My descendants came from Ireland. While watching Gangs of New York, at first I hated Bill...

My descendants came from Ireland. While watching Gangs of New York, at first I hated Bill, but then I started to respect him. After watching the film, an uncomfortable thought crossed my mind.

What if the reason America is a multicultural circus now, is because the US accepted Irish/Italian immigrants?

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They were white and believed in Jesus so they weren't so far from the rest of Americans at the time.

OP you know Daniel Day-Lewis is Jewish right?

tips fedora

>is because the US accepted Irish/Italian immigrants?
Where the fuck do you think the majority of white Americans originally came from you dumb cunt?


As someone of the same descent, I would have to say the unfortunate answer is yes.
Don't get too upset about it and blackpill yourself though, just work to prevent it from happening more in the future.

Thought of this often to be honest, my hometown is almost 80% Irish background, all mostly catholic, all vote for the left. They don’t even identify as English or British.
And the main underlining factor is most of them are thick as pigshit. Ireland’s IQ I think is in mid 90s, so it’s clear evidence that IQ can’t change within a generation because most have been here since the 1800s.
I don’t know how the Italians sorry.!

>What if the reason America is a multicultural circus now, is because the US accepted Irish/Italian immigrants?
That's the reason why though. They never fully integrated into our society. Even the Germans took a hint when we beat them long enough. Only the Northern Europeans truly integrated into our country, Mediterraneans, even though I love them, never truly integrated into the US. Nancy Pelosi, ITALIAN! John F. Kennedy, IRISH!

Yet they brought unwanted crime and extreme drunkenness with them.
It wasn't just a meme or muh racism.
Large numbers of Italians - particularly Sicilians - brought all their old ways of organized crime and vendettas with them. They preyed on their new neighbors and MADE people hate them through their actions.
The Irish created pandemonium in previously peaceful neighborhoods through their drunken fighting, fornication, stealing, and rioting.

There were definitely problems between catholic immigrants and Protestant natives. But I think the immigrants assimilated over time into a white American identity. What really brought on the multiculturalism circus was giving women rights movement and civil rights movement. These movements ultimately resulted in women having a big say until country's politics and minorities being mixed in with white society... a recipe for disaster imo

The real underlying problem is Catholicism on that matter, it ends up creating a barrier that makes it hard to fully assimilate since they would imply converting; Problem is since so many ancestors fought to remain Catholic, that idea sounds like literal heresy.

The other problem for me personally is my family 5 generations in never mixed with an non-Irish person, which makes it really harder to identify as just an American. These are just my guesses though

My money is that you live in northern ireland. No surprise there ulsterfaggot

You’d be wrong
Pro-tip: The Beatles are from here.

>The real underlying problem is Catholicism
I wonder (((who))) is behind this post

But Noel Ignatiev told me they were considered an entirely different species until old evil white capitalists declared them to be white in order to expand our black oppression capabilities?


didnt the west give refuge to millions of eastern european jews to escape the pogroms?

america itself took in more than a few million as a true gentile and naive act of humanity.

but the moment they arrived, the established german jews despised their eastern brethren. the german jews encouraged antisemitism upon the russian jews in US.

the goyim had no antisemitism in US, they welcomed the pogrom refugees, but as they accepted italians, they soon found out they made a terrible mistake. the jews, irish, and italians brought with them a wave of barbaric savagery, murder, crime, gangs, rapes unlike anything the WASP has seen.

the jews/italians transformed a crime-free puritan society into vicious gangland ruled by crime bosses. these mafia bosses quickly rose to the top of american society and legitimized illegal activities to establish their presence in the ruling oligarchy of america.

goys still ignored all the malevolent actions of the jews in america. goys died and fought to free the jews from adolf

Now the gandchildren- of those who fought the Germans to free the Jews- are all genocided and dying thanks to the race replacement policies of the Jews their grandparents fought for and saved. This is what they get for saving a cobra.

Irish people would be an upgrade nowadays.

try england

Germany and England.

>guns, rapes, threats, extortion, intimidation, murder incorporated

this is how they rose to power:

they turned their organized crime tactics into global politics

>What if the reason America is a multicultural circus now, is because the US accepted Irish/Italian immigrants?
No no no
We used to have quotas for white people
In 1965 the jewish alien lizard overlords threw it out
Now we're overrun with Spanish speaking Aztec human sacrifice victims

Irish are not white and never will be.

The Black population is higher than the Anglo population in the U.S. You made your bed now lie in it.

> my hometown is almost 80% Irish background, all mostly catholic, all vote for the left. They don’t even identify as English or British

No you simpleton.
do you know about the hart-celler act?

ddl over acts

We will deal with the catholic problem later OP. Yes, Papists are subversive honorary shitskins and semites but at least irish and (northern) italians are genetically european. Irish and italians assimilated generally. The only ones you notice now adays are the worst examples of each who have the worst traits of italian and irish nature. (drunkeness, stupidity, loudmouthed). Most have just melded seamlessly into regular white american and you can't tell much of a difference.

Spics, beaners, muslims, jews are infinitely worse

It’s because the south lost the civil war. Notice how Bill hated Lincoln and so did almost everyone else in that movie and the only people who went to fight the rebels were idiots who came back in coffins a few weeks later

Irish really are the niggers of yurop

You got there eventually, user.


I lay the blame on the Eastern European and Jewish immigrants who came later after the American Civil War. They brought nascent socialism with them, the fucks.

Idk man, FDR was no Irish.

Even today italian Americans are very clannish and act rude and get violent and chimp out with a short temper

That's not true Nigel. What's happened is that many of the descendants of original colonists, particularly those in the South, now just report their ancestry as "American".

These are people whose ancestors arrived in the 16-1700s, many of them English, Scottish, Scots-Irish.

>Even today italian Americans are very clannish and act rude
Are you suggesting they should be more open and tolerant?

To be honest with you, the original Americans, meaning the descendants of colonists, should be considered their own ethnic group at this point, similar to the Afrikaner.

Can anyone explain to me why there is so much hatred towards irish?

The Irish are niggers. live in the GCHQ headquarters and are responsible for one of the greatest mass media fabrications and pushes of controlled behavior in global history?

The more I look at the beetles, the more that shit glows in the dark.

deport the children as well.

There is a distinct majority of Brit fags, and Yank fags who want to identify with Brit fags.

I think Polaks get it quite a bit too. The perception of Poland on POL is completely formed by the British experience with Polish people.

>I'm sure the rest of Liverpool are fucking Mensa members.

That English delusion.

They're Catholic. During the original nativist movement, one of the biggest opposition towards Irish and Southern European immigration was because they would be more loyal to the Catholic Church than the United States.

Although for the most part these immigrants have assimilated (you can no longer have as decent a chance to predict their vote based on ethnicity), it's hard to argue that the nativists were completely wrong, especially with all the leftists swallowing whatever nonsense the Pope occasionally spews out of his mouth

>3 square meals and a salary
Not idiots just poor and unlucky

gibs muh welfare whitey

hatred towards polaks is quite new thing, while with irish seems to be much older thing. Probably some total britbong war against this nation?

>Pope is a leftist

I hope you are only including the current Pope. The Vatican was consistently the only thing which stopped all of Europe turning red.

I talk to more "Irish" Americans than actual people from Ireland.

>Probably some total britbong war against this nation?

For sure. The Brits have had 100s of years of anti-Irish propaganda, and then Irish immigration. Same reason they don't like the French and Spanish.

The Yanks are just larpers following the Brit's lead.

You need to get off Cred Forums, so.

No I don't.

I'm deeply bothered by how much Irish blood I have. Like 35%. Publicly, I only mention the German (50%) and Norwegian (15%) parts.

All that said, the Irish and Italians have assimilated into US society and now pass the low bar of America's definition of whiteness. You may be right that letting them in set a bad precedent, but they're obviously not the issue.

I think you'll find, you do.

>Same reason they don't like the French and Spanish.
Stop making things up. People """"hate"""" France because we've had 1000 years of conflict with them. It's not genuine hatred either.

Irish are not white and neither are italians, they never will be, let it go. Also they brought all their catholicuck shit here which ruined the fabric of our country

>Stop making things up. People """"hate"""" France because we've had 1000 years of conflict with them. It's not genuine hatred either.

I don't believe the majority of posters "hate" the Irish either. It's "banter".

As I'm saying, the British narrative, has become Pol's narrative, because of American larpers. Not sure what part your not getting.
Are you one of the high IQ Scousers that was talked about earlier?


The Pope is still an absolute monarch of a theocracy, a position which is antithetical to American Constitutional Republicanism (I don't mean the political party). The Anti-Catholic views of the nativists is a bit hypocritical though when you consider the history of Maryland, a state named after the Virgin Mary and settled by Catholics.

Dutch, English mostly. Most Americans came from your island, not ireland

>Also they brought all their catholicuck shit here which ruined the fabric of our country

That Majority of current US territory was Catholic primarily. It's your fault for not converting them to your joke of Lutherism.

>As I'm saying, the British narrative, has become Pol's narrative, because of American larpers
I don't know where this magical board is where American posters love sucking off Brit posters. All I ever see is them two insulting each other.

It was the Jews more so than anyone. Still is.

Yeah, and that would mean something, if the US was an actual functioning Republic, and ever was. It's always been an Oligarchy. The whole subplot of "Gangs of the New York" is how the Irish are co-opted to help dominate New York politics.

The US elite has always been corrupt, and plays the mob against each other.

lol, last thing anyone needs is a lesson from the dagos, you had all that land and lost it to the Mexicans

>That Majority of current US territory was Catholic primarily.
LOL what absolute horseshit. If you're talking about New Spain, New France, Florida; those areas were VERY sparsely populated by Europeans. In reality natives were in control of the vast majority of these territories until the United States took over.

So you honestly believe you're talking to Yanks from the WASP upper crust, who have nothing but love for anti-Irish memes?

You said majority of the country. The majority of current US was Catholic. You're refering the north east where we sent all the puritans and shekelmeisters.

>Lost it to the Mexicans

We invented Mexicans, so not really sure how we could "lose" it.

>not naming the jew
>1 post
op is a jew
gg, everyone loses to another slide thread

no..those migrants were hard working and didn't come for gibs..they were hard working or they died..there was no gibs

Yes, the people that pushed that bill were two Catholics and a Jew.

The majority of the country may have been nominally controlled by Catholic European powers, but to say the majority of the country was EVER Catholic is a misnomer.


I'm descended from catholic german and polish immigrants, so I'm a bit biased on this matter.
However, in a way, you're right. The intra-white multiculturalism did lead to problems. Nowhere NEAR as massive as the problems of multiculturalism between entirely different races, but still. One could say that our acceptance of other white immigrants allowed the precedent to be pushed over toward accepting nonwhite immigrants later on.

The main problem is that in the early 1900s, when many immigrants from eastern europe (such as my great-grandparents) came over, there were jews coming in too. Tons of kikes came in during that period, and it's why we shut off immigration from eastern europe in the 1920s or so. And of course the jews were then the ones who went on to subvert and sabotage and open the floodgates to shitskins.

ON THE OTHER HAND, you have to remember that we had this giant open continent waiting to be colonized. There was space for everyone, and we needed warm bodies coming over to start homesteading the west. Had we not had lots of white immigration during the 1800s, would we have been able to pop out enough babies on our own to start settling sea to shining sea? That I do not know. We might not have had enough manpower to take over texas and the west coast from mexico, for example. However, during the Civil War, the union did do some dirty shit like import fucktons of irish just to hand them guns and send them off to war against dixie. That's kinda shitty.

>My descendants came from Ireland. While watching Gangs of New York, at first I hated Bill

And this summarises the problem with Americans. You make up stories to fill the hole where your identity should be and you wind up raging against fictional characters because they somehow wronged ancestors you've never met.

Grow the fuck up.

Yes, in fact Phillip Hart was one of the cosponsors of the 1965 immigration act, which was the culmination of ethnics lobbying to allow more of them to enter the country. Ultimately, the blame goes to the bourgeiose of colonial descent who foolishly allowed the perfidy of ethnics and jews to continue.

It isn't. Europeans in multiethnic environments have the option of imposing the metaethnic identity of whiteness (assimilation), which is what the US did after 1920 (while also effectively ending immigration in '20 and '24).

The reason the US is now a multi-culti circus is the '65 INRA and the impossibility of absorbing non-whites into the whiteness construct. We could end immigration tomorrow and it wouldn't make a dent in our racial friction.

Only good answer.

Yes, with past immigration it was confined to a select minority of the global population and it also coincided with Western expansion.

Today, we have no more Western expansion (thanks to the federal government owning a fuck ton of the land), but we have more immigration than ever before (1/5 of the people here were not born here). As such, we get crowding in major cities (look at Los Angeles) and ethnic groups staying together in their enclaves.

With past immigrants, you had a situation wherein the ethnic groups would stick together. They were in poverty, there was gang violence and other crimes. However, gradually they found themselves entering civil service jobs (see the stereotype of the Irish NYPD cop) and eventually they were able to move out to the suburbs (Little Italy is not Italian anymore). They assimilate to the wider culture.

Could this process be done with the current immigrant population? Possibly, but that is impossible to even test out if we don't cut immigration significantly, which is what happened from 1924 to 1965. Hell, assimilation hasn't even happened with the majority of our black population, and they're more "native" than many white people in this country.

Campared to mexicans I guess...

>We could end immigration tomorrow and it wouldn't make a dent in our racial friction.
That is what death and war is for. The only way to solve the problem is to forcefully get rid of one or both groups.

You're not wrong. Sadly the nature of white Anglo Saxon heritage is what made the post revolutionary America what it was. It was a British revolution for British men and their descendants.

The low work ethic and indolent nature of the Irish and the meds at the time wasn't violently destabalizing but lead to an erosion of the Anglo-centric law of America.

Oddly enough H.P Lovecraft has some great letters on this.

>My descendants came from Ireland.
And Your ancestors will go back to Ireland.

Papists - Rome was a real threat back then - and the Irish were drunks and lazy.

Agreed. We do not need fucktons of immigration right now because our country is effectively "filled up" enough as it is. And we especially don't need shitskin immigration at that.

As for the issue of assimilation, I believe that in the past, different white ethnicities were able to assimilate because while there differences between germans and poles and english and irish, etc, we're all still white, and we all have much more in common than we have that's different. Totally different scenario from chinks, mestizos, muslims, niggers, etc. The blacks have been here for like 350 years, and they have never assimilated whatsoever. It just can't happen. They're biologically incompatible.

Maybe white-presenting castizos, light skinned indians/persians, lebanese, and people like that can eventually assimilate. But not in large numbers, and certainly not the vast majority of the nonwhites we have here.

Irish/Italian immigration irrevocably hurt America as an anglo-saxon Protestant nation and it shouldn't have been allowed to happen. In this regard the Italians were worse, they act tribalistic to this very day.

Liverpool is really that bad?

yes you can.

Germans, French, Italians, Southern Anglos, Scots, and to a lesser extent, Dutch, Norwegians, Eastern Europeans, voted for Trump.

Irish, Swedes, and Northern Anglos voted for Hillary

Mormon Anglos, Danes, and Russians split

US did fine with those immigrants until the 60's when you started taking in black and brown people almost exclusively. We followed suit, it hasn't worked out.

I think cities such as Detroit, Chicago and Seattle have a more (northern) European flavour distinct from the Anglo cities on the East coast.

Hypothetically, absent the Latin American/Asian migration, the USA would have drifted into a more European culture. But ultimately all these Polish and Italian descendants would have assimilated into the base culture of the USA which is meritocratic Anglo middle class. Already by the 1980s, the old distinctions among 'European ethnic' Americans were fading.

Look at it this way. New England has a lot of Irish, and New England is democrat, Massachusetts has potatoes out the ears and they voted for shillary and Obongo drums. Irish are all progressive/liberal fags because they're trying to shove it in the Brits face. Only reason Irish do anything is out of spite for England where as real Americans just wanted freedom, but we still share most things in common with Britain, in other words we're not so petty we can't let things go and let bygones be bygones. Plus Irish are all drunk lazy faggots and I don't blame the Brits for wanting to conquer them

>What if the reason America is a multicultural circus now, is because the US accepted Irish/Italian immigrants?
it is.

It's a shithole.
What Manchester's excuse is, I don't know.

>Irish Americans were traditionally democrats that supported the succession of the Confederate states
>Irish Americans hated niggers
>Irish Americans were the perdomiant perpetrators of the New York Riots
>In Gangs of New York, the Irish were the good guys that even had a based black paddy with them. Only the Nativists are evil racists
What did (((Hollywood))) mean by this?

letting the Potato Famine people in was a mistake. they were the first to come here for money, not freedom.

same with the Indians and East Asian immigrants. they're not nearly as destructibe as the Africans, but they're just here for the money. they don't care about freedom.

I'd say the same about the Mexicans, but thankfully many of them go home to retire after a while. but it's also a problem.

it's not that they're individually bad people (Irish, Asians, Mexicans) but basically any culture outside the Hajnal line has failed to assimilate to early American culture, except for the South Italians and maybe the Poles and a few other tiny ethnic groups from Eastern Europe.

Can confirm.

the problem was bringing niggers. no niggers no problems

The director is also Jewish, but the character isn't, hence he's painted as the evil guy

No you dumb mutt, it's because of the German and English. I can go on a big explanation, citing a lot of history and fact, but here's irrefutable proof in short:

Right now, Ireland and Italy are ethnically clean (by modern standards). Even if southern Italy got muddied at some point, they're still the same kind of muddied as they've always been - i.e. remained fairly clean.

England and Germany are mixing rapidly, accepting refugees with open arms and leading the world in multiculturalism.

Furthermore, the ones who pushed multiculturalism on us are the kikes who the British allowed to settle and prosper, the British allowed to abuse Europe and the British fought and sacrificed for. The Germans are the obedient sheep who are shoving it all down Europe's throat for the umpteenth time in a row.

And there you go, it's because you have the same worker drone/sheep mentality embedded in a large part of your populace, it's also why it's so easy to indoctrinate you with media (exactly like Germans, but with more color because of the childishness of British people).

Yeah them and the socks is the reason why we are famous. Other then that we’re just an odd bunch.

Yeah, Rhoes, Selous, Roosevelt and Burnham are some of the finest men to ever live, and they all descended from proud Anglo stock and believed in their superiority and stood by their respective nations.

such a jewish post op

why the fuck are you so obsessed with superior irish and italians?

fucking kike op

>Your ancestors
your descendants will be your children and their children etc...

It isn’t delusion though. There is only few areas in Liverpool that would consider themselves English before scouse.

america is a shithole because we allowed nonwhites in.

(((protestant))) shitholes that had been at war for centuries....

unlike ireland and italy.............who were doing just fine, until anglo kikes invaded ireland and savoy kikes invaded italy

no wonder irish and italians are so superior to the jew memed white haters/jew idiots...

"Irish" and "Italian" Americans do seem to hold rather tightly onto that heritage. Catholicism has always felt kind of alien to me too, but this might just be because I grew up in a mostly German protestant part of town. Could also be that the few Irish catholic types were always elitists, looking down on us "heathens".

That's kind of a frightening thought. Even in white America, you still have white ethnic groups more or less always acting the same way. Irish, and Italian being good examples. Germans being the largest "White" group in the US, you'd think they'd have had a larger impact. I'm assuming the German immigrants didn't do as much damage as the other European immigrants.

you're a kike

if america had only allowed germans and anglos we would be fucking turkish poo loos by now

fucking kikes itt kike mods itt

jewish shithole itt


Why do Americans need to romanticize history so much, you guys aren't Irish, Russian, polish, German, Scottish you're American, americas a pretty cool place accept it own it and stop making up stories about your bullshit ancestors.

It isn’t bad bad, we still know we are English and all but we don’t show patriotism like other parts do. The troubles in Northern Ireland reflected in Liverpool, the divide in places Everton who are mainly Protestant is obvious to catholic places like Dingle. Dingle is next to toxteth though which is full of blacks, and Dingle hates them. It’s kind of weird.

the only thing keeping up the anglo iq is the fact you include celtic iqs in your anglo data collection

For the 100 years the Italians “ruled” New York and the NJ-side cities, they were never safer. You could walk down Broadway in Newark with your girl.

Now there’s a 75000 cop standing army, checkpoints, cameras, etc. etc. You can buy crack and heroin on Broadway in Newark - just don’t got after dark.

Which would Cred Forums prefer?

lol ye it's in this entire thread

fucking jew thread as always whenever someone is going after irish/romans/catholics...

good thing this site is kiked!!! right op!! right mods!!!

But we're the reason you're still majority white, if the Irish never showed up having fuck tons of children you'd be a 46% el goblino and not 56%.

Italy is still doing fine. The average italian likes to complain a lot and they do have the kind of overwhelming problem that the economy and politics are in a bit of a deadlock (which means while salaries may be good, jobs are good and all, there can be NO job whatsoever for a young person), but a lot of the perception of their problems comes from a pre-crisis point of view.

Average italian will talk about how shit his country is and will immigrate west, where he will effectively have significantly less purchasing power and significantly worse conditions. Italians have a great ratio of salary to purchasing needs which is only matched by Spain and some others right now. They don't realize the traditionally "rich" countries like Germany, Netherlands and shit have had huge spikes in basic household needs, as well as big problems on the property market that leaves the average person with the need to sink money into rent. Even basic stuff like how much it costs to run a car should be taken into account. In the end, life in Italy could be considered objectively better.

>inb4 le south

What, you think Germany and shit don't have poor regions? Yeh, sure, maybe south of Italy is a bigger poor region, but also the North is a bigger patch of rich. If you look at regional statistics, the biggest patch of developed regions in Europe is pretty much just the Alps, a large chunk of which is in Italy.

please admit you are a low iq 12 year old that should go read a book for the first time in your life, or a 60 year old paid kike yenta in a tel aviv basement.

it's either or

They act like a mix of Germans and anglos, that's pretty much why I consider them as such.

I like Bill too but it's really just Christianity that's the problem. It doesn't teach boys to be real Men. It teaches them to be virtue signaling faggots and it destroys their tribalism and killer instinct. Obviously life being harder back then helped counter that. Jews have no power over people if they can't manipulate your emotions. They also just need to be killed off and Christians can't seem to do this.

>catholicism supposedly tainted America
>mfw descended from Polish and German catholics
I'm a papist infiltrator and there is nothing you proddies can do to stop me

Well, slavery really got the ball rolling, unfortunately, but I'm half Italian and I live in a typical Italian/Irish area of the North East, and I can say without reservation that the US would have been better off without us.

the reason you are an indepent country is because of catholic France lmao

Reality was knowing Bill was the good guy.


A man who lives near me parked his workvan up against a wall so they could not open the doors and they opened the back door panel with a can-opener

Except Irish and Italian immigrants wanted to be Americans, they usually were confined to one area and killed themselves when it came to organized crime.
More importantly, they were GRATEFUL to be Americans. Even after years of slave labor and torment from the Americans already here, you don't hear us mutts complaining about how our great great grandparents were treated when they first came to America, but a nigger rolling in a Cadillac, covered in gold chains with a SNAP card and thousands in welfare in his wallet thinks he's still a slave because his ancestors were.
Shit, the Chinese had the same deal with niggers but instead of complaining about the ghettos, they made it their own and aren't trying to force everyone else to accept their way of life.

No, the US became a multicultural circus when certain ((("people"))) believed that the American way of life isn't good because we're not "diverse", and we're not diverse because we're not "multicultural" knowing full and god damn well that cultures clash. It was their plan all along to cause chaos that spills into the streets, churches and schools and brainwashed almost 3 generations to do nothing about it.
Who are they? The fucking communist Jews. When did they come here? After World War 2, soon as they got to our shores, the hand rubbing and toothy grins from the shadows began and 20 years later the hippies became useful idiots, and those same useful idiots are teaching our generation to be cross dressing faggots.
Who is to blame? Adolf Hitler... For not finishing the job!

It's not entirely wrong. Irish/Italian immigrants and their children formed the essential voting blocs of FDR's New Deal coalition and without them he couldn't have been elected. And Kennedy was a semen-slurping multiculturalist to the end. Irish immigrants were thought of as intellectually inferior back in the day as well. Today we know the average IQ in Ireland is 92. Accepting so many Irish immigrants, and intermarrying with them, most likely permanently lowered the quality of white Americans. The waves of Italian immigration we were getting came primarily from southern Italy.

Vatnik division troll detected. You motherfuckers ruined.Cred Forums by flooding it.

Historically English cannot fucking stand the Irish and Germans cannot fucking stand Italians.

And don't forget jews rely on cities to survive. Their genetics alone make them unable to survive in nature, hence their urban fever

That actually sounds nice.

>Oddly enough H.P Lovecraft has some great letters on this.
>The mass of contemporary Jews are hopeless as far as America is concerned. They are the product of alien blood, & inherit alien ideals, impulses, & emotions which forever preclude the possibility of wholesale assimilation… On our side there is a shuddering physical repugnance to most Semitic types…so that wherever the Wandering Jew wanders, he will have to content himself with his own society till he disappears or is killed off in some sudden outburst of mad physical loathing on our part. I’ve easily felt able to slaughter a score or two when jammed in a N.Y. subway train.–Letter from Lovecraft to Lillian D. Clark, January 1926.
Lovecraft was definitely /ourguy/.


Bill is right. Its about being American and not that you're Irish. In the movie he took in a old Irish foe and respected a well rounded leader in the priest.

Something is wrong with background in this picture.

>[Hitler’s] vision is of course romantic & immature, & colored with a fact ignoring emotionalism … There surely is an actual Hitler peril–yet that cannot blind us to the honest rightness of the man’s basic urge … I repeat that there is a great & pressing need behind every one of the major planks of Hitlerism–racial-cultural continuity, conservative cultural ideals, & an escape from the absurdities of Versailles. The crazy thing is not what Adolf wants, but the way he sees it & starts out to get it. I know he’s a clown, but by God, I like the boy!–Letter from Lovecraft to Donald Wandrei, November 1936.

Germans are split between protestant and catholic though. Especially if you factor in Austrians.

t. descendant of catholic germans who settled in pennsylvania.

>My descendants came from Ireland
Why do Americans not know the difference between ancestors and descendants? It's not the first time I've seen this mistake.

what a racist thing to say

the KKK even accepts white catholics, stop

>The New York Mongoloid problem is beyond calm mention. The city is befouled and accursed—I come away from it with a sense of having been tainted by contact, and long for some solvent of oblivion to wash it out! … How in Heaven’s name sensitive and self-respecting white men can continue to live in the stew of Asiatic filth which the region has become—with marks and reminders of the locust-plague on every hand—is absolutely beyond me. … There is here a grave and mighty problem beside which the negro problem is a jest—for in this case we have to deal not with childlike half-gorillas, but with yellow, soulless enemies whose repulsive carcasses house dangerous mental machines warped culturelessly in the single direction of material gain at any cost. I hope the end will be warfare … In New England we have our own local curses … in the form of simian Portuguese, unspeakable Southern Italians, and jabbering French-Canadians. Broadly speaking, our curse is Latin just as yours is Semitic-Mongoloid, the Mississippian’s African, the Pittsburgher’s Slavonic, the Arizonian’s Mexican, and the Californian’s Chino-Japanese.*–Letter from Lovecraft to Frank Belknap Long, August 21, 1926.

All these attacks and shootings are done by Jews.
Just ban the assault Jew.

The myth that the Irish were considered non-white at any point in American history is ridiculous and has been bolstered by Jewish propagandists since the 50's.

Literally 10+ of the Founding Fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence were born in Ireland or born in the U.S to Irish parents.

What's funny is that whenever you bring this fact up, someone posts that retarded anti-Irish potato picture that compares niggers to Irish people, which was a specific publication dedicated at attacking Irish Catholics.

As far as the Italians were concerned, it is true that they were initially considered a problem -- but as time went on, the fact that Italians were white Europeans from a civilized country meant they'd easily be able to integrate into American culture within a generation. Shitskins, Jews and niggers did not, and never will.

Its because we accepted Jews.

>My descendants came from Ireland.

Glad someone understands this. It'd be like if people in the future looked at shitposts on Cred Forums about argentines and took that as evidence that they're literally black.

Because the Italian and Irish cultures are pro-divorce and giving the women everything they ask for.

>>My descendants came from Ireland.
>>Nice to hear Cheddar Kang
>>Learn to engriss potato nigger

Flood country with cheap labor, then Jew writes "wretched refuge" jingle.

Now (((they))) want you to forget that Eliis Island was the quarantine center and only 2% of the wretched refuse were fit to admit.

Under Obama the CDC claimed that every Ebola carrier was safe to travel with zero quarantine..

Now we still have every lice infested TB carrier swarming into the USA.

Scousers aren't British (or human)

>"american" (=mutt)
racists btfo

Irish man abroad in Canada here.

It's just Internet crap. Nobody has ever said anything to my face.

It's not hatred, learn to bantz.

It's Canada, m8. Anyone with remotely light skin coming into the country is good enough at this point, enjoy it while it lasts.

these ppl identified with their nationality much much more than skin color

I've lived in the US too and travelled all over. People buy me pints because I'm irish ffs.

You know when you give a parrot a cracker so you can hear it do the one thing it's known for?

Well according to leftists muslims did help build America

They did, in a way.

Yeah I never really understood this.

Also, the British eat more potatoes per capita than the Irish and the Irish drink more tea per capita than the British.

Nah not sending nogs back after emancipation is the reason. Lincoln wanted to but some stupid Democrat shot him.

I think the Irish are like second in beer consumption, though.

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Fake news user

no you see this image disproves you for some reason

The only legitimate answer. And any coal burners along withem

well said Ahmed, well said

>Brought extreme drunkenness with them
>Implying it wasn't here form day one
Do your homework on America's history with Ciser you ignorant fuck

The Nativist movement (that's Bill and the boys) and opposition to the Popish peoples of Europe had to do with the distrust of the intelligence order of the Jesuits. People were worried that Irish being ultramontane (would side with pope on voting matters even if predominant opinion where they lived was against the thing being voted on), they would make terrible citizens and simply vote in more Catholics.

As a counterpoint, France though Catholic, has had a tradition of the opposite, using "ultramontane" as an insult against those who might side with Papacy against French (local) interests.

Now, America was largely settled and built by white Protestants, Masons, both of whom dislike the RCC. There was a lot of anti-Catholicism. Masons essentially seek to destroy the Church and bring about a reign of Lucifer.

These distinctions are less pressing today, because the Church has been infiltrated by Satanists. Catholicism is being destroyed from the top down by heretical Mason clergy (ironic and contradictory, yes) and actual Luciferians.

Unless you're a Luciferian today, don't feel bad OP.

Lutheranism isn't even around anymore, the Mainline Churches collapsed from poz and only Evangelicals are really left in terms of the Protestant churches.

Early on, Dutch & English and some Spaniards. Later on, French and many many Germans.

>Don't identify as English or British
Why the fuck would they nigger?
Only Anglo scum are English and only cucks identify as British
It disgusts me to know that you find Irishmen not wanting to pretend they're Anglos as a negative instead of a positive


>Irish are not white
Why? They have the palest skin in all of Europe.
I don't get it.

Jewish propaganda

Anglos are butthurt that no matter what they do they can't seem to get rid of the Irish or that said people still identify as Irish even though the beady eyed Anglo has spent literally centuries trying to brainwash them into no longer identifying as such

>And yankfags who want to identify as britfags
First off, don't call us fucking yanks
Second, Americans hate the British on principle alone and the idea that we shit all over the Irish is a joke since they're our second largest white group in the US and it's been almost a century and a half since anti-irish sentiment existed anywhere in the states(and of course when it did exist here it came directly from Anglo scum living here)

I thought he was just the eternal anglo

Wrong, Scorsese is Catholic.

Day-Lewis is the only good Jew actor.

Because they're Catholic and no one be Catholic please, unless you're a commie or Satanist running into the Church to help burn it down

.t All media for at least the last hundred hundred years

fuck you faggot

The same reason Balts and Slavs aren't white either, because muh 19th century propaganda said so. Estonians look pale is fuck from what I've seen.

Divorce was illegal in Ireland until 1997 and woman aren't allowed abortion here.


I knew this guy was racist but wholly fuck!

Bill the Butcher was the hero we need, but not the one we deserve

>What if the reason America is a multicultural circus now, is because the US accepted Irish/Italian immigrants?
>Did importing Catholics irreparably damage our Protestant society?

The ladies pictured are FAR better than the British Fat Slags commonly paraded about on here. They are at a wholesome event; a baseball game. Women their age in the UK are grinding on dark foreign meat in the club.

What are you talking about mutt nigger

Go crawl back to the 1830's you fucking autist. We're the reason your punk asses aren't speaking spanish now.

No it happened when they started allowing non Europeans to be Citizens after the US Civil War and given rights and protections by law.
From the creation of the US to the Civil War, only European men,women and children could be citizens.

>Why the fuck would they nigger?
Every looked on a map where Liverpool is?
Fuck off you retard

I love how the Anglo tries to shit on us because we're the most loved race on the planet. Literally everyone thinks Americans are stupid and fat and that Brits are ugly and stupid. Wipe your tears off of your face and accept that literally everything wrong with today's politics originated from you both.

People on here are so dumb that propaganda from the 1800's put out by the British still has an effect on their tiny minds.


Because Europhiles, Communists and Egalitarians ensured we have neither.

Irish and Italians were always considered white. It’s because of jews being accepted in

Not true, of children born to native born parents, whites were 66%.

America is for Anglos, you need to go back.

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saged and reported

Us Irish are light grey\blue faggot.

I have an Irish surname, should I feel ashamed?

Protestants only, pope fags gtfo of our America. I don't care what ethnicity Europeans are, but they need to reject the pope. Scots-Irish are literally the most American.

>extreme drunkenness with them.
Oh wow American education.

I agree, desu.


not white

Pick one and only one

Jesus Christ, when will this "Irish weren't white" myth die? There has always been a huge Irish population in the US (especially in the southeast.) From day one. You are buying into shitlib propaganda.

Here's an idea. Until that flag shows stars and stripes instead of some queer toothpaste smear, you don't shill your cheap knock-off religion, or any other policy for that matter, in the US.

>my descendants

Whereas Protestants have been a bulwark against leftist subversive bullshit...

I'm American, so I'll comment on what I please. I'm just in Russia temporarily.

That's probably because there are more Irish diaspora than native Irelanders by at least threefold.

Yeah, this basically. In the 20's and 30's there was more ethic segregation and rivalry than there is now. You'd literally have Irish/Jewish/Italian street fights

Literally nobody has a problem with the Irish, I used to think the Irish hated us but apparently we're alright, if anything we have good back and forth banter.

Yeah, cool story faggot. Sorry if you got triggered when the Papists called your degenerate "lifestyle choice" a sin.

It's more nuanced than Irish/Italians bad, Germans/Anglos good.

the point is that re has been an ethnocentric in america. There is a white American ethnicity. When we say white today, what we mean is this American ethnicity.

Now the problem is enclaves of Italians and Irish in New England and the Atlantic states who refuse to blend into this new American ethnicity.

What's really interesting is that millennials and gen xers are possibly the first generations of this new American ethnicity, but I could be wrong there.

>What if the reason America is a multicultural circus now, is because the US accepted Irish/Italian immigrants?
Well it was the Jews user, that's why.

Also, Catholics were a dangerous addition as you see how many of them wanted invasion (JFK for example).


Culture doesn't create ethnicity retard

You better get off Cred Forums or else you're gonna get arrested. Aren't you afraid?

Hey faggot, I don't think I ever argued that you stupid fucking nigger.

The thought police are on their way.

It's because we brought in blacks, but didn't ship them back during reconstruction.

England and Holland.
Irish people are subhuman, and this is coming from a partially irish person.

Because that is actually not the case. My surname is english as well as my mother's maiden name. All of the surnames in my family tree are english, except for 2 or three german surnames. White germanic protestant on both sides, nothing but. The majority of south italians, slavs/eastern europeans and jews, etc didn't come until the late 1800's and into the 1900's, and they were banned from the 20-60s. Most of the slavs and italians, even to this day, are still concentrated in the cities, and not out in the whiter rural areas. Religious differences kept anglo/germanic protestants away from non-germanic catholics as well. There are millions of people of only germanic heritage in the US, especially in the north.

>all this jealousy

kys mutts

>What if the reason America is a multicultural circus now, is because the US accepted Irish/Italian immigrants?
No, it's the roasties,

When, long ago, the gods created Earth
In Jove's fair image Man was shaped at birth.
The beasts for lesser parts were next designed;
Yet were they too remote from humankind.
To fill the gap, and join the rest to Man,
Th'Olympian host conceiv'd a clever plan.
A beast they wrought, in semi-human figure,
Filled it with vice, and called the thing a Nigger.


God never called them niggers though. Racists did

love the part where the politician is handing out bread and voting slips to immigrants right off the boat. pretty ironic considering the democrats today

I don't hate the irish, they may be pricks but funny and can play music, and aren't jews.
.t german american

And niggers are the Irish of Africa.

I wish we imported more Irish instead of the millions of niggers.

>straight down the rabbit hole

get it right you STUPID potato nigger

Then be married a jewess and relied on her for tendie-money.

It is Germany you twat

>My descendants came from Ireland.

American education

>What if the reason America is a multicultural circus now, is because the US accepted Irish/Italian immigrants?
the problem was/is that too many immigrants from particular ethnic groups arrive all at once. the irish ruined the west side of manhattan and boston for 100 years, parts of boston are still shit today because of them. italians flooded the country in the early 20th century and brought organized crime that persists today. cubans single handedly created a drug and crime epidemic and completely ruined southern florida when they arrived en masse in the mariel boat lift. this applies to almost every ethnic group. they self ghettoize and completely change the community that they invade.

It’s a way to distance ourselves from black and brown people. Who are also “American “ pretty sure the terminology “white” come from white Americans

Lol....seriously you must be one of the only people who caught that

>After watching the film, an uncomfortable thought crossed my mind.
>What if the reason America is a multicultural circus now, is because the US accepted Irish/Italian immigrants?

can relate,non WASP immigrants did cause a problem, but not that big of a problem.

Still the issue of catholic VS prot is significant in USA identity


the irish are not white. they are the niggers of whites.

*tear of pride*

That's a high-IQ Fenian bead fingering potato nigger for ya. You know what they called niggers in the deep South and probably elsewheres ?
Smoked Irish.

that image was created by a jew and has no real basis

I turn off the movie when he stabs the shit out of Amsterdam...

this is all LARPing, right?

I'm an Anglo-Canadian, and have always called Irish my brothers and sisters. Even if they're catholic.

Creating conflict and division between whites is Jewish trickery. It's easier for ((them)) to pick us off one by one.

They aren't white.

Italian Americans are the reason why organized crime is so prevalent in the US and irish brought alcoholism and wife/child abuse. And their shitty fucking descendants seem to take pride in the fact they came from such shitty, degenerate cultures - its sickening.

Catholicism is a plague and yes, you brought it here