Brit/pol/ : Respectably unspammable edition

>Dead homeless man finds peers in Commons as 'a paedophile'

>N.Ireland logjam continues, Sinn Fein to meet PM

>UK to leave CFSP (EU foreign Policy)

>UK to join reformed CFSP (EU military)

>Brendan Cox quits charities over sexual misconduct

>UK pussy out of 'fake news' enquiry in embassy, Trump puissant

>Holyrood in hot water over arms fair (Re: Yemen)

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16Feb - YouGov
CON 40% (-2), LAB 41% (+3) LD 8% (=), UKIP 4% (+1)

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>People defending Brendan Cox because of 'are Jo'
>Anyone that is on the right or even in center would be destroyed

Just bit my hand on the way to the pakishop with Karen to buy some freddos

When Jesus refers to 'Gentiles' what does he mean?


People who aren't Jewish

Sexual organs. He was dyslexic.

>have to filter out spam to have a discussion


>UK Millenials are the worst off in the developed world, other than Greece

I never gave a single fuck. She shouldn’t have been gunned down but she was also an immigrant lover with distain for white brits. Yuck.

Poortheners don't count

Real thread

>Respectably unspammable edition
Is that a challenge? Wasn't me desu. Only just got off work.

Pointless first post. You are the cancer.

Stop this.


Because they’re retarded. Most people I know my age (23) have been working for years and have nothing to show for it. I may still live at home but I have 15 grand and a car paid and bought for and plans to get a girl soon so I can afford to move our. Last one dumped me kek

It's a valid point. Poortheners are the poorest in Europe

>Pointless first post. You are the cancer.


I'd gargle his cum

Popular supermarket chain in Judea.


I'm hungry.

Saw a camera on the bus the other day, lads.

The absolute nanny state of this country.

> Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie,because lying is his native language, for he is a liar, and the father of it.

Pretty hard does it,Kike?

Brit pol plummets! How can they ever recover?! No guns and 15 year prison sentences for being on Cred Forums!
The keking intensifies.

Your children literally just got mowed down by a 56%'er lol

You shouldn't use that image.. They killed Germans at Trenton, not Brits...

who is jesus speaking about here?


Our Guy Strikes again
Morrissey's Nicola Sturgeon Put-Down
At a Glasgow concert ..the Madman lol
“I’m curious, do you actually like Nicola Sturgeon?”, before commenting that “those hands would be in anybody’s pocket”,
Crowds booed an cheered him , some left after paying £60 notes to see him lol

WTF IS 1942?

No, seriously.

Enough of the pointless bullying.

>Fiscal Phil et to abandon red-box and all policy, tries to hide from Spring statement

Whats he hiding lads?:
-Made-up Brexit figures
-Made up Bank of England statistics
-The high likelihood of economic collapse
-The governments inability to make one policy, and not U-turn in

Morrisey again

Morrissey Defends Kevin Spacey Over Sexual Harassment Allegations, Thinks Some Of Harvey Weinstein's Alleged Victims Are 'Just Disappointed'...
“As far as I know, he was in a bedroom with a 14-year-old. Kevin Spacey was 26, boy 14. One wonders where the boy’s parents were.
“One wonders if the boy did not know what would happen. I do not know about you, but in my youth I have never been in situations like this. Never.
“I was always aware of what could happen. When you are in somebody’s bedroom, you have to be aware of where that can lead to. That’s why it does not sound very credible to me. It seems to me that Spacey has been attacked unnecessarily.”
Twenty people have made subsequent complaints about Spacey over incidents that allegedly took place during his time at London’s Old Vic Theatre.
Morrissey was also asked about the numerous sexual assault and harassment allegations levelled at movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, claiming some of the victims “know exactly what’s going on”.
He added: “And they play along. Afterwards, they feel embarrassed or disliked. And then they turn it around and say: ‘I was attacked, I was surprised’. But if everything went well, and if it had given them a great career, they would not talk about it.
”I hate rape. I hate attacks. I hate sexual situations that are forced on someone. But in many cases one looks at the circumstances and thinks that the person who is considered a victim is merely disappointed.”
The singer added that many famous musicians had slept with fans who were under the age of consent over the years.
“Throughout the history of music and rock ‘n’ roll there have been musicians who slept with their groupies,” he said.

Leave cuba alone !

hOW The fuck dOES BritISH PersON END as 1% Finnish/NorthWEst RUssian?

Poorthern cities are literally the poorest in Europe. Go look it up.


fuck knows. I used to live with a finnish lad so maybe our dna got spliced or some shit

Seriously though, us americans have a healthy distaste for yankees. But we also admired your empire for what it was. We find it mind boggling to see how hard the mighty have fallen. What say you? You all can be jailed for pre crime. That would cause an uprising here. Are yall jealous?

All buses have cameras. Delivery vans have cameras. When you start seeing them they are everywhere.

Muscovy Company, London has lot's of Slavs and Oligarchs.

What is President Assad trying to say?

Fuck off.

El chupa cabra

>Poorthern cities are literally the poorest in Europe. Go look it up.

So what are you going to do about it?

>We find it boggling


>Others want independence
>We give it to them and watch them fall

Really now? You find it "Boggling"? Please, with the rise of the USA and decline of the UK you have cucked everyone, ruined everything pure and good with your influence... Hang your head in shame.


If y'all'd'l've just stuck to the constitution we wrote for you then it'll'd've been fine. But instead you went for this identitarian consumption based economic hegemony. Thus America has fucked the world, which Britain was trying to save.

Poortheners aren't British. Poortheners are a distinct race.

Jesus was most certaintly not anti-jew

Through Danes getting FINNED

They fucked the French empire over too, but no one talks about that because the French are smelly.

Port cities are the reason, I have 2% Portugese and 10% Norwegian because my family were involved in whaling.


The average Anglican's IQ is almost a standard deviation above that of the Poorthener's. Not only that but Anglicans look distinctly different from their poorer counterparts: they're usually better looking, yes, but I mean phenotype-wise. Brain May, Queen member and Astrophysicist, looks awfully similar to his fellow Anglican, Isaac Newton, does he not? Have you ever seen a lower-class person look like Brian May? No, of course not, because there are irreconcilable genetic differences between Poortheners and Southerners. On that basis, I propose that Poortheners should be classified as a different non-British race. Their culture is different from ours (fine art VS me footie), they speak their own incomprehensible regional dialects, and they're racially different from us. That's enough justification for a divorce in my opinion.

Do you have brown eyes?

UKIP members vote to sack embattled leader Henry Bolton

A New Remain party started today but cannot find what they called was on the pol show b4

We have cucked everyone? You see it is the free market that you yanks succeeded in. The pure chaos of the imperial world. You thrived. But when America does the same imperialization 2.0 you only hear autistic screaming.
Look at south korea and Nam. That is all thanks to American influence.
Freedom to cuck and freedom to surrender. We fight we win.

when was the first britpol thread?

So he was just trolling about children of Devil part?

We won't pay the tax for british wars! We prefer israeli wars.

This thread deserves spam.

Can you just stfu you self-aggrandizing fatso? America has the worst SJW infestation in the world and you're literally being replaced by Mexicans for cheap labour and Democratic votes.



What did the Daily Mail mean by this?

alright cunts
what did you have for lunch today?
I had two endy bits of plain bread



You mad ? We have daily ice raids now. I work construction and all the mexicans are getting BTFO. Even a group of irish fleas got deported from the bronx not long ago. We fix our problems. What say you pajeet?

he wasn't referring to the ethnicity

You've had the mantle of global power for 100 years and look at the absolute state of it.

We had the mantle since 1500's (in rival with Spain, Portu, Netherlands and France) and things were ordered, niggers kept in line, Pakis not fucking things up and the Americas kept racially pure.

You have ruined it all, don't screech about being the all mighty and powerful America without taking responsibility for the shit your nation has caused for everyone else. Everything you are now goes against your founders vision, your ancestors died for literally nothing. What's worse? Americans don't realise this, we at least know we're shit, we're happy to die and burn in hell.

You faggots, God help you because no one else can.

No, blue eyes and pale as snow I look weirdly Scandinavian and 10% doesn't explain it, Anglo Nordic rapebaby look while my brother is full on beady.

Tracy Emin exhibits have got so dark recently



The joke has worn thin.

Britain’s millennial generation, born since 1981, have suffered a bigger reversal in financial fortunes than their counterparts in most other developed countries
hahahaha fuck them lol
stop studying shit tier meme degrees an get off your entitled lazy arses lol


Oh ok, want to fuck?

Not if they repent and accept him but did they do that?


Because Americans are the master race.

I hope I go bald, I hope i'm poor, I hope I get teeth infections


Non-whites are the majority in America, lol. ICE can't do shit about that

Yet your hair is brown just like all Brits

God /Religion is a Mene wake up you soft fuckers

nope so do they become gentiles or remain jews


>an entire generation across multiple countries makes bad decisions
>in a free market this would mean there would be huge demand for competent people
>mysteriously this doesn't happen
>no mention of mass immigration or globalisation in the article

World poverty rates down. Trump btfoing deep state, America still majority white. Most common name in UK is muhamed.
Brits are just mad their banter doesn't work on the magestic land of freedom

woaah holy shit never saw it that way before



66devil aka The Rapist
his uploads were the ....
Disgusting filth lol

Stop spamming you brainlet spastic.


Is that lake Victoria?

You're really not, Arabs have more balls than you cowardly blobs of diabetes and that says a lot.

You're 50% white.. You are beyond redemption, nothing short of a genocide can help you, and I mean genocide of the remaining white Americans because you're absolute fucking retards and you don't deserve to live on this planet.

kys now
where was the beans

World started from nothing is a leftist meme.Big bang is a leftist meme.
But nice try Bolshevik

Late 2013 I think.

I never posted in them regularly until about 2015.



the face of chan

>Daily Mail down 11.1% YoY
>Daily Star down 11.6% YoY
>Daily Record down 13.9% YoY
>Daily Telegraph down 18.4% YoY
>Daily Mirror down 19.6% YoY

Reminder that the daily newspaper industry is on the verge of collapse.

No its a mix of blonde and brown while my brothers is dark brown wouldn't be surprised if he was adopted looks and acts nothing like the rest of the family.

dis was nuts to me i cudnt stop watchin
lads faking an accent
and is racist, can't quite compre-end the reality of Brit culture
sounds like the guy's stuck in his Landon Insta Metro bubble

can't even step to sophie

>back when grime used to be honest
(fresh creps and garmz all about my gun go tik tik clack big tingz)

Some sounds mad that his sister is banging kunta kintay and pajeet. And they both make more money than him because yall dont have capitalism. Damn.

That's a lefty university "genius" that probably voted remain and preaches morality to leave voters about how immoral they are.


not sure, don't really know oz geography

If you exclude blacks and hispanics then American whites are little different in terms of IQ and income to Northern Europeans. Your anti-white rhetoric is misplaced.


>complaining about anti urban inner city youth measures


Some folks can't handle the truth m8

Hallo, Wie Get es der Englisch?


Could like this except for the Child porn =MODS
Top lol
but YOU believe in a mystical deity who made a world in 7 days *sniggering*

I don't have a sister and no, I've ripped you Americans a new hole and fucked it many a time. As I said then and I'll say now, facts and logic have no emotions behind them, your interpretation of my facts have emotions. You're the mad one, I'm the one high as a fucking kite right now.

Suck my dick and really enjoy my dick, it's much more nutritious than the shit you fucks are used to gobbling down.

These would be the white Jew lovers that mutilate their kids at birth?

The ones that enable zionism to run rampant and unchecked?

Yeah, I'm the "anti white" one. Get lost trash.

>without any ice
So Waterworld was impossible?

Probably much less know we keep missing climate targets.

Depends how feminine your benis is.

In meinen Augen ist Deutschland Lebensraum für Anglos. * surrende Blutraffinerien *

Pretty spot on lol


>No its a mix of blonde and brown

In another words,it's darker then this.

Yes, white Americans are a minority. My point proven

>These would be the white Jew lovers that mutilate their kids at birth?
>The ones that enable zionism to run rampant and unchecked?
Those are Jewish problems not White problems. It just shows why we need to regain control of the media for our people.


>London drowns
>Niggers can't swim
This is pottery in the making.


Some things in the Old Testament (before Jesus) were allegorical not literal but the message is strong

>yall dont have capitalism
What did it mean?

Imagine everyday when you take your morning piss seeing a Jew cock and thinking at least I'm white.

>leaf thinks it happens suddenly and catches people

Is this actually Eddy?


Dude jesus was a mushroom

>looks at the first row
>picture of plastic fork warning signs in us dollars


>Denmark and the Netherlands

>ninety nine cents


hurry up ffs

The bible isnt real though


Nicht an Argumenetem

Good riddance. National newspapers are a disgrace. Local newspapers should survive though because there's always an appetite for local news (plus people just reading about whos died).

Yeah I'm not larping as Aryan my blood is Eternally Anglo.

Paganism is the Reals religion

Somewhere low lying like the Nertherlands could be gone in a couple of hundred years

Lads, 'tis all backfired on me.

She unblocked me but we've been arguing, on and off, for a week now and I don't think there is any going back.

Called her on Saturday, told her I liked her but the words richoched off of her like rain on a raincoat, she sweeped them away by accusing me of being drunk (I mean I was drunk).

I could re-add her on Snapchat, I could; but why would I? Does this really seem to be going anywhere? Perhaps, perhaps not.

We must thank the Lords, Varg Vikernes and the Golden One, for our experiences and hope that they will send yet another chance for us to find the perfect fair maiden and get married, have white children and to win the metaphysical race war.

Godspeed, my brothers, godspeed.

Literally nothing wrong with that map

The Bible is very real.
New Testament predicted destruction of Jerusalim just few years before it happened.

It even predicts New World Order and One World Government


Aryans are so gay. Dark hair, white skin, light/dark eyes > All

Anyone figure out what that worthless whore May is trying to say about universities right now?


speak to her sober and from the heart in person

Not your blog.

you're nuts

>my blood is Eternally Anglo

Shame on you.You aren't just enemy of Aryans but everyone else too.

give me your best pink wojaks lads

This is what a non-Aryan would say.

They will come to your town.

gets btfo
this much a fucking drama queen SJW anti-fa faggot
KYS now
even being this much a beta numale

Indeed. British people are dark-haired for the most part. Blonde is gay

Iron march are retarded


>Implying I am not the blue area

Russian mafia Jews.

I could do that although it would be pointless. It is too late, real action is impossible.

I know.

I am a bit crazy, you're right.

Its a book written by devil worshipping evil fuckers
Paganism is the ONLY OLDE RELIGION ..
It predates jesuses magic tricks ffs

But what about red hair?


Well its a majority like I said I'm a mutt of Northern European nations due to my maritime family, I am the stereotype Livermutt of Anglo, Irish and Scandinavia.

They both where
We had no way to actually trust his peace offer as he went back on peace offers with other nations

>not taking shits with your tabby next to you

You fucking queers and pakis make me sick.

you'd be surprised how difficult she'd find it to reject you to your face
don't be a pussy about it though

She is trying to blame the Unis for the millenial soy cunts with worth hugeeeeee debts for worthless shitty degrees

>They will come with you to your new town.

Did Hillary made that meme?

Nice paki legs

>being naked in front of a cat
You do realise your ancestors are watching you take a shit through that cat

She unironically cannot reject me. She considers me a deity, which is kind of weird. She always comes running back to me it's kinda cult-like and creepy but hot at the same time.

>Implying I won't embrace the sweet release of drowning

Gingers are unequivocally subhuman

Will I be thrown out the British ethnostate for having blonde hair?

Also nice Russel brand book


well it sounds like you've got it sorted then
stop shitting yourself

has gay homo mag next to bog lol

Niggers are more stubborn than you'll ever realize.

That’s what a real man looks like.

That’s exactly why you should do it as well.

Yes. Go home, snownigger

It’s Keanu


better get dying

I suppose so, I just need to wait it out.

no one cares

I was at this, I think people booed sturgeon. He supports Scottish independence otherwise but they're just trying to stir shit up against him. I didn't see anyone leave.

You are basically person on the left

homo book

It’s also a mag not a book. Also my gf bought it for me.

As I keep trying to explain. It doesn't rising quickly enough for it to catch you out by drowning.
You wouldn't abandon your home after the first few weeks of permanent water around your feet?

Get you own house in order. Leafs are among the worst deniers.

why is she obsessed with you?
Does she have autism?
Do you hit her?

Somebody is jealous they don't have freckles

He is a Top Bloke ..I used to like reading his letters in NME inb4 you all were borne

>tfw you will pay for me to be repatriated to norway
Sounds like a good deal desu.


>John Wick and an Air Wick

Why didn't you say cianiggers?

Gingers are openly mocked in the west, mate.

homo mag

She's bipolar and I got into trouble with the police for absolutely destroying (in a fight) her ex who used to beat her.

My man

No, you'll pay for it.


Ok then



she is his wifes daughter lol

Do you hit her?

the state of british women

>Come down mate

No? Hitting women, even in self-defence, is the ultimate dishonour.

>El britannios goblinas
Lol. Those are Poortheners of course.

What about when you fugg?

No, it's only really here due to our history. Americans are confused by the hatred of redheads in our country.

LARPing this badly on a monday afto ..fecking hell he is trying hard lol

And homosexuals shilled and defended.What that says about (((West)))

I absolutely destroy her when we fuck. Merciless pounding and shit, yknow. Nothing that she doesn't want, though.

There we have it

You playing the long game on winding this timmy up right lol

Gingers are so ugly, man.

from the carrier bag they b southern slaaags

I'm not LARPing. If you left the computer maybe you'd experience shit like this.

Mhm, I suppose.

They're definitely Poortheners.

trying this hard lololol

southern slags

>Ginger hate
>Even on Cred Forums
Can't escape it anywhere

>Gingers are so ugly, man.

Flase,but everyone has right to opinions even when they are wrong...

>brown eyed black haired swarthy brit calling anyone else ugly

I dont know who is b8 more lol

Southern chavs are more obnoxious than northern ones, southern ones pretend to be stormzy


Tell me about it.

she's obsessed with you because you hit her

I turned on the telly for ten minutes this morning and some DNA testing company taught me that the average Briton has 60% European DNA. Where we you when WE WUZ KANGZ?

People that hate ginners are black.

Ginger women are great but not ginger men.

grey-eyed, dark-brown haired*

I work here lol
Nah the bag is a chain shop in the sarth


>US climate change outlook worsens after further research

>Five ways India must help its farmers face the threat of climate change

I haven't hit, hit, her though. Not in a properly violent way.

It's called off now anyway, she's ignored my shit on snapchat; luckily, sent it to multiple people.

Where were you when Britannia died?

We have 100% European DNA.

check the bag newfag

those are on the good looking side of average too

*olive skinned
So you admit to being swarthy. And it is you trying to sow racial discord among whites. The irony.

nignog face is a lie tbqfh


>please select all images with bikes
>no images have bikes
Looks like Captcha filled their quota.

Umm, no sweetie. Ancestry DNA told me that the average Briton has 60% European DNA, so maybe get better facts okay.

Shoudn't you focus on Africans, Indians, Muslims, Jews etc...instead of inner British hatred?
Like seriously...

she caused it you twat

I'm white-skinned.


What you're seeing, in action, is (((divide & conquer))).

>Deservedly so

When you are consensually violent towards a woman it's like sealing the head of the hydra and she's yours
fuck knows why but this has been my experience

>Ancestry DNA
is owned by Kikes
go figure lol

There is no conquering lol, just bitter exchanges
Gingers are still gross though. Dark haired Brits >> All

stop teasing him ffs its just b8 now

I doubt that. Your swarthy skin is only lighter than normal because you never leave the house.

Not even conceived.

Those pakis have a nice PA system for the ACKBARing.

Mate, you seem to be correct. She seems to be demanding I apologise but I do not know what for.

I'm not swarthy lol. You're a ginger.

It's just a random quote from the thread.
I need to make that italic or something, maybe paste the reply from a screenshot, to make that clear.

next time you are rolling with a qt give her a consensual slap and see how she responds the following days

Based Morrissey

Gingers are jockinese /celts

>she caused it
You think Britain was cushy before she got the job?

He is probably more pale then you tho


>dark hair and eyes
>olive skin
>y-you're ginger, you're poor and from the north, you're not white, you should be deported to swedistan
Ok shill.

rolling with a qt give her a consensual slap

or be an alpha an throttle shieets out her ..

How come other big cities like Tokyo don't have terror attacks?


cos they dont allow mudslimes

New thread

I'll have coast front property and rent my garage to Londoners for gigamills

Turn up your heating