Even based black science man knows god isn't real

Even based black science man knows god isn't real.
Why do you refuse to accept logic?


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I don't pay attention to negroes.

Credo quia ineptus est.

Sage is god.

>Making absolute assumptions about an unknown

Also Sage


>god isn't real
Welp, that settles it. I guess we can all go home now.

I didn’t know NDT was an anti-semite

God isn't real but this is not politics.

>i-if God is real how come b-bad things happen

That's a valid question.

They should stick to talking about mars and physics for students.

No it isn't. God is not your personal superhero.

Bad things happen because the man is not holy.

Only for children. Once you do any reading it makes sense.

he isnt the real black science man. hes just a fraud who took his place. the real one was much darker and some features of his face were different. nobody even noticed when he was replaced because he wasnt really famous back then

the man you think of as neil degrasse tyson isnt neil degrasse tyson

God is real. We live in hell. Read the Bible. Saged.
>They will be punished with eternal destruction, forever separated from the Lord and from his glorious power.

People never reach full potential if they're coddled all the time.

They replaced Carl Sagan with Neil after the former kicked the bucket due to cancer.

I don't see a based black. All I see is a bluepilling establishment goon.

This nigger isn't based in the slightest by the way.



Stupid nigger posted by faggot

the age of the meme scientists is long over

You mean 120 IQ token black "science" guy.


based black folk eh

this guy is retarded. theres no way of knowing, so just pretend like you know.

Science cant prove or disprove anything you cannot replicate directly. Period.

t. PhD student


>named kneel

big surprise

Based black science mans view of morality means based black science man can fuck off too.

has all the science ended, or is everything discovered already ? arent there any real problems to discuss besides arguing whether god existor not, clearly this nigga is running out of money so to stay in the picture he has to open the age old pseudo shit