Why do american presidents have trannies as wives?

Why do american presidents have trannies as wives?

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too high and to the side to be a dick but would be fucking hot

>women exist

nice try pancake monger

why is gauda hating on the most beautiful women on the planet

jealous much

>she can't afford a full transition
>literally backwards cock
wow you're stupid
at least gitgud

photoshop fake gay op fag


We've literally seen her vagina.

Truly the most transparent President in our nation's history

Hahaha, went do you spergs take everything seriously enough to become so butthurt? Are you too autistic to laugh at a joke?


>seen her vagina
>"lol she has a cock"
weak shit

Kill yourself, shariablue. Respect the office of the President, worm.

American president wives have BIG dicks. GIGANTIC dicks, ENORMOUS EXCEPTIONAL dicks.

America Fuck Yeah, Bigly

Jokes usually are based in some sort of reality, even if surreal in nature like "le 56% meme."

Claiming a woman who has nude modeling pictures has a cock is "BACON IN THE SOAP!1 WAFFLEZ!!" tier humor.

You're just pissed off because you got shut down so fucking fast. You're a false liberal bitch. Just like the rest.

Not this time.

Bruh, look at this dood.
Wait till you see this- oh ho no no no no
No No No

Are Traps gay??

Wow, it must be pretty awkward having your dick and balls that high up, and not between your legs.

Trannies are top tier gfs.
Just watch any chinese cartoon. The best girl always has a penis.

trump wins on so many fucking levels it makes my head spin

>a tranny who has pregnancy photos
Speaking of which, where are Michael Obama's pregnancy photos?

This is a lame thread but give me some (you)'s pole. I'm very lonely and this is the only social interaction i have.........

There is a theory that transgenderism is so big in Brazil because your country was chosen as a guinea pig for the commodification of beauty

Also, damn OP Melania is hung

>pretending like her nudes aren't already out there

It was a reference to michelle Obama dick jokes

i know that bulge

>President Trump has shared nudes of his wives with everyone
>lol she's secretly a tranny
not today, toothpaste.

Real reason is because the surgery is cheap and any trash doctor will do it

you can find actual nudes of her.


She posed nude. The truth is already out there; the Don is porking a bush. Moochelle is definitely a man, though.

Nice deflection, OP is a faggot, get rekt.

You can always go to the nearest street, pop a squat and shit out a new friend.

Caitlynn Jenner has a dick now?!

>best timeline ever

He changed his gender)))


it's just laying against her left hip in pic related.

don't fall for the perspective trick, soigoi


>mfw based poo

Melania needs to put on some weight she's way too fucking skinny, i hope she goes American size.

for a country that has been exporting vice and degeneracy for years, that's pretty normal

open ponis

what kind of cuck wants to show his bitch to his bros?

might as well invite them over to fuck her up the ass while he's at work.

Women are supposed to be skinny, you gas guzzling abbo nigger.

Great thread OP


kill yourself, boomer trash

>hurdur OP is a photoshop
No fucking shit you utter nonce

Mine or yours

I imagine he's just doing it to show her off, she's a trophy wife after all. I doubt he actually gives a shit about her.

>implying he doesnt already

Fuck you!

both, let's sword fight while watching our balls not to touch because that would be homo. And being homo is a sin.

Melanoma is one dour, sad husk of a "woman"


show her off? what is he compensating for?

She has alredy full naked photos so, if something, she's going FtM trans with a fake dick

Finally a polak I can feel with. Being homo is a sin and degeneracy, so we shall make sure our balls don't touch.

I know that feel, my street shitting friend.

STICC women are bad for fuck and mentally ill and shit out retarded malnutrition babies with ADHD and small frontal lobes. Burger THICC women are healthy, give birth to healthy babies, made for fuck, soft sexual meat pillow, not like skeleton rattling in the sheets.


t. aboriginal


My dick comes out of my stomach too.

Have a (You) on (Me)

That's a lame fake. Melanoma has two cunts: one between her legs and the one she's married to.

die with your rage

Here have this.

>"Michael" Obama

Dont cry poo, you're among friends here

Because "Pegging" taking it in the pooper is a sophisticated fetish reserved for just the elite. Something us normal peasants wouldn't comprehend, see:


>dicks cum in my stomach

ftfy faggot

wow, michelle's is way bigger than melanoma's


Well we already know she isn't one.



i'm no muhammad, but sandniggers are not nearly as inferior as your literally underevolved "people"

>praising dunecoons by comparison
I'm not surprised.

>not nearly as inferior

>Well we already know she isn't one.
wasn't one

leave it to a swede to think you can change your sex

god shes a dog

i wouldnt fuck her with a stolen dick

>being this gay

have some more soy milk faggot

Our wives have the biggest dicks. Look at how small the mexican president's wife is - Sad!


those are her balls. Her BBC is strapped to her leg.

I recognize that bulge!

Joke's on you, retarded faggot, everybody saw her nudes.

>obvious plastic surgery
>fake boobs
Mike Trump

Stop saying crap about FCOTUS!

we don't know, you can easily hide a small american dick behind this hand


do you guys know Barron speaks Slovenian

based Melania

ej Barron rec mami naj pride kej naokol

as a guy who likes skinny girls, you make your point awfully convincingly

Anyone can tell the gender of a person, just use your nose.

It's just in your mind. Stop watching traps

Maybe these are first lady cock pistols?
Did bushes wife have this shit too?

This is not political.
This belongs on int or bant.
Sage, Report, Continue.


Haters will say it's photoshopped