Meanwhile on homeland Cred Forums

>meanwhile on homeland Cred Forums

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are you a fed?

digits for fed thread

> feds on /Cred Forums/

Behold, i will now reply to my own post!

>no shitposts from non-americans or mutt memes in american thread
it's like they didn't even lurk a bit to understand what really goes on here

it's the same ID's lol

>>it's like they didn't even lurk a bit to understand what really goes on here

What are you talking about?

they could've put mutt meme to make it more realistic, or blacked

What memes are those? What's a blacked?

ahh, sorry nigger, I didn't realize that this is LARP thread

t. Concerned Citizen

No. Concerned citizen.


Yeah sorry was tired of happening LARPS


U didn't follow this from start, what's her stance on EU? Is she /ourcandidate/?

She's eaten a lot of tater tots from what I've heard


>Hang in there, D-Dubs

>haters will say it's photoshop

why is he /ourguy/ in the homeland universe?

not enough info, are you a fed?

Who jordan D. Dick-in-son?

Why would you ask that are you a fed?

It reads like r/politics.

I remember seeing a screencap of "dick holster" being used against Trump spewing from normie social media sites.

Haters will say it's photoshop.

Q predicted this.

You niggers haven't seen anything yet, watch this

no one sees the predictive programming in this?
where are my fellow autists?

Lurking hopefully

Lol so let me guess, the you’re a writer from homeland trying to make the show understand Cred Forums

It’s like they’re trying to get all the red pills to kill themselves

Fucking KEK, he deletes the post when he is found out

>fucking kek


Do you know him?

So goncerned, nod a ved

What’d he post?

yea ok faggot

Foun diz an dee ferchapo

Better koala tea

oy VEY
how dare you stupid goyim steal our show after we pay homage to your board


>no make up
>casual, yet refined polo
>hair salt and peppery, tussled yet distinguished
>slightly playful expression despite seriousness of circumstance
>10/10 would bang

>four shop pole

Need one consisting of nothing but BLACKED, amerimutt, aussie threads, and a rare pepe thread.

a goncerned zitizen

that doesn't look the same though

Finally something better than le 56% face, Cred Forums memes always get better and better

>no paleo/pol/
if grug keep up dumb talk me bludgeon grug with rock

what did he mean by this?

Who is still watching network tv? Is it boomers?

> Fucking Kek

Mostly dads.

How are they doing this

>fucking kek



This is now a wish Hitler happy birthday thread.

>a woman browsing Cred Forums
are they even trying?

Go away FBI this isn't your turf




Shit, I done fucked up.
>Sodokus in cantonese

found the fed

will this be the new bane posting of our times?