Emotions. Logic out the window. Freedom out of the realm of conceptualization

I throw a brick through the Overton Window and Jews get thrown in the oven.

Meme flag.
Fuck your self.

As soon as you stop letting refugees rape and kill your women.

That's the spirit.


Why aren't you running fir office?


Looks like nothing happened to Alex at the Grand Canyon. Maybe all the kids should go there

>stop this weird problem ?
Avoid schools. Noisy and dangerous. Shitty traffic and no parking, too.

Parents could start being parents and their kids BFF and teens could stop being utter douchbags toward each other. Kids are fucking trash today far worse then they have been in the past.

Their folks were raised by tv and are slothful so they're raising their kids with social media and are now bigots against anything the Jews tell them. Boomers read Jewish books and magazines. Three generations of garbage what did you expect?.....

>How are you Americans going to stop this weird problem ?
with one weird trick! click here to find out how.



One less Jew.

How do I apply? How much do you get per hour?

shoot Alex at home.

you feel energized by the tragedy and the fight, that's not the same thing as "feeling something" on a human level.

Makes me feel like you need new talking points. It's Monday, you can do the 7 day gun ban posting again at the next shooting as always

Alex looks like a faggot. Nothing of value was lost.

I'm not sure. Common sense gun control.

10000000% false flag

>Alex got conceived and was then aborted.
How are Democrats going to stop this weird problem?

Teach the marine crawl in elementary school

Not really. I dont know him nor his family. We are not a united bunch of people who care about each other here in the USA. It is not like an outside nation attacked, that would stir people.