/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - You will never own a ranch EDITION

>President Trump: Year One youtu.be/gFXcLi85cQY

>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!

DAILY SCHEDULE (WH Press Corps) publicpool.kinja.com/
TrumpTV Weekly Updates: pastebin.com/6HbHjbqF

>AG Sessions on Sun Morning Futures 2/18/18
>VP Pence @GOP Reagan Day dinner 2/17/18
>VP Pence @America 1st Policies event in TX 2/17/18
>DefSec C.H.A.O.S. Mattis inflight presser 2/17/18
>NSA McMaster @Munich Security Conf 2/17/18
>DNI Coates on russian election meddling 2/17/18
>This Week @State 2/16/18
>Tiffany/Barron arrive in WPalmBeach 2/16/18
>Pres Trump/FLotUS Melania @Broward County Sheriff's Office 2/16/18
>Pres Trump/FLotUS Melania @Broward County Hospital 2/16/18
>Pres Trump/FLotUS Melania arrive in WPalmBeach Fl 2/16/18
>Pres Trump Departs DC 2/16/18
>VP Pence/2nd Lady/Rato after visiting border 2/16/18
>VP Pence @RNC in San Antonio TX 2/16/18
>VP Pence in Hidalgo TX on immigratin 2/16/18
>VP Pence/2nd Lady arrive in TX 2/16/18
>DepAG Rosenstein indicts 13 russians 2/16/18
>SoS T-Rex presser w/RoachFM Cavusoglu 2/16/18

OP pastebin: pastebin.com/nygxu29R

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I go with option 2.

Why didn't obama go to the party?

Thanks for baking, OP


So no gun control push then?
As expected.

Really causes one to ponder....

Oy vey


Glad to be of service. This is now a Midwest and ranch thread.

Trump is a dickless asshole?

Do you have a social life, /ptg/?

>Obama sits alone
>someone was there to take a picture
Which is it?

He looks like a soyboy.

Yeah Obama cared so much he ordered his AG Eric Holder to illegally traffick military firearms to Mexican cartels so they would kill people and it could lead to increased anti-gun legislation. What a caring nigger Obama was. We should shoot everyone who voted for him as a traitor.

is this normal?

where's the uproar about his comments?
jk, it's only problematic if some journalists write a fiction story aber blumpf wanting to fire mueller..
>it's all so tiresome.

the recent flase flag shooting was just meant to stifle any discussion of Fatty's Blanket Amnesty

>only 3


Blah blah blah blah Trump is fucking pure evil. Stay on topic soyboy.



>i haven't been out with friends in 3 years
hahahaha what a fucking normie
i haven't even had friends in 8 years

You mean the expiring DACA EO that the shooting is taking precious days from?

Sweet Lord above, that's gorgeous


The elite are all about transcendence and living forever and the secrets of the universe and they want to know all this, some are good some are bad some are a mix; but the good ones don't ever want to organize, the bad ones tend to want to organize because they lust after power. Powerful consciousnesses don't want to dominate other people, they want to empower them so they don't tend to get together until things are really late in the game, then they come together and evil is always defeated. Because good is so much stronger. And we're on this planet and Einstein's physics showed it, Max Planck's physics showed it- there's at least twelve dimensions. And now that's all the top scientists and billionaires are coming out and saying it's a false hologram, it is artificial, the computers are scanning it and finding tension points where it's artificially projected and gravity is bleeding in to this universe. That's what they call dark matter. So we're like a thought or a dream that's a wisp in a computer program, some God's mind, whatever. They're proving it all, it's all coming out.

This vidya explains it . The vengeful Gestalt..

Redpill warning


>this is now an upper midwestern women thread
Good taste user

You betcha’

remember when Cred Forums was convinced alex jones was controlled opposition? of course you don't

i miss the midwest every day
florida is such a shithole

Tonight, on Homeland
CIA goes undercover on Cred Forums

Uh huh.

>George Soros's son
Have we achieved peak soy?

Remember when Cred Forums was one person?
I don’t.

He IS controlled opposition you fucking retard HE MARRIED A KIKE and will never say a word against them; he's a fraud; he's a showman who whips up stupid people to believe naive and childish things.

More. I love my state and don't want to leave it, but Wyoming is such a fierce temptress.
There's only one good state in the South and I assure you it's not Florida.

So much is wrong with this article it's hard to know where to begin correcting it.

Anyway, I think the strategy regarding Mueller is quite clear now. Hannity and the team have so far refrained from really attacking him despite ripping in to his whole team every day. As his investigation looks increasingly compromised, pointless and criminal he himself is faced with two choices: either wrap it up and walk away and retire as we pretend he's an honorable man and not a career criminal up to his neck in Waco, 911 and the political over-centralization of the FBI that just led to 17 dead kids in Florida OR he can go down with the ship.

The Dems are beginning to catch on to this and are now signalling to him "no, your role is to be a permanent new branch of government that harasses and defames Trump and any other non-approved candidates who slip through the net".

What is he listening to?

The only 'gun control' I can see happening is stricter background checks.



i found his instagram a while back
he's a literal faggot jew and fucks niggers while working at the IMF straight out of college

He's gay and has sex with niggers.

Talcum X going after Laura for telling a basketball-american to shut up and dribble.

is wyoming considered the midwest?


soya is unmerciful then

>now with sounds

Disinfo. He has an Asian gf.

>8 years
normies leave pls


> Fucking kek

they're all crying racism, as expected

it's so easy NOT to fuck up this bad that i'm pretty sure they're doing it on purpose

Oh fug it's not. Midwest thread with Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. No Minnesotans allowed.

Did they REALLY put this on national TV?

This might be THE Presidency of the United States that proves the existence of objective quality. I'm becoming increasingly convinced that The Trump Presidency is good as a matter of FACT rather than OPINION, and that all criticism leveled against it is reducible to simple misunderstanding. Go ahead and post why you dislike the man. I guarantee that failure to understand some aspect on your part is responsible for the distorted perception you have. Just as 2 + 2 = 4, Donald Trump = good. And in the same way that anyone can be made to see why 2 + 2 = 4 through proper understanding of math, so too can anyone be made to see why President Trump is good through proper understanding of the facts. This is the first example I've encountered of a Presidency that seems to possess intrinsic quality, completely independent of any one person's subjective evaluation.

they're doing it to get (you)s
you bet your ass they did

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Donald J. Trump. The innuendo is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of American Nationalism tropes the motiffs will go over the typical viewers head. There's also Donald Trump's psychotic personality which is deftly woven in to his characterisation- Trump draws heavily from Anno's OC donut steel character Mari Makinami from the Eva rebuilds, for instance. The /ptg/ers understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to understand these tropes, to see that they're not just waifubait- they say something deep about Politics. As a consequence, people who dislike Trump truly ARE normies- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the references in President Trump's existential catchphrase "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN", which is itself a cryptic reference to the possessive yandere interaction of Future Adolf's leads. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Youtube's "BUILD THE WALL" comments unfold themselves on their macbook screens. What fools... how I pity them.


>go to bed last night with people talking about this
>wake up today and the meme exists

Brilliant. We need more of these.

wat teh fug?


this is fake....right? This didn't happen?

not the webm in the post someone edited it
they put the embed in tho

>stupid IDs
>missing post numbers
Shittiest mock up job i've ever seen.

sup alex

>implying niggers care what Shaun "Mr. Caucasian" King has to say


you'd wish they DIDN'T
>the absolute fucking STATE of Homeland's Cred Forums Cred Forums

Now for my favorite ranch and Wyoming area.



I just want to chill at Trump party. Just once

More black privilege in action

>there were people that actually thought that would happen

decent jokes tho

gid alawng liddle dawgies


is that seriously how they pilot the mechas in that show
back in my day mechas were just the dead souls of mothers instead of transparent metaphors for sex

Now for some Montana. There's nothing but bullies there.

I didn't have one before Trump, but him winning gave me a lot of confidence.
Guess who just touched a girls tits for the first time in his life?

>500 replies

A lot of them were pretty tepid, but this one is quite good. For some reason film studies majors working for production companies aren't very good at far right-wing banter.

Hardly any reaction images as well, although I loved the "MY PRESIDENT IS THICC" one, if anyone has it?
By the way, if you're the Roosya who made your pic related, you did that for me. Thanks again!

where are the nigger and gore webms?
where's the racemixing and brit/pol/ threads?
its like they spent half an hour on Cred Forums and mocked up from memory

laughed my ass off this whole Mecha activation scene for solid 5min
this show has it all


Midwestmembering is kinda defeatist.

Never forget California used to be white paradise.

Even Pence has a good time!

wrong person in the cockpit though :-\
>he'd legit smash his virgin boipucci


>this [student movement] is grassroots

>funded by Soros
>funded and pushed by the DNC
>funded and pushed by 5th pillar media

Trump nudes

Happy to help fren


Probably true based on the Wyomingite accent. youtube.com/watch?v=Lugx3VdxCNU
That California is a myth. California is a part of the USSR that washed up on our shores in the 80s. There are no records of it existing before then.

*Last year* He can't donate shit since December 21st. Trumps Executive Order locked up their accounts.

not even that long - they would've experienced at least one cornerstone of the site's culture in that timeframe

I guess the jews know that the goyim are waking up. So we are forcing their hand to pull their "LOL aren't those truthtellers so WACKY?! LOLOLOL" *nervously sweating*

I just hope he is going to be more than "That white haired gay guy who has hardon for MC and is secretly evil". You know, the typical Kaworu dealio.


[echoes in the distance]

>White guy wanting his kids to be niggers
So brave

I'm not too big on Idaho but it's gorgeous.

If thats true, where does every movie that isnt in New York take place? Checkmate

You'll always win if your enemies are losers

Cred Forums proverb: once you get a normal to recognize Jewish last names, its all over for them. They'll be one of us sooner or later.


>mainstream press
>anything but a literal Jewish conspiracy


No. Concerned citizen. I have no affiliation with the Central Intelligence Agency or any of its employees.

>On the Trumpian level, the season will grapple with some of the “evergreens of this administration,” Michelle King added: impeachment, Russia, prostitution, sexual harassment, etc.

>There will be a nod to Stormy Daniels, though that episode thematically will be more golden shower-ish, as the series characters continue to marvel that they can’t believe we are talking this way about the President of the United States. Another episode is a near Watergate parody, the Kings promised.

>Each episode of CBS All Access series The Good Fight‘s Season 2 will be named for how many days Donald Trump has been President of the United States.

>The first episode, for instance, available March 4, is titled “Day 408.” Episode 2 is “Day 415,” for those keeping score.

Blumpfies BTFO!!!

Do you know who is this?

he's going to go grab his buddies and gangrape the MC

Provide evidence that collaborates this "white California" theory.

How is the tax cut benefiting middle class?

Goddamn, Donald looks like an absolute boss there. Melania's heels must be five fucking inches.


>capitalizes Facebook but not President

had enough of them desu

>dickholster instead of cockholster
>mah instead of muh
>MS Paint penis instead of a proper photoshop
>Post 17014077 replying to post 17014077

Among other things. I'm guessing no one in the studio wanted to own up to lurking here, so the job got passed on to someone else.


>Darling what are yo-
>Oh Darling!
>*pant*pant* You-unn! You keep lickiiiii
>you keep licking my horns!
>So sensitive, it feels so good! Darling!
>Don't put them in you mo-ah! ah! oooooh
>[He's sucking on my horns!!! Hiro has my horn in his mouth!!! Darling!! I-I-I'm going to get addicted to this!!

Of course not. Trump ran on a platform of being very strong on the 2A. He used to say at rallies, "They're chipping away at the Second Amendment! Not anymore if I'm elected President!"

They have more disposable income now to spend on increased healthcare costs.

who dis?

This looks like one of them fake Homocaust pics.

Too gawdy. Ranchers are supposed to be humble. This looks like the ultimate Mc Mansion timeshare only to be used once a decade.

>173MB file
>it's a blurry ass picture


Idaho map.
Some people do spend millions on these things.

dk, are you a fed?

>*sobbing ichigo in the corner of the room silently watches*

Why do we hate her again?


y'all just a bunch of haters

incomplete, incomplete. wheres the giant wooden indian.

no, just deebly goncerned

>173MB file
>file limit is 4mb
wow, they did this on purpose for the fucking kek

haters will say it's photoshop



Impeach 45
>Impeach 45
Impeach 45
>Impeach 45
Impeach 45
>Impeach 45
Impeach 45
>Impeach 45
Impeach 45
>Impeach 45
Impeach 45
>Impeach 45
Impeach 45
>Impeach 45
Impeach 45
>Impeach 45

Anyone from Denmark in this thread? How do you feel about pic related? I can't tell what this conversation is supposed to lead to.

The important bit about Idaho. It's full of Germans.
To be assembled. The parts are in the barn.

absolutely disgusting font rendering

>i was being retarded on purpose


why are there no replies

this is why people keep filtering you


are you a fed ?

>Nordic model

Those IDs and post numbers though.

>Presidents day
>National Holiday
>lol just for the elites
>you peasants have to go to work though

This is bullshit. If wall street bankers and government workers get the day off, what about the rest of us? It is really insulting that we have these supposed holidays and virtually no one has off except for the upper echelons of society.

what if ichigo is based on the writer's childhood friend who rejected him like in that sukisuki vn

she wont have a happy ending if hats the case


I liked "The good wife" . The good fight is poison


Your Awoo needs to maybe diet a little bit, fren.

Ha ha ha YES

That's not a chicken, it's a fucking velociraptor.

>almost 600k difference in the post numbers

>normal colored hair
>healthy body weight
>not covered in degenerate tattoos & piercings
the 1980's must have been a magical time to be alive

>no one checked the reply above

Take off the flag, Germany.


top lel

>tfw you will never face rape a qt mentally ill Asian
why even live

I get $160 more in my paycheck now. It's awesome.


I just wish there was more 02 ahego expression and her being overwhelmed with pleasure that makes her tremble.

Is that not crumbs?

Friends, do you like Germans, mining, and potatoes? Do you want to live in a state where there are hardly any Mexicans, Anglos, and Germans? Here's the weather.
It's a Proofosarus-Rex.

Nope. It's the Northwest. WYoming, Montana, Idaho = Northwest, and are the most beautiful parts of the country, IMO.

Lmao. Fucking probably.

I need a smug trump pic please

No, Nancy, it's not crumbs.

>both posts have 14077 as last numbers

I'll take that, thank you very much.

better than nothing

Holy shit that is one big ass cock.

8 chan deleted all the Q posts? Were did it go?

Definitely a lot of beauty.

>how can you compete?


Q predicted this

Haha based

in the trash once the figured out he was going to start selling t shirts

It was fucking awesome, and socialists had to hide in public because we all knew that commies were evil. God I miss the Cold War




I get $70 more a month at my walmart job.



LMFAO. I think Trump is a cuck, friendos.

not your personal army

Great to hear breakroom

>I-i-i-i can't...

>Turkey officially renames US embassy street after ‘Olive Branch’ Afrin operation

Street signs in front of the US embassy in Ankara were renamed to ‘Olive Branch street’ on Monday, after the name of the Turkish military operations against Kurdish fighters in Afrin.

The move is reportedly seen as a reaction against US support for Syrian Kurdish militia in the region.

Despite international outrage, Turkey has continued with ‘Olive Branch’ operations and plans for extended operations in Idlib province.

Turkey views the YPG, which is active in northern Syria, as an extension of the banned militant group the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

The hunting in Wyoming.
They probably have to be mean otherwise Benny G will shoot them for weakness.

Happy Presidents day

>my son
Stuck around to raise the kid, whiteness confirmed.

So is the entire show just NTR?

According to my sources, you sir are a pedophile.

please tell me that's a photoshop

Did they not realize what post numbers are?

No. Ichigo bullying is just REALLY fun.


Noice. I just hope that whoever drew the onihorn job picture will do just as many pictures of her reacting to it. It isnt about watching hiro sucking it. Its about watching her have a gap-moe moment where her horns are so sensitive she becomes extremely submissive and frozen with pleasure.
Similar to in dragonball when someone grabs gokus tail, but instead of pain it is pleasure

Say something nice, it is his day you know.

Nah, but show makes it really easy to bully her.




I swear to god if chinkleaf comes in here with his gloom and doom, i just will not have any of that shit after seeing this picture.

that thing could spur a person to death


Not the first time they've referenced us as well

Real and triggered a lot of people like Chelsea Clinton. Fundraiser at Mar-a-lago

Idaho is a fabulous state, user. Come to Idaho. It's based, full of hunters, fishermen ... even scholars and intellectuals. Strange combo, really. I'm eager to move there and build a ranch like in the pic.

Hardly any people here. Perfect for neets with no social skills.

He produced one and it showed he paid more taxes than Obama and Bernie combined. Even the MSM shut up about it after madcow got BTFO live on air

This is why no one votes for you stupid Democunts. You only lie, you never tel the truth at all.

Happy Presidents Day.


Tv keeps referencing this shitty site

>Psst Hey Dems

oh user
soon you'll also scream and shitpost Cuckchigo to death as well

ok dont bully ples

Come home, Roman man.


yeah but no jobs other than farm hand

Keep deflecting, it's all you got.


you cannot help meme a movie extra and water bottle salesman into the white house without breaking a few eggs

...and part 2

>I heard something off Cred Forums Cred Forums

Friends are overrated. They want you to help them and shit. Fuck that.

>Anri is now married and has a baby on the way

Das it mayne
Thats the hard shit right dere

Funny image. No need to lie user.

It was democrats that raided social security in the 60s. Lyndon Johnson moved it to the general fund and spent it on wasteful welfare programs instituted by the Democrats.

Enjoy losing 2018

It ate people who didn't provide proofs.
Yeah but I have to keep Mississippi safe.
I think there's drilling too.

>tfw you want to protect that cuck
Man ichigo was meant for better than this. No one deserves the humiliation of waifu dakis


But maybe she will do lactating videos on onlyfans now.

Oh, I'm not a Republican.

she quit tho

I know judging by your flag.

At last it has taken place.
Nationalists > Socialists in Germany for the first time since WWII.

Any time you have to say it's "grassroots", it's not.

Shes got her beta orbiter with glasses she can run to and cry on, but never notice goro indeed has a dick as well.
Goro is the real guy getting the suffering.


>Trump won't win the primaries
>Trump won't win the election
You're right, you're a loser.

AFD at 16% of the vote?

>FDP so low
Fucking lolbertarians are so useless.

Why do you need guns that kill innocents

That explains why your posting lies.

>try to help your partner
>she rejects you
>she will also probably get you both killed due to her obsession with some other guy
Poor Goro.

To kill communists.

>Trump's private disco
First of all, discos don't exist anymore holy shit get your shit together
Second of all that's absolutely false Trump doesn't own a club of any sort

>BLM twitter account

...yeah BLM accounts are sooo smart & unbiased

This is the new operation by the Jews, they've hidden the typical lawmaker Jews like Nancy and Chuck and now are covertly funding "students" to push their anti-2nd Amendment message. Jews will never let a tragedy go to waste.

Dunno why they are slightly losing support, but they surprisingly have a spine. Only party that could potentially ally with FDP.


Meant for

>a literal CIA nigger

i'm fucking DIAMONDS

I'm dating this girl and wow it is hard to be into it when i can imagine such a better girl such as 02.
My girlfriend is boring and not cute.
Really just in it for the confidence boost and girl networking.

I already forgot about it.

I'm visiting Idaho now. It's gorgeous in the north and the Palouse hills in the northwest are difficult to fathom -- they're something like dunes, but without the peaks, and are composed of, in places, 85 feet of top soil. Wheat is grown there. Right now, winter wheat makes the hills look like miles and miles of manicured golf courses.

Boise and environs are city-like, with all that goes with this, but Couer d'Alene (CDA) is an area of rivers and lakes, streams and mountains ... to die for.

I wish like-minded pols would congregate in a place like northern and northwestern Idaho.

Cool they were at 12% last time I heard.

>ready access to assault rifles
but we already dont
assault weapons is the meme word you are looking for

>there are innocents


POTUS has always understood the power of glamour.


Seriously though.
Just fuck her brains out Goro. Make ichigo a slave to your cock. She wont even remember Hiro exists

There's no way Soros isn't ashamed that his son looks like this

Is it happening?


I've been visiting Idaho for a week. During the entire week I saw one black person, three hispanics and four sikhs. Idaho is heritage America full of heritage Americans. Boise has illegals and non-Americans, however.


Indeed. Consistently gaining support.

And I should care about what happens between two race traitors because?

There it is.

>mfw Goro gets cucked FROM ANOTHER CUUUCK

>quint 8s
i'm feeling it now

Oh they just happened to catch Obama sitting in a classroom? Totally organic. Definitely not a posed photo.

Idaho is also growing. There's hardly anyone there but Onigger decided to fill it up.

He just reeks of glamour.


AfD percentage == now large enough to cuck Merkel out of any potential coalition. (even SDP + CDU + Greens isn't enough)

>[Erika Intensifies]



>austria went right wing
>germany following
Yeah its hitler all over again.


Soros might be our guy. He helped nazis steal jewish shit.

>bill of needs


in addition, she apparently uploads this 173 MB file instantly, while the "JPG" malware file is shown to take more than a few seconds to download.

>ooo I have just the right webm for this



Not true. If you want to live in a beautiful, more isolated area, you've got to have an online presence, however.

And still you take no revenge to the EMU

She quit porn, but she's still doing stuff on onlyfans.

kek, now there's a thought. I wasn't aware such cucked levels were even possible.

Is that supposed to represent anal?

this guy is such a cuck...pol could meme him the fuck out if we really tried.


>[concern intensifies]

Pete Souza.

Maxine no. Foedy Fi gone stay fuh 7 mo yer.

>Based Cotton
>Needing to be paid to oppose giving Iran money

sauce for a 43 YO guy that knows shit about this shit please?
I know laid back and Beatless and
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. I was a serious robotech fan as a child though.

>Liberal writers making fat women jokes
Wew, they really put us in /our/ place

I want to move to wyoming too

The worst part about Japan is that rather than keeping in with the theme of the show, deep loving monogamous relationships based on trust, they'll most like have 02 and ichigo fucked by groups of fat old men. For everyone 1 doujin of Hiro x 02 lovey vanilla, have to wade through 5 fat rape orgies.

Gradually I began to hate them.

Back to red.dit


>Grassroots is a dogwhistle for Globalists


>pic related

It's been planned since at least 1991 when this book was written. I posted in last thread but then it 404'd

that's like a month's worth of food. lots of crumbs

>typical libtard doesn't understand how useful an extra $160 is

>Shut it down!