Can we just skip to the next political tragedy so these dumb gun arguments liberals make can blow over?

Can we just skip to the next political tragedy so these dumb gun arguments liberals make can blow over?

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Why do you believe people should have assault weapons?

>assault weapons
mmmmm love that liberal buzzterm propaganda

Meh, 2A isn't going anywhere


Why are you against the mandatory mental evaluation of anybody posting hate speech on social media? If we can see the warning signs and detain these people for evaluation and put them on drugs, or give them more aggressive inpatient treatment we can stop these tragedies from occurring.

Then we have a difference in morality, can you fuck off for good now? Partition the goddamn Union already so we dont have to restrict our freedoms every time one of your citizens decide to shoot up a school.

It's like asking me why I believe people should say "nigger" in public. I don't think they should, but I'm not going to jail them if they do because they have freedom of speech.

If we make guns illegal people won't get killed. That's how we got everyone to stop using drugs

To kill traitors and niggers.

>leftists who use dead children to further their political agenda
>any morality whatsoever

State run evaluation

Top kek

This guy is a sanctimonious faggot. I checked his blog to see who the fuck he was, and it is filled with posts like this and

>"If you don't get goosebumps listening to the end of Martin Luther King Jr.'s I Have A Dream speech, you need to check your pulse. Or maybe your soul."

He's just a virtue signaling nigger loving cunt.


Actually, he is right. There is a difference in morality.
> One side says, kids died. Let's blame all people advocating for personal responsibility and every law abiding gun owner in the country. Also let's use the trauma of dead kids to force them to give up their freedom.
The other side says
> Why punish 120 million people because 100 spergs on medicaid drugs snap every year?
Yeah, there is a difference in morality.
If the solution is to punish a minority to potentially prevent crime, then liberals, hispanics and blacks should be sent to the gas chambers. And as much as that solution amuses me, I think it is a bad precedent to set.
>Why, don't you want to save lives?

>wanting to curb free speech because it hurts your precious little feelings

You go get evaluated faggot. Your a fucking nigger loving faggot pussy cunt.

fuck you...the kikes do these shootings as both a sacrifice to their master satan and as a way to get retarded assholes like YOU to whine about guns...


Because if, in our efforts to stop this from ever happening again, we go after guns...........then guess what? You've heard it before & you'll hear it again......then only criminals will have guns. Millions and millions of people have guns that the government doesn't know about. And guns can now be manufactured using a 3D printer. And if law abiding citizens give up their guns then the supply & demand goes WAY, WAY up on the black market. So now the violent criminals of the world will have the black market cornered on guns and drugs etc....So now the criminals have even more power. Especially fire power.
It is really that simple.

See these are the warning signs people. This person is lashing out and is obviously a threat to others... Should be detained for evaluation immediately.


I'm less moral because I want to keep my weapons considering I know *I'M* not going to shoot up a school? Is he worried that if he had guns he'd go shoot up a school? I don't get it.

if the holocaust was real why do they want to disarm jews?

... out of my cold, dead hand.

This story has the legs to go about one or two more days. Most people honestly don’t give a shit about 17 high schoolers they have no connection to. The lack of concern on my social media accounts was really telling. If this was a false flag it really missed the mark.

If children's guts are splattered in the street by muslim terrorists and your reaction is "Don't you dare being an islamophobe" rather than "How do we stop this from ever happening again" we have a difference in morality.

Mate you wouldn't believe how big of a circle jerk these media cunts have over here every time you lads have a shoot up.
>Oh we're so lucky to be so enlightened with our nanny state, unlike those bad bad americans!
I basically stay away from the news for about 2 weeks, makes me fucking sick. Remember Vegas? Neither do I. People are getting murdered all the time and im desensitized to it

>Hurr durr law abiding citizens with guns never ever become criminals
Except they do and it happens every day, and guess what: then they're criminals with guns.

>everybody needs guns because WHAT IF MUH GUBMINT IS TYRANNICAL
USA government is already a corporate tyrant and nobody fucking does anything about it. Gun fetishists are god damn stupid and too complacent with corporatism and the status quo to do anything meaningful with their edgy toys if times even called for it anyway

Legal defenition, which is more than can be said for white paddie shit
Go eat your mashers elsewhere

My first thought is always that we do have simple solution to this problem but liberal fuckwits freak out about teachers being armed as if they should trust someone who can't pass basic firearm training and screening should be left alone with their children anyway. I don't know why they're against children having armed guards, they never get forced on the question to my satisfaction.

If the guard is already dead despite being armed and attentive, how does the teacher help?
We dont let soldiers be armed on base since Bush, despite having attacks.


Hell of a straw man there, literally who blue check

What the fuck?! You're prejudging people as criminals specifically because they abide by laws? You're innocent you're guilty, no shit. So until you're guilty you keep your rights. Why not just throw everyone in jail then?

What is the legal definition of an assault wealon?

Very strong and brave.

But....But... Muh Assault weapon massacres

It is even more ridiculous that military trained personal can't have weapons of a military base and for all the same reasons.

im fine with being labeled immoral. im still not forfeiting my rights

And yet the military is and remains fine with it.
Seems more you have a shitty talking point.

Children are slaughtered in their school and their reaction is "We must use it to take all of your guns!".

Love those dudes.

And if all your ideas wouldnt have stopped the shooter then shut the fuck up

So I guess this guy is against legalizing abortions. Right?

Youd love it, makes it easier to divide us Ivan.

morality is lame, guns are better

So a 50 caliber hand gun, semi automatic shotguns, and belt fed rifles under 29 inches are not assault weapons. Thanks

You should be scared faggot. Be VERY AFRAID. We are coming for you all.

It’s really amazing how the anti gun idiots are completely (and conveniently) ignoring that little part about how there was an attempt to not allow an unfit person to obtain the means to cause widespread harm to people by reporting to LE, and the attempt failed due to LE not doing anything. Their solution: more regulation!

This. Your right to a public education doesn't trump my right to defend myself, my family, and my country.

So any center fire rifle with a flash suppressor with a detachable magazine according to leftist gun grabbing politicians. That's not a real term, it's made up gun grabbing bullshit.

Ban assault cars. Officual term donut steal. Criteria: Power steering, gasoline tank with removable cap, muffler. If you car has the following it is an assault car and is BANNED.

If children are slaughtered in a school and your first thought is to ban guns and not find the root cause of the problem. We have a Morality difference.

>Implying there's an easy fix to stop murders

We need to investigate the Jew aspect to these killings.

Which one is the assault weapon?

>Thinking I can't say both

You are mentally ill. How can you live and be such a coward.

>hate speech
Simply not a real thing.
>detain these people for evaluation
>put them on drugs
> aggressive inpatient treatment
Imprison someone because you suspect they may commit a shooting eventually. There it is, you're advocating for thought crime, you've reached the top tier of authoritarianism, you're a danger to your fellow citizens.

Hood locks, brakes of a certain type, and injectors make your car illegal yep.
What is your defenition?
Some mealy mouthed thing with no force of law?
How many autos are being open sold every year?
Why was LV used to cover up transferring 10?

Maybe both? The left one lacks a flash suppressor and adjustable stock but still has a pistol grip and detachable magazine.

What kind of bullpup is that?

Why do people believe we shouldn't? Because some kids you would never have met thousands of miles away got killed by a mentally disturbed mutt?

>you're prejudging people as criminals specifically because they abide by laws?
No, you fucking idiot. But good job at least catching on to how arbitrary it is to define an individual as law abiding or criminal. The distinction can change in an instant with a single action, and that's my point. The fact that so many people have guns is a real problem, but gun fetishists want to plug their ears and ignore it like that's somehow a constructive solution. It's a big problem, and ignorance + complacency only makes the problem bigger


Bait or holobunga?



Keltech RFB
Really fun, would recomend
Also a long gun if full length barrel, otherwise its an SBR due to being under 29 inches

The AR is the assault due to the flash suppressor or the adjustable stock


Translation: Declare being white to be a mental illness so you can steal guns and imprison political dissenters.

Cold dead hands, faggot.

Hey people want to do it to niggers here
Its no different than calling it the opioid crisis instead of drugged up boomers go to jail

You can stop it from ever happening again by not sending your kids to school. Sorted. Send me a cheque.

>same people who think Trump is literally Hitler want to disarm the populace giving him more control.
Really makes you think

>which one is the assault weapon?
No full auto selector switch present, so neither one, senpai. Unless the rifle on the right has a "lightning link" installed inside it, that is.


Obama didnt take guns and was good
Trump is bad, therefore must take guns

Wrong as the Russian investigation
Ar is an assault long arm

Assault weapons are arbitrarily defined by features that have nothing to do with the lethality of the weapons themselves. Banning muzzle devices and collapsing stocks means that little jason genocide is just gonna run a train on the school with a mini 14.

Hire vets to guard the school.

I dont think treating Jimmy any more like an animal will help
Besides, I prefer corporate farms over individual animal upkeep


Maybe they should just ban Murder and make it illegal
Then you dont need to ban guns

2/10, too obvious

Depends on what leftist liberal fairytale land you are in what an assault weapon is. In Cali current laws include pistol grip and detachable magazine as assault weapon.
So unless you weld your magazine or install mechanism that prevents the magazine from dropping until you dissemble the rifle it's still banned.

Only other alternative is to go full featureless, fixed stock, no pistol grip, no flash suppressor.
Gun grabbing loons don't understand that has no effect on the lethality of the weapon, it's just legislation to make it more difficult and a pain in the ass to own and operate.

>He's just a virtue signaling nigger loving cunt.

Well, what do you expect from a guy who's high school nickname was obviously "Zee Cunt"?

In every case the LE agencies failed to do their jobs in regards to preventing these shootings. Now you advocate for them to have more power? The problem is we protect incompetent police. Not law abiding citizens. Better security at schools is the only solution. Not more authoritarian perverts. Sort yourself out.


The government shouldn't be able to limit the people shill.


And yet they make the defenitions that matter
Please go there with full funs, minus giggle swith of course, and say its not an assault weapon
See how long before you go down like the Black Panthers

And when they do, no one gives a shit, see Washington state one day before Floridia


Do you actually NEED free speech. Prove to me your free speech is more important than my feelings (it's not).
This is THE LAST time you will upset me bay saying something pro-gun or using improper gender pronouns.
We need common sense speech laws. Hate speech is not free speech, and if you think your rights are more important than everyone's feelings then we don't have a difference in political opinion. We have a difference in morality.


Daily reminder that these people don't give one good fuck about dead children. This is all about disarming right-wing white people and, thus, marginalizing them.

That is solid parenting right there. Her actions are to be commended, but they don't fit the gun grabbing agenda, so a couple articles and then...crickets. I fucking hate the media.


Morality doesn't exist and no amount of pussies crying over a false flag will take my gun rights away

You mean like how not a fuck is given on the people MS13 kills?
Its always just an agenda, a corpse is a chance to plead your case
Wheres Fox and cucks?
Its quiet because its an answer, not a treatment
You start showing people these shitters can be stopped and it works
No different than halting reporting to kill off the glamor

Don't you pay attention?
MSM has stated "there WILL be more shootings" every 10 mins
its called predictive programming
you will have shootings, riots and all sorts of shit
silly person


You could literally replace the word guns with muslims and he'd do a 180.

You could replace muslim with illegals for the same effect

Nah dude virtue signalling on twitter is better than cocaine

>praise me

If children are slaughtered in their school and your first reaction is to blame guns and not the government who had 100% control of the situation and FAILED in the one job they're tasked with, then we don't have a difference of opinion. We have a difference of intelligence. You being a good 50 IQ points below me. Obviously.

Pic extremely related.

Please use your guns rights to shoot yourself.

Dumb fucking Americans that think gun rights are everything, have nothing useful to contribute to the world. At all.

Prove me wrong, faget.

There is a reason I don't go to North Korea. Also just because Cali passes retard laws with made up names, or a retard claims he has a made up gender, doesn't mean it's real and not stupid.

Their bans have no effect on the lethality of weapons. "Assault weapon" bans are simply foot in the door see how far we can infringe a right gun grabbing laws. The things they are banning have no effect on safety, the rifles they are attacking are responsible for the lowest percentage of murder (3% data collected by FBI). This isn't about saving lives, if it was they would bring back proven effective stop and frisk and bring the hammer down on actual criminals.

Assault weapon is codeword for gun grabbing leftist. Leftists are allowing people to die just so they may stand on their graves and preach about how they are the good guys for attacking fundamental, constitutional rights of the people. They are disgusting, fearmongering, liars. Pathetic.

Nice assumptions but you're mistaken. I advocate for self awareness and self control. Unlike you political ideologues who mostly form opinions out of spite against those who upset you on a personal level, I look at problems of violence with a more objective set of judgement. You don't have guns because you need them, you have them because you want them. Evaluate the difference between need and want before you jump to disagree. You need employment for example. You don't need a gun.

It's ridiculous how adamant the gun fetishists are about being complacent and utterly unchanging. Unwillingness to compromise is childish and unrealistic

This faggot think High Schools never had guns and rifle clubs as well as being so ignorant to the fact that ROTC students would bring their rifles directly in the class room.

Any rational person would know this is not a gun problem. Society used to pick out the crazy people and institutionalize them. Start with that concept first. Big ears had the cops at his house over 20 times. The community is the problem, not guns.

You know the same can be said on illegal migrants?
A made up word
Its undocumented aliens
Plus all the other stuff bouncing around your skull like a .177 hornday slug

kill yourself pussy

All fundamental rights are equally as important. You do not get to selectively defend your favorite rights and attack those you disagree with.
They are granted, without question, without reason, to all legal citizens. They may not be taken away from an individual without due process.
To undermine the authority of one is to undermine the authority of all. No self respecting American would allow our rights to be taken away, forcibly.

>lives in america
>prove me wrong
we provide your living space, dumb nigger
mexico is down there, leave anytime

I wonder if liberals would take the compromise that every person buying a gun must undergo a complete mental evaluation and iq test, as long as everyone posting on social media or writing articles online must also do the same and publicly put their scores next to all posts/articles

What about people who don’t live in Maryland faggot?

>you don't need a gun
That's why it's the BILL OF RIGHTS and not the BILL OF WANTS you stupid fucking faggot, kill yourself

What’s ridiculous is you thinking you have the power to decide other people’s wants for them.

>it's my right to own a gun and potentially turn into an armed criminal
>I want guns so badly that I'll make it easier for EVERYONE to get guns just so I can be satisfied
The founding fathers couldn't think as far ahead as we are today, user. They didn't foresee mass school shooting because - while the founding fathers were better men than most today - they didn't have perfect insight. Owning guns is a privilege more than a right no matter how much you disagree. Personal security is definitely a right however, but firearms are a privilege. Personal security doesn't happen because of guns. School shootings happen because of guns.

Why is it that requiring photo ID to vote is considered making voting, a RIGHT of the people too difficult.
Yet requiring photo ID and strict background checks in order to obtain a firearm, a RIGHT of the people needs more bureaucracy, more restrictions, Leftists suggest it should be harder, you should have to petition your government and fill out a voucher providing a valid reason to own, mental health assessment, IQ test, mandatory course and competency test, etc...

Really makes you think we can't even take the smallest step to stop voter fraud (It's illegal to be in public without photo ID but the left claims niggers are too stupid to figure out how to obtain photo ID). Why are leftists racists and hypocrite?

Then theyre poor and of no worth
Prosperity is Gods sign of love

We have been asking this forever unlike these leftist retards. We have been looking at data and determining what is the best course of action while these leftist niggers have set their hair on fire and ran in circles screaming for laws that wouldn't have changed anything. It's all so tiresome with these turbofaggots. The best and most practical solution: metal detectors, removal of gun free zones, and free gun training for teachers and staff.

Strawman Logical fallacy; Didn't read.

The Founding Fathers lived in a time where mobs went to people's houses, broke in and kidnapped the person, dragged them through the streets behind horses, then tarred(boiling pitch) and feathered them in the middle of the town square. The person would be permanently disfigured, if not dead after this. The Founding Fathers saw shit.


Assault weapons are rifles with different handles you fucking retard. There is nothing special about them. You can kill as many people with a lever action rifle and a revolver in a gun free zone.

theres only one kind of free speech
it isnt on a spectrum

Why are you a hypocrite?
Why should voting need ID but not guns?
Why shouldnt we have a national id chip embedded in our skeleton to make sure only Americans get service?

What's your definition of an assault weapon?

This is how the USSR got rid of people who opposed their regime: label everyone who hated communism "mentally ill" and send them to state asylums. This is why we don't need to start this easy-to-abuse method to control people here.

>ethic debates aren't political debates
Why are Democrats so fucking retarded?
Why the mental gymnastics?

Depends on his mood and what looks scary. Look, lets just agree to ban them now and figure out what they are later. It's common sense.




member Cred Forums, American citizens should have to get a mental health examination to exercise their rights but you can’t ask Pablo for proof of residence

So my feelings about free speech are less important than your feelings about free speech?
I suppose we are all equal but you are just more equal than every one else.

I'm a SJW multi-gendered quadrouple minority. Surrender your rights or I will be forced to take the moral high ground and call you names, and everyone will immediately side with me.

If they were really interested in preventing the most gun and all other kinds of killings then they should be trying to get rid of black people.

We need a white man to rape a strong black woman

Left would lose their shit
Then we link interracial rape statistics

Was this his dream?

>flash suppressor
>bayonet lug (I think)
>adjustable stock
>barrel shroud

That's an assault rifle. Assault weapon is a crap term that basically means "a semi-automatic version of an assault rifle." Assault rifles must be selective fire though.

202 children have died from guns in the last 5 years.

chair man Mao killed 60 million.

Fuck off cuck

Well, there you go.

It's not his fault. Not everyone lives in states with retarded made up words. Majority of states have sane gun laws not nutters making up shit to scare people who have never seen guns before. Most leftists aren't even aware that assault rifles were banned in 1934 and use both assault weapons* and assault rifle interchangeably.

*made up liberal nutter term designed to fearmonger the uninformed.

People are just catching on to the purpose of the (((school shootings))). After catching a glimpse of true tyranny in our government, most attentive Americans have fully recalled the purpose of the 2nd amendment.
It will eventually reach a point where nothing will shake the convictions of an armed populace, and that is pretty great in itself.


You can have both reactions...
>We gotta find a way to stop this shit
>Get rid of guns
>No, don't take my guns I don't think that is a proper solution
>Reeeeee you have no sense of morality

You obviously don't live around niggers if you think someone has no need for a gun.


Yeah, you can't change the 2nd amendment, that'd be like some kind of amendment

>Majority of states

Most people in the US do not live in the little shithole states. They live in states with semi-restrictive gun laws.


Texas is northern Mexico.

hahaha! clever nigger!!

So why did it work in every other country in the world then genius

Except the opioid crisis was directly caused by pharmaceutical companies. It's like ignoring that the CIA caused the crack epidemic.
Literally the same shit.

Usually when I see a bunch of kids get killed my reaction is to be horrified, not immediately concern myself with how I can use it as leverage in a political argument one way or the other because I'm not a fucking sociopath.

It's like his parents chose a first name that ended with a "c" sound because they knew what he was going to turn out to be.

if citizens are slaughtered in their country and your reaction is "dont you dare think about taking my immigrants!" rather than "how do me stop this from ever happening again??" then we dont have a difference in political opinion. We have a difference in morality.

If a weird loner kid like Cruz stormed into a classroom full of 14 year olds holding the lower of those two guns, it would be no less terrifying than if he held the upper one

I shouldn't need to point this out


Only 8 states have gun grabbing "assault weapon" bans.
Agreed, most people in the US do not live in those shithole states, they live in states with standard permissive gun laws.

You have nothing to worry about except butter knives. Don't concern yourself with affairs you know nothing about.

>there are no school shootings in Europe
Except for the record holder, of course.

Let's not even bring up your improvised explosive device issue.

Can Assault trucks or High Explosive pressure cookers shoot school children? I didn't think so. Checkmate.

>it is a small thing to change the Bill of Rights
It would be the equivalent of you ending the Monarchy.

yeah, arent these the people that used to say you cant dictate your morals onto someone else?
arent these the people that say nothing is absolute and all morals are relative?

>a-at least i wasn't shot


>this faggot thinks I care what his nigger loving kike ass has to say about anything ever


It depends: is the playground handicap accessible? If so they are fucked.

>niggers exist
Wow! You sure showed me!

Forgive my feigned sarcasm I misread your graphic.


I'm perfectly comfortable in my morals


yes why can’t we all live in Baltimore like true winners

Fucking conservatives Why should a 600 round assault glockozine be legal but a woman can't even be in charge of her own body?

And yet either both go to jail or neither
So which shall it be?

>How do we stop this from ever happening again?
You can't.
Banning ARs, or "assault weapons" will only change the perps weapon of choice, assuming such a ban was workable and even moderately successful.


So wheres the mass school murders in Ausshitland?
Chosen for control by removing nig races from public

Does anyone have the meme with obama laughing at dead kids but crying at school shootings?

They never saw a school shooting, nor would they even want to think about the fact that it happens on a monthly if not weekly basis in the country they founded. Fuck outta here

>spring compression/expansion distance etc
>quick edits etc


the CIA will kill as many kids as it takes to silence the debate of Fatty Bankrupt's 19 million extended deportation deferrals

he's right tho, why is our reaction defensive? because we've seen them do this time and again and because we know what they intend as they've made no secret of it.

He's right we do have a difference in morality in that we are not trying to use human suffering to justify restricting the people's liberty.

Given that doing so still leaves you with future tragedy and only happened to begin with due to many unrelated factors such as a concentration of defenseless people and a motive/altered mental state, later attempts to address it will undoubtedly see more social/speech control and possibly some level of socialized medicine to address the mental health aspect.

meaning more bullshit. on top of successive arms control measures to boot.

it's time to rethink the entire education system then i'd say. kick education back down to the lowest local level and encourage home school. provide an education program in the same vein as food stamps or welfare for those that cannot afford to homeschool, invest heavily in well protected private schools, and avoid any further deals with satan.

how does banning guns stop someone from wanting to kill people?
how would we prevent cruz making a pressure cooker bomb or driving into a crowded christmas market? ban chemical compounds and vehicles above a few hundred pounds?


>a fetus is the same thing as a walking talking human child
I wish your parents had an abortion

They are free to travel to countries with people with the same morality as theirs, example : Mexico, Brazil

>a fetus is the same thing as a walking talking human child
It is.

>I wish your parents had an abortion
And your mom should've swallowed but here we are.


I never said anything about banning guns. Why are you so obsessed with keeping unnecessary firearms user?

I said before: I'm here to advocate self awareness and self control. Duck your materistic gun fetish you twat. Get over it so we can discuss things that are important and that actually matter. Having the option to buy edgy toys is not more important than the safety and security of children. If you disagree then you have nothing of value to add to the conversation anyway, since that would imply you value objects more than humanity.

Because criminals who murder other people aren't going to be deterred from illegally acquiring weapons. Law abiding people will be left without a means for self-defense. Plus, you don't need a gun to hurt others if you really wanted to. Just last week a 60 year old man was stabned multiple times in the face and neck by a mentally ill person in Toronto.

Oh yeah? Well I hope you surrender your hateful ignorance and eventually accept the lord and savior Jesus Christ into your life before you burn in hell for eternity.

The pure smugness. We do have a difference in morality, I don't think innocent people should be legally punished. These are the types of people who would punish the entire class of elementary school kids because two kids gave a nerd a swirly

Define assault weapon.

What gun control measures would ensure the safety and security of children?

>put them on drugs,

this is the cause of the problem you lieberal idiot.

So life is worth defending?
Then why ban guns?

How does restricting any guns lead to people like cruz no longer having the capacity to kill?

Because kids are annoying little shits who drive everyone nuts, so making sure that everyone who works with kids has a gun seems like a great way for teacher breakdowns to end in a mass shooting.

NOW: School shootings are limited to kids with enough money to get a gun and kids whose parents/friends are dumb enough to give the kid who tortures frogs access to a gun.

AFTER: The shooter must remember to get the teacher first, or to steal the teacher's gun. School shootings are limited to kids with enough money to get a gun, kids whose parents/friends are dumb enough to give the kid who tortures frogs access to a gun, and kids whose teachers are weaker than a /fit/ teenager.

Guards have the same problem, though the slight advantage that since they're specialists you don't have to make sure that they ALSO are good at teaching.

Better enforcement of the regs we have would work, yes. We do have to consider that all 'law abiding gun owners shouldn't be punished by losing their guns' arguments are likely to also be used as 'individual alt-right gun owner who hasn't done anything illegal yet shouldn't be punished by losing his gun', though.

He's not wrong. My morality demands I don't change what liberties I believe should exist based on the number of people who die as a result. His morality has no ideals, and he'll willingly surrender whatever liberty he has for convenience.

Some schools have already been arming teachers for years. I have seen a documentary about it. Teachers can volunteer for training with professionals. First they train with real handguns on a shooting range to familiarize themselves with the weapons they'll be using, then they use a airsoft replica of the very same gun in order to act out a mass shooting excercise in their own school, in which some guy will be the shooter, and teachers are trained to clear corners, stairs, rooms, communicate with each others, etc, and ultimately take down the shooter.
The guns are hidden in a safe in a secret place that only the trained teachers know of. No one is carrying anything.
Your "argument" is moot. Get bend faggot.

Hey they dont want us to throw out muslimes every time they blow up!

>inb4 but muh not all mudslimes...

Not all gun owners..

Yeah. We dont support Israel false flagging Americans or killing Americans to install body scanners and metal detectors in schools, hotels, and airports.

>I hope you surrender your hateful ignorance

Said the same guy who I guarantee spouts vile, hateful shit here on a regular basis and who immediately believes any infographic that reinforces anything he has already decided is true.

Are you seriously trying to tell me that a town in FLORIDA that got attacked by an alt-right terrorist having a Jewish mayor is conspiracy fodder?

Back when the alt-right was active in Europe they disproportionately killed people in Jewish villages and neighbourhoods. What makes more sense:
>crisis actor jew mayor conspiracy water filter
>people who kill jews go where they can find lots of jews; places with lots of jews are more likely to have jewish politicians.

Same reason Polish mayors are disproportionately Poles and Argentine mayors are disproportionately white.

Who actually cares? If you don't know guns you can't tell by looking at them which one is more dangerous, if you're putting together regulations you can be reasonably sure that the the people who need to interact directly with the regs - manufacturers and vendors - DO know what a flash suppressor and a high-capacity anal mount are.

>Translation: Declare being white to be a mental illness

Nonwhites are perfectly capable of posting hate speech; the average white is perfectly capable of going through life without posting 'hitler did nothing wrong 1488 jews should be killed [wink emoticon]'

Don't forget the shoulder thing that goes up.

Why not just ban the AR platform. It's cheap and easily modified. I assume everyone uses ARs because of that. People who want to shoot up a place aren't that gun savvy (ie, The guy who tried to shoot up his campus with bird shot).

This actually was the 2013 plan in md, use the fbi crime tickets and some political hoobidie joo
What happened was a hardban on Rusdian shit from Romney and paperwork to get ARs

Why are libs against trained and armed guards at schools?

Why are whites upset against black people challenging their vote capability under Obama?

Why not just ban the most wide spread and popular firearm.

Some of the reasons people use the AR platform because:
1: It's been the standard rifle of the US military for a long and vets would be inclined to buy a firearm they are familiar with so long as it wasn't terrible.
2: It's a reasonable rifle to shoot and own. No crazy clockwork mechanisms, or very hard parts to service.
3: It's the market leader, this gives it the most support and widest range of after market parts.

Be glad people use the AR family and not something like the FAL.

I know that it's customary to respond to shills with condescension, and you deserve it for being one, but no one has actually said the real reason yet.

We don't need assault weapons to hunt. We don't need assault weapons to have fun at the range. We don't need assault weapons to bake cakes or take out the trash or do the dishes. We need assault rifles for potential assaults. We need them to not only defend ourselves from the corruption in our governments that is so very widespread and growing everyday, we need them to >take the government down completely through assault if necessary

An entirely arbitrary definition made up by fearmongering politicians who have no fucking idea what they're talking about.

Why does "doing something" always mean gun control? Why not stop the problem at the source, What causes these people to Want to shoot many people at once?

If you look at a problem and refuse to entertain the notion that there could be more than one solution to it you are a child. Both sides of the issue wants to prevent it from happening but it's only one of them that claims to have the solution and refuse to accept anything else.

Yeah just like that fictitious libshit document granting rights
You can take all the law or none of it.
In fact just for shill fun, where is arm defined?
Clear hard defined like i posted

>criminals who murder other people aren't going to be deterred from illegally acquiring weapons.



Shitty lives with no mental well being while being told they are cinstantly under persecution and have no hope

Note how trust fund baby antifa has yet to be involved in a shooting
They have a societal buy in that makes it worthwhile to only go so far

This is getting ore attention than the Vegas shooting. Go figure.

Its quite telling when both parties in the US keep talking about gun bans when the real problem is the abysmal health care system that basically leaves mentally ill people to the streets. Theres a simple reason for this, fixing the health care system from the scratch would cost both parties elites tremendous amount of money. Its easier for the Right to go "I ain't gunna pay more taxes!" and the Left to go "rifle associations are to blame!" than either party actually trying to resolve the issue.

You got states ditching their mentally insane into other states instead of helping them, what the fuck do you think is going to happen when shit like that is commonplace?

Easy answer, one was a real event, no conspiracy just someone for kill
The other isnt.


The only way that I would ever give up arms is if there were zero reason to own them. Even if every citizens/police/military personnel were all disarmed in our country, there would still be a whole planet of threat to contend with. With that said, open-border libtards would only make things worse.

aah... the essence of virtue signaling, the irony is the fact that they are so eager to paint people as bad that they start targeting anything they can, thus striking down the most moderate of opinions or statements undeservedly, making the virtue signaler the bad guy... bitter irony...

Angry about some innocent children left to die in a bloody heap? I got a word for that, it's called VIRTUE SIGNALING. Disgusting !!!

>The most wide spread and popular firearm.

And because of that they are cheap as fuck. 800 can get you a rifle, 3 or 4 mags and about 100 rounds. It attracts not only beginners but also the fuck wits who want to copy Columbine.

Moral absolutism for me, not for thee!

Face north so you can see where my “V” is pointing. Now go back there

Detain this poster for being a faggot immediately

It's all just posturing. Let them beat their chests about how we need to ban guns. Guns aren't going anywhere.

>Implying a child that can't walk and talk isn't a person

Confirmed. 2A 4ever

The country who normalized male infant mutilation, putting kids on anti depressants/hormones and generally raises kids to be self hating genetic dead ends shouldnt be talking about morals

What happens when people actually stop caring about the lefts moral shaming?

99.9999999% of people who own "assault rifles" have not and never will shoot anybody, let alone a bunch of kids in a school

Give up your assaultomobiles

Cars require a license. Many state gun-laws don't.

You don't need a license to own a car.
You can own an infinite amount of cars without a license.

A driver's license doesn't require a federal background check, nor citizenship in some states. Checkmate.

As they should, cars are infinitely more deadly than guns.


Just give it a few more days and they'll forget about it.

They can also take the same magazines so long as they are AR15 and modified for the Mini’s mag catch.

The Import ban from China ensured the AR would be the cheapest good platform with unlimited aftermarket support.

>assault weapons

if you never handled a gun, just stay in kitchen

Completely unnecessary. They make 30 round mags for minis

>I never said anything about banning guns
>why are you getting worked up over the guns I want to ban
Lib logic

You need a car license to drive a car on a public road, just like you need a license to carry a gun on the streets.

You don't need a license to buy a car and drive it on private property, just like you don't need a license to buy a gun and shoot it at a shooting range.

You can buy a car at any age, without registration even, while there are age restrictions, background checks and registration for guns.

Guns are more regulated than cars.

wanna shut down this argument?

How many republicucks do you think are stupid enough to vote yes on any antigun measure right now? Before an election? When the goyim are waking up to the kikes and there are candidates like paul nehlen everywhere?

You see what this person did was this
>He knows how the discussion goes
>"we need to restrict guns bla bla bla"
>"you're not taking away my guns!"
>bypass the first argument and knock out the response
>"We have a difference in morality"
>Calls the opposition out for being bad people
>"Look how virtuous I am!"

You literally just committed the fallacy fallacy, which makes you just as bad


>The founding fathers couldn't think as far ahead as we are today, user.
Human nature never changes fuckwit. And the founding fathers were smarter than 99% of people alive today and to ever live.

That stat is just flat out wrong

Yeah at twice the price of an AR mag that can’t even be used in an AR


What if i said the solution to school shootings is to arm lawful citizens with guns?


>guilty until proven innocent
>hurr durr the government is already tyrannical so let's make it even more tyrannical
You need to have an IQ > 65 to post here.


I think you mean places called asylums that were actually forced labor and torture facilities

>implying this is hypocrisy
It's not. Niggers are the ones getting abortions. They never even bother to report niggers shooting each other. Niggers dying is not only ok, it's encouraged, by everyone.

>think about the children, HAND OVER YOUR WEAPONS!
>don't you dare to think about taking my guns!!
>how do we stop this from ever happening again??
>let's investigate and find a solution, what's the national mental health and treatment status on this day?...
Nobody thinks first that someones gonna steal your rights unless you give them reason to.
>how do we stop this happening
This is not even the question that crossed this faggots mind. Motherfucker have already decided that guns got to go and it has nothing to do with preventing something happening or solving any possible issues.
Faggot should be shot to death with a gun.

That's probably true.
One morality is based upon law and principles.
The other morality is based on muh feelz and "think of the children!".

To be more accurate that Medical Malpractice should probably have some pajeets or gook doctors instead

There are direct solutions to this problem, like armed personnel in these schools. The major problem that lefties are trying to solve isn't gun violence, it's the fact that violence and hatred exist in the first place. These are things that can't be legislated out of existence which makes their solutions doomed to make the problem worse and considering these political stances are so tied up in their identity, they are in an existential crisis when exterior tragedy that damages their illusion of safety presents itself.

>Back when the alt-right was active in Europe they disproportionately killed people in Jewish villages and neighbourhoods

is this board now full of boomers

why not both

guns is not the only issue to be discussed but most people from both sides of the argument fail to even acknowledge that


Can't drug me for hate speech if I only post hate speech IRL

What we need is another truck of peace incident.

i'll let you run me over if we can kill Muslim scum because of it

you just posted hate speech!

time for your mental evaluation!

yes take away our guns so every fucking city is like chicago. fuck you liberal cunts have a stronger "religion" than christianity.

This is why I'm glad liberals generally avoid guns and spit on the cops and military they rely on for protection. It makes them extremely easy to disembowl and hang screaming like fresh deer in the streets. Please beg the cops you spit on to disarm the conservative Trumpers. Nothing bad will happen to you, I promise.

>High capacity magazine
>Higher accuracy
>Can be modified to fire auto

Wow REALLY made me think

This. If it can save one life. Please think of the children.

>Why are you against the mandatory mental evaluation of anybody posting hate speech on social media?

there are no hate speech laws in America, try again nigger.

>compromise meme
Compromises you give us something too shithead.
Bill of Rights, not Bill of Needs. I don't need my guns right now, but I want them, and I may need them. There is nothing you can do about that.

As an ethical adult and responsible gun owner I would be happy to have an honest discussion about the role of firearms in American society... but not right after a school shooting.

If people were truly concerned the death of schoolchildren, they wouldn’t wait until the emotiionally charged days and weeks AFTER a shooting to initiate this conversation. That’s manipulation and it’s dishonest.

How about we have the talk on future date randomly selected by lottery so both sides can bring their best facts, figures and logical arguments rather than standing on the bodies of some dead kids?


That's not a bad way to illustrate how gun control has gone over the years.

ban schools!

stop child molestation, shootings and bullying all at once!

Obviously the government is too impotent to protect the children

>Forefathers didn't see this far ahead
>Literally fought a war during a time where school shootings would be considered tame
You realize back then buildings were burnt down with people, adults, children, and elderly still inside them right?
>inb4 muh technology
>Girandoni air rifle
>20 round magazing
>was literally considered a war crime by some
>legal for civillians
>ships of the line with tens of cannons

My first thought is "how do we fix this".

My reaction to any suggestion of a gun ban or confiscation is, "from my cold dead hands".

If they think a handful of mass shooters a year are bad, why would they want hundreds of thousands to die from string up open rebellion?

Because leftists are hypocrite and they don't believe they will be the ones dying.
Just white men.

Define the difference between hunting rifles and assault weapons.

Sure, let’s exert greater control over who can possess firearms in order to minimize the loss of human life... obviously starting with the firearms that are used to take the most human lives each year...

Glock 9mm handguns used by inner city black men to kill other black men.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? I didn’t think so.

Wow, country music is getting pozzed.

>partition the union

Eventually you'll need to partition again over grievance and disagreement.
And again, and again.

wtf i hate guns now

does that mean that if i am shot but dont die right away i am more likely to die later on just because of the medical malpractice?
guns are extra dangerous because you have to deal with doctors i guess.

It's mostly or exclusively conservatives that would go to a country music concert. Do you wonder why the media cares less?

>target kill and exploit children to push for changes to the 2nd amendment.
Emotional manipulation at it’s finest people.

Just make it illegal to kill children, how has nobody thought of this.

We should just ban people from living

Fine by me, the cultures grow ever more distinct and diametrically opposed, a breakup of Rome needed to happen, so too will our empire fall. Rome was just too proud to see thst their time was over. America does not exist, Americans do not exist. There is no volk. There is no ideology. There is no religion. There is no culture. There are only opputunists and the decieved. Lambs and lions. This is not a nation, a nation is to be loved and shared. We realize no we were never in this together.

Forget that linked post.


Full stop

Time for helicopter rides.